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I give up! (Mention of Freebie, Dollarbies & 10Ld Hunt).

This dress is NOT a Dollarbie/Freebie or sadly a 10Ld Hunt Prize, sorry.  A while ago one of you lovely readers sent me a Ghee gift card and usually, I would have politely turned it down or passed it on lol, but then I remembered this dress from Ghee and kept the gift card and treated myself to it and ever since then I’ve been using this dress as a “go-to” dress.  Full price it’s 199Lds…..or in my case free.

So what exactly am I giving up?  Trying to find a bloody hunt prize I want.  Turns out that there is a “Nautical” hunt going on at Ghee and the smaller shops sharing the same shopping area.

40 bright red anchors hidden inside and outside of each shop and each prize is priced at 10Lds and from the title, you can tell they’re all in a nautical theme.  As usual click the board and you get sent a hud/picture which shows you the prize, fits and the number your looking for.  So far so good but I started hunting last night and then again today and out of the 40 hidden anchors I’ve found just 5! Not only that but it’s 5 of the prizes I don’t want or won’t fit as one of them is shoes but only for Maitreya.  I now have a bit of a headache from all that camming and zooming so I’m just going to STEP AWAY and leave it for you lot to have a fun time prize hunting whilst I log off and have an old lady nap.

As for the dollarbies, the Ghee group isn’t free and there is a lot of Group Gifts but on another wall in the same reception area are shelves where it looks like a lot of older items have been dumped for us.  I know I’ve picked some up in the past and I can only think that I either did a post or didn’t because they haven’t aged well but really at 1Lds it’s always fun to pick up a gift box or two and have a surprise.  I did pick up a free bag, 1 prim rezzed, in one of the smaller shops but other than that because I was so busying trying to find the Anchors I didn’t really pay much attention to what else there may be out as gifts.

PS, if you’re wondering it’s the Hunt prizes no 1 and 10 I want.


TBH I was hoping some sweet person with eagle eyes and the patience of a Saint would find the items and I wanted and that sweet person was Guinn.

I think you can now see why I really wanted these 2 items.  Not that there was anything wrong with the rest of the hunt prizes but this is the one I thought I’d get the most use out of.

And now I can take off my “Protest feet”.

I was in a bit of a huff because of the hunt and then those fab shoes not being for my feet so yes I put these ones on and just stomped around SL and I wasn’t going to take them off till I found something…I can now take them off lol.

Ahoy There! Ghee Nautical Hunt

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A bit of this and a bit of that.(Dollarbies, Sub and Freebies).

I was going to do a post on the outfit I am wearing, I even took some pictures and then I decided not to as I’ve blogged the jeans at least a couple of times and I did a long post about the sYs Marketplace shop where the jacket came from not too long ago but then “Dutchie” sent out a Subscribers gift of a wearable brolly so I thought I would keep the clothes on and just do a brief note about them.

The jeans are excellent go-to brown jeans and I wear them an awful lot, 1Ld from Shiva, they do have them inworld as a promo but they’ve moved them so you might find it easier to get them off the Marketplace.

The jacket another is another 1Ld from the sYs Marketplace shop which is PACKED with Dollarbies.

The Dutchie sub gift is the wearable brolly.  You get one for each hand and a bento and non-bento version AND also a wearable hat which I’m obviously not wearing as I didn’t want to change my hair.  The icing on the cake is you also get the hat/brolly as a decor item.

Since I was already subbed to Dutchie it was just sent to me so if you’re not subbed so sub and while you’re there you will see some free for all gifts.

The money both paper and coins and the pretty little condom packets make nice little bedside item lol.  There are other Free for all gifts but I will leave them for you to find and although they’re mainly decor items there is a wearable towel.

Shiva (Jeans, Marketplace)

sYs (Jacket, Marketplace)


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Clueless. (Dollarbies).

I’m going to have to back away from the Marketplace as it’s getting harder to find something fresh and new which might not be these shoes.

I recognise the oversized sweater and the leg warmer Dollarbies as I’m pretty sure I blogged those even though they’re only for Maitreya but as for these shoes? Damn they’re cute and damn again they’re Maitreya only.  I suspect at some stage you got the single colour but now you get 6 shades and I rezzed them all and they’re all just as lovely.

There is an inworld shop but I think there is more on the Marketplace than inworld and it’s the Marketplace where the Dollarbies are.

PS.  Time to log out as the sun is out and so will I be, with a massive mug of coffee and my new book.

Pinki (Marketplace)

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I had a bit of spare time so of course I “MP’ed” and picked up a couple of decent dollarbies.

