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Décor Freebies

FREE decor fire & paper towel dispenser

Mooching the market place and came across these two brill items from the 3D Studio. The pot belly stove is just 2Li, really useful to fill a lonely spot in your home or garden. The paper towel dispenser comes with textures to give more colours and is 1Li.

Pot Belly Stove

Towel dispenser

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SOS @ The Home Store

Slept on Sales@The Home Store

Some great deals on at The Home Store this weekend for the SOS sale. I’m showing just a few of the items – there is more ! The lounger is rather fab – you get three shades for the actual chair, more for the blanket and cushion. Details are just superb – check out those brass castor wheels – love ❤ 9 li for the lounger. Its got a fully loaded menu – including adult – all for just 99L. The plants come as a pack of three for just 99L – 2Li each.

Items are out for you to try !

The Home Store

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Melt – Free gifts & Lucky boards

Free Fatpack Sun dress

I cant recall how I found myself in the Melt Store but I’m glad I did ! I found a whole stash of free gifts on the rear wall plus lucky boards alongside them- no group join required. This dress was one of the many gifts on offer, plenty of fits (Freya, ebody, Hourlgass, Maitreya, Isis and slink) given to keep us all happy and its a fatpack of super pretty floral prints.

Free Wall decor 2Li

I also took these wall décor 3D pieces, wow so different and pretty huge straight out of the box – a real statement piece – and just 2Li. They come as a big set of different colours – could make a really eye-catching arrangement of them in your garden or space. Modify and copy – so you will be able to resize them.


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Flowers Time Hunt

Clock (working & transfer) Hunt gift

I just scanned this hunt quickly and came a cross this beautiful working clock from Gallerie Meara as their the gift – its adorable. Loads of time zones to set, as you can see I set mine to London ❤ Its just 2Li and is also transferable so if you are a sweet friend you could pass it along to someone to brighten their day. All gifts cost 3L.

Flowers Time Hunt Blog all landmarks, hints and photos of prizes.

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Ebento 6th Anniversary Gifts

Ebento Free decor gifts

Happy 6th Anniversary EBENTO! Another great round to shop plus a ton of free gifts for its group members (free to join) Above I was really taken by this fantastic statue by Evhah, just love it. Its modify and just 2Li at this table top size – so could be made bigger for use elsewhere. The table is the gift from Lilythan, just 1Li at side table size, I made it larger to fit the statue and its only 3Li.

Free shoes

Ohhhhh these shooz!!! These are the gift from Moz – gosh sooooo prettty , I’m sorely tempted to head over to the main store and see if I can buy a fatpack or more colours – LOVE!


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Hello Tuesday Discounts Plus a Hunt Freebie

NEW RELEASE @ The Home Store $50L

THS have a really fab discounted Mothers day set for this weeks round of Hello Tuesday. All that you see in the photo: Buffet table with pink cloth & rose floral runner, Jug of flowers, tea set, candles, blackboard, cake (yumm) and a three tier cup cake stand – all food and drink items give out wearables. I cant believe this entire set is just 9Li !!! You can also separate out items also. Discounted to $225L that’s a massive 50% saving

NEW RELEASE @ The Home Store $50L

All the yummies for a close up shot ❤

$1L Jumpsuit Cheeky Monkey Hunt Adore Amore

Cheeky Monkey have a hunt on at the moment “A few of my favourite things” above is the stunning jumpsuit by Adore amore, this prize is 1L. Fits for: Freya, Isis, Venus, Legacy, Maitreya, Ocacin standard & voluptuous, Tonic curvy & fine. The clue to find is “Just hanging out at the back” , landmark below.


Cheeky Monkey Hunt Blog

Adore Amore

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Slept On Sales – Lounging is my Passion


Gawd summer is so close I can almost inhale it – going with the warmer weather vibes is this set called “Key Biscayne”. Oceanic blue fabrics, light wicker with plenty of cushions – Ohhh I feel like I need to lounge! I’ve wanted one of those Canopy sunshades for ages, this one has an old oak platform, palms, a divider for extra sun protection and fancy light bulbs around the supporting posts.


Stunning as a set or buy the pieces you want, sold as seperates so you can mix & match – all priced between 55L – 99L. Sale prices end tomorrow so dash and grab it up before it ends. The whole set is out for you to try!

The Home Store