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One for Faith.(Dollarbie).

Like the proverbial “Bad Penny” Faith returns to the UK shores tomorrow and it will be the first time since she’s seen the sim so I’m frantically splashing as much colour over our sim as I’ve realised about 80% of our sim is green!  Green grass, green trees, green shrubs and even the paths and rocks have green moss on them and then when taking this picture I realised the jacket I’m showing you is of course GREEN and yes green is my fav colour😊.

I’ve also taken this shot just using our sims windlight setting so if Faith sees this post she can see a bit of what’s been happening while she’s been away…..and I’m even planning on moving the church because she CAN’T STOP ME!

So now for the Dollarbie and the question is “when is a hunt not a hunt” and thats when the hunt poster also has the prize attached to it and this jacket is the prize for the Spring Hunt.

It comes in just the standard mesh size fits, I also joined the MLM Frees and offers group which isn’t free but at only 5Lds it may as well be and I picked up the fashion trainers, you do only get the 1 fit and I’m not sure which one that is but it took nothing to tweak it to fit my SLink feet.  There are other offers/discount and freebies in the shop so a nice mix of stuff.

Loordes of London

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Bish, Bash, Bosh.(Dollarbie).

I came across a note from Arcane Spellcaster about new stuff in their shop but I decided to check their MP shop out before I TP’d over and found this Dollarbie on the MP.

I really should have picked one of the stronger colours, 12 in total in the hud, so you can make out the details a bit better.  The front of this top has seams which make it look a bit corsetty(sic) and then when you turn around this is the back.

It was this spider web back which got my attention.  Although this is a “Halloween” Dollarbie it can be and should be worn any time.

I didn’t check the MP for any other Dollarbies/Gifts but I will be checking the inworld shop even though I know the Group does come with a price tag of I believe 150Lds.

Arcane Spellcaster (Marketplace)

Arcane Spellcaster (Inworld)

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Playing around. (20Ld Marketplace Shoes & Mention of Dollarbies, Cheapies etc).

It’s out with the old and in with the new, photo editing that is so I picked these up from the Shey Marketplace shop to give myself something to practice with and of course to show you.

The Shey Marketplace shop, there isn’t an inworld shop, is one you probably know very well as it’s a go-to shop for cheap/bargain-priced and quality  Again I don’t know if I’ve shown you these shoes before but it does no harm to show you  them again as they’re only 20Lds and you get a massive 28 colour hud which allows you to mix and match the parts of the shoes.

There is a total of 350 items in the 0-10Ld price bracket in their MP shop and you have everything from ice skates, which I have shown you, to handbags, flatties to towering stacked shoes.

Shey (Marketplace only)

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

It’s an excuse! (5Ld Dress & Mention of Freebie).

cae.b(sic)is a most interesting shop, I have a dress from here which I bought oodles of years ago and even though I never wear it I just can’t bring myself to bin it because of its uniqueness.  Plus it also acts as a reminder to return to the shop to see what’s new and in my case any new freebies and there is a freebie but it’s not this dress.

It’s a shop packed with designs you won’t really find anywhere else and add to that the use of very bold and interesting colours/patterns in the hud means you really do stand out in these clothes.

This particular dress is on the Marketplace for only 5Lds and you get a big hud with it.  There is also a Dollarbie and a 10Ld item.

The freebie is to be found in the inworld shop and it’s very nice, not unlike what I’m showing you but I preferred this patterned dress and for only 5Ld its a bargain.

BUT. The Marketplace link I’m giving you is NOT for this dress, it’s easy for find just look in the 1-10Ld bracket, I just wanted to show you the full price dress I own so you can maybe see why it’s a “keeper”.

cae.b (Marketplace Shop)

cae.b (Inworld Shop)

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Making it easy. (Dollarbie, Mention of Freebie Gift Card).

What a lovely SL morning.  The first thing I did was head on back to “The Gacha Garden” to pick up the rest of the freebies and I will put the LM at the end of this post as it has now calmed down a lot.

Then as I was checking a few of the LM’s of shops who have a stand at this event I got a notecard off one of our readers/followers/friends and her tips were as sparky as her name “Sparks”.

The first tip is a shop called “Something New, Props & Poses” which has a 250Ld Gift Card for Group Members.  This is a prop/pose shop and it didn’t take me long to spot 2 props I’m very interested in and win myself a Lucky Chair prize.  Since there isn’t a time limit on this Gift Card I will return at a later date and have a proper look around as I’ve not even looked at what’s on the next floor up.

Then she linked me to 2 things on the MP and since I know Faith has blogged one one of them I’m going to ignore that but I know this is a first for this little mouse sitting on a pad.

Only 1 prim and 1Ld so a cute little piece of decor for so little.

