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Another 1.(Dollarbie).

Just came across this in my invent and it’s such a nice staple little top with a 16 colour hud, all stripes, and I just have to show it to you before I bin it, way too summery for my wintery ass.

The shop it comes from is what I call “Kawaii” and yes the clothes and esp the skins are cute but there are some really unique designs and texturing but also a smaller range of more quality “basics” ie jeans, tops.  If I was a spender on clothes there are at least 3 outfits I would have snapped up.

There is another Dollarbie and a freebie and the Arata group is free to join but apart from the Lucky Board I didn’t spot any GG’s.


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Im in Trouble (and a dollarbie hair!)

Fancy something bang on trend that’s multi functional? Neve have got it ! Pop along to the latest round of TLC and snaffle up the new “Trouble” coat. Now they say it’s a coat but I’d say its more of a coat / dress. You can opt to wear the coat on it’s on, or with an inset top , skirt, or both – its pretty amazing tbh. Above I’m showing it in the red tone with patterned insets, you can have the lower portion of the coat sheer if you wish – as I did. If you want to alter the set combo’s fiddle with the Hud et voila.

You could also wear more everyday seasonal colours as above – almost showed the plaid selection as its so darn delicious! But I went with an Autumnal browny red. Oh the hair ! It’s a dollarbie from adoness, lovely little style with a sweet pumpkin scene on the top – just the one colour but what a great colour it is.


Neve blog (for all product info)

adoness hair

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Sunday Dollarbie

I’ve long been a fan of Maya’s – everything is just $50L, that includes fully furnished homes ! I like to cherry pick the furnishings from each build and stash them away for future plans – such a savage ! The builds are great fun, and always stuffed with animations for single pringles and couples. Anyhooooo I saw this little treat for Autumn for a single $ and thought Id share it – you get everything in the photo …well apart from moi – and trust me, Player would tell you that’s a blessing 😛 Maya has some fantastic items for Halloween too – all for $50L take a peek.

Maya’s Autumn Dollarbie

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I’m getting hangry!(Dollarbies).

Going to keep this simple, and a bit primmy.

40 Prims to be exact so for a lot of people too primmy but this is a real statement piece.  

I didn’t want to stand next to it to show you how big this thing is so I dug out this ruler so you could get some idea lol.  Sadly it’s non-mod so not only could I not TEAR IT APART but I couldn’t even shrink it.  Not that I think shrinking it would reduce the prims that much and it does need to be kept big as it is rather bold statement piece.

There are a few other Dollabies and cheapies in the “Diabolical Alderson Creations” marketplace shop.  Check out the first pumpkin set which is pretty stylised, large and thats only 9 prims, and the small one is just 1 prim.  Feeling a bit annoyed with myself that I didn’t bother taking a picture of that to show you but again just follow the link and check out the MP shop.

Diabolical Alderson Creations (Marketplace)

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Babies got back!(Freebie).

I have to admit I did need a bit of a giggle and the heads up from Shi about this Marketplace freebie, was it.  The creator seems to have made it for themselves as a tester but they’ve put it out for any of use to use and since Halloween is just around the corner it’s perfect.

You get the baby sized AV for free and it comes with a pack of skins in a variety of shades inc more natural ones but there is also a Dollarbie skin with 2 shades in it. I’m not sure if they’re the same shade as the 2 natural ones in the baby pack but lets face it this “baby” ain’t never going to look like something you’d want to cuddle let alone breast feed lol so I’d stick with the weird and wonderful freaky shades.

I’d love to tell you about the spooky forest I found and the hysterical Reindeer that swear in fright and run away when you approach them but it was there yesterday but gone today!

Baby AV (Marketplace)

Skin (Marketplace)

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Wrapped up for $1L !

Another Halloween find – this time from iS and just $1L. Maitreya, Slink and Slink Hourglass fits included. The arm bands are optional btw. Im getting a bit jumpy as the season of ghouls and ghosts approaches as Zan tends to hide revolting things in my SL home ! I seem to recall a severed horses head under my bed one year – shes so thoughtful. Might get my revenge – you never know ! (Ideas on a postcard please)

iS dress

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I’ve hummed and hawwed over doing this post for way too long so I’ve thrown in the towel and if this is a reblog then I’m sorry just not that sorry lol.

Obviously this is what we all know is a “classic SL style” so again I’ve either shown you this or something virtually identical but the colour pack you get with this Dollarbie is whats making me not too sure.  You get 10 textures, 5 this satin texture and 5 a more matt shot silk texture, the colours also lend themselves to the changing seasons and with tights/legging boots and although the ruffle on the top limits what you can wear you might just have the right sort of scarf, bolero etc.

PS.  Even though this is just 1 Ld you can also try the demo first before you buy.

DeborahJo (Marketplace only)