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One for Me, One For You – Love is All You Need Hunt

The Fiddlers Workshop Hunt gifts

Tomorrow the latest hunt from Cheeky Monkey begins, The Love is All round! The best news is that The Fiddlers Workshop is participating and wow some fantastic prizes. Above are two of the prizes. The frame is the $1L gift , this is no ordinary frame! Its brilliantly scripted with loads of functions such as transition effects, slide show, you can add a whole heap of photos to it. This adorable frame has the cutest details to both sides and is just 1Li, you can get a copiable one to keep PLUS a transfer version to give as a gift – portrait and landscape sizes included.

Cheek Monkey Hunt TFW Hold & rez roses & chocolates $50L trans & copiable !

The $50L hunt prize is this superb heart shaped box of strawberries & roses. You can wear it or rez it – if you rez it on the ground a little bit of magic happens – it automatically moves into a flat position – ideal for lounging and chomping the chocs. Anyone can also take a chocolate to wear with a lovely animation built right in. You get a copiable one for yourself PLUS a transfer version to give as a gift – perfect ❤ Rezzed it is only 3Li.

The Fiddlers Workshop Hunt Prize

This gorgeous wrapped bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries is the $25L prize. I adore this ! Sweet juicy strawberries covered with the finest chocolate all wrapped in a heart embossed cellophane paper, with a satin red bow to complete. This is animated to wear and also you can rez it – only 2Li , plus of course you get one for yourself PLUS one to give as a gift – its a real winner for Valentines day, or any day!

Look for the hunt board and click on the red heart for the clues, you’re also looking for a little red heart hunt object. Don’t forget one of the prizes is on the upper floor, there is a big teleporter button on the ground floor to get you up there.

Happy Hunting (starts on the 4th February)

The Fiddlers Workshop

Cheeky Monkey Hunts for all participants, hints & photos.

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Free To Make You Happy!

FREE Animesh dancing plant with dances

I was wandering around and came across the tabidach Mall – what a fun place and full of luckyboards & dollarbie. I actually have won all the items ! This animesh dancing plant is kinda magical and made me forget my woes for a time ! Just place it on the ground, touch and it gives you a ton of dances to join in with – LOVE.

FREE chooc banana stall 8Li dispenses items

Along the backwall you’ll see a lot of these market stalls on the luckyboards – turn over is quite rapid with no group to join. I managed to grab most of them. This is the chocobanana one, touch it and you get lots of choices of flavour bananas on a stick to wear automatically. These would be fantastic as sim fillers or for a party. Take a good look around once you’re there, lots of gifts and lucky boards – even on the floor.

tabidach Mall

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Opening Gift @ The Fiddlers Workshop

The Fiddlers Workshop Dollarbie vase 1Li $1L

I’ve been so excited the past few weeks, watching as Player Dagostino has been getting ready to open his store “The Fiddlers Workshop” – he has so much coming in the pipeline – such quality items and always with an eye on land impact. This oriental vase is the opening dollarbie gift. Beautifully made, 1Li up to 4m in height, two options given – one with a shadow, one without. Works as an inside décor item or, as I have here, outside on the patio.

Congratulations PD ❤

Vase @ The Fiddlers Workshop

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Lounging – Gift @ Koncepto

FREE Lounger set

Lovely set for $1L @ Koncepto on the market place. Shades of blue lounger, sun shade and a tale with fruit on a bowl. There are also a couple of full perm items for free plus a lovely pink pouffe with a few sit poses.

In the lounger set you get:

14 Animations (10 Poses)

Single sits , Belly Dances , Cuddles

Scripts and animations are Copy ,No modify ,No transfer
Furniture is Copy, Modifiable, No transfer

Chaise 6 Land Impact
Umbrella 3 Land Impact
Table with Fruits 5 Land Impact

All are separate items to you can use as much or as little as you wish.

Lounger set Koncepto

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Dollarbie Hair & Clothes

Arata Dollarbie balloon skirt & top with Huds

New-to-me store Arata has some lovely dollarbies for you. Great little store with lots to see. The dollarbies are on the back of the wall by the landing point. Totally adore this balloon style skirt , you will also find this tank to wear with it – both have Huds for lots of colour & texture options. There are a few dollarbie hair-do’s, they look to be super pretty but not my style at all – might be yours though!


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Get Your Summer Going – Dollarbies

Dollarbie Summer clothes

I’ve been meaning to do this post for agesssss. I was looking around for some spiffy summer shorts, the sort that would take me anywhere and mingle in with my existing stuff. Saw loads in the weekly sales but then – I spied these on the Nerdy Girl market place store for just $1L ! They come as a fatpack, plus another set with prints on them, same price.


Above are the Huds for the “fade” shorts and the “Vintage tee’s” – both $1L. Actually we have featured this store before and most of it is just $1L – go take a peek and get sorted for summer. (sorry for the blurry photo of the Huds!)

Happy Shopping ❤

Nerdy Girl

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Free Fun On The Tracks

FREE train & wagons to use on LL railways

I was chatting to a lovely lady in the Addams group the other day and she very kindly sent me this dollarbie train set. You might be wondering how on earth anyone has enough prims to rez a train engine and wagons right? Well its simple, just take yourself off to the one of the rezzing points & stations – and you’re good to go ! I will leave a couple of landmarks for these areas below. You can chug along through some beautiful scenery, stop at stations etc… Inside the train box is also a lot of info about SLRR so unlike other notecards – read it 😛

Free Train - usable on SLRR tracks !

The Engine set is just $1L and made by Infinity, you can change its colour via a menu and there’s lots of cool options, even a horn ! The engine takes two people, one as driver and one sitting on the footplate. Its SO simple to drive, big bonus is you’re hands free so can chat along the way.

Infinity Freight Quarry Train

Railroad Rez Area at Amella

Campwich Station RR Rez Zone

Red Hook (SLRR Rez Zone)