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Tiny but gorgeous free gift

Now there’s a name to conjure with ! Kusshon – haven’t heard much from this designer over the last few months – then BOOM free gift and a Christmas market. 1929 plate with cookies and a darling little mouse nibbling them – you also get the plate without the mouse making it just 1Li (2Li with the mouse) touch for a cookie ! The market is outside the store and I dare you not to buy something – I couldn’t resist! You will find the free gifts right at the back of the store on the left hand side – no group to join. Thanks Kusshon ❤


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Free Wintry Patch

I’m struggling to find a home for this gorgeous tree with its own snowy patch – not because I don’t love it – as I do – but because we seem to have STUFFED our sim up to the MAX! Total of 3Li, that includes the snowy patch and the tree – its pretty hard to take pics on our home sim at the moment as there’s snow EVERYWHERE and its blizzard conditions ! But I hope you can jusssssst about see the tree. If you go to the small Christmas store after buying this, you will find another gift out for you – which is a set of three baubles with some sit poses in them – V.nice.

Chris Wintery Patch


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Slurping with the Snowman $1L

Found this sweet snowman for just $1L on the market place – comes with couples and singles poses – some poses have props ! I think it was 5Li so pretty easy to find a home for ! He comes on his own snowy patch and his lantern even switches on and off ❤


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Not Corrosive just FREE

I completed a really lovely little hunt yesterday at Corrosion. When you land turn away from the shop and grab a hunt Hud, then walk around a beautifully decorated area collecting the gift boxes. Once you’ve found them all (dead easy btw) head towards the cabin with Santa inside and touch the reward sign – et voila giftsss! You get a whole load of different gorgeous gift boxes – full perm so you can use them for your Christmas gifts and oh WOW only 1 prim each – so great for decor also ! The wall art is genuinely lovely and you get different versions included – the one item I haven’t shown you is the old fashioned lamps with lights – only because they are BIG and didn’t fit in shot – suffice to say its the one thing I almost paid for in the shop – verrrrry cool.


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Not for everyone.

Hopefully, you will have noticed by now if it’s not a freebie then in the title of the post I don’t add “Free” in the title and this curtain wasn’t free but not only was it just what I wanted it was at a price I wanted to pay because there is a sale going on at Paper Moon the shop I found these in.

I moved my Christmas tree to the side so you can see if full length but in the shop, they are out for you to check them for yourself.

You get the left and right draped curtains plus a pretty generous hud which allows you to change the colour on the front and back of the curtain.  Each curtain is only 2 prims and it’s just what I was after and this is one of the sale items so only 175Lds and not the usual 350Lds.  There are other colour/texture options but I think this is the only one in the sale going on.

PS.  Not in the sale, sadly, are some stunning floor tiles so if you’re an SL homebody check those out.

Paper Moon.

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From little acorns.(Freebies).

I remember Merak when it was a tiny little shop but now it’s spread over a really lovely landscaped sim.

Before I joined the grabbing hoard I had a little wander around and if you have an SL home then you need to check this place out.  I found myself having to talk myself out of buying a few pieces as I already have so much but it is a tempting shop for sure.

Once I’d made myself walk away I joined the rest where they had gathered to grab this…

and then these (balloons only).

That sofa is only 10 prims, packed with great poses and a texture so realistic it’s making me itch.

As for the floaty balloons, I LOVE BALLOONS! You want to see an idiot smile then just give me a balloon.

There are more gifts out but I just picked up the 2 I wanted and you will spot in the balloon gift you get an extra gift which is the “delivery box” which I actually still have a copy of as it’s a really lovely crate with stringed lights over it and I believe only 2 prims so it’s tucked away in a folder.


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Moar Gifts !

I shopped my little heart out @ Swank – lovely Christmassy things for home and yourself! At the landing point there is a big Christmas tree and pathways leading to the various departments – check out the gift boxes – they are gifts for YOU! I’m showing a few items but there are lots more. Love these Panettone and the plate of cake – just 2Li each and they give out food.

Lots of home decor pressies to be had like this sweet Snowman and a hanging light (separate items)

Enjoy ❤