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Freebies – New Gifts

Free Outfit

My lovely friend Alyce alerted me that not only was there an “F” on the lucky boards @ Paper Sparrow – there were also NEW gifts! I sprung into action, grabbed the set above and then waited a while to see if I could win more. If you recall the lucky boards at Paper Sparrow are generally *un*lucky for me – so nothing else…yet! This set is a fat pack or skirt, skirt and panties, it comes with a giant Hud of colours too. You do not need to be in the group to play boards. Lucky boards are upstairs.

Hope you’re Lucky ❤

Paper Sparrow

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The Free Dove Hunt & Alaska Metro


There’s a new hunt on at The Free Dove & Alaska Metro. Make sure you’re in the Free Dove group for both locations to grab the prizes (its free to join) Above are all the gifts, some are at The Free Dove, some are at Alaska Metro. You’re looking for the VIP pass shown in the bottom right hand corner. Head over to The free dove to get the info card with all the landmarks etc on it from one of the boards.

FREE Shorts Alaska Metro, tees Bold Llama, hat Nylon Outfitters

So pleased with the shorts I found @ Alaska Metro, dead handy for the summer! My tee is from The Bold Llama and it can be found on sale at Malus Park Summer Carnival , pack of three natty designs for $120L niiice!

The Bold Llama $2L Tee

Above is the $2L gift from The Bold Llama – LOVE ! ❤

The Free Dove

Alaska Metro

Hat & hair by Nylon outfitters @ Collabor88

FLF Hair by Exile

Summer Carnival for The Bold Llama

Necklace NaaNaas FLF

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Free Lifeguard !

Free lifeguard clothes & pose items !

Hop over to the latest round of Miix Event , join the group and gather up a ton of free gifts! They appear to all be from one designer – Furtacor. Outfits for lifeguards for guys & ladies, even props and poses ! I’ve always fancied being on Baywatch ;P I think there were more parts to the guys outfit but I’m dead chuffed with my swimsuit, bino’s and boat – there was also a lifeguards chair to be had.

Miix Event

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I Believe – Free

FREE Top, Skirt & harness

Trudging off the beach at the end of lazy day – Ha I wish! My weekend was not very relaxing but here we go for another week. You can grab this complete outfit at Believe for zero Lindens. (Join the SL& Frees group – its free)You get the skirt, top and jewellery/harness. Myriad of sizes in the pack (i.e. so many I’m too lazy to list them tbh) All come as seperates which is super handy. Enter the store and head to the back – sharp right turn to find the freebies board.

Happy Shopping ❤


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Yasum – Free & Discounted

$50L Yasum Dress & Hud

It was a while ago that I scoped out the Yasum store and found a fab discounted section and a ton of group gifts. Before I get going on the deets – the store teleporter system is a little different then most stores – you’ll see a glowing ring in the corner – just walk too it and a board will pop up with store sections to go too – simple ! The dress above is from the discount section, $50L for a fat pack.

Yasum Hud

I went for the colour pop pack and as you can see you get plenty of options for each part of the dress. Love the beading choices for the hem. There are sheer panels at the sides and plenty of options for the rest. Nice.

Top & Pants group gift @ Yasum

In the discount section you will also find a couple of boards with group gifts – guys & females. This bright aqua top & pants is just one of them. Honourable mention to the Maitreya tattoo -its deeelicous ❤


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10th Anniversary @ Cosmopolitan Gifts!

FREE outfit Yasum

Its Cosmopolitan’s 10th Anniversary! Surprisingly I got in at the first attempt and had a good scope around – great round and of course some lovely gifts for us from the designers. Just join the group (board is right by the entrance) and click away. Absolutely loved this all in one from Yasum – it comes with a stonking big Hud of plains and patterns.

FREE light 1Li Goose

Also quite a few home & garden gifts, this light from Goose is just 1Li and gives off such a lovely glow.

Happy Shopping ❤


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Free gifts @ The Miix

FREE gifts @ The Miix

Lots of free gifts at the latest round of The Miix Event ! Just join the group (its free) and locate the gift poster on the ground floor. Click each item you would like to receive et voila. I’m not a huge fan of cow print but even I was won over by the cuddly cow and milkshake ! I nabbed the top, skirt, shoes and wearables BUT there are a few more bits of the outfit such a sun glasses (I thought I had them but nope DOH) and jewellery. The BIG plus is there is also a complete outfit for the guys woohoo! All of the items being given are by Furtacor – thanks !

The Miix Event