I did get this off Sparks Marketplace link but I do know the shop this dollarbie comes from has an inworld shop. BananaN is packed with Kawaii decor and furniture which is more suited to adults/teens than children…although a lot of it is child-friendly…if you look at the Marketplace shop you will know what I mean.

There are a few more freebies and dollarbies which actually made me smile.  Some of them I remember blogging years ago, the “Mad Hatter” table and chair set was something I was pretty proud of finding and the Kawaii Bunny Vases look as good now as then.  I’ve popped the carrots and hanger gift into my basket as I’m pretty sure I can use them.  I was at the BananaN shop not too long ago and I can’t swear to it but I’m pretty sure these freebies/dollarbies are not in the inworld shop, I may have missed them of course, but check that out for yourself if you want.

The Gacha Garden Event

Something New, Props and Poses

BananaN (Marketplace Mouse)



Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

No need to thank me, thank Shi instead. (Dollarbie Fatpacks).

The name “Jellyroll” tinkles a little bell in the back of my mind but if it wasn’t for the heads up off Shi I would not have found it or the Dollarbies for sale on the Marketplace…THANK YOU.

The jeans are the “Weekender” ones and I’m wearing the summery pinstripe version but in the hud, you get a total of 20 shades and textures.  There is also a nice delicate chain belt as well which you can see better in the next picture and yes I have also changed the colour of the jeans.

Loving this top, it reminds me of the sort of top ballerina’s wear when working out. Another fatpack of colours makes it such a generous and handy bargain.

If you need more shoes then check out the “Princess Heel Shoes”.  Are these items “Scandalize” quality? Of course not but I’ve paid more for less quality so I’d totally recommend you get these for yourself.

I also picked up the “Anna Sweater” but even the right fit for me was not a good fit and now that I’m checking the MP shop again I see that there is an “Anna Sweater Set” which is the sweater with a matching skirt so maybe the skirt in this pack is designed to be high enough to cover the breakthrough.  I’ve not had a chance to try that version out but for 1Ld it’s worth the risk and of course you can wear both the skirt and sweater as separates so if it’s still a bad fit then I’m pretty sure the skirt will be a good fit.

I also got the “Veronica Mini Skirt” but managed to get the demo version, I still tried it on and although it has that sharp edge to the hem the texturing is really good and teamed up with a jumper and leggings a winner

In the MP shop, there is also a lot of Dollarbie hair.  You all know I’m super spoilt with my Mina hair but not everyone has the budget for hair or wants to spend much in SL, and I don’t judge anyone, so if you want some interesting hair, because they do seem to come with some very interesting colour packs, then try them out for yourself.

There is a link to an inworld shop but in all honesty, I doubt there is an inworld shop…but I will be checking that out next time I log in.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Behind the scenes.(Marketplace ONLY Dollarbies).

When I visit inworld shops I try to remember to also check out their marketplace shop as well because I know that sometimes people like to shop even when they cannot be inworld and in this case it paid off for me.

The Taikou shop has these out as Group Gifts in their inworld shop but the group does costs I think maybe 250Ld (ish) or more but the same inworld Group Gifts are on the Marketplace for 1Ld each.  I think I would have been slightly mad if I’d joined the get the Group Gifts only to find that I could have saved myself a lot of Lindens then again I don’t know what else the Group offers you so you may get a nice discount or gifts sent out directly to group members etc.

These gifts are not for everyone as they’re mainly for people who have a home in SL or in this first case like to use backdrops but since we like to have something of everything on this blog here they are.

This is a backdrop and it’s much bigger than I had expected which means it’s really good for using to take pictures. At the far end you can see some barriers and there is a little entrance there but it’s what’s behind those blue glass squares which I loved most.

LOVE this colour and the lighting of this, you can see the winter trees through the glass cubes.  This simple square room will make for a very interesting backdrop.  There is no doorway into it so you have to rezz a seat and sit on it to get in….dead simple.

The next Dollarbies is a very simply styled furniture pack.

The style, to me, is very Danish Modern in its simplicity and yet that’s not really true as look at the shadows, even the slats are shadowed.

You get these 3 matching pieces and a 4th one which although very similar didn’t have the slats feature and I couldn’t squeeze it in.  If I remember correctly I’m pretty sure each piece was just 1 or 2prims!  I almost forgot you can also change the colour of the slates, I think there are about 5 shades to chose from.

That’s me hiding in the background lol. When I packed up my land house I left the brickwork and just slapped down a concrete base so this is now my new workspace, over the wall is where my beach is and just in the distance is my horse running around…it’s my little spot of heaven lol.

This bike shed comes either in bits or in this case linked and still only 8prims in full.  I have a LOT of bikes in SL so I’m wondering if I have any spare prims to put them on show on this stand thing.

There are a total of 6 Dollarbies in the Taikou MP shop and I got all of them and all of them are excellent.