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I’m boring. (Freebies ‘n’ Stuff).

To save you a lot of scrolling the outfit is free (lots of other freebies in the shop) and the stars/dome behind me is also free but please do read as there is more info that you might be interested in.

The one thing I appreciate about the Legacy brand is you get automatic updates sent to you. So if you have the Legacy Perky you should have by now had the offer to accept the update and if you do I’d suggest you accept it. Some of the updates are things we don’t really appreciate/understand but in this case, the update includes the petite perkies! Which I am wearing so my perkies are even perkier…unlike my bleary eyes!

Don’t worry if you’ve not accepted the offer as it looks like each time you log in you get offered it again. Can’t say if there is an update for the Original Legacy but I suspect there will be.

I actually shouldn’t be a lazy mare and get around to making a curvier me as the Legacy packs do include some amazingly good shapes. From super-exaggerated curves to slender Barbies. The only reason I don’t use them is that they all change the face into that Alien face and I’d spent so much time on the face/shape I use now that I’ve not really thought about changing it but maybe just maybe I will do it…will see.

The outfit is just one of the many gifts in the Emerald Couture shop. I do believe Faith may have done a post about them not too long ago but I don’t think she would have done this outfit. This isn’t one for the Emerald group it’s an “inventory trends” gift and I’ve put a picture at the end to show you where it is as it’s easier to show you than to babble on about it. The Emerald Couture gifts/discounts/sales and Lucky Chairs are to be found in the room to your left and the Advent Calender is still open so I grabbed all 24 gifts for me to unpack later.

As for the mess behind me, it is a reminder I need to spend a couple of days just cleaning up my Sh*t but it also allows me to show off the stars/dome.

The dome is one of the new gifts from HPMD. The gift inc windlight/water settings in a cool wintery tone..not that keen them but this “star” dome which as you can see is big enough to cover most people’s homes/gardens/skyboxes and only 8 prims. This version also has a shooting star.

Back to the Emerald courture shop and the bottom shelf is the “Inventory Trends” gift. I’ve just remembered I did grab that lump of coal but forgot to open it.

As for the other gifts above the IT gift, they’re paid-for groups and I’ve already joined a paid-for group and got burned as all the gifts were binned straight away so as cheap as they were not cheap enough for me lol.


Emerald Couture

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New Years Eve – Dine In Style For Free!

FREE NYE Dining set

Head over to Dench Designs and grab your free NYE gift! Its brilliant ! This is a new group gift – the group is free to join btw. You’ll find this right inside the entrance to the store. Soooo details: 9Li as it is, then more prims if you add the balloons and table decor – all operated via the menu which is found by clicking the table. If you rez the fireworks box – just touch it – voila instant fireworks and sound effects.

FREE NYE Animated dining set with food, drinks & fireworks!

You get two versions of the set, 2 seater and a four seater. Loads and loads of animations for eating, drinking, standing and as above jumping about at midnight with boppers on your head and drinking champagne ā¤ There’s a fine selection of food & menus too, main meals, desserts, even one for being drunk asleep on the table! Thanks Amanda !

Dench Designs

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Are you a Queen(z)? Free items

Queenz Emollient leggings & top - plaid and plain leggings inc.

I was milling around in my SL home the other evening when a group message came through from the owner of Queenz. “Come to the front desk Ive got gift cards to give away” – I dashed over and woohoo the store owner gifted me a $1000L gift card! I was super thrilled as I had found a hunt item in this store a couple of weeks ago and absolutely LOVED the gift. First thing I did was search out the item I had hunted and bought it in a few other colours – see above. (Its upstairs and is called “Emollient” if you’re interested) One thing I would say is check the mesh bodies the items fit – it sadly looks as if this store might be dropping the Maitreya body with new releases as new items don’t feature it šŸ˜¦

Free Gowns

Once you’re in the group (its free to join atm) you then have access to a wall of superb group gifts. Now I chose a lot of the gowns to share with you as I thought perhaps you might be thinking of attending a NYE bash in Second Life? There’s loads more gifts though, chokers, heels, body suits, outfits etc. Oh! There is also a Christmas tree out at present with a load more gifts – not sure when that’s going to be removed though.


