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The clock it ticking down! (Freebie(s))

Tomorrow is the LAST day of the massive SL17B Event so if for some reason you’ve been delaying visiting go NOW!  So many excellent discounts, special offers and FREEBIES, of course!

All of that brings me to PCP which stands for Pink Cream Pie.   I do know it’s usually a paid-for group but for the SL17B event it’s FREE and so that means it will end tomorrow at some stage and I’d hate you to miss out on some nice stuff.

You may recognise the bikini bottoms I’m wearing as I’m pretty sure that it was these I’d blogged.  In this picture, I’ve swopped the bikini top for this new top which I’m pretty sure I didn’t show you.  You get a generous hud for the top and it allows you to change the 3 main parts of it.

As for the collar, ignore it as this top and the bikini set come in limited fits and that means I’m wearing my Legacy Perky and thats why I’m wearing the collar.

You will find these Group Gifts and Lucky Boards upstairs.

Downstairs is a bit busy as I think there are some special offers on. I spotted that on the front of the reception desk is a Gacha with a sign next to it.  Put simply Group Members can click that Gacha and get a random gift sent to them.  So I clicked and I was sent a 100Ld Gift Card, so pleased with it.

(PCP )Pink Cream Pie

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

It’s getting hot in here! (Freebie(s).

First the freebie then the waffle.

This has turned into a very handy pose as this new gift only comes in a Maitreya/Legacy fit and if you squint you can just about make out the dreaded neckline! Now ignore the neckline and quint your eyes on that lovely bikini. Shame it only comes in either a Maitreya/Legacy fit but that’s only because I now use my Legacy body when I have no choice.

You may just recognise the plushie I’m holding as that is the delivery box that  PCP, Pink Cream Pie uses. I would have sworn that it was a paid-for group but for now, at least it’s FREE and if you head on upstairs you can find not just and other recent gift but also 3 boards which will give you ALL of the past 3 years worth of gifts.  I’ve tried a few on and they do come in more fit options.

I will probably do an UPDATE to this post but I want to check something out first.

Here’s the “UPDATE” yes there is a hunt going on but it’s not a free one.  I found one of the hidden plushies which is what you’re looking for and it’s priced at 99Lds.  If you want to see the prizes for this hunt then on the wall behind the receptionist is a picture of the 4 prizes.

PCP. Pink Cream Pie.

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Clueless.(Free VIP Group 1 day only!).

I only logged in to check notes and the first one was from a shop called….can you guess?

Yup, Pink Cream Pie. All I can tell you is that just for today the VIP group is free to join, I don’t know how much it usually costs, I don’t know what sort of group gifts are out there but as you can see by my rarely used shopping haul pose I’m hoping it’s going to be lots and lots and lots of lovely freeness but I am “clueless”.  Anyhow since this is free it costs you nothing to check it out and when I’ve finished doing my RL boring stuff I’m looking forward to logging back in and checking the freebies for myself.


The first thing I did when I logged back in was head upstairs to check out the Group gifts and apart from 1 little gift (cute jewellery set) and some lucky boards I didn’t see much else….until I spotted the pictures on the same wall between the group gift shelves and the lucky boards are the 2017 and 2018 old group gifts which look to have been boxed up for people to take.

This little set is a nice example of 2 of the older gifts.  Not everything is for everyone but I’ve found a couple of “keepers” and out of the 9 items in 1 box and 12 in the other box, I’m pretty sure you will find something to suit you.

Pink Cream Pie.

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Yesterdays post today.(Group Gift & (maybe) Freebies).

The sun has put its hat on, hip hip hooray, the sun has put its hat on and I’m stuck indoors all day”

OK, quick post because I’ve been so busy in RL but I decided to take a quick break and check out my posts and couldn’t help but snag this.

The top is the Group Gift and the Group, Teleport Hub Group, costs only 10Lds to join.  The possible “Freebies” are a dress and a top but they’re in different groups and I think they may be free but I’m not sure.  If you have a few more Lindens to spare then you could, of course, join the “Pink Cream Pie” group which cost a 100Lds and there are more gifts for that group plus some lucky chairs just for you and all of this is to be found upstairs.

OK so this is a really nice gift BUT OMERGERD before I found it I was mooching downstairs looking at the other stuff for sale and found some excellent mesh socks and I know you’re all thinking “socks smocks” BUT these ones are different because you get the 2 mesh fits, high and flat feet and even better these socks are specifically designed to be worn with any mesh shoe you may have, as long as it’s a high or flat shoe.  You get all the mesh feet sizes ie SLink, Maitreya etc but you take off your feet wear the socks and then pop on whatever pair of shoes you think would look really good with socks.  I certainly haven’t seen this before but that’s not to say there aren’t other shops with the same idea I just haven’t spotted them.

OK, so why am I not wearing them?  OK, the price is fine, 199(I believe) and I do buy in SL and for something which is quality or different or more importantly something I could use I buy it BUT I simply couldn’t make my mind up!  You only get 1 colour for that price and I stood and looked and thought and looked and had another thought and then realised my SL time had run out.  A lot of colours and textures to choose from and I just didn’t want to buy a colour and then find it was the wrong choice and so, in the end, I walked away and it hurt.

You will find the socks downstairs and there is a demo for you to try.

PS I did this post yesterday and today I still cannot make my mind up which colour to buy so I’m walking away with my Lindens LOL.

Pink Cream Pie