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Free – Santa’s Little Helper

FREE dress & cape

I went to the Christmas Wonderland event today – really lovely to walk around. Huge advent calendar right by the landing point that gives out a ton of gifts (no group to join) and then heaps of little stalls, almost each one has a dollarbie, free gift etc for you. My superrr cute cape & dress is the gift from Blackbird Lace, a mesh body fit for everyone (or so it appears) I love it, a little bit different from all the other items – I’m not taking this off till Christmas day is over !

Happy Shopping ❤

Christmas Wonderland

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Bad Bunny. (25Ld Group Gift(sss)).

This oversizes sweater and linked backpack do ring a bell but I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve previously blogged them or something using the same template.

The backpack can’t be removed which is fine as it’s nicely fitted to the outfit and therefor your body.

You get 2 texture options, this Kawaii one and a more wintery theme one both are lovely. I will say that the photo is making it look pinkier rather than the more dusty pink it is which is also a lovely colour.

There are some other group gifts inc a rather interesting dress with boots and nails.

AH, I do know this shop or rather it’s marketplace shop as I’ve purchased a couple of the 10Ld skirt sets which I do believe I have blogged before. If I remember correctly that although they use a standard template the bold colours do make for a good addition to your spring/summer look.

PS. If the LM doesn’t take you to the Bad Rabbit shop, walk outside and it’s the third shop on your left.

Bad Rabbit. (Inworld Shop).

Bad Rabbit. (Marketplace Shop).

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Today is a joke. (Dollarbie & TeleportHub Gift).

First the TeleportHub gift which is from La Perla.

The sheer top and mesh panties do come in my SLink fit. Can’t remember how many colours you get in the hud, about 8 for both the top and bottoms which also can be worn as seperates. These are the TeleportHud Gift. 10Lds to join and the board is next to the La Perla Group Gifts. I’m sure more details about the fits and colours will be on the TeleportHub board.

The bunny wasn’t really needed as this outfit does, I believe come with panties however it doesn’t come in my SLink fit so I comprimised and covered my foo foo with a bun bun.

I think the link will take you to where the La Perla group gifts/dollabies are and this bunny outfit costs 1Ld and even though the La Perla group is free I didn’t need to join to be able to buy it.

There are some nice gifts which have been well blogged and well worth heading over to check them out.

PS. The “joke” is that after a couple of glorious warm days I had intended on spending some lovely leisrue time in my garden and as we say in the North East, it’s FROZZEN!

La Perla.

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My fav colour, beige.(Dollarbie).UPDATED & Freebie.

The dollarbie is just these boots, the other photos are my showing off.

These are one of the gifts from the “Orsey event”. You may recognise this event as I have shown you the previous gift if you don’t remember then these boots and a sporty undies(?) set are to be found at the top of the staircase.

As for this whole outfit it’s lucky that it matches the boots as I’m a bit short on time. I’m really just showing you my “OOTD”. I have blogged both the pants and top previously so you may already have them but I will when I log back in check to see if they’re still freebies and add an “update” to this post.

Last piccie is for Faith..Thank You.

UPDATE: YASSS! I thought they still were but I’d wanted to make sure that the pants are still a freebie and they are.

You really will have them already but for anyone new or missed that post head on over to Evie and you will find these on the wall over the desk and also in the back room with other group gifts and lucky boards. These “capri” pants are just top shop quality, you get a big hud of 18 jean colours, 12 leather colours and colour options for the pocket on the pants. Just such a great gift.

As for the top I now remember it was one of my rare purchase which I did buy when it was on a special offer. I won’t tell you anything more about it as I’ve left my AV stood in the shop as I see there is a new group gift which is my next post sorted lol.



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Sweet. (Dollarbie).

My “get up and go” has “got up and gone” and I’m struggling to get myself motivated to go out for some much needed fresh air and exercise…walking is exercise? lol. It doesn’t help that it’s sopping wet and freezing cold outside.

So instead of turning off my computer I logged into the SL Marketplace and picked up these Dollarbies from Ariskea. I suspect that they’re only on offer in the MP shop. You will also see a 10Ld gift of Latte set of cups which look totally worth more than the 10Ld price tag. There is also a freebie of small paper flowers in a glass vase and I’m sure I have them already but I’d just grabbed this sweet candle and diffuser set.

Ariskea. (Marketplace).

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Bright ‘n’ Bold or Calm ‘n’ Relaxed. (Dollarbies(s)).

Oops, fortunately, I spotted this quickly and so I’m doing a quick edit of this post as these are not free they’re dollarbies.

I will say that when I find something in SL which is not only free or cheap but has a unique style and quality it just makes my day and this skirt with its big hud of plain and highly patterned options is a KEEPER!

I think it is actually called the “Balloon skirt” and if you look closely you will see the bottom hem has an elasticated look to it.

The top is also a gift and I’m glad I decided to try it out as although it does come with a hud of slogans/picture worn on the front I spotted that you can remove the slogan which for me personally makes it more wearable.

There is also 2 hairs, I did try one with 3 hats inc but I couldn’t get it to fit my head and tbh I didn’t want to fiddle so I will leave them as a surprise for you.

Then check the Arata group notices as well because in there you will find free Maitreya bento nails.

As for fits, limited to I believe a Maitreya body. As it happens a really good fit for me so don’t let that put you off trying them out. Then use the TP to the discount floor as there are some Kawaii dress fatpacks for really good prices.


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Drinkie time.(Dollarbie & Info).

I managed to do the FaMESHed event and although I’ve only unpacked a couple of the freebies I can see that yet again the doners have been super generous.

Which brings me to my little drinkie. One of the gifts I picked up from FaMESHed was on the stall of a shop called “220ml” which I didn’t recognise so I popped over and at first I thought it was an elegant cafe/bar hangout place but soon worked out it’s a food/prop/pose shop.

On the bar counter are a couple of gift bags priced at 1Ld. I think it’s the same gift in both bags but now I’m not sure…will possibly check that later if I have some free time and what you get for the 1Ld is this exc wearable Christmas drink, that drink dispenser, a drink mat and some baubles.

BTW The 220ml gift from the FaMESHed event is more wearble food and it’s even better than this drink pack.

The food/prop/wearbles in the 220ml shop range from pints of beer to fancy cocktails, lots of food and snacks etc and I will assume that with each purchase you get the rezzables as well as the wearables.

Now for the “Info”.

No one needs to be told that there is now a Winter/Christmas Shop ‘n’ Hop event going on. This is a BIG event and going by the previous one it’s one you do need to spend a couple of hours walking around as previous ones have been spread over I think it’s 5 sims! So much to see and so many discounts/bargains/special offers and of course….FREEBIES!

PS. Yes those are the “Sass” pants from 2 posts ago and I will say that the Maitryea fit is so good I am more than happy to wear them even with a cropped top


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