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Ever Green @ Okinawa New Year Festival! Discounts

Ever Green NEW 50 DIscount adult, single & cuddles

Pop over to the Okinawa New Year Festival to grab some fab discounts on Ever Green items – above is the Winter Celebration sofa – and its just 5 Prims ! Its stacked with options for textures and it will be fine all year round – which is whyyyyy I’ve now got it in my SL living room – I went with a very smart brown leather tone but it has many many other options. This comes in Adult, cuddles & singles – and all are at 50% discount – Ā£300L each. The Champagne table is also available , same great texture options and just $88L. LOVE ā¤

Ever Green Guitar mutli tunes, textures Discounted!

Check out the guitar ! I adore wearable items and especially musical ones – so this guitar rocked my world this morning. It has many texture options and is stuffed with music too- flamenco, Christmas tunes and more. Its just $100L at the event. When you land you are taken to the main gate just walk to the very end then turn right in the first row of booths, walk to the end of it and the Ever Green booth is on your left hand side.

Okinawa New Year Festival

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Perfect timing. (Freebies).

One of the items I was going to show you from the Vivi shop was their subscription gift but literally just as I was taking a picture of it a notice came out that a new subscription gift had been put out for us so I binned the gloves as they were now replaced with this sweater.

Excellent texturing to a nice off-the-shoulder sweater.

What brought me to the Vivi shop in the first place was an old blogged item which I still had and it’s this skirt.

A simple design but with a lot of swing to it.

You get 2 options, white with a thin black stripe or black with thin a white stripe. This version is only on the marketplace shop but I’m 99% sure I saw on the table of gifts a polka dot version. I have to log off now so I don’t have time to head on back inworld to double-check that and I’ve also taken the link to the inworld shop from the marketplace shop, it should work.

Vivi. (Inworld)

Vivi. (Marketplace).

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A gift for Cinderella. (Dollarbie).

I forgot that these shoes also came from the Rabbit House shop that I did in my last post and since they’re pretty unusual shoes they deserve a post on their own.

They’re called “Glass Slippers” and you can just about see my tootsie through them.

You may not recognise them straight away as on the poster as the ones I’m wearing look different and that’s because I’ve been playing with the hud that comes with them. In the picture, they’re clear with pretty flowers on them and I think a chain…I took them off and cranked up the light and love them. Pretty unique.

Same as the other Dollarbie in that you have to be in the free group, pay 10Lds and 9Lds is refunded to you as for sizes again only Maitreya or Legacy and I use the Legacy Foot Deformer and it fits perfectly for me.

Rabbit House.

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You, me and coffee. (Freebies & Dollarbie).

I’m slurping a much-needed big mug of coffee as I have zero energy and no one else to blame but myself as I couldn’t sleep and made the big mistake of logging into SL just for 10mins which naturally stretched into a couple of hours!

I did score really well though so it wasn’t a total waste of time.

First I must show you two more items I got from the “Big Girl” event (check out my last post) as there were so many really good gifts and I just had to show off this hat from the Crybunbun shop/stall and since the pretty sweater from the Gaia shop/stall matched it perfectly I’m kawaii from the waist up and grunge from the waist down.

BTW The hat comes in different colours and a pose that has you holding those ears up and out. You can’t wear it without this pose but I think it’s cute.

Now for the grunge bottoms. I did promise I’d find some cheap/free bottoms and here they are.

Took me a ridiculous amount of time to find chunky boots in my invent to wear with them as these very baggy wide pants are something I don’t often have to style.

You get a really big hud which allows you to change everything from the buckle to the buttons to even panels.

I think it’s only a Maitreya/Legacy fit but for 1Ld cheap enough for you to try it out for yourself.

I’d picked these up from the marketplace and then checked the inworld shop and spotted that inworld they’re dollarbies. You still have to join the free group, pay 10Lds and 9Lds is returned to you.

There are more gifts in the shop and I’m planning on showing you another one of the group gifts later but not everything has been set right so you can’t get all of the gifts.

PS. I don’t have a hand growing out of my back it’s just the pose.

Rabbit House.