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All the Free things !

FINALLY got into the Shop Your Heart Out event – three days of trying! I whizzed around and as I’m on a tight budget currently I avoided looking at any treats ~le-sigh~. My top picks of the gifts are right here – but there is so much I prolly forgot to nab a few! Above is the simply fabulous dress from Giz Seorn – mesh body fits galore. Also the Astra hair by Truth with allllll the Huds for colours. My boots are from Oh Pair – free to group members. Now when I joined I could’ve sworn the group was free to join – but Zan popped over and noticed it is now $75L to join – howeverrrrr this months group gifts are THREE pairs of boots/shoes – great deal !

These are the other pair of group gift boots from OhPair – mesh feet fits only. There was another pair of booty/sandals but no SLink Physique fit booo – really nice though.

Love love love this shirt from The Secret Store – dead cute and a  great fit as always. Choker is from Rebel Hope and the hair is the gift from Magika – absolutely adore this style! I still haven’t unpacked a lot of the gifts I snaffled up – should be easier to get in now – have fun !

Shop Your Heart Out

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All fur coat and no knickers (All Free!)

Oh my gawd – I popped over to ON9 and did a little shopping – noticed some gifts scattered about so collected a few. (Group is free to join). I had NO idea that one of the gifts would be a mink jacket *squeeee*. Not that I advocate wearing animal fur in any shape or form – but here in SL it’s all fake right?! The AnaMarkova gift is the fur jacket andddd the shimmery slinky dress. Various mesh body fits included – infact all I think?. No alphas used in the wearing of this outfit I swear. My hair was also a gifty, from Iconic, never seen this hair designer before and was really chuffed with this classic style – you get alllll the tones too! My glorious glossy red lips are curtesy of Lakshmi and my bag with pose is free from Fashiowl (set of four poses free at their store not the event – posted on one of the walls). Brilliant gifts thank you!


Fashiowl store

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Free & pretty!


Ohmaigerd – have I got some lully gifts for you! My dress is the new group gift from Alien Gizmo – free to join and comes with a Hud for more colours/patterns – dead yummmy. Boots ( Crown (Atomic) and lights necklace (ChicChica) are all stashed under the Christmas tree at The Arcade – theres a whole heap of gifts to get. (no group to join yay)


More gifties from The Arcade – my absolute fave is by [RH], The little car goes round and round and is just 4Li – its sooper sweet. Sleeping Huskies are from Jian and just 1Li and Kalipsia gave the basket of snowballs also 1 Li.

The Arcade

Alien Gizmo

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Its a Nightmare for sure

Free hair, jewellery,complete outfit with shoes,eye patch

The Nightmare Event 2015 is open for business, not only a great shopping location for all things spooktacular but also a hunt. The hunt is fantastic, quite challenging at the end if you’re useless like moi. You grab a HUD at the start point and have to find and touch pumpkins – sounds easy huh? Wait till you get to the maze of doooooom ! I admit I scare quite easily and some of the stuff did actually make me jump – loved it from beginning to end, beautiful locations and well worth doing – IF you find all 25 pumpkins, you proceed to the shopping venue and go to the stores who have the hunt thingy outside. Touch it whilst wearing your full HUD et voila! You get giftssssss – twenty-five gifts in all (although two stores I couldn’t get the gift for some reason) Iam SO not going to show you everything , go and do it – but but but I had to show just a few things that I adored. The Plastik had this amazeballs stonking huge box of everyyyyything a their gift, seriously – dresses, tops,complete outfits,shoes,jewellery. The outfit above called Sanguine is fantastic, you even get shoes for Slink high feet with a colour change HUD. The eye-patch was from Quirky and has tons of colours for you to choose from via a HUD. Hair is from the Alice Project, massive pack of ALL shades, style as above all bloodied up and also another version with barbed wire around it.

Free hair, jewellery,mesh top, mesh pants, eyepatch,underarm cobwebs

Another mesh outfit from The Plastik (top and pants) and more jewellery from them also. Had to take this photo in this pose to show off my underarm cobwebs ! Brilliantly done and really effective, this was the gift from {aii}, you might also be able to make out my “Glasgow smile” tattoo in this shot, it was the gift from Nox.  (Its not alllll clothing for prize btw, I also got decor items.)

