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Danger Noodle Hunt.(Mention of Freebies).

How could you not love snakes when they’re renamed as “Danger noodles”?

I’ve just had a pleasant time TPing here there and everywhere which is how I ended up at the big Medieval Fantasy Faire. I do know it’s been on for a while but I didn’t know there was a free hunt going on.  So I started to walk and pick up the little “Danger Noodles” on my way.

This is a big event so I’ve managed to get halfway through and I do believe there is a total of 33 gifts to be found, I’ve only found about 6 but I am giving the clothing shops a miss.

But I did treat myself to this from the Lunar Seasonal Designs shop because at 140Lds a bargain and I’m pretty sure I will use it not just as a backdrop but maybe even incorporate it into our sim when we change the seasons esp as it comes with a Menu which supposedly allows you to change a lot of the texturing.  But I’ve not had time to try it.

Because our sim in totally white and I did want to show you the scale I decided just to use one of the poses and take a picture of it as it is in the shop.  Will be logging back inworld later to finish off walking around and then playing with the menu for this and again at 140Lds a bargain.

Medieval Fantasy Faire

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Stoopid feet.(Free Shoes).

I hate shoe shots but hey ho here are 2 of them.

The reason for this “behind” shot is so you can see the detailing in the zippers alone.

I suspect both of these shoes have been blogged before I’m more sure about the top pair as the quality zippers are pretty memorable but I’m not too sure about the second pair.  There is however quite a few group gifts out of different styles, colours etc and a lot of them come in all of the mesh feet fits and some come with pretty big colour huds.

To the right is a little area with some Lucky Chairs as well.

PS.  Even if you don’t need new shoes these ones all come with “Ankle Locks” and it’s the one I use all the time.

Venus Shoes.

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EFF you Faith!(Freebies).

The Tutu is NOT free, sorry but I thought I’d make it clear.  If you’re interested it’s an !g0 item and comes with a price tag.

Now my conscience is clear I can tell you about this freebie and the newest freebie from Canimal.

It’s a simple mesh bodysuit with really a really good selection of colours in the hud but the reason I’m wearing the tutu is to cover up my foo foo as this is a Lara fit only. You can see the little breakthrough at the back as well.  I’ve not had time to try it out but I will try it out under jeans, jackets etc to see if can be of some use to me.

The reason I’m cursing Faith out is have you seen her recent post and her quality pictures! Argh, I’m not fishing for compliments because I think it’s nice we have our distinctive style but her photos are so professional looking that I actually decided to bin the ones I did of the newest Canibal group gift as they were just rubbish esp compared to hers!

The newest group gift is a shiny black, flared, off the shoulder, crocodile textured dress which sounds really ugly but it’s not and it’s not even a bad fit on me.  There are other GG’s and Lucky Boards, ones worth lurking for, upstairs at Canimal and since I don’t want to use the pictures I took I will leave the newest gg and the rest for you to find for yourself.

PLEASE STAY WARM! Ok I know that sounds daft because you’re hardly going to allow yourself to freeze but sadly lots of us are living on a budget and the cost of heating is beyond a joke but put the fire on and snuggle, drag-out blankets and throws, hot water bottles, heated blankets, slippers, socks and all the woollies you can wear and nestle.  If you’re on diet then sod the diet, this is the time to eat filling and warming foods and this is the time not just to warm the body but the soul as well.  So stay warm, stay inside and if you have to go out stay safe.

Canimal (New LM)

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How many calories in a doughnut? (Group gifts)

I surely must’ve burnt enough calories to stuff my face with these doughnuts – right? Hows your New Year resolutions going my little Peas! I’m actually doing ok with mine , but always room for improvement. Found this rather spiffy workout gear at Mutiny in Heaven, group gift $1L to join. You get the whole look, slouchy cardigan, crop top and leggings – loadsa fits inc.

This sweet dress was also a group gift. For some reason I couldn’t find a group join board, so I looked up the owners profile, found the group and joined that way (!Mutiny in Heaven). The gift boards are right behind you when you land.

Mutiny in Heaven

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Dollar Heaven


Quick prowl on the market place yielded some results for me this afternoon. I was thinking ahead to V day – and found these “Kiss Me! panties for $1L by Dark Betty – mesh body fits : Maitreya, Belleza, Slink Mesh Bodies. Check out my lace stockings by Reign, I really really love these – great fit with Slink high feet ! Not on the market place yet, but you can find them in store here .

Also snapped up this sweet little scrap of a dress in a lovely shade of pink from ADI…$1L mesh body fits: Belleza, Slink, Maitreya,
Ebody. My prop above is by Fashiowl (yes AGAIN!) I really dig their poses and props, wish they wouldn’t keep moving their in world store though, I keep on landing in people’s homes !

ADI dress

Dark Betty panties

Fashiowl market place store (just to be safe!)

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As it comes.(Bargain & Mention of Freebies).

Popped over to Cremosas to sniff out freebies and I found them plus lots of promos, discount and special offers but it was this 25Ld Turban which I fell in love with.

I’m not 100% sure I haven’t already blogged this because I do know I had a Turban which was very similar to this if not the exact same one but sadly if I did my invent has eaten it.  TBH at 25Ld even if I have already purchased this it’s cheap enough to buy again.  There is a selection of colours for you to choose from and I loved all of them, which is pretty bloody unusual for me lol.

There is FREENESS at the Cremosas shop.  You have a choice of 2 groups the free one and the VIP one which costs 100Lds.  There is a large selection of group gifts for both groups and I won the dress I’m wearing from one of the Lucky Boards which is open for the free group members to use.  I didn’t spot anything new but this shop and the gifts may be new to you.

The LM takes you to a platform packed with the group gifts, promos, discounts etc and if you want the turban, just walk forward to the back wall and then turn to your left and it’s near the corner, trust me it’s dead easy to find.

PS.  It’s not often I regret not being a jewellery wearer but I know I have a fab set of bold gold jewellery which would have looked stunning with this turban…so picture that for me so I don’t have to do another picture…Thank you.


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Neve Gets You Going

Lots of new treats @ Uber from Neve ! This is the Hardy jacket with attached top (you can also remove it via the Hud) and the Felicia shorts.

Tons of scrummy colour packs & patterns to choose from, pastels to hearts and in betweenies. Of course you can play with the t shirt colours via the Hud and mix / match. Perfect for the gym, lounging or trotting about in.

I was super in love with the little heart design, specially as we are heading into the season of lurve. Plenty to choose from, demo’s are free – at sale now in the latest round of Uber. Mesh body fits only. Thanks Neve team ❤ Shout out for my new hair-do, from Tram at Uber also $350 per colour pack – gorjus! All poses and props by Fashiowl.


Fashiowl market place