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One of “THOSE” day! (Freebie).

You know that I mean when I say it’s been one of those days where nice things happen and then bad things happen to counteract the nice things so basically my Ying has certainly matched my Yang today!

I was only at FurtaCor a couple of days ago and although I’d checked out the freebies I didn’t spot this dress.  You know sometimes when you see a picture of something-something tings in your head and you just know it’s going to be good and this dress TINGED!  The style is pretty standard and although you can’t see it with this patterned texture there is a runched line down the middle. I would have shown you this in one of the various not patterned textures but I’d managed to delete them all and yes also the content of my trash folder on my computer and I’d lost the will to log in and redo them so take my word for it.

Lots of fits and a really BIG hud of plain colours and some superb patterns.  This is to be found with other GG’s but this particular outfit is a gift for the ShopaholicSL group, don’t worry all the group invites are next to the gift.  The FurtaCor group is a paid for one, only 50Lds I think, and there are 2 lots of GG’s on the wall some for the FurtaCor group and the others for different but free groups.  There are lucky chairs outside but they are for FurtaCor members only.

PS.  The shop “La Perla” shares the same platform and it too has lucky chairs outside and I didn’t check to see if it was a free group etc but check that out as well.


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Baking bread.(Freebies).

The one and only good thing about sh*te weather is that it’s an excuse for comfort eating and so I’ve had bread baking in the oven and I’m sat here with my tum grumbling waiting for it to cool.

I also treated myself to a new pose cube/build from my FAV shop but I’m not too sure how to work this one.

So ignore the background and concentrate on these quality gifts from Hilly Haalan.

The dress and shoes are just top quality, lots of sizes and decent size huds….what else can I say apart from the LM takes you right to where these 2 gifts are.   Yes, you’re right this is a quick post as it’s time for coffee and scrummy homemade bread.

PS. It’s been a long time since I was last there but I’m wondering if this is the shop which also keeps out a lot of the old GG’s so it might be worth your while to have a look around and not just snag and run like me.

Hilly Haalan

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Time to say Goodbye & Hello.(Freebie(s)).

I only rented my Baja beach house for a week so as sad as I am it’s time to let it go so someone else can have a lovely Vacay!

The freebie is this rather nice little outfit from Enigma Apparel.   Lots of fits as well.  It’s a lovely light peachy pink with a sheer ruffle at the bottom of the skirt and a built-in pair of panties which is pretty handy as it shows off a lot of your pert botty.  Now for the “emmm” I’m almost 100% sure also comes with a pair of shoes and the top and bottom are separates.

Then I went back to Enigma Apparel to LM grab and it was then when I noticed this pink outfit and I just had to join the “Fitmesh Fanatics” group to grab it and then a quick return to Baja for a snap.

Lots of fits, lovely bright pink but word of caution you will need to wear panties with this little number unless you iz a cheap ho! LOL

When you go into the Enigma shop turn to your left and there is a partition and on one side is some gifts, this dress, and the rest of them are on the other side of the same partition.  As I said there are quite a few gifts but you will have to join the different groups to get them.

Enigma Apparel


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Good Morning Monday.(Dollarbie).

This will be super quick as I need to get food and have a pee but not in that order.

Dollarbie from Ricielli but only on the MP.  You get 2 shades, I’m obviously wearing 1 of each shade, a pink and “blue” which looks grayer to me.  Come in 3 fits, SLink, SLink Physique and Maitreya Lara.

PS. Although there are some other bargains in the MP shop you may remember me going on about how there is a massive stash of all the old hunt gifts in a separate building?  I’ve given you the in-world LM and there is a signpost so just follow that and it’s in the building behind a building, you will see what I mean.  Everything is still at its hunt price ie 15Lds but some QUALITY items for your invent.

Ricielli (Marketplace)

Ricielli (In-World)

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The Day After.(Freebie).

At 11.45 I stopped working and turned on the TV just to see THAT dress and it didn’t disappoint.  The dress was stunning in it’s simplicity, the tiara, veil and that train were amazing statement pieces and damn even the sun came out to “Sparkle on the Markle” and then I turned the TV off and went back to work, excitement over lol.

