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UPDATED! MMM Christmas Gifting Hunt – The Good and the Not So good!

Hunt gift Complete Lounge set $10L

In this hunt I found this huge complete lounge set, 2 x sofas , 2 x side tables, plant, wall unit, lamp and some wall pictures (not shown) and a fireplace love it ! However that’s not all, for your $10L you also get each prize in a transferable version so you can give it to a friend – pretty cool huh?

Hunt Gift Complete Lounge set !

Each piece was pretty low’ish prim and of course its not hard linked so you can use as much or as little as you wish. Now the downside ! There is not hunt blog or web site (if you find it let me know, I searched and searched!) Sooo you have no idea which stores are in the event. Its one of those “landmark in the gift box to the next store” type deals. Which is fine BUT if one store doesn’t place the next stores landmark in their box – that’s it, end of the hunt ! That’s exactly what happened to me, there I was trotting happily around and then no landmark – Argggghhh. I did contact the store owner, who despite being online did not reply – maybe he was busy, who knows. Anyway great idea about the transferable items – great price @ $10L – but a list of participants might be a better idea than relying on people to add the next stop ! You are looking for a rainbow coloured gift box btw.

Why Not for the above items

NOTE: The Hunt organiser has contacted me and kindly given the links to ALL the hunt participants ! Thank you so much ❤ Please see the comments on this post for the links and happy Hunting ❤

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Free Décor – Its The Little Things

Free Christmas Decor - All 1Li

I love to fill my Second Life home with treats & food at Christmas – so I scoured the market place to see what I could find for free or $1L. Wow I came up trumps with my haul ! At the back is the large Xmas tray from Disorderly – absolutely beautiful and perfect for a centre piece – costs $0L and is just 1 Li. The little pot of candy canes is by Mint and again 1 Li. The Santa card & cookies is from Mint again, costs $1L and is 1Li. Tray of cookies is from Revived, $0L and 1Li – it also give out cookies to wear.

Free Christmas Decor - all 1 Li!

This sweet Christmas cake is by poyun & poyo poyo – something a little different for your festive table. The main cake is 1Li as is each individual cake – super cute and just $1L.

Christmas cake

Disorderly Xmas tray

Candy Canes

Santa milk & cookies

Plate of cookies

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Frangipani Garden 1Li dispenses to a variety of forms

The Okinawa Christmas Festival is a must! Not only is it a real treat to wander around as its so beautifully decorated – there are tons of great items to buy. Also quite a few gifts! Not only from the designers but also from the Okinawa team – hint – check out the delivery truck at one end of the event – goodies for you to munch! Anyyyway first up the item I bought is this cute stand of cupcakes – isn’t it divine? It dispenses cupcakes naturally but oh ! Not for only human avatars! Dinkies, Hamster, CHIBIT, Animal fairy & chipmunk ! I love Frangipani Garden, always have, so this was a real winner for me – just 1Li also. There’s a lot of items in the box such as wearables.

Free Outfit Free wearable cup

As you shop look out for the little Santa cut outs, some tell you of discounts and some have free gifts. Above is the gift from Les Sucreries de Fairy – you get two colour versions, this red and another silver and ice blue. The garland is a separate item so you can wear it without if you wish. My peppermint drink is the gift from Schadenfreude, wearable and décor – 1 Li.

Happy Shopping ❤


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Free Gifts @ All the info about Shop & Hop

Free Dress Free hair and hat

Phew! I’ve now visited all the stores I’m interested in at the shop & hop. Its a fantastic shopping experience with all your fav stores giving discounts and gifts and sometimes store credit. Above is the free gift from Monomania, you get a blue and a red version of this classic sweater dress. My hair & hat is the gift from Exile – really love it. Apart from the gifts, grab yourself some treats with discounts starting at 30% rising to 50% in some places. Now as its SO huge and over SO many sims I’ll share my life saving pro tip to get around. Naria Panthar bless her – has done three videos on YouTube, two covering alllll the gifts one by one and another that shares the stores giving free credit – thank goodness for Naria! I’ll list her videos below plus the info from Strawberry Linden giving all the URL’s to each and every store in the event.

Happy Shopping ❤

Naria Video 1

Naria video 2

Naria video 3 (free store credit)

List and URL’s of all participating stores

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Christmas Wonderland Advent Calendar & Gifts

Gift Dresses x 2 plus free advent calendar

Christmas Wonderland Event is a really lovely place to visit – a lot of time and attention has gone into the surroundings. Perfect for a wander around ! They have a free advent calendar, just join the group (its free) and each day touch the correct door – I got some hand lights yesterday. Anywayyyyy as you go around a lot of the stores have free gifts – some are a couple of lindens, these two dresses from Zola Designs were just $10L each. The sweater dress does come with a large Hud of colours & patterns.

Listed below are the other advent calendars Im following – they are free ❤

Christmas Wonderland





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31 Free Gifts !

31 FREE Gifts Hunt

Head over to Havoc and do their hunt – there are 31 free gifts to find and I really love all the ones I’ve unpacked (so far) From shoes, lingerie to dresses, workout gear – something for everyone! You need to join the group and its free, then roam through the store and outside – the outside is SO beautifully decorated for winter !

Happy Hunting ❤


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Ever Green @ The Christmas Event (inc free gift)

Ever Green FREE!

The Christmas Event has opened and its a HUGE ! Youll find at the central plaza free gifts under the tree – just take them no need to join a group. This gorgeous decorated stag is the gift from Ever Green – its definitely going to have a place in my winter garden ❤

Ever Green New!

Head over to Ever Greens store and you’ll find a ton of Wintery décor. This rocking chair and side table win my vote – super poses too.

Ever Green NEW !!

I tend to buy a new tree each Christmas and this one from Ever Green is a winner. Packed with poses to decorate, sit, pose, dance etc. This comes in various versions I’m using the single pringle one. Of course lots of texture options for you to fit it in with your winter scheme. You’ll find this tree at the “Tree lot” landmark below.

Happy Shopping ❤

There plenty of $10L items at each designers stand – so keep a look out.

The Christmas Event.

The Tree lot