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All in one Freebie

D!va has been pretty quiet of late but I spotted them at an event a few weeks back, bought the new style and earmarked them to scope out later. So chuffed I remembered and popped over there – new store, new layout and new gifts ! As you enter the store there is a large pillar behind the desk with a free group gift, peek around to the other side and you will find a few more. This is the 50,000 group members gift (free to join) and you get a beautiful gown and a hair-do . The gown is tremendously beautiful, I am not a gown wearer but if I was ! No mesh body sizes , but the medium suited my Maitreya body perfectly – there is a pouffey fluffy layer which I forgot to wear also – oops!

The hair that comes along for the ride is amazing – both items are named “iris”. Four ways to wear it and a fat pack of colours to boot. An absolute keeper for me – thanks D!va ❤


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It’s for the best.(Freebie(s)).

I went shopping for a fountain and found skirts instead, go figure.

Yup, not my fit although this one was actually wearable just not good enough for a close-up picture. There are more gifts, a wrap overskirt and a dress, which are just on the walls with the other colours but the free ones are clearly marked with a FREE sign.

The LM takes you to the middle of the sim, just turn around and it’s sorta that way to your left..not too hard to find.


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Who’s sim is this? (Freebies).

While Faith is away I’m screwing up her side of the sim, serves her right for having fun in France while I’m stuck in the cold, wet and windy UK.

This dress is Entice’s new Group Gift.  Use my LM as not just the Entice shop but the whole Flawless sim has and is being remodelled so the old LM is out of date. I couldn’t locate where the Lucky Boards/Cheapies are in the new shop but to find this dress just turn around and it’s on the wall behind where you TP in.  You do get plenty of fits for this dress and a decent colour hud.

I could not resist showing you the Geo Group Gift bag as it should be worn and not on my head.

So get this one from the Geo shop because it is not only not “borked” but also comes with a bigger hud, hand and shoulder pose.  Nope not rezzable as a decor item as I think it was around the 59prim mark so better dangling from your clammy mesh hand than standing on a dressing table.


Geo Mainshop

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Everyones doing it! (Freebie).

I’ve spotted many shops and sims having a “make-over” which neatly leads me into the “The Make Over Room Event” and this really pretty unicorn dress.

I don’t know how long this event has been going on but I approve of the new layout as it makes it so much easier to see what’s for on sale for a discounted price.

I also don’t know if the Flawless shopping sim this event is held on has ever changed but changing it is and I’m excited to log back in and check it out properly inc the Entice Shop.  I am assuming that this pretty summery dress is an Entice design as gift clothes from this event usually and it’s Entice quality as well.

The Make Over Room Event.

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Starting over.(Freebie).

As I was working my way through the 25 Tue list, which now comes in a handy Hud, I found this Free Group Gift in the “Eveline in the box” shop.

At first glance, I almost ignored this dress it as I thought the bottom half was more Army/Camo looking and I’m just not that keen on it but since I know this shop reasonably well I snatched it up and TP’d back to our NEW SIM to try it on.  Those perky nips show how excited I am to start working on our sim and landscaping the heck out of it once Faith has seen it.

If you get the 25Ld Tue hud you can click through the pictures to see which one you like best and then click the picture and you get the LM sent to you in chat.

Eveline in the box


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It’s an excuse! (5Ld Dress & Mention of Freebie).

cae.b(sic)is a most interesting shop, I have a dress from here which I bought oodles of years ago and even though I never wear it I just can’t bring myself to bin it because of its uniqueness.  Plus it also acts as a reminder to return to the shop to see what’s new and in my case any new freebies and there is a freebie but it’s not this dress.

It’s a shop packed with designs you won’t really find anywhere else and add to that the use of very bold and interesting colours/patterns in the hud means you really do stand out in these clothes.

This particular dress is on the Marketplace for only 5Lds and you get a big hud with it.  There is also a Dollarbie and a 10Ld item.

The freebie is to be found in the inworld shop and it’s very nice, not unlike what I’m showing you but I preferred this patterned dress and for only 5Ld its a bargain.

BUT. The Marketplace link I’m giving you is NOT for this dress, it’s easy for find just look in the 1-10Ld bracket, I just wanted to show you the full price dress I own so you can maybe see why it’s a “keeper”.

cae.b (Marketplace Shop)

cae.b (Inworld Shop)

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Does “OOC” stand for “Out of Character” for Role Players?  I know I’m clueless over these things so I’ve probably styled this gown with the wrong hairstyle and background but Sod It! I had fun.

I also had fun with the editing but if you’ve been to the “The White Armoury” shop and gotten any of their past Group Gifts you will know that they create costumes with lush textures and colours.

They also create costumes that come in bits as well as the full outfit so although you can’t see it there is a panel-style cape at the back wish is richly decorated and you may just want to wear it with something else.

It also gives me an excuse to wear one of the Mina hairs which I just never seem to get as much chance to wear as I would like.

To find this gift, you should TP quite close to it and if you look to your left just up those stairs you will see it as it’s not actually in the mainshop.

The White Armoury