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ArisAris PROMO $99L

ArisAris Fat Pack PROMO $99L

Oo just what I was looking for – a cute dress to take me to the beach and partying afterwards! ArisAris have come up with the goods yet again – this is the Miami dress, great styling with bunchy side ties and deep side cut outs – yummeh.

ArisAris Hud

This is on promo for just $99L – mhm that’s right – so each dress will cost you hmm lemme think – approx. $4.5L ! Great selection of plains and patterns in the Hud, all twenty of them.

Fits for: Belleza Freya, Maitreya – Lara, Maitreya – Lara Petite, Slink – Hourglass, Kupra Original, Kupra Low, Kupra Bimbo, ERIKA, MB. Legacy, Perky, eBODY Reborn

Miami dress on the Market Place

ArisAris Main Store

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Three Looks in One – PROMO $99L

ArisAris $99L PROMO Three dresses

A brand spankin new promo from ArisAris ” and this is really nifty. One dress with three styles plus four colourways for each style – all this for just $99L!

PROMO $99L Three dresses 1

Such beautiful styling …

ArisAris PROMO Hud

Hud above – Three dresses with four colours for each.

ArisAris PROMO - $99L Three dresses

ArisAris Market Place Store

ArisAris Main Store

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So Free It Made My Head Spin

Free pants top

Gawd I don’t think I’ve ever had so many wins so fast on lucky boards in my whole SL life! Get yourselves over to Ydea , join the free group and head over to the lucky area on the left of the landing point. There are numerous lucky boards and they turn over VERY quickly!

All For Free

I won a lot more than I’m showing here – and apart from being totally free they are all also brilliant quality items.

Be Lucky ❤


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Bonus Visit

FREE Dress & Jewelry

Wandered into the Poeme store last night and for the princely sum of a $1L joining fee got myself this rather lovely dress, you’ll find it behind the counter. Its really got ALL the sizes you could ever wish for! Beautiful fit, gorgeous colour for summer !

Free Jewelry

My necklace & earrings are also a dollarbie from Second Nature Jewellery – its their 10th Anniversary gift . Its not rigged for any of the mesh bodies but it fitted my Maitreya really nicely, also comes with a Hud with lots of pretty colours for the stones.

Dollarbie top

Take a peek at Poeme on the market place and you can grab this pink floral blouse for just $1L – sizes for:

Maitreya Lara
Slink Physique & Hourglass
Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus
Tonic Fine & Curvy
Ebody, TMP, & Ocasin
5 Fitmesh Sizes (Alpha included for classic avatars)

Poeme inworld store

Poeme blouse on market place

Second Nature Jewellery – there is a contest on at the moment where you could win a cash prize (undisclosed amount) and 25% discount for life ! All info instore behind the reception desk

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$10L Hunt @ Belle Époque

Belle Epoque No 31 Hunt gift $10L

Love a Belle Époque Hunt ! The place is packed to the rafters atm but I still managed to find the one thing I really loved – and its this dress aka No.31 in the hunt.

Belle-Epoque $10L Hunt

Above is the key of all the hunt prizes, brilliant selection and something for everyone I think. Would’ve loved to find number 30 tbh – I might return to find it when its all calmed down. It finishes on August 31st so you’ve got lots of time.

Happy Hunting ❤

Belle Époque

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Time to Spend – W/E sales

Nocturnal Couture Grease dress $69L

its that time again – shop shop shop ! I started mine last night and snapped up one of the Nocturnal Couture’s pretty dresses “Grease” , its got such a shiny shimmery effect I love it. Plenty of colours to choose from and @ only $69L get a few? Listed below are all the sales I will be snooping through

Happy Shopping ❤

Happy Weekend Sale

The Saturday Sale

Wanderlust Weekend


Manly Weekend

Miix Weekend

Energy Weekend Price

30L Saturday

Kinky 69

Hot Weekend Sale

Secret Sale – get Hud here

7 days sale


Evo Shop $60L Weekend

Nocturnal Couture for dress above

Home & Decor

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A Graceful Parting

Thoughts This Week 2

When something you once felt was wonderful ends…how do you feel? A situation, a love, a passion…and you realise its time to move on from it or them. The realisation is painful, it hurts… and yet you know that its time to let go. How do you deal with the situation?

“I need help–Hey Siri, how do you kill love?–but who am I kidding? She doesn’t know. No one knows. I have to figure it out myself, alone…”
― Caroline Kepnes, 

I’ve spent the last year knowing that the love I once had with someone was dying. Like a small animal tangled in a barbed trap, bleeding slowly to death. Fleeting moments whispered to my heart to think it wasn’t, but I knew. I steeled myself to speak of it, not knowing what the reaction might be. Did he feel it too? Would he rage? Will he be relieved to stop the pretence ?

“If you are brave enough to say goodbye – life will reward you with a new hello.” ― Paulo Coelho

Once you have stepped forward and spoken your heart, there’s an awful quietness. A vast emptiness waiting for the reaction to land. I felt physically sick but also I knew, for me, it was the right thing to do. You hope upon hope for some grace to be shown, perhaps a few words of goodbye. It doesn’t always work out that way.

Tell me about your *partings* ?