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Take your own sweet time.(Freebie(s) & Discounts Etc).

I really cannot believe that the weekly “30Ld Saturday” offer is celebrating its 10th year in SL and by celebrating and we all know what a birthday celebration means in SL…FREEEEBIES…and discounts.

I only grabbed a couple of the gifts which inc this dress but my computer was missing whole chunks of SL out which just happens sometimes.  So I decided because I don’t want to miss anything out I will just show you this dress then log back in later and I know that everything will rezz perfectly.

PS.  I had to log back in to grab the LM and yes everything had rezzed properly so I’m looking forward to a nice quiet afternoon wandering around the whole event checking everything out when I’ve got a mug of coffee.

30Ld Saturday 10th Anniversary Event

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

I won’t be back.(Freebie)

The only reason is that about 90% of what’s on sale at the Tres Chic event is clothing and that’s not what I’m shopping for at this moment.

So I stuck my nose into this event, grabbed the freebie and made myself invisible just so I can show you this little outfit.

It comes only in a Maitreya and Legacy fit but you do get it as 3 separate items, the top, skirt and you can just see the panties.

I may not be buying anything from this event but I’ve spotted some shops I’ve not visited in quite a while and as for this outfit, it’s a “Rust Republic” outfit and the name to me isn’t very familiar so when I log in, put back on my hands, body and head and then some clothes, Rust Republic will be the next place I visit and once there I might just remember it.

Tres Chic Event

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Battered but not bruised. (Freebie(s)).

I had to face going outside and battling through the rain, wind and cold and now I feel as though I’ve had a work out at the gym. At least in SL we can dream of skinny bodies, or curvy ones, and sunny days.

These skin-tight booty shorts do not strike a bell so I’m hoping they’re new to you as they are to me.  They have a light neon sheen to them, ties on the side and the t-shirt is included.

This comes from smesh.  This shop has one of my all-time fav freebie, the cropped corduroy jacket.  I wear it all the time and I have shown it to you at least two times and probably mentioned it a few times more.  So head on over check out the freebies for yourself.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Straight in and straight out.(Freebie(s)).

I was intending on just roaming SL but that lasted about 5 mins as the first LM I checked is where I found this amazing Group Gift!

WOW! This travelling drink case, only 6 prims, is shop quality and you get those drinks as rezzable decor and one touch of the case sends you those drinks as wearables.  There are 3 other Gifts in the Figure 8 shop and they’re all really top quality.

This is one of those shops that as of yet comes across as maybe not fully stocked which I always like as I love to see a shop which had new and interesting designs grow and add to their range, as it is I’ve got 2 items added to my “buy” list for a future date.

Figure 8

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Just a test. (Freebie).

I can’t SL much today, boo! But I wanted to test a new photo editing program and so far so meh! Since I was using a Valentine Freebie in the picture I may as well show you it.

The dress is a gift from Egoxentrikax.  I thought it came with built-in panties which it most definitely does not so nothing is covering your blushes or your ass lol.

There are other gifts in the shop for other groups but on the wall to your right as you go in is a wall of discounted items, some of which I have blogged and from memory, the ones I bought for about 20-35ld were well worth it.



Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Be Classy, Be Cheap! (Freebie(s)).

Queenz is a shop for classy big girls and so for once I’m happy to put my SLink HG bod on.

I don’t judge the shape you wear or the clothes you chose this IS YOUR SL but it’s nice to see a range of clothing for the more curvaceous shapes which are not just sexy but classy as well.

Although the dress on its own is a fab freebie the addition of this wearable stole just amps it up.  You also get it without this arm pose.  If I wasn’t such a lazy blogger I’d have added some bling to this look but I love any excuse to wear my fav pearly updo.

So now for the best bit.  There is a wall of Group Gift in the Queenz shop and you have seen them before because I have blogged them but I’m almost sure there is a new one, I could be mistaken but since the Queenz group is free it costs you nothing to check it out and while you’re there so may as well do the Valentines Hunt.

Don’t worry as you don’t have to hunt for very long as it’s only two teddy bears you’re looking for and each contains more than one gift. I’ve not tried on all of the outfits, only two of them so far and the only reason I’m showing you this one is I had the right coloured shoes on lol.

If you want the very easy hints, join the Queenz Group and check the notices and if I found them you can find them!



Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Missmatched. (Freebie(sssssss)&Group Gift).

I cannot believe that there is another round of the “Shop & Hop” event!  I thought it was a one-off event as not only were the Gifts top quality but the discounts were so generous even I treated myself to a few things so I thought there is no way in heck this is going to be a repeat event but foolish me because it’s back and as good as ever!

Before you look at the picture NOTHING in it is from this event and NOT everything is free but I will explain more after you check it out.

The backdrop is Febs gift from Minimal and that is a group I’m already in. I think it was/is only 50Lds to join.  It has some really good backdrops and this laundromat is just an example of one of them. I also notice some Valentines boards out I suspect that starting next week each day one will be opened up for Group members.

As for the “Freebies”.  On the Bumblebee stand at the Shop & Hop event is the standard gift box, white leggings with a red heart pattern, but if you check the boards on the stand you will see a very generous 300Ld Gift Card! You do have to join the Bumblebee Group but it’s free to join.

I assumed that the discounted items at the Shop & Hop event couldn’t be bought using this credit but I was wrong and these amazing suede pants which have a cheap enough discounted price tag of 99Lds cost me nothing but 99Ld of my credit!  I’m not letting my credit go to waste so will be treating myself to a couple more items off the stand.

Now for the “mismatched” of the title.  Obviously, I checked the Bumblebee main shop before making my mind up and I’d forgotten that there are some excellent prizes in those Lucky Boards and this top is one of them.

PS.  You wear and click the credit card and it’s added to your Bumblebee account then when you want to use it just click on the item you want and then when the pie wheel comes up click on “Menu” and I think it’s the credit option you use…pretty standard.

PPS.  This even is a lot quieter than the first one!


Bumblebee Main Shop

Shop & Hop(This LM takes you to the right sim for the Bumblebee shop but outside of the ValentinaE stall, it should be easy for you to find the right one)