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Beach Décor – cheapie & free

Free Beach decor

I came across these two items on the market place last night and thought how perfect they would be for my SL beach. The wooden stake light is by Careless, you get a huge pack of them with different colours of light for 1L, just 3 Li. If you’ve never looked at the Careless market place store – check it out , most everything is just 1L. The beautifully rusted anchor is by Total Destruction, its totally free and wow – a fantastic bit of realism for your shore line – just 2Li.

Careless Light pack

Total Destruction anchor

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Affordable Sky homes & A Dollarbie

Sky Homes from 30L per week

If you haven’t been over to Sunnydale Village yet go take a look, there’s always lots going on. Right next door to The Fiddlers Workshop is Simply Skyboxes, simple set up, easy to rent and move in. A good range of skyhomes to choose from. My favourite one was the second in the photo above as it had a large selection of gorgeous window views to choose from. Just select the style you’re interested in, touch the rental board and you’re sent a teleport to go take a peek. All the homes looked spacious and bright with plenty of room to add your own touch. Talking of *adding* the prim allowances are great too! Prices start from as little as 30L per week.

Note from landlord: ✦ There is a bonus scheme in place for long term renters who will receive discounts once they reach certain targets. The rent box will refund the discounts each time you pay once you reach this level. If you wish to move homes, please let me know so I can move your rent box with you otherwise it will start from scratch.

Spend 500L – 5% Discount
Spend 1500L – 10% Discount
Spend 2500L – 15% Discount
Spend 5000L+ – 20% Discount

Free Skyhome 26Li open plan living

Then I spied this little beauty on the market place. The Azura one room house – its just 1L and only 26Li. Absolutely vast inside so you’ve enough room to make a divider here and there to split up spaces. Lovely raised platform at one end which might lend itself to a place for a bed. Fantastic detailing on the roof timbers plus a ready made built in storage unit to one side of the room.

Simply Skyboxes

Azura House

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Two Dollarbies For Sunday

Dollarbie Jumpsuit Yasum

Had a notice from the Yasum Group earlier about two dollarbies that have been kindly placed out for us. You’re looking for a smiley emoji sticker in the new release area. This jumpsuit is one, in an eye-catching print. Fits for: Maitreya, B classic, B curvy, Maitreya petite, perky & reborn. (bra top is my own)

Fatpack Dollarbie dress Yasum

The other dollarbie is this simply gorgeous dress. Its a fatpack which gives sooo many pretty colours, plus the ability to turn the panties on and off, and metal tones for the chains. Fits for : Maitreya, Legacy classic, Perky & Reborn.

Yasum hud

Here’s the Hud with dress and panties colours. Yasum has a different kind of teleporter to get around, just walk to the TP pad (don’t sit) and a board will pop up with destinations, click on the department you want (in this case “new releases” and it whizzes you off.


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Free – Definitely NOT a Ballerina

Free Dress Free Fatpack sandals

Yes I’m about as graceful as a three legged gazelle tbh – but here I am wearing this gorgeous free dress from Justus, was giving me Ballet vibes ! Sizes for: Maitreya, Ebody reborn, Legacy & Perky, Belleza Gen X classic.

FREE fatpack sandals

My shoes are a free fat pack from Lempika – I bought a pair of their shoes in the w/e sale and was really impressed with them – so this was a nice find. Sizes for: Maitreya/ Kupra / Erika / Reborn / Legacy. (I know they don’t go with the dress BUT it made me smile to clomp about in them)

Happy Thursday ❤

Jutus Dress

Lempika sandals

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Cheeky Monkey! Its Hunt time

Cheeky Monkey Hunts - HollyWood Glamour. TFW red wearable bag, Bolf Llama Queen Tee

Its time for this months hunt by Cheeky Monkey – the theme is Hollywood glamour ! So many great items to search out. First up is The Fiddlers Workshop with this gorgeous wearable bag – you can also use it as décor as its just 1Li. Beautiful details all over from the leather effect, to the tassel at the side, the pose is fantastic. I’ve resized mine to wear as I flounced around the weekend sales but it looks equally great bigger. The pose will over ride your AO, so no flapping about as you walk – this is the $25L item. (To be found on upper floor – clue “This must be where the captain sits”)

My brilliant tank top is from The Bold Llama – I adore the tee’s from this store ! I’m showing the $1L hunt item ” Queen” in gold lettering, the main shirt is in an inky black. A myriad of sizes included in the box. (Hint I’m a star in a star – that means I’m doubly starful!)

Cheeky Monkey Hunt - TFW $25L hunt item

Some close up details of the bag ❤

Cheeky Monkey Hunt - TFW $1L Trophy 1Li

This is The Fiddlers Workshop $1L hunt prize. A rich gold trophy with “To The Most Glamorous” on the plaque – its only 1Li and modify so you can size it to fit the desired space. I’ve placed mine on my piano and its looks fantastic. To be found on the ground floor clue “yes, its still Christmas at The Fiddlers workshop!”

(Because I’m a very spoilt girl I was given one made just for moi with different words awww – love him to pieces)

The Fiddlers Workshop

The Bold Llama

Cheeky Monkey Blog with photos & hints

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Dreamy Dollarbie Décor

Dollarbie Decor

If you’re looking to spruce up your space look no further. I had a notice about this darling vintage sideboard that’s a group gift at DreamLand Designs, the group costs $1L to join. The paintwork is aged and crackled the drawer fronts have the sweetest faded floral pattern on them. Just hit the sign up and its yours. Next to it is the VIP group gift which matches but that group is a bit more expensive to join. I found the potted fern and wooden table lamp on the market place for $1L each. The lamp does work and is just 3Li, the plant is super nice (keeper for me) and is only 2Li, these are from a store called This cozy home.

This cozy home market place store

DreamLand Designs

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Dollarbie Dress & 69% Discount!

Oh my days ! Pure Poison have a 69% discount sale throughout the store for ONE day – and that’s today the 14th Feb. Pay the vendor and the discount is refunded to you straight away. Sooo I hopped over straight away as Id seen a pair of shoes I just HAD to have and with the discount they were going to be allllll mine.

$1L Dress multu colours inc. Pure Poison

I also noted that this extremely beautiful gown was advertised at the landing point for just a single Linden Dollar – you need to follow the link to the market place to get it. It comes with a Hud giving a nine colours – I was really torn between pink or red – but its V-day sooooo red it was. Absolutely stunning dress ! Fits for Maitreya, Legacy inc. feminine and petite and Maitreya petite. 

69 discount throughout the store @ Pure Poison

The shoes are called “Ariana” and I’ve wanted them for an age – just old style Hollywood glam. These cost with just $78L with the discount. You get a Hud with more colours for both the body of the shoe and the furry trim.

Happy Valentines Day ❤

Pure Poison Store

Pure Poison Gown