A nice little freebie to start this Sunday off.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a “romper” that’s excited me enough to go get it but this one did it.  This comes from a shop I’ve not visited in years, there is actually a GG on the wall I remember blogging all those years ago!  You get lots of mesh body fits so no probs there and a nice little 3 colour hud, this green one an orangie one and a pale off-white one each with a light dot pattern.

It took a while to get it get it but then I had my DOH moment and you click “deliver” on the pop up menu.  This and a few other Group Gifts are on the wall in the entrance.  I did spot at least 1 mans outfit…but I could be wrong but now I’ve logged out of SL I can’t check.

Lupus Femina or Femina Lupus (Sorry, I can’t remember which way the name is).

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Walking away.(Freebie).

Probably my last picture using my Baja Norte rental as a backdrop but I will put the LM for the Vacancy board if you want to see if there are any vacancies for you to rent.  There are about 4 possibly 5 sims now under the “Baja” name each as stunning as the rest and I do believe that each has it’s own landing spot and vacancy board so if you don’t find what you want at the LM I give  when you TP into the sim you get sent the usual LM and notes with details of sims and rentals so make sure to accept those.

A very sweet n simple lacy dress from Petite Morte I’m pretty sure this group was previously a paid for one but I could be wrong.  There was a lot of people loitering at the Lucky Boards but I just grabbed this dress from the Group Gifts shelf as this was the best one for the Spring/Summer season.  You get plenty of fits and a 4 shade hud.

When you’ve grabbed this then pop over to the Oubliette shop as when you join one you join the other.  The LM takes you to a central and stunning woodland spot and you just chose which shop you want to walk to

UPDATE.  Now I’m inworld LM grabbing I can see there are now 5 Beach themed sims, 1 stunning woodland sim, 1 dystopian sim and the new one which I’ve not checked out yet so I’m itching to go now.

Baja Shore

Petite Morte & Oubliette

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Cake and freebies for breakfast.(Freebies).

I’ve updated this post for more freebies so check the last bit out.

Get used to the beachy/seaside shots as the Baja Norte sims created by Lauren Bentham are STUNNING!  These are open to everyone to come and enjoy and although these are rental sims there is so much space and so many places set out for residents and visitors to enjoy you can come just to chill n chat.  Or even better, chill, chat and take pictures because the windlight setting is so good that even if you don’t know how to use windlight or edit a picture these sims are a breeze to take decent pictures in.  Usual rules, ie no going into peoples homes and keep your wobbly bits under cover.

This is such a well-loved place that even though I am a frequent visitor I rarely see vacancy and guess what?  During my visit, I found one and because I love nothing better than the sea, plus this particular cabin is in one of the better position I SNAPPED IT UP!  And I fully intend on getting my week’s rental moneys worth out of it lol..

So this morning I’m working my way through the 25Ld list and my first visit was to a shop I don’t know called Saga & Zoe I didn’t go for the 25Lds as I think it’s eyes but I went to check it out, which of course means check out any group gifts and Voila glasses.  Heart shaped with hud which gives you 7 glass shades and 2 frame colours.  The glass comes in the standard grey, the goldie shade, and some really pretty colours I try to avoid a post for just the little things unless like these glasses they’re perfect for the season or are such good quality.

Same can be said of this bag.

I didn’t like it much at first as the one I wore, rezzed it’s about 61prims so no good as a decor item, had the word “f*ck” on it it didn’t actually distract from what is a good looking back but in the hud you also have a choice of plain texture or the same ones with a big embroidered flower.  Comes with a holding pose and really, really nice.

OH I’ve just remembered in the Saga shop there is more free to join group gifts but I’ve forgotten what they were lol I just had my “eye on the prize” so to speak.

PS.  Yes I did have cake for breakfast and if I could I would have saved you a slice.

UPDATE.  The crochet top I’m wearing is an old but recent freebie and it not only comes with a hud but also a skirt.  It’s such a quality gift that I TPed over to the shop I got it from, DM Modas, and it’s not only still there but there are other gifts for other free groups.  You will find them all in the back room to your left.

DM Modas

Baja Norte (I’ve put the 1LM but there is about 4 beach themed ones for you to enjoy).

Saga & Zoe