The Nightmare Event 2015

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Sunday Treats (inc Free gifts)

Porsche - sim decoration (pack of 2 white & blue  4 prims each)

I’ve been looking around for ages, trying to find a really well made car, mesh, Low prim to park outside my home. Sounds an easy task doesn’t it? Well it wasnt – sure I found some “sim fillers”, they looked ok but sort of bland? Featureless little boxy cars – no soul “sighhhh”. So imagine my delight when I happened across this racey little number. I couldn’t believe it was 4 Li ! All the details and the finish – totally superb ! I bought the pack of two – one white, one dark blue, they are copy/mod – and I admit as I am freakishly short in SL I did make them a wee bit smaller so I wasn’t dwarfed when I stood alongside. All that for just 360L, brilliant.

FREE gifts - 1 Li each


The store is called Decor Cities (I think it used to be called Total Destruction?) and its a really cool place to wander about. Allllll sorts of things for sale – pro tip: use the teleporters to check out different levels/places – or you will miss bits. Go to Block E to find the free gifts – I picked out a few to share with you – all 1 Li btw.

Decor Cities


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Doo Wop (hunt)

FREE retro counter & wall art - FREE retro dress - FREE record player (animates and plays music) I’m so glad I couldn’t get to sleep, I was looking for something to dooo and found this hunt, it’s called The Doo Wops sock hops Hunt – yes, bit of a mouthful isn’t it?! Anyyywayy as soon as I checked out the hunt blog and saw that Finishing Touches had theeee most splendid hunt gift for it, I threw myself into action. Here’s a piece of information that you really don’t need – I have never, ever in my hunting history, found a hunt gift at Finishing Touches – IKR? The hint is always good , and off I plod full of hope, and I never find it ! Luckily this time, fate was on my side because I SO wanted this retro counter and wall art I could’ve screamed when I wasn’t seeing it. I wanted it NOW, not tomorrow with Zan aiding and abetting me – I’m impatient what can I say ! It was worth the two visits to find it, its damm brilliant. The stools have some lovely poses in (unisex) the wall art is fabulous. Red Pepper Designs made the twee little record player, it actually plays a song andddd animates you to dance some really neato 50’s style moves – only 2 prims yay! My mesh retro dress is by Get Frocked, its PINK – and I had to have it. Five standard meshy sizes, and it does fit over a slink physique body. FREE - Doo wops sock hops hunt Closer looky at the treats – erm what you waiting for?! Get going and grab those goodies. All the landmarks and hints are on the blog below, also some photos of prizes but not all. Doo Wops Sock Hops Hunt Blog

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All the gifts you could wish for

FREE miss chelsea button shorts  - coldLogic ortiz tucked shirt - Mina hair Elvire NEW

Soooo Fameshed is having its third birthday and most of the participating designers have thoughtfully left out gifts for us ! Zan has already blogged about the new Mina hair that’s on sale at fameshed, and I couldn’t resist buying it while I was there, it’s really totally gorgeous. The shorts are a gift from miss chelsea, sweet little button up design, mesh and all sorts of mesh body sizing in the box. Shirt is from the latest coldLogic release, the tucked version or ortiz.

All FREE ! Damsel fly hat & hair - coquet dress, fishy strawberry glasses - zenith clutch Gifts

Another selection of fabulous gifts from Fameshed, clutch from Zenith (hud with colour change) bangles from MG, lovely little dress from couquet, hat & hair are a gift from DamselFly, and the sunnies are from Fishy strawberry ! If you get ONE thing, make sure its the glasses – totally amazing HUD to give all sorts of effects .

FREE gifts

If you’re not into fashion, don’t fret – there are plenty of gifts for your home. Theres heaps more but I really don’t have time to share any more. Just join the Fameshed group (its free) and collect the gifts as you go round – simples.


coldLogic store