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The 1Li Kitty Bed !

1Li cat bed by The Fiddlers Workshop

Great news – The Fiddlers Workshop has released a new cat, dog, kitty bed and its unbelievably 1Li. So much detail and super cute! Here’s one of my naughty SL cats (I have SO many) just in from catching a mouse and heading to relax in his new sleeping quarters.


You can buy each colour separately for just $80L orrrr a fat pack of all five for only $240L – btw the shadow is removable and the bed is modify so you can alter its dimensions for whatever size pet you have. If you’d like to read a little about the making of this item read here: The Fiddlers Workshop.

Pet Bed @ The Fiddlers Workshop

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Weekend Sales Are Here

Shocked young brunette lady with shopping bags

Seriously don’t feel much like shopping today – BUT here they are for you – get ready


The Saturday Sale

30L Saturday

Happy Weekend Sale 

Wanderlust weekend

Crafty weekend sale


Energy Weekend Price



Hot weekend sale

WOW Weekend

SOS sale

The Mens dept

Manly Weekend

7 days sale

EVO shop $60L weekend

Miix weekend

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Opening Gift @ The Fiddlers Workshop

The Fiddlers Workshop Dollarbie vase 1Li $1L

I’ve been so excited the past few weeks, watching as Player Dagostino has been getting ready to open his store “The Fiddlers Workshop” – he has so much coming in the pipeline – such quality items and always with an eye on land impact. This oriental vase is the opening dollarbie gift. Beautifully made, 1Li up to 4m in height, two options given – one with a shadow, one without. Works as an inside décor item or, as I have here, outside on the patio.

Congratulations PD ❤

Vase @ The Fiddlers Workshop

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Light up – Free

FREE hanging Lantern

I’ve been looking all over to find some “finishing touches” for my new home. Came across this beautiful hanging lamp from Mindgardens Creations. Totally free and just 1Li. It has a candle inside that lights up when you touch it, also modify rights so you can change the metal tone – which I did. If you visit the inworld store there are a few other gifts to be had – group join is free.

MindGardens Creations Free Lamp

Inworld Store

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Dench Designs $5L Sale !

Dench Designs $5L Summer Sale!

I dashed over to Dench Designs for the $5L sale – of course I did ! I thought I pretty much owned most things I wanted but oh no – I bought two more full kitchens – just $5L each one white one dark wood…and only 4Li. In the menus you’ll find a plethora of kitcheny type actions, plus a menu to rez a few décor items – which does add Li. As you can see above I’ve got a roast in the oven, herbs above, salt & pepper – all really low Li tbh.

Summer Sale

Just wander around all the departments , including upstairs and look out for the sign above, if its marked with it – itll cost you $5L.

Dench Designs

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Free Gifts – Happy Anniversary Access

FREE Dress

Lots of gifts at the latest round of Access , plus of course some fantastic shopping as always. Join the Access group (its free) and click away on the sweet little gift boxes. Dress above is free from LeEnfantTerrible, it comes in a Legacy fit BUT I found it fitted my Maitreya body just fine with a few alphas used.

Free gifts Tentacio & Kraftwork

Kraftwork have this bar clutter out as a gift – love it! Just 3Li, would make any table or bar look proper spiffy. Two items as gifts from Tentacio, the desk clutter 3Li and the make up 1Li , absolutely adorable and so useful.

Free Ice cream Light YD

Best light EVER! This is the gift from Your Dreams – so awesome and quite large its is mod so you can change that quite easily, at the large size its only 4Li – I have to find a place for it at home ! Loads more to see, oodles of gifts – thanks Access ❤

Access Event

Cam Sim 1

Cam Sim 2

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The Underwater Hunt

FREE Jelly lights - 1Li

I did a little of the Underwater Hunt this morning – very relaxing ! Drop into the water off the pier and swim around looking for treasure chests. Have to say this is probably one of my all time fav hunts this year – swimming around in a beautiful underwater area with fish, plants and rocky outcrops. You’re looking for wooden chests – and there’s all sorts of items to be won. Clothing, jet ski, some awesome platform flip flops (from Belzebubble) and above the wonderfully beautiful Jelly lights by Steelhead. Just 1 Li each, you get 4 versions.

FREE fatpack of shells (Fundati)

I also found this fat pack of shells from Fundati. High and Low LOD, a mixed array all joined and individual shells. SO pretty and very useful if you’ve got a beach.

Head down the track to the pier, try the demo out of the swimming Hud thats right on the boardwalk if you wish and SWIM!

The Underwater Hunt