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Playing with light.(Freebie(s)).

Just a quickie as I need FOOD and I also need to sort out our windlight setting so it not only makes our sim look stunning but more importantly our AV’s look glorious….so far it’s a big fat fail.

The skirt is the Freebie.

I had to lighten the picture because of our sim setting but this skirt is a really good gift from GeMyles  actually it’s a bloody good gift from GeMyles it’s just that camo isn’t my fav colour/texture but I can’t fault it.

You will find this and other gifts for free or cheap groups upstairs.

Time to log off eat food before I get so hungry I kick one of my cats and then I log back in and sort out the sim setting.

PS. I’d never kick one of my cats, they fight dirty and I’d lose.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Be Bold! (Freebie(s)).

I wandered into the “Rosy’s Style” shop and found this.

The texturing on this is this dress is like quality leather. You get lots of fits and some really bold colours in the 9 colour hud.  I chose brown just to be boring but the green shade was def my fav and what’s even better is that it doesn’t matter which shade you chose they all come with this great leather look to them.

The only small thing is that the Hud doesn’t automatically attach to your screen so either rezz it or attach it yourself.

There are other gifts as well and although I loved the texture on one dress I’m just going with this one.

Rosy’s Style

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

This is why I don’t sit. (Freebie).

Faith can do sitting poses etc I on the other hand just look uncomfortable and that’s why most of my poses are simple standing ones.

So ignore my uncomfortableness as this casual PJ/Shortie/Mini Dress is actually bloody good. You get 3 shades in the pack and I even like the pink shade in this pack.

This comes from LsR Moda which you will know from previous posts for their generous Group Gifts/Lucky Boards.

LSR Moda (Upstairs)

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life


Talk about “Kismet” because Faith has literally just clicked “Publish” and so have I over the SAME event!  She’s done some of the other freebies so I will keep this one up, unless she deletes this post which is fine by me.

It’s early afternoon but it’s so dark even a Vampire would be happy to come out to feast and I’m so bored I even did the dusting, so to stop myself being more RL productive I made myself a cup of coffee and logged in.

I am not sure if I did a post about this actual hunt/event even though I do remember the Pumpkin you’re hunting as it’s a picture of a Pumpkin with google eyes but I have a feeling the same image maybe has been used by another hunt/event.

Actually, I am glad I returned as for me I’ve scored some nice decor items such as the one above and then this dress turned up.

Ignore the stink eye, I can’t retake this picture as I can’t log back in.  The dress comes from the Lilith Mills shop/stall which is a new name to me so when I can log back in I’m going to check out the rest of the stalls and then pop to a few of the shops involved in this event.

Golden Autumn Fair and Treasure Hunt

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

In and out. (Freebie).

Every time I’ve logged into SL I’ve had to log out to sort out RL sh*te now RL has been sorted and my first log back in and I finally score something decent.

Actually, I’m rather disappointed with this dress but not for why you would think I would be, I just would have loved this more as a knee-length one and that’s because apart from my more fancy pants/RP gowns I don’t often wear full-length dresses.

Lots of fits and I don’t know if there are any more Group Gifts because once I spotted this next to the desk I just grabbed and ran.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Goooood Morning Monday. (Freebie(s)).

I dragged myself over to the “Halloween Sales”(?) event going on on the “unbroken” sim and crawled around clicking on the gift pumpkins then hauled my sorry AV ass back home and the first thing I unpacked was a big boost as I love it.

This is totally my colours/style.  When I buy clothes in SL I generally stick to the beiges/browns/green/orange pallet so again this freebie with those colours, folds and accessorised with a lovely tied fabric belt was just so perfect.  OAL (On A Lark) is the stand this gift came from and of course it’s going to be the first shop I visit when I log back in.

I’ve not even unpacked the other freebies from this event but I should imagine they will be very Halloweeny(sic) but I’m going to unpack them in my new pretty dress and then once I’ve done that I will be checking out the different shops who have given us the gifts.

I did notice some super bargains and I was 1Ld short of treating myself to something BUT I have 29Lds left and although I broke my budget for this month in the first week I am NOT buying more Lindens till next payday lol.  So I resisted but you too may find some rather good bargains both clothing and decor.

PS. You don’t need to join any group to grab the gifts and one gift is priced at 1Ld but that is returned to you.

Halloween Sales

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

No skills needed.(Freebies & Stunning Sim).

The new Group Gift from Hilly Haalan is this dress.

As you can see it’s dark grey with a bit of a pinstripe to it.  I was hoping that the scarf it comes with was an add-on rather than attached as I also wanted to show off this sh*t scary mask completely but the scarf can’t be removed.

The mask is a great gift from Amias. The group is free to join and there are other Gifts but since I don’t really do jewelry I will leave them for you to check out.

As for the LM if you look behind me you will see the sign, Pendle Hill.

I literally TPed in and just from the LM zoomed and clicked and that’s all you need to do to take some amazing atmospheric shots.  The use of light, texturing and effects is outstanding.

Pendle Hill isn’t just for Halloween it’s open all year round as well as the other sims created by Lauren Bentham.  At the LM are boards giving you the TPs to only 4 of them but if you check out her profile you will see a whole list of sims.  Some I believe are now owned by others BUT are kept as they were created. I’m not really sure about the details because I just don’t keep up as much as I should but they’re all still open for visitors.

Her LM’s will take you everywhere from the sunniest of beaches to a classic countryside sim.

PS.  The boots I’m wearing are the other very recent Group Gift from Hilly Haalans, I only did the post about them recently but if you’ve not got them yet it’s time.

Hilly Haalan


Pendle Hill

When you TP

Pendle Hill.