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Get Your Summer Going – Dollarbies

Dollarbie Summer clothes

I’ve been meaning to do this post for agesssss. I was looking around for some spiffy summer shorts, the sort that would take me anywhere and mingle in with my existing stuff. Saw loads in the weekly sales but then – I spied these on the Nerdy Girl market place store for just $1L ! They come as a fatpack, plus another set with prints on them, same price.


Above are the Huds for the “fade” shorts and the “Vintage tee’s” – both $1L. Actually we have featured this store before and most of it is just $1L – go take a peek and get sorted for summer. (sorry for the blurry photo of the Huds!)

Happy Shopping ❤

Nerdy Girl

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Free Fun On The Tracks

FREE train & wagons to use on LL railways

I was chatting to a lovely lady in the Addams group the other day and she very kindly sent me this dollarbie train set. You might be wondering how on earth anyone has enough prims to rez a train engine and wagons right? Well its simple, just take yourself off to the one of the rezzing points & stations – and you’re good to go ! I will leave a couple of landmarks for these areas below. You can chug along through some beautiful scenery, stop at stations etc… Inside the train box is also a lot of info about SLRR so unlike other notecards – read it 😛

Free Train - usable on SLRR tracks !

The Engine set is just $1L and made by Infinity, you can change its colour via a menu and there’s lots of cool options, even a horn ! The engine takes two people, one as driver and one sitting on the footplate. Its SO simple to drive, big bonus is you’re hands free so can chat along the way.

Infinity Freight Quarry Train

Railroad Rez Area at Amella

Campwich Station RR Rez Zone

Red Hook (SLRR Rez Zone)

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Dollarbie Lingerie

Free Lingerie

You need to thank Zan for this find – she didn’t fancy it but I did ! Market place dollarbie from LeCastle.

Deets: ❥ Compatible with:Maitreya Lara Maitreya Petite,Belleza Freya, Belleza Isıs, SLink, Hourglass
Legacy Perky
Legacy Petite

► Includes:
★ Bra
★ Panty

FREE Lingerie Hud

★ HUD Texture Options:
● x 30 Set Textures


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Posing for Poses (Dollarbies)


I have SO many poses in my inventory but I tend to use the same ones over and over again. I took a gander on the market place and found a ton of dollarbie packs of poses ! I have a Hud from years ago that I use to drop poses in – snap & go so simple. I did also find quite a few cheap Huds on the market place that you could utilise – I cant bear clogging up my inventory with packs of poses ! Listed below so you can grab them BUT they are just the tip of the pose iceberg so look further !

Mila Pose Pack $1L

Mila Pose pack $1L

lovelysweet Pose pack $1L

Sapa Pose pack $1L

Sapa Pose pack $1L

Requeeca Pose pack $1L

Exposeur Pose pack $1L

Lovelysweet Pose pack $1L

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I’m such a fool! (Dollarbie(s)).

If you hop onto the TP in the Yasum shop it takes you to the outlet department where there are lots of discounted items, most seem to be 50Lds and some Dollarbies for the Yasum group.

There are a total of 3, seperate, joker hats and each one has it’s own style inc a Witchy themed one. A hud does give you some choices in the patterns and the ones in this hat are dark and subtle. I’ve just remembered this also comes with a mask which is ok just a bit small and my hair clashed with it so I took it off.

Excellent detailing on them so even though I’m not so much into accessories there was no way I could not show you this hat. BTW I’m sure they’re marked as “ultra rare” which suggests they’re rebranded gacha prizes.

There is a small amount of clothing as well for both men and women.


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Free & Very Inexpensive

Free skirt & top- Free props & poses

I came across Monomania at The Free Dove and decided to scope out their inworld store. Luckily for me I found some lovely items to share with you. Above is the free gift youll find at the back of the store once youve joined the Fitmesh Fanatics group (its free) Gorgeous Autumnal satin top with a lovely laced detail at the back and an adorable skirt. Tons of sizes included ! My pose is from Secret Poses – Group is free to join and boy-oh-boy if you want some props and poses there are a lot of group gifts behind the wall in the centre of the store – really good ones !

Dollarbie complete outfit with shoes, jeans, tee & jacket

My second outfit is also from Monomania. Its a dollarbie that’s instore and also in their market place store. You get the jeans, tee & puffer jacket. Sizes: Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus, Tonic Fine & Curvy, Legacy. You can wear each item separately.

Monomania Hud

The Hud gives you six colours for each item so you can play around. Perfect, Happy Sunday !

Monomania inworld store

Monomania market place store

Secret Poses

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Dollarbie Dress & PROMO Shoes !

Dollarbie Dress by Auralia - PROMO Shoes by ArisAris $99L

Found this sweet pink & orange dress on the market place yesterday, I adore orange and pink together its such a pretty clash. The sleeves and diamond waist band are optionals. Its by Auralia store and if you take a peek in their store you’ll find quite a few dollarbie treats.

ArisAris PROMO $99L

My shoes are a fantastic PROMO by ArisAris – “~Crystal Line d’Orsay”. For a very limited time these are $99L on the market place and $89L for group members inworld.

ArisAris PROMO Crystal line shoes

The Hud is ginormous and you get so many options! Fits for: – Maitreya
– Slink
– Belleza
– eBody CURVY
– Tonic
– Legacy
– Signature

Auralia market place store

ArisAris PROMO

ArisAris inwold store