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Impatient Me.


Nommy bunnies in a basket.  I was so impatient to get my paws on this that even though Noel Rhyann Deluxe is still doing the finishing touches to her shop, Little Closet, I actually dropped her a note because the Group Gift giver wasn’t working and so sweetly she’s sent me a copy and hopefully the board has been fixed because this is such a lovely decor item.  You may still want to wait a day or so or pop over and grab this but make a note to come back because soon there will be a Dollarbie set out for all and it’s a Piglet in Wellies and it’s adorable.

Have to admit I almost walked out as soon as I walked in as this is a children s clothing shop and basically I know nothing about AV children s shapes and clothing but what I do know is quality.  The clothes are just so adorable and such good quality.  They’re not too sickly sweet or adult clothes that have just been sized down they’re smart and cute boys and girls clothes.

However and it just goes to show that you should never dismiss a shop even if it doesn’t sell something you think you would be interested in because she has a Gachas out with  some adorable items in including a child sized trike which would be perfect as an item of decor even for a non child home.

When you’ve finished ooing and ahhing over the cute clothes pop outside because Little Closet shares a platform with another shop I won’t say too much because I’ve actually got a number of items already from this shop so it’s time to get them blogged but since I know you will be going over to check out Little Closet you may have well check it out you won’t be disappointed.

Little Closet

Little Closet Marketplace.

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So much summer (Preview)

ArisAris NEW

A little sneak peek for you from The Summer Fashion Festival – this event kicks off on the 20th July on the ArisAris sim. Above is the “my moment” dress, pretty little thing with a row of flowers that circle your body and a lace self print all over. Different colours available ! A golden oldie necklace “loops & beads” from Krash that I can’t get enough of wearing, sooooo many options to change bead colours and metal textures, it will win a place in your closet forever.

ArisAris Diva Shoes for Slink high feet - with HUD - ZOZ nails NEW!

I’ve always loved the style of ArisAris shoes BUT, the big fantastico news is – these new ones are for Slink high feet, hurrah ! Since becoming a convert to Slink feet a while ago, I really can’t be bothered with anything non slink – I know I know I’m such a spoilt brat ! Anyhooo, these are maginifico, called “I feel Diva” and sooper gorgeous. Colour HUD for optional looks, great metal buckles down the front. Eight choice of colour for just 350L – I have a feeling this might be a promotional price – so grab your set fast. Btw Im really into the slink nail 0polishes by ZoZ lately – great prices and funky colours !

ArisAris market place

ArisAris store

ArisAris blog

Summer Fashion Festival – opens 20th July

Krash store

Krash market place

ZoZ market place store

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polaroidWhen I next bump into Faith I’m going to offer her this ironing board as she still has that boathouse rental she’s just blogged and this recycled ironing board from Follow Us is perfect for a beach or shabby chic home.  If you look closely you can see that this would be a perfect example of recycling, if I was a DIYer this is the sort of thing I would make and use.  Comes all linked with the basket, iron, ironing board and the fabric and nooo poses.  However I’ve seen one of the newest Follow Us releases and it’s a posed, posher ironing/laundry set so as soon as I get my greasy mitts on that one I’ll be showing that off.  Till them this excellently priced 10Lds one will be perfect for any home but especially beach, shabby chic and rustic homes.

DOH almost forgot to mention that this months newest group gift is out and of course I forgot to grab it.  The Group now isn’t free to join but at 40Lds it’s a token amount and there is a whole wall of all the old shop quality GGs waiting to be grabbed.


I seemed to have missed so many of the weekly special offer from AMD (Apple May Designs) but not this week.  ….puts something out for the pricely sum of 25Lds and this week it’s this simple and lacy mesh top. As always I went for the neutral colour but others available, I didn’t stay long enough to check them because it’s been such a busy week and I’m so behind in posting the goodies.

Special mention to the hair and a reminder to go grab this brilliant skin.  The hair is a Mina Nakamura hair called Nanda and as you can se it has a lovely big lose plait down one side if a single plait isn’t to your taste then next to Nanda is Mandy which is what looks like to me the same version but with 2 plaits.  Both prices most reasonably at 250Lds and of course with that you get a choice of colour shaeds in a Hud.   I love how the landing spot is set away from the shop, just walk through the lovely tree lined avenue and maybe even if you’re not after hair you might want to LM this place for a lovely hangout/meeting area as Mina has spend so much time landscaping her sim for us to enjoy.

Mentioning this skin again because not only do I love it but Faith has also fallen in love with it.  PumeC is where it comes from and it’s called Vlada.  She has beautiful dark smudged eyes but with the addition of make up layers you can change the look completely.  Not only is this a free skin but also comes not only with ALL Appliers but also the most useful Hud with all the appliers loaded into it.  This isn’t the only Free skin from PumeC so get yourself over there and grab it before it goes.

