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Red, pink or rose.(Freebie).

A simple and sweet dress from Evani.

Not for me though but only because it’s not my fit and all my “back fat” is bursting through and that’s never a good look. OH wait I’ve just noticed with my long hair on it covers the back so still wearable even for my SLink P shape.

If you haven’t guessed the title is for the 3 colours you get and I’m wearing the rose shade.  There are other gifts, Bento rings and what looks like a “Wednesday” dress and I think you will know what I’m talking about when you see it.



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Kit and “Caboodle”.(Dollarbies).

I decided to start checking out the groups I’m a member of and which do come with a price tag and”Caboodle” is one of them. I think it cost 50Lds to join and there are some decent gifts but I don’t think I spotted anything super new so I decided to check out the Caboodle MP shop and SCORED.

Sorry I know it’s not a good picture of the cape but it’s a bloody good “Vampire” cape…see what I did there?  It’s a Maitreya fit but with it’s flared out design it will fit over most people and you get 3 shades, dark blue, black and blood red.  The dress does come with a decent amount of fits inc my fav SLink P one.

I’ve put the link to the inworld shop as well as you may want to check out the paid for group gifts as well and in the back of the shop are some lucky boards.

Caboodle (Marketplace only)

Caboodle (Inworld)

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All dressed up.(Inc a Freebie & Mention of Freebie).

Not the outfit! Just shoes. I always like to make that clear when I’m all tarted up in paid for clothes, which if you haven’t guessed is made up of !g0 Gacha wins.

I don’t know why I called back into S@bbia since I know that I’d not long ago did a post about their newest Group Gift but I still called back only to find that another NEW Group Gift has been put out and it’s the “Penny Loafers” I’m wearing.  If you like me have picked up every S@bbia gift then you will know these shoes will go with ALL of them and or with outfits you may have such as my !g0 one.

So this extra gift was a really nice surprise added to that the shirt dress is still out and if you look on the wall to your right as you go in there are the older gifts and to that has been added a really good bag.


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Fellini for Free

Headed over to the Ebento event and snapped up a lovely gift from Fellini Couture – this adorable summer fresh dress! It comes n a multitude of mesh sizes so you’re sure to find something that fits you. Love the flippy flappy hem!

I wanted to see what else was on offer so headed to the main store – boy-oh-boy I was in for a treat. Such beautiful gowns and outfits, really different from the usual items on offer. I even *gasp* tried on a  few demos ! You all know I’m not big into gowns – but this gift cant be left unseen, its just so stunning. Gorgeous hues of blue and pink, the head piece comes along with it too.

Another free gift at the store is this darling frock – love a bit of pink and the petal head dress comes with it – no group to join just click and go. Was I tempted to spend my precious dollars – you bet I was – see my next post !

E Bento

Fellini Couture

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A work of art, this is for Moz. (Freebie).

I was looking at the skirt part of this dress and racking my brains as to why it looks so familiar and it finally hit me, like a brick in the face. I don’t know if it’s a famous painting but I think I recognise this design from Cross Stich kits you can buy off Amazon lol.

This is a one piece and I won’t lie as the top has those “sharp” edges, you know what I mean, which is a slight shame as the colours of this outfit are so bold and bright but I can also see that pop a top/jacket/jumper or long wiggie on and soften the top.  This gift and the men’s gift I’m about to babble on about are set to 0Lds and you just buy them.  There are a couple of other gifts around the shop so I don’t know if they too are set to 0Ld as I didn’t grab them.

But I did grab the men’s gift and I did have a hope that the xxs size would fit me and I could show it to you but because it’s designed for monkey boy shapes ie big shoulders, arms etc it looked a bit odd naturally on a male AV it will fit perfectly.  It’s a simple sweatshirt with a big hud of very usable texture and not just sizes because you also have a choice of how the shirt fits ie tucked, hanging, wide bottom (to go over jeans) etc.  MOZ, go get it I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

PS.  I finally got into FaMESHed but it’s too late as you will have seen all the freebies but at least I know have the pleasure of sitting on my platform and working my way though my haul.

PPS.  I logged back into LM grab and had a wander around the shop and the prices are very reasonable, ie cheap so it’s a good chance to pick up some bargains.

MokaGirl & Roudy Fashion

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Like bears to a honey pot.(Freebie & SL Updating it’s sh*t.)

There was I thinking I was super quick off the draw but turns out I wasn’t as fast as the 16 other AV’s who had also TPed over to LRS Moda to grab their newest group gift.

I did a post not too long ago about this shop so there are other freebies but this is the newest and it’s upstairs.

Don’t panic, I’d already suspected that so many sims were down because of rolling updates and as soon as I’d clicked to take this picture the clang and warning box popped up giving me time to either TP or Log out so I decided to log out.

See ya’s later.

LRS Moda



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Old and New.(Freebies).

You may recognise this shirt dress as I recently blogged it.  It is from S@bbia and any reg readers know I LOVE me a bit of S@bbia lol.

What you won’t recognise from a previous post is the bag I’m wearing which is a new and additional gift from S@bbia.

I’ve never really mentioned the old Group Gifts which are on the wall to the right as you go in as some haven’t stood the test of time but some haven’t.  These newer Group Gifts, once they are over, are not added to the wall of older ones so it’s always a case of grabbing it while it’s on offer as you can’t get it at a later date.

This dress is still this months Group Gift and it on the board, only this shade of course, but the bag has been added to the older gifts on the wall.  Just like the dress this bag is so wearable and comes with a hud which allows you to change the straps and rezzed is only 1 prim so I can wear this and I have the other, non-rigged version which is now draped over the back of a chair.