Spam, but no freebies here.

Poor Faith gets a daily “spam” note off me I even label it “spam” so she knows it’s gonna be full of rambling nonsense however if it was labelled “OMG WHAT THE F*CK HAS HAPPENED?” she knows to open that quickly and read it.

So no freebies as such just a bit of “spam” cos today I am winning both in RL and SL.  Ever Wonder who has a shop called “More Than Ever” sent me a gift.  She knows I just do the free stuff so when she sends me something it’s not to blog, unless I want to and I sure as Hell wanted to. As it happens I had spotted this cardigan already in a notice she had sent out and I had debated either spending Lindens or dropping her a note so I could get my greasy paws on it so to find it in my inbox this morning was a lovely surprise.


Just looking at the picture of this cardie it sang to me.


That lacing and the off the shoulder look in a way this cardigan reminds me of upcycling projects on Pinterest.  I then logged off washed my bin out, put a clean quilt cover on my duvet, made an appointment to meet up with a friend for lunch and even binned some old Tupperware and then it hit me! I missed the skirt! and I just had to log back in and pull a quick pose.  Obviously, tops/skirts are separate and both stand up so well on their own, this top will go with so many things and the skirt is a beautiful fit and colour.


So basically for your 199Lds you get 2 shades of top and 2 shade skirt and ALL of the mesh bod fits.  I’ve shown you the 2 tops but only the 1 skirt from the “Turquoise” pack.

I have to admit it’s been a while since I was last in her shop so I TPed over, yes there is a free Group Gift which I’ve shown you before a simple denim dress but there is now Lucky Boards! and they change and they’re shop quality items and they change quickly so all of the 3 things I love in lucky chairs LOL.  I don’t know how long Ever Wonder had had her shop open when I got my first gift off her but it’s nice to see she’s finally expanded her shop as over the years she’s just got more and more quality goods.  Right next to this new outfit is a simple short n top set which is one of my all time faves.

Then I popped over to Collab88 event which has now calmed down enough for me to spend a nice unlaggy time wandering around.  There seemed to be a nice selection of gym sports decor and clothing and as soon as I TPed up to the demo platform I found the studio of my dreams.


I’m not going to show you much more of it but it’s basically a large dance/studio room and a smaller dance/studio room with an entrance hall,  in a concrete industrial build for land not sky.  If you want a much posher fancier ballet school build there is one there as well but again this Soy one “sang” to me.  Only 288Lds and it is rather primmy at 150(ish with certain accessories) but I’ll give you the Collab88 LM and you can go check both of them out for yourself. OH and yes I have bought it and I’m not just posing on the Collab88 sim lol.

This new studio/dance/ballet build leads me on neatly to my next RL win, I started to do Yoga last year and OMG I love it! No I’m not slim, lithe or in touch with my inner soul! no one in the class is LOL.  Were just a bunch of ordinary shaped women/men of all ages who push our bodies in ways our bