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Drinkie time.(Dollarbie & Info).

I managed to do the FaMESHed event and although I’ve only unpacked a couple of the freebies I can see that yet again the doners have been super generous.

Which brings me to my little drinkie. One of the gifts I picked up from FaMESHed was on the stall of a shop called “220ml” which I didn’t recognise so I popped over and at first I thought it was an elegant cafe/bar hangout place but soon worked out it’s a food/prop/pose shop.

On the bar counter are a couple of gift bags priced at 1Ld. I think it’s the same gift in both bags but now I’m not sure…will possibly check that later if I have some free time and what you get for the 1Ld is this exc wearable Christmas drink, that drink dispenser, a drink mat and some baubles.

BTW The 220ml gift from the FaMESHed event is more wearble food and it’s even better than this drink pack.

The food/prop/wearbles in the 220ml shop range from pints of beer to fancy cocktails, lots of food and snacks etc and I will assume that with each purchase you get the rezzables as well as the wearables.

Now for the “Info”.

No one needs to be told that there is now a Winter/Christmas Shop ‘n’ Hop event going on. This is a BIG event and going by the previous one it’s one you do need to spend a couple of hours walking around as previous ones have been spread over I think it’s 5 sims! So much to see and so many discounts/bargains/special offers and of course….FREEBIES!

PS. Yes those are the “Sass” pants from 2 posts ago and I will say that the Maitryea fit is so good I am more than happy to wear them even with a cropped top


Second Life Homepage. (Long list of direct LMs).

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Another old friend. (Freebie & Dollarbie).

I did pick these shoes up from the Amacci Marketplace shop for 1Lds, I suspected that if the inworld shop was still up and running they would be there for 0Lds and I was right.

I’ve had these shoes in my invent for years and they’re as lovely now as when I first picked them up. They have that excellent Kawaii/plastic look to them and a hud as well which allows you colour swop.

I will put the link to the Marketplace as well as the inworld shop as since they’re just 1Ld you may want to treat yourself to something that you can unpack as soon as you log inworld instead of having to TP to the inworld shop.

I do believe there is a couple of other freebies in the inworld shop and you can buy one of the old Group Gifts for only 25Ld and I was tempted.

This skirt is definately a Marketplace purchase only as the inworld LM seem to take you to a dance event, which looks pretty busy if you feel in the mood for a dance.

It’s another Dollarbie and you get 2 shades, this blue (the editing has made it a bit of a warmer blue) and I think the other shade is pink. Just a nice simple pastel skirt with enough folds to give it movement and the finishing touches such as the sewing marks to make it look like quality.

Since this skirt is pretty short you will need a “Coochie” cover and I had picked one up which I’m not going to model for you as although it does cover my blushes it’s still too close for comfort for a close up lol.

Amacci. (Marketplace Dollarbie).

Amacci. (Inworld Shop Freebie).

KY. (Skirt Marketplace).

ConTrato. (Marketplace. Cute Teddy Coochie Cover).

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Cheap finishing touches

If you’re looking for a little something extra for your Autumn or Halloween outfits – I may have found just the things. Above is a neat look by Emotions, not only do you get this complete look but also the hair alone, the hair and hat and a big old fat pack of colours for just $5L.

I found this darling little head dress @ Indyra, placed on the front reception desk for free – no group to join, just pick it up. Perfect for Autumnal looks or Halloween.

Yep we have blogged it before and I’m blogging it again ! Too good not to mention is this Autumn hair do by adoness. Comes in just this colour, however there is another one that’s for winter – both cost $1L each.




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Boo! (Freebies & Dollarbies).

As promised I did a quick visit to the Gabriel shop and found goodies.

This hoodie comes in a grey/black version and a male/female fit. The chain is a really good addition. For the female fit I’m pretty sure it was Maitreya only however I was very happy.

Now for the details. This freebie and others are to be found on the right just before you head on into the main shop.

Then when you enter the shop turn left, not far from there you will pass by a stand which has another freebie pair of red sneakers, if you look for a white circle with a red Japanese knot(?) on it then that might be easier for you. I suspect they’re a male fit but will also be editable.

Then continue on left to the end of the shop where there is a whole department of Dollarbies. Mainly for men but enought womens fashions for us ladies…however I suspect Maitreya only.

And make sure to check even the mens outfits as I did spot at least 1 item, the buckled pants, come in a womens fit as well.

It’s a lot to work through but in the end you or someone who needs a male fit can walk away with a heck of a lot of quality clothing.


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Raiding the cheap cupboard – Again

Might be cheap but it sure isn’t cheap – if you know what I mean. As I am a bit broke I thought I would check out the market place store again for sYs. W O W I found some more great deals. Most items are $10L – but one colour from each range is just $1L – I was going to stick with the dollarbies but thennnn I liked some pieces SO much I splashed out a further $9L – last of the big spenders huh! Totally love love love these “mellow” jeans, I nabbed them in all the colours and they should see me through Autumn if not longer – a huge selection of mesh body and fitmesh sizes included. Then I spied the gorgeous “mellow” sweaters. Girl next door style, simple but really nicely done – bought a couple of these. Even my “Dery” sneakers are from sYs – they are SO cute ! Each pair has three pattern options in the colour range, plus metal colours for the ankle chains, options for the sole and strap – again I got the dollarbie but liked them so much I bought a few more.

I also bought this dress “Agate” and in this “perfect for Autumn tone” its just $1L – its in two parts, the dress and two inserts , one black one brown.

Go take a peek at the whole store – you’ll be sure to find a ton of things you like ❤

sYs market place store

Hair by Kuni

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More than boots. (Dollarbies & Mention of Freebie).

These boots are one of the gifts from La Perla. Upstairs is a wall of gifts and you may recognise some esp the bathing suit as I did blog them not too long ago.  Plus there is a pair of shoes called “Apple” which I still have as they have a plastic/chunky feel to them which actually doesn’t sound good but I think once you see them you too will think they’re good enough to “Keep”.

I didn’t bother joining the La Perla group which I believe is just 1Ld and I was still able to buy 3 of the items for just 1Ld.  So not sure if they’re totally free for group members or the 1Ld is refunded or these are in fact Dollarbies and downstairs is also a pair of shoes which are a “Stay at Home” gift.

BTW. Downstairs there are some shelves with pretty boxes on them.  These are old hunt prizes and going by memory I think they’re only about 10Lds or around that price tag. No picture to show you what’s inside, you might be able to go into edit and see from there or just leave it as a surprise when you open it.

PS.  I’ve just remembered that you also get a plain black version of these boots as well and more than the 3 standard fits although these are the sort of design which will fit most feet in any case.

La Perla.

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Dollarbie FUN !


A little sad to find out that Zigana is going to be market place only from now on. Used to browse there and always found something pretty to take home with me. The good news is that at least there is a MP shop and there are oodles of dollarbies for us to squirrel away. The house is awesome – really different ! Just 41Li and so unusual. I also nabbed the flamingo (1Li) and the abacus (2Li).

Zigana MP store