Am I the only one who when putting something on has a little mantra going on in their head “be good, be good, be good”?  Not that it bothered me but a couple of days ago I bought a 10Ld item only to find that when I put it on it was “meh” and it was a shame as I was hoping the texture was going to be as bold as it looked in the picture but in the end “meh” is all it was.

So with bated breath, I waited for those few seconds of rezzing and instead of “meh” it was a “yeh”…cos that rhymes.

While I was in the Angel Pink Marketplace shop I picked up the unbuttoned shorts for 1Ld as well.  Pretty standard and there isn’t anything wrong with that esp if you don’t already own a pair of shorts like these but I mainly bought them as an excuse to show you the top I posted about in my last post.

The top just like the bottoms I blogged come with a little bit extra and that is a boob flashing option and since this is a PG blog I’m covering up my nips.  If you’ve missed the details then just check out my last post.

There is a link to an inworld shop so I’m just doing a quick log in to check that out and then a log out as I need cake and we have cake and if I could I would give you cake as well but since I can’t I will eat your slice of cake.

I’ve just realised those chickens look as though they have deliberately turned their backs to me and my boob flashing. Yup the top just like the leggings/pants I picked up from the ….shop has that extra little something which in this case is you can wear it as normal or pulled down to flash your boobies.


I’ve checked out the Angel Pink inworld shop and it has the same Dollarbies as the MP one PLUS what I’m hoping is a very pretty floral headdress and it also shares a platform with another shop which also has some Dollarbies, I picked up the shorts, and outside are some stalls which also seem to have freebies/maybe dollarbies on.  TBH I just want my cake so check the shops out for yourself.

Angel Pink (Marketplace)

Angel Pink (Inworld)

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Kit and “Caboodle”.(Dollarbies).

I decided to start checking out the groups I’m a member of and which do come with a price tag and”Caboodle” is one of them. I think it cost 50Lds to join and there are some decent gifts but I don’t think I spotted anything super new so I decided to check out the Caboodle MP shop and SCORED.

Sorry I know it’s not a good picture of the cape but it’s a bloody good “Vampire” cape…see what I did there?  It’s a Maitreya fit but with it’s flared out design it will fit over most people and you get 3 shades, dark blue, black and blood red.  The dress does come with a decent amount of fits inc my fav SLink P one.

I’ve put the link to the inworld shop as well as you may want to check out the paid for group gifts as well and in the back of the shop are some lucky boards.

Caboodle (Marketplace only)

Caboodle (Inworld)

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Feeling “Majestic”.(Dollarbie(?)).

I’ve never been booted off so many sims or out of so many peoples homes but fortunately, I’m not taking it personally as all I’m doing is old LM hopping and so many shops have either moved, shut up or shut up and moved to the Marketplace which is what seems to have happened to the “Majestic” shop.

I have a feeling that these were full priced when sold inworld but are now just one of the few Dollarbies on offer.  I bought these and the valentine pair, the cropped top and the denim shirt and even though all of them only come in standard mesh fits I had no issues with the “S” size.

I binned the rest but only because I already own very similar items but these beige textured ones are excellent and both this pair and the plain one in the pack, yes you get 2 in each pack are keepers for me.

Majestic (Marketplace)

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On route.(Dollarbie(s)).

I’d picked up some Dollarbies from the “Revelations” shop and after trying them on and feeling pleased with them I’d planned to hop on over to my fav beachy sim to take some snaps when for some reason I called into the Kuro shop first to try some demo AO’s out.

My AO comes from this shop and even though it’s as old as “Sculpties” it’s still perfect for me as it’s movements are subtle but time has moved on and maybe so should I and update my AO to a Bento AO.  I have to say that I’m still not keen on most Bento poses/AO’s until I hopped on this one.  Again they are more subtle than most and the hand movements are as natural as natural gets in SL.  This particular AO does cost 600Lds and I am not too up on AO prices so I’m not sure if this is a high or reasonable price to pay but when I log back in I think it’s time to waste some time and check out AO shops to see if there is anything better than this even though I think I will probably end up returning to buy it.

If you look behind me you will see the non-bento poses, these are much more reasonably priced esp if you’re not into Bento.  The prices start at 200Lds and average 300Ld for those.  There are also male AO’s as well.

As for this Dollarbie outfit, you have to join the free Revelation group and then pay 1Ld, not returned, and I’m more than happy with not just this but also the NEW Bikini.  I have possibly shown you this particular outfit before butttt I’m not sure.  You get a hud of colours and I’m loving this orange colour, plenty of fits.  As mentioned there is a new Dollarbie plus other outfits which have been blogged before and on the wall behind the GG’s are some Lucky Chairs.