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10th Anniversary @ Cosmopolitan Gifts!

FREE outfit Yasum

Its Cosmopolitan’s 10th Anniversary! Surprisingly I got in at the first attempt and had a good scope around – great round and of course some lovely gifts for us from the designers. Just join the group (board is right by the entrance) and click away. Absolutely loved this all in one from Yasum – it comes with a stonking big Hud of plains and patterns.

FREE light 1Li Goose

Also quite a few home & garden gifts, this light from Goose is just 1Li and gives off such a lovely glow.

Happy Shopping ❤


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I’m Confused ?


I’ve been to a few events over the last couple of days – I tend to do them all actually. However I noticed something with the ones that are “Anniversary” rounds. NO free gifts to celebrate – instead there are discounted items costing from $50-$75L . Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect free gifts, and I do understand that the economic climate is pretty bad and everyone has a living to make right? however I’ve found so many new designers from gifts I’ve collected at events – shame to go this way.

If I’m expected to part with my cash there are a couple of things I expect to see.

  1. A demo – don’t buy anything without one – if the weekly sales give a demo why not at these events? Paid for hunts give a board showcasing the prizes to be found.
  2. At the very least a photo on the box showing what I’m being expected to buy. Some do and quite a few do not – would you buy something for $50L and not even know what’s inside


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Mouse Story for Miix Weekend & Group gifts

Miix Weekend @ Mouse top and skirt with Hud $55L

I did a little sale shopping yesterday and ended up in a new-to-me store called Mouse Story. I fancied the little skirt & top set they had out for $55L. Comes with a mahoosive Hud for both parts – steal!

3 x boxes of FREE gifts (dresses, tattoos, tops etc)

If you look to the right of the store you’ll find a great selection of group gifts – group is free to join. On the right hand side of the gifts are three panels containing alllll the gifts from 2019, 2020 & 2021 ! I waded through the gifts and found SO many cool items, the top t-shirts above being some of them. Tattoos, dresses, tops, jeans, even a few gifts for guys.

Mouse Story

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Aurelias Easter Egg Hunt – 0L-10L


A truly lovely Easter hunt has started on the Aurelias Sim – absolutely stunning place to explore in ! You need to find the eggs and they are scattered around everywhere – look in the most remote places too. I was dead chuffed with this bench by Raindale, singles and couple poses and just 3Li – I think this cost $10L


This stylish stump picnic table is really lovely, it seats ten people and is 9Li. This was also a £10L item and is by ionic. I found plenty of FREE eggs too! In one of them was the most amazing adult & pg bed by KAZZA. Get your hunting goggles on and enjoy the scenery.


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Miix Event Birthday – Free Gifts

Free cat shorts set with Hud for more patterns & colours

Its the Miix Event’s second birthday ! I headed over and had a peek – lots of lovely items and of course – free gifts! Nearly all of the designers had a little something out for us. Just join the group – its free and grab away! Above is the sweet shorts & top set from Furtacor – it comes with a Hud giving patterns & block colours galore. Fits for: Maitreya, Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Physique & Venus. I’m also eating the chocolate cake gift from Believe, I think there is a permission glitch with this item though, the décor piece of cake tells me “not to be rezzed” but the wearable spoon & cake is perfect.

Free boat singles, couples,adult poses

I also loved this boat by X-Clusives – 13Li for the boat, you also get some palm tress and beach grasses with it. Poses for singles, couples, and adult ! Tested this out last night while Player and I were chatting and the animations are just gorgeous! Pro tip – if you find the boat a little too “bright” go into edit and then the texture tab to remove “full bright” as I have above.

Miix Event

Miix Event Gallery

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Valentine Freebies !

Valentine Freebies @ The Free Dove

Popped over to The Free Dove today, and found a whole table full of Valentine themed gifts. Everything is free at The Free Dove (just join the free group) of course, but usually they do have a table set out specifically themed at various times of the year. Have a rummage I came up with these three gorjus dresses ! If you hit up the notice board you will also find a new hunt has begun with three designers participating. All information & instructions are on the notecard plus a key of all the gifts you can find.

Happy Freebie Hunting ❤

The Free Dove

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Its Shop & Hop Free Gifts Time!

Shop & Hop FREE pj's and slippers QE Designs

The Valentines Shop & Hop is open hurrah! Below I will give you all the landmarks for your favourite stores, most have a free gift out for us. Some require a payment of $1L but it is returned when you buy the gift. Above is just one of the MANY gifts from QE Designs – pretty pj’s with a Hud for four colours plus some cute slippers – I adore !

It will be pretty busy atm but the event is open for ages , if you cant get into any of the regions, just be patient ! Some fantastic discounts to be found on everything from décor, fashion etc

Happy Shopping ❤

Shop & Hop list of stores and landmarks