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A home is not a home…(Freebie(s)).

“A home is not a home” till you have your cat paintings on the wall, lol.

What a find! This may be an old freebie as I found it in the Astoria Marketplace shop and not the inworld shop where the new Group Gifts are but I’ve not seen it before and I’m sure I would have remembered it.

You get a great hud of colours for the dress, belt, metals and panties.

If you have time pop into the Asteria inworld shop as there are other free Group Gifts inside but more importantly outside on the boards to your right are older Group Gifts and to your left are discounted items.

Asteria(Marketplace only).

Asteria (Inworld)

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

I Loev next door. (Freebie(s)).

I’m starting to work my way around the shopping sim from my last post and the next shop along is “Loev”.

The name isn’t familiar to me and at the moment it’s not a big shop so to find not one but two great freebies was unexpected.

I was going to show you the dress, a simple backless dress and with the addition of a chain belt and a big hud of colours, very nice indeed.  So I took a picture of that dress but just before I decided to log out and do this post I tried on the skirt and forget the dress check this out.

You get a hud as well for this frilled skirt but the overall floral pattern stays the same it’s just the colours which change.  I think it’s been a while since I’ve come across any frilly skirt let alone a quality one so I’m really pleased.

As for the dress, since I’ve taken the picture I could show you it but I often like to leave something as a surprise…so surprised yourself and check it out.

Loev. (Chances are this will take you to the same LM as my previous post so you can either walk around to find this and the other shops or hop on the TP).


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

It’s a RL struggle. (Freebie).

As soon as I saw Faiths post I had to have those bins! Wheely bins are such a big issue in RL mainly because of people pinching bins because their bins have been pinched to kids pinching bins so they can fill them with rubbish and set them alight….the little sh*ts.

The dress I’m wearing comes from a small shop called Marti and it looks pretty new to SL and at the moment doesn’t have a lot of stock but that always cheers me up because as I always look forward to seeing a shop grow and develope.

Now we all probably have a very similar designed dress and I end up binning a lot of them but look at that colour and texture! The shading and colour just pops and you can see the fine suede(ish) texturing, also inc in the pack is a black version which has the same texturing to it so it’s not a flat matt black.

What also may stand out is my wrists lol.  Yup, a Maitreya fit only.  If I used my hud it created a lot of breakthrough on the wrist and I could have tried to fill in the colouring with editing but it just made it look worse.  Such a shame for me but not for you.  If you don’t use Maitreya still go and try it out as you may find you can Alpha it out or just leave it as it is.  I for one would NEVER judge anyone for wearing something they love even if there is breakthrough.

I’ve not even bothered to try to show you the other Group Gifts as it’s a bodysuit and just like this bodycon dress although bodysuits are pretty common this one has a few tweaks and a hud to make it different.

There is a small pile of gift boxes/bags on the reception desk, just click on those.

PS. If you’ve been trying to IM sorry I won’t get your message as they have been capped.  So notes only.


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It’s ice cream weather. (Freebie(s)).

It maybe grey, cold, wet and windy in RL and I maybe worried that I will wake up in the morning to find my greenhouse has been blown away but that’s not stopped me from stocking up my freezer with frozen treats.

This dress is one of the treats from the Monomania shop. There are a lot of group gifts for that shop and that comes with a price tag of 50Lds.  Look closely at all the gifts because although some of them are ok(ish) I spotted two of them that if it had been a free group I would have grabbed them.

As for this dress, there is a selection of gifts for other Groups and this one is a “Maitreya Gifts, Sales and News” Group. and Sales” gift which is free to join.

Monomania(It’s the glass pyramid to your right).

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Bin, keep, bin, keep, bin and repeat. (Freebie(s)).

Before I binned the Christmas Dress from Just Because I popped over to see if there was a new gift and this is it.

I’m not 100% sure if I’ve shown you this before, it is a rather “classic” style but the texturing and colours in the hud are top quality.

There are other Gifts as well and this is Novembers gift.

Just Because.

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

I have Princess T*ts! (Freebies).

Another LM I picked up this morning was for a shop called “If Designs” and that’s where “Princess T*ts” comes from.

First, a freebie that won’t get you kicked off a non-adult sim.  I don’t know if I’ve blogged this exact dress or one pretty similar but I do recognise that this style has been blogged.  Plenty of fits and a hud which allows you to change it all.

Now for the T*ts.

I hope you’re not too disappointed lol.  Anyhow I almost binned this one without opening it as I assumed it would be a tattoo but nope it’s a mesh layer.  Like the dress, you get plenty of fits and a decent colour hud with slider option.

To find these 2 gifts plus a few other freebies you will find them on the wall with the “Last Arrivals”.  There are a couple of Animesh wearables just inside the door next to the Gacha’s.  This isn’t a big shop so you shouldn’t have any issues finding them.

If Designs

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Hows the “Heed”? (Freebie).

“Heed” is Geordie for head and I’m going to assume a few of you may have a little/big headache after celebrating the New Year.

This is a cruel picture effect so here is a nicer one.

I was at an event but didn’t spot many freebies/cheapies but I did pick up some LM’s to check out and that’s how I ended up at Tori’s Style.

There are Group Gifts but the group does cost to join however because I ran away I spotted the gift boxes in front of the desk.  These have been set to 0Lds so I bought them.  There was a man’s shirt and I think a child’s freebie then there is this dress.

It’s actually rather good! Sorry, I sound so surprised but I was.  It has a good leather texture and you get a hud which allows you to change the colour, somewhat limited, remove the frills, change the side panel etc anyhow for 0Lds easy for you to buy and try out for yourself.


Tori’s Style(Tori’s Style is 3 shops, head to the Ladies for this freebie).