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Finally new.(Freebie).

This dress comes in so many fits including some weird as f**k ones, no offence meant as your SL is your SL and you wear whatever shape you chose.

So if you have one of the rare shapes such a “Werewolf” then this is one of the even rarer mainstream shops that will cater for you.

And apart from mentioning that you get 2 shades that’s about it.


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I’m waiting for my phone to charge up and once it does I’m off out.  I’m not doing anything exciting but it’s time to visit places I’ve not been to in a while, get some fresh air, stretch the legs and maybe even score something in my fav shops which of course are charity shops.

As my phone is still on 35% so I did a quick log in and I’m really pleased I did.

A FABULOUS BIG FAT LIP…floatie lol. Excellent poses for him and her, you get a rotating one and a stationary one.

You also get this free wearable cocktail with pose, used, one with no pose and rezzed this superbly detailed cocktail is still only 1 prim!

There are more freebies in the Merak shop, all decor items all classy AF.

I remember this shop when it first opened and it’s grown massively since then and now it’s a whole sim of temptation.  I think that when you have an SL business the nicer you make your shop/sim the more likely that people will spend more time in your shop and this is definitely the case here.  The LM should take you to where the Group Gifts are but if it doesn’t then they’re just in the middle of the sim in one of the stalls.

I’m reblogging this free dress, as I was pulling the look together for this post I was going to pop on the bathing suit from a couple of posts back but a reminder came through from American Bazaar as I was scrolling through my invent about their latest freebie of this dress which I just thought I would use.


American Baazar

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“Mesh Body Friends”.(Freebie).

I’m sure there is a NEW Freebie at the The Annex so I returned and I can’t find it, I could, of course, be wrong about it.  So to stop it from being a wasted TP I grabbed one of the other Freebies just to check it out and it’s this Kawaii dress.

The dress is familiar but the group you join to get it isn’t, “Mesh Body Friends”.  I would say that I am about 99% sure this has been blogged but it was years and years and maybe years ago but it has totally stood the test of time.  So maybe old to me but new to you?

If you haven’t guessed it then this and my last picture were taken on the “Comhar” sim.  As I was LM grabbing I’ve spotted that there is as much going on outside as inside and the 9 platforms packed with backdrops.  So I’ve put the LM for the Photostudio and you simply hop on the TP and if you’re like me you will go from backdrop to backdrop just loving it all.

The Annex

Comhar, Free Photostudio, Gardens and Caves

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I’ve been sitting on it.(Freebie).

I’ve been spotting old freebies still out in the shops but the problem is that they are such good freebies that even though they have been blogged do I blog them again or do I ignore them?  It’s an internal struggle…..that I lose no sleep over lol.

The more I’ve thought about this dress the more I am pretty sure I have blogged this dress before but the bag?  The bag is actually the delivery system which as you can see is also a bloody decent wearable AND rezzable as it’s only 4 prims.

The dress is a darker purple than shown but I lightened it so you can see more of the detailing in the dress.

Oddly enough this dress comes from the Vivacious shop and on the other side, just to the right, is the Pink Cherry shop and in the window of that shop is this dress and inside you can buy this dress but in different colours.  You may remember I did a post about the Pink Cherry shop just a couple of posts back so grab this then pop over to the other side if you haven’t grabbed those gifts as well.



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When wrong turns out to be right.(Freebies).

I thought I was TPing to a Backdrop shop but my LM must be well out of date and I kept on ending up at the “NYU” shop and since I was fated to be there I popped inside to see if there were any new Freebies and there aren’t.

Although a new freebie would have been lovely at least this dress and the other two dresses are as good now as when they were first put out for us.  I think this is a sub gift but I do know the group is free to join.

But the shoes are brand new and they come from S@bbia.  I will admit I was surprised as Jury Gothly has only just put out a new gift for us and I blogged that not long ago and it’s still out she’s just giving us these shoes which look fine with this dress but even better with the skirt/blouse gift that she has out for us.  Although you get the main mesh feet fits these shoes are meant for the med-high feet.




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10 mins till I go. (Freebies).

The countdown has started before I have to haul my RL ass out of the front door and face the miserable drizzle but on the good side it will make my hair curly.

These are freebies from Pink Cherry.

Another freebie dress and I’m pretty darned happy with them. Check out the metallic sheen on this dress and if I turned around you’d see it has a laced up back.

PS,  Lots of fits.

I binned the 3rd freebie because I don’t do jewellery but you do you boo.

Pink Cherry

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Too nice to wait.((New) Freebie).

I should really have left this dress, and the other freebies, for Faith to show you as they’re only for a Maitreya body but with a careful bit of editing I can at least show you this one.

This dress is not new and I’m deffo sure I’ve blogged it before because I do remember the sleeves which can be worn as separates and are pretty good on their own and if I did a quick invent search I will probably find I’ve got them stashed somewhere.  You get a decent sized hud of colours for both dress and sleeves.

I am also pretty sure that a top and skirt set is new and as for the other skirt I do remember showing you that as I had to Alpha my whole body out just to show it to you.

So a very nice start to the day and I’ve got my fingers crossed that the Dollarbies I found on the Marketplace will be as good as yesterday’s find.