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Guys gift & cheapies

Player scoured the market place and came up trumps with a few items above. The jacket and shirt comes in five classic mesh sizes and is by Dark Underground for just $1L. The pants are by Electric feel and come with a vest top for just $30L – mesh sizes XS – XL. The sneakers are from a dollarbie outfit by Who Cares posted previously.

Dark Underground outfit

Electric Feel pants

Who Cares outfit sneakers inc.

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Big on Boobies. (Dollarbie).

Rummaging through the Marketplace I came across the Vanilla Bae shop and some Dollarbies inc this top.

I think I may have blogged it before but such a long time ago so I’m really pleased to have found it again.

You get a hud of 6 shades and if you look closely you can see a night light floral pattern. I prefer the lighter shades as you can see the wrinkles and seams much clearer.

This top isn’t as “Vanilla” as the name of the shop implies as from what I could see most if not all of the shop has very cheeky “Strip me” options. Basically a hud which allows you or someone else to slowly strip you naked! It’s pretty bloddy good! Even this Dollarbie has this option and going by memory, cos I’m not going to show you, a click lowers one cup, then the other cup and then right down to your waistline and the last click removes it completely. Once you’ve finished your little strip show all you have to do is use the hud and redress yourself, one click at a time.

The funny thing is so much of the Vanilla Bae range is very normal clothing ie jumpers, dresses, top, shirts etc which look so pretty and so “normal” and yet come with that “strip me” option.

I’m going to put only the link to the Marketplace shop only as this top and a well blogged cheekier “Onsie” are on the Marketplace for just 1Ld while the Vanilla Bae Group does cost 50Lds to join. The newest Group Gifts inworld is a dress which you should find easily enough if you use the MP link to the inworld shop as it’s on the easel there. It is will worth the joining fee alone but check out the other side of the shop for the older gifts.

Vanilla Bae. (Marketplace only but you can get the LM for the inworld shop from there).

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Best Bloddy Hair Ever! (FLF &Dollarbie).

Mina has a FLF offer out for us and it is THE BEST BLOODIED hair I’ve come across.

This is one of her new hairs which has been all bloodied up for Halloween, or when you feel the need to get your freak on.

I tried on so many of the hair colours because I can’t believe how well the bloody layer texture stands out, even on the darkest of hair shades you can see the blood! ADD to that this hair has a bloody drip option and yes just like her wet hair you can see bloody drops roll down and fall off and you can turn it off if you don’t want.

You do get that massive hair colour pack and as mentioned you can clearly see the blood on all of them. You don’t get the “style” hud which allows for extra strand colour options but since this hair is such a bargain at only 50Lds as it’s her FLF offer you may want to spend a few more Lindens to purchase that BUT it’s not really needed as the hair as it comes is just excellent.

Then rush over to !g0 for this bloodied Mrs Halloween outfit and if there is a Mr in your life then there is a matching outfit for him.

When you get to !g0, turn to the first entrance to your left and this is upstairs with all the other freebies/dollarbies/cheapies and the box on the bottom right hand of the stack of boxes….easy to see when you get there.

Mina’s Mainshop



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Crunching through the leaves (Dollarbie)

Antique Artistry Dollarbie

Jumping in piles of leaves is one of the MOST fun things ever ! I was dead pleased when I saw this great big pile of leaves from Antique Artistry and only $1L. What I didnt know until I rezzed it is that the leaves actually fly around and as you walk through there are crunchy noises !! At 1Li you can quite literally scatter these piles of leaves around to your hearts content – I have ❤ Check out the market place store, a lot of the items are now dollarbies – I especially like the scary window and foggy fence !

Antique Artistry

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Upgrade your living space – Dollarbies

Found a new-to-me designer called The Tinsmith. Grabbed up these two gorgeous skyhomes , at just $1 why not! This home is only 20Li – let that just sink in for a moment. Yes 20Li, two floors, little reading nook, lighting, 100% mesh.

The textures are very sleek and modern and would lend to some great interior design. Light and airy fresh and bright.

In contrast is this sky home from the same designer with light wooden floors, wooden beams in the living space and 3 spacious bedrooms !

This one is only 29Li complete. The bedrooms are great sizes, or perhaps use one as a bathroom? I was mentally working out where I would place my gear as I walked round – so pretty and warm. The Tinsmith has just six homes for sale and all are $1L .

The Tinsmith market place store

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K9 – what did I buy?

Dashed to K9 as soon as it opened and scooped up the new release from Spirit the “Lula” sweatshirt. You get one with solid sleeves and one with sheer sleeves as above. I was tempted with the fatpack – but as usual I’m broke ! I also bought the new release by Tram “J0908” lovely little bobbed style with a load of options for styling. Found this pose with props on the MP by Antaya for just $1L !


Pose by Antaya – dollarbie

Pants by Spirit

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I scrub up well. (MP, Dollarbie).

Showered, dressed and halfway through my second cup of coffee which means I’m ready to log in and go hunting.  Before I do that though I’d forgotten I’d picked these “wellies” up yesterday and had already done the pictures so another easy post for me.

These Dollarbies from Poeme have been around for many years, once they were in the shop but now they’re only on the Marketplace although I do believe there are other colours for sale in the inworld shop.

They are the older standard mesh fits since you can edit them I have tweaked them and although you can see a bit of breakthrough it’s small and forgivable.

If you want to use them as decor then 5 prims rezzed.