AMD (Apple May Design)



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Jazz it up

kokolores Jazz hair - FREE dress -


I’ve been a right slacker the past coupla days, mostly due to the weather and work kicking my butt. Anyhow I really wanted to get this post completed as the event has now begun and its something not to be missed. Rhapsody is the event, its on from the 28th June till the 12th July. So many great designers are involved, poses, décor & fashion plussss hair yippeee ! This style is from Kokolores and for me is THEE best retro “do” Ive seen in quite some time. Think flapper girl, the roaring 20’s, its epic. The band comes with a colour change HUD, so you can really work it into a lot of outfits.

kokolores Jaz hair - FREE dress !

My dress is a freebie I found on the market place from from Volstead, it comes in two parts – the top and the dress, which can also been worn separately. I have blogged this before yearsss ago, but its a classic and worth grabbing !


Volstead dress market place link


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Update on that Ricielli skin.  As soon as I rezzed inworld I rechecked the skin from Ricielli that I’ve just blogged and SL has certainly decided to be kinder to me.  Taken in my usual Nams Optimums skin and prim setting you can see that this IS really a pretty good skin and again not only is she CHEAP but with the addition of ALL Appliers just as good as it gets. However even if you’re not after a new skin pop over because from the picture board you will see that each ball is packed with full sets of jeans, SLink shoes, tops, skirts etc

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Sweet Memories

Bubblez FREE musical bicycle and  Vika outfit - shoes,dress,hair bow & umbrella

Got a few things to tell you about that you really shouldn’t let pass you by. Miss Milo has been feverishly beavering away on a new sooper pretty location for a Bubblez Store. As you’d expect it’s ever so lovely, and to celebrate there is this gorgeous musical bicycle on the lucky board. Its 6 prims and plays a heavenly music box tune when you touch the words “Love is”. Also new out is the Vika outfit, charming mesh sundress in black and white, with a spotty bow at the neck, you also get a hair bow & shoes to match and an umbrella to protect you from those sharp summer showers !

Bubblez FREE skybox

I also picked up this rather scrummy sky box as a gift. The rezzing method is a bit different than usual, so pay attention ! The rez box, when touched, produces four other boxes. Each box rezzes its own part of the build. This means you don’t have to have the whole thing out, you can pick and choose which parts you want – clever huh? Outside is a little bank of grass, complete with butterflies that gently dance about. Inside is brilliant white, fresh and cool for this time of year. The walls are decorated with a stylish design, there’s a “bunker” which is a platform for a bed or couch, and underneath a space for utilising as a study. On one window there are side blinds, the other sheer white drapes hang lazily down – perhaps they are waiting for a soft breath of air to make them flutter?. While you’re there don’t forget to collect the darling set of dragonflies that s out as a gift too – they are such slippery lil suckers I couldn’t catch them to take a photo! Thanks Milo ❤

Bubblez @ Decay Moment

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I got pooped on today! fortunately for me not only must it have been a tiny bird looking at the size of the plop,  it landed on my shoulder and not my hair, I even had a hankie in my bag which is a rarity so dignity was soon resumed but then my friend suggested that I should buy a lottery ticket tonight because having a bird poop on you is supposed to be lucky so I did buy a ticket and later I checked my bank to my surprise finally a much-needed cheque has cleared so Woo Hoo Thank You little Birdie.


I had spotted this shower at the latest The Liaison Collaborative Garden event and so when I found I had some money I went and grabbed it.  Often when Faith and I find something so adorable we rezz a copy in each others home so she now has a copy of this and I have a copy of the brilliant Glamping outdoor bathroom she’s just blogged.  This one is perfect for anyone but especially  if you’re prim watching and don’t have much land space this is the one for you.


You stand on a slatted board and the shower itself is fed from a hose pipe attached to a tap(faucet if your American).  A total of 8prims (6 for the stall and 2 for the tap and hose pipe) and aren’t link which means you could even use the curtain stall as a changing room or the hose pipe over a bath etc  300Lds for the PG and 550 for the adult.

The poses are smooth and natural and although the PG one doesn’t have that naughty menu it still has a couples one and they’re so sweet I can only imagine how good the Adult ones are.Dusk3

OK I will be honest here this is a horrible picture, my hand looks like a man and my face looks so worried LOL. but SL is playing up so I’m going to stick to this picture as I’m not a 100% sure  when this offer will be over. Ricelli, in celebration of the big football thingi that is going on at the moment, I’m obviously not a football fan, has set out a load of footballs in the shop for you to buy.  Each ball costs only 15Lds and comes PACKED with goodies.  Whats even better is you don’t have to risk even 15Lds because she has a large picture board out so you can see exactly what is in each ball and in one of the balls was this skin.    Not sure why she should look so frowny because she comes with SLink Appliers, Lola Tangos and a Phat Azz.  She also comes as a blondie but the free hair in the pack didn’t look right in the shower and I’m a natural brunette I’ve just used a hair of my own.  Now I have to confess I didn’t know what was wrong with SL but my poor AV didn’t look great even in the Blesses Nams setting so I had to pop a face light on, OH THE SHAME LOL.  Just to smooth her face out but again she’s a brilliant bargain and for the lazy mares like me with all those Appliers an easy to wear skin.

The Liaison Collaborative