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21Shoe – Tease me

21Shoe - Sax Shepherd - Tease - exclusive colours - BlackLace lingerie Rousing with heaps of appliers 99L

A new round of 21Shoe opens on the 21st of January – for ONE day only ! Yes yes you need to be speedy to snap up the offers. Sax Shepherd has a fantastic special on for this round – two pairs of “tease”, in a gorgeous pale blue and a beigey apricoty sandy tone. I adore this open toed style, its Princessy and delicate.

21Shoe - Sax Shepherd - Tease - exclusive colours

I dont know why but with Sax’s shoes , they make me feel so sensual. I tend to buy new lingerie to showcase them and I did this time too. Its from BlackLace and is called “rousing”, not only traditional clothing layers but all sorts of appliers too. It also comes with a mesh corset which Im not wearing because Im feeling a bit sluggish after a rather huge lunch date. Just 99L for the set.

21Shoe - Sax Shepherd - Tease - exclusive colours - 2 colours for the price of one!

Heres a close up of the shoes, to-die-for huh? The hud has the two colour options in it, plus different colours for the jewells – nice touch. These are for SLink high feet btw, which you need to own to wear these beauties. Thanks Mister Shepherd ❤ DONT forget this event is only on for 24 hours and begins on the 21st !

Sax Shepherd Designs

BlackLace lingerie


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Slink – yes, Iam a convert !

KoiKoi group gift - for slink medium feet FREE!

I’ve long been curious about the phenomenon that is Slink, you know – the hands the feet? Absolutely ages ago I did try the demos for both. I’m really no slouch with skin tone matching or fitting shoes, but after an hour of trying to get the perfect look, I gave up in frustration.  Something that you should know at this point is: a) I do tend to harbour a grudge , for like…uhm…forever? ! b) I can be pretty lazy , shocked huh?. Thank goodness that I’m a member of SL Universe, if you don’t belong, join, it’s an external forum for all things SL related (and some that are not – but are SUCH fun!)

A couple of times threads would discuss Slink feet, and my eyes glazed over because I knew Id tried and failed. Sometimes I would pipe in and say I couldn’t get on with them and people would make helpful suggestions, but remember…”holds a grudge and lazy” right? Fast forward a few months, and since Shoetopia has been open the subject came up again, so I ventured forth and said Id given up with them…BUT…this time I noticed someone (Marianne I think) mentioned about a new alpha for the hands that revolved one issue Id had, and then Siddean Munro who makes the Slink items messaged me inworld and offered to help me also ! There was absolutely NO pressure to buy, she helped me try them on using a demo and I was stunned, within less than a few minutes, I had not only tinted them exactly to the skin I was wearing but they fitted like a dream. It’s all about the new HUD, which makes it soooo simpledimple to match skins, that’s if the skin you’re wearing doesn’t already have its own applier, if so just wear the applier and click. (even easier). Above I’m wearing the subscribo gift from newly opened KoiKoi. Just sign up and these babies are all yours. Arent they delish? Gorgeous plummy pink tone, superb suede leather effect .

KoiKoi Perfetti - gold Slink mid feet NEW!

I was so impressed I bought myself another pair by KoiKoi, these are called perfetti, they come in a range of scrummy colours but I so loved this classic gold for the season. Now check out my foot, this is what all the hoohah is about. The toes are sooper realistic and look at the skin above, can you see those teeny tiny veins? Once you have your Slink feet ( they come in three variations,flat,mid & recently added high which are, at the moment, only for sale at Shoetopia) you just buy the shoes – making sure you buy shoes for the foot you own , ie: if the shoe says “for Slink medium heel” you can only fit those shoes to that Slink foot. Wear your Slink tootsies , then add on the shoe shaper and shoes – et voila ! You can buy allll sorts of pretty add ons for Slink feet (and hands) huds with toenail polishes, although you do get a hud containing some with both the hands & feet. Kokolores has some spectacular mehndi foot tatts which I will try to blog ASAP. I also bought myself  some stockings and tights from Adam & Eve – and thats something I had been dearly missing with my GOS shoes.

Eclectica for Slink medium feet - Leather pumps and crushed velvt pumps - colour change

Now I’ve had these shoes by Eclectica in my inventory for like monthssss but couldn’t review them as I didn’t own the SLink feet – dug them out and I adore them. A real vintage style, retro but stands up today also. I’ve been wearing these with a rather slinky cocktail dress. Both pairs have a huge array of colour choices in their menus, for both trim, button and shoe colour.

GField Shoetopia gift FREE!

If you’re heading to the Shoetopia event,  snap up these sweet deck shoes from GField for free ! These are not for Slink feet, but very handy for slipping into at anytime.

Bens Beauty Group gift FREE!

Oh and because this is a shoe sort of post, I must mention these boots that are the group gift for Bens Beauty at the moment. (not sure about joining fee – I think its free) I didn’t know he had got into the shoe making business as it was all jewelry last time I popped over to the store, if these are anything to go by…Id better get over there and scope it out!

Slink inworld store

Slink blog (all info plus contact form and FAQ’s)

Slink @ Shoetopia (direct LM)

KoiKoi inworld Store


Bens Beauty

GField @ Shoetopia (direct LM)

Adam n Eve (hoisery for slink feet)

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Clippity Clop – wear those clogs !

ArisAris clogs NEW!

Had to shoot a post out about these fabbo new clogs from ArisAris… not a huge range of colours (yet), white, black,camel,wine and brown. I’ve been stomping about in them for dayssss ! Lovely tie detail around the ankle with summery bead work, fab stitching around the foot section really makes the whole design POP for me…go treat yourself !