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If you love Lucas, Like I love…

Lucas Lameth @ The Food Court 50 DISCOUNT

A new round of The Food Court has begun and I’m always there in a flash! One of my most favourite designers Lucas Lameth is there with new items and also a lot of 50% discounted items ! Of courrrse I had to buy something and this cheese, crackers & grape display is it. Just $95L and 4Li – its drool worthy. If you’re intrigued by his work – its well worth a visit to his tiny café and store. SO much to see !

The Food Court

Lucas Lameth Bistro & gift store

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Have a Rummage – All Free

Free Boots Free outfit

Helped myself to a few more items from The Free Dove this evening – Id been looking for some ankle boots without buckles that wont poke through jeans etc..- tadah! These boots are perfect ! Free from Le’La with a Hud of colours. My jumpsuit & jacket are by Furtacor – great range of sizes and a Hud with a ton of colours, these are separate items so you can wear them alone or together – nice ! Just join the Free Dove group (its free) and help yourself. Lots of new items !

Happy Shopping ❤

The Free Dove

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Free gifts @ Vanity Event

Free gifts @ Vanity Event

I had no idea that there were free gifts at the Vanity Event – but right on the landing spot there is a tree with gifts beneath ! Join the free group et voila they are yours, a really nice selection of clothing & jewellery. This is the gift dress from Zahra and it comes with a huge fatpack of solid colours and patterns – jacket is my own. Either side of the Christmas tree are also two mini mania boards to play. I couldn’t find a group joiner so had to manually look it up from the gifts around the tree.

Happy Shopping ❤

Vanity Event

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$10L gifts & Lots of Them !

$10L items @ WIP Event

I went to the WIP Event yesterday and noticed there were lots and lots of gift bags priced at $10L, most designers had one out. I would’ve preferred to see what’s in them before buying – but risked it with a couple of items as I like the designer. Anywayyy I bought this romper from 100 Hundred – you get it in two colours red & pink and also picked up this uh “Lollipop” from [meowhi] as it did have a picture of the item out and I wanted it ;P

Happy Shopping !


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Zinnias @ The Shop & Hop (Free gift)

Zinnias FREE gift 2Li

Oh my days – cuteness overload ! This little chap in his sweet sombrero is the gift from Zinnias at the Shop & Hop, at just 2Li he is such a winner – he certainly stole my heart ❤

Zinnias @ Shop & Hop 2021

Above is one of the items for sale at the event. This is the “Ofrenda” set or as I know it “The Day of The Dead”. I did a little research and this collection of items is very traditional. The offerings, the flowers & food, even Tequila (which gives you a glass to drink upon touch)

Zinnias @ 2021 Shop & Hop

All the items are seperates so you can alter the positions and use as much or as little as you choose. The texturing and colours are really awesome ! Link to Zinnias Shop & Hop store below

Happy Shopping !

Zinnias Shop & Hop Store

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Oh The Vanity (Freebie)

Free Robe & Free Hair

I’ve stuffed my face in real life this evening – so I made a pure vanity shot of this free robe from Gothicatz to reassure me that in Second life at least – I’m not a slob ! The actual colour is a lovely warm deep red, mesh body sizes and standard sizes included. No group to join just buy it for $0L. You’ll find it right inside the left hand side entrance door. I also found this free hair with rollers (on the market place) from A&A just in the dark blonde tone but a brill replacement for the old hair in rollers I had which was sculpted !


Free A&A hair

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Thank Goodness For Naria ! (Free stuff)

Neve FREE Sweater, Culprit animesh companion, FREE trompe L'oeil chair

Finally got time to head over to the Halloween Shop & Hop ! Oh I had a lovely time as the crowds had died down and I was unmolested by the lag monster. Thank goodness for Naria Panthar though – that brave soul she is – she did a video on YouTube showing !! I watched it a couple of times and made notes of the items I really liked – thanks Naria!! Above I’m wearing the gift sweater from Neve – its so cute ❤ Comes with a Hud giving four colours. The chair is the gift from Trompe L’oeil stuffed with poses and just 2Li. I did buy a few items as all the designers have amazing discounts during the event !! Yes yes yes I just couldn’t resist the Culprit animesh pet “Halloween” version – he makes me grin with his various antics, dances and sayings ! Also grab Culprits gift – its SO awesome!

FREE Dress FREE hair

You MUST visit QE Designs store – it will set you up for the whole season! They have a box full of Autumnal clothing (dress, jeans, booties, top) plus some really lovely home wares. My hair is the gift from Sintiklia – fat pack of colours with some bonus Halloween tones added in. If you’re a fan of Addams clothing (and who isn’t) visit their stand to collect a fabulous $400L store credit !

[QE] Autumnal Hunt Key

This is the key for all those QE Designs gifts – all keepers for moi!

Naria Panthars Video

List of URL’s for all stores – find the stores you want and teleport directly to their stand