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Its Time For $25L Tuesday !

Yippeee its Tuesday – that means a load of bargains for us all! This “Hot toddy” set is by Muniick, upon touch you are offered a cup full . 5Li and $25L – I had to have it. AF has a gorgeous chocolate sampler tray out for this round , look out for it ! Link below for the full gallery of participating stores.

$25L Tuesday

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Trailer Princess

Kitchen Chez Moi

I bought this grungy old trailer other day, its dingy and dark and drab & dreary (and any other words beginning with a “d”) Soooo when I had some packages arrive from Chez Moi (thank you xxx) I decided to brighten my new home ! I was really surprised at how much I could fit into the trailer Its much bigger than it appears. This is the new bitsie kitchen & dining range from Chez Moi – it’s quite literally stuffed with poses and animations for single pringles and couples. Chopping, stirring….

Chez Moi Itzy Bitzy kitchen

..and of course making sammiches ! Some poses rez items for you, and some also send you objects to wear – such as the knife and slice of bread above…so keep checking your inventory while you try it all out for them. I have to say, this is exactly the type of kitchen I longed for in real life, and failed to get (sad face) Its country yet modern, fresh and bright as a daisy, gawd I SO love it. There are oodles of pieces for this new range, the refrigerator for example has some beautiful couply kissy face poses.

itsy kitchen

There is also this kitchen island, which if you have very limited room in your home would be perfect . Lots of poses to make food and so detailed. I adore the apron hanging on the wall, it’s these little touches that make something extra special. Go take  a look and have a play at the store !

Chez Moi

Chez Moi market place store

Chez Moi blog