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Heaps of Free @Uber

FREE Gifts @ Uber

Its the 8th Anniversary round of Uber – Happy Birthday! I do really enjoy Uber, this round is awesome – bagged a couple of items naturally. As you work your way around you’ll notice some little gold gift boxes. They DO NOT contain the gifts ! You need to visit the main stores of each designer to get them – its simple and deadly – as you know I have very little control over my SL cash! However I was on a mission to show you the gifts so ended up not being at all spendy. My dress is the gift from ValentinaE – gorgeous rich shade of purple, wide black leather belt, capped sleeves and a dead pretty lace underskirt peeking through. The Ankle boots are the gift from CoCo – you get them in black and white – so handy! I also picked up a lot of décor items, great loungers, benches, sofa’s etc. Treated myself to the new hair by Magika called “Natalie” bangs are optional and included – adore it.

Happy shopping ❤


Uber Cam Sim 1

Uber Cam Sim 2

Magika Natalie hair demo

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WIP 2nd Anniversary Free Gifts

Free Lingerie & Dollarbie prop

Nabbed myself a few group gifts at the anniversary round of WIP ! Just join the WIP group et voila you’re set to go. Love this lingerie gift from Celestina’s – large amount of mesh body sizes. My fridge prop was only $1L from Emozione on the market place.

FREE Dress & Shoes

This gift dress from Fallen Angel is just stunning! Love the geometric cut and mesh inset panels , gloriously feminine. The shoes are a gift from Ahlure, nice detailing with the ankle padlocks.

Plenty to see and gifts range from mens, women’s fashion to homeware & décor.

Happy Shopping ❤


Fridge prop

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Freebies – New Gifts

Free Outfit

My lovely friend Alyce alerted me that not only was there an “F” on the lucky boards @ Paper Sparrow – there were also NEW gifts! I sprung into action, grabbed the set above and then waited a while to see if I could win more. If you recall the lucky boards at Paper Sparrow are generally *un*lucky for me – so nothing else…yet! This set is a fat pack of skirt, shirt and panties, it comes with a giant Hud of colours too. You do not need to be in the group to play boards. Lucky boards are upstairs.

Hope you’re Lucky ❤

Paper Sparrow

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Everything is Free !

FREE couch 6Li Adult, Free Cat planter 3Li

I had a message from one of our readers yesterday and I was SO pleased ! I have blogged this store before but it keeps moving around and I couldn’t find it *shakes fist*. Anywayyyy its the Upcycled store and my goodness it has a bit of everything and its all free. I grabbed this sofa , you get tons of different colours and its PG & Adult – only 6Li! Cute poses for singles, couples and adult. My little kitty cat planter was also free (3Li) and comes in a multitude of plants. There are also full perm items, clothing, jewellery plus of course home & garden.

Happy Shopping ❤

Upcycled @ Panda Bay

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10th Anniversary @ Cosmopolitan Gifts!

FREE outfit Yasum

Its Cosmopolitan’s 10th Anniversary! Surprisingly I got in at the first attempt and had a good scope around – great round and of course some lovely gifts for us from the designers. Just join the group (board is right by the entrance) and click away. Absolutely loved this all in one from Yasum – it comes with a stonking big Hud of plains and patterns.

FREE light 1Li Goose

Also quite a few home & garden gifts, this light from Goose is just 1Li and gives off such a lovely glow.

Happy Shopping ❤


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I’m Confused ?


I’ve been to a few events over the last couple of days – I tend to do them all actually. However I noticed something with the ones that are “Anniversary” rounds. NO free gifts to celebrate – instead there are discounted items costing from $50-$75L . Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect free gifts, and I do understand that the economic climate is pretty bad and everyone has a living to make right? however I’ve found so many new designers from gifts I’ve collected at events – shame to go this way.

If I’m expected to part with my cash there are a couple of things I expect to see.

  1. A demo – don’t buy anything without one – if the weekly sales give a demo why not at these events? Paid for hunts give a board showcasing the prizes to be found.
  2. At the very least a photo on the box showing what I’m being expected to buy. Some do and quite a few do not – would you buy something for $50L and not even know what’s inside


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Mouse Story for Miix Weekend & Group gifts

Miix Weekend @ Mouse top and skirt with Hud $55L

I did a little sale shopping yesterday and ended up in a new-to-me store called Mouse Story. I fancied the little skirt & top set they had out for $55L. Comes with a mahoosive Hud for both parts – steal!

3 x boxes of FREE gifts (dresses, tattoos, tops etc)

If you look to the right of the store you’ll find a great selection of group gifts – group is free to join. On the right hand side of the gifts are three panels containing alllll the gifts from 2019, 2020 & 2021 ! I waded through the gifts and found SO many cool items, the top t-shirts above being some of them. Tattoos, dresses, tops, jeans, even a few gifts for guys.

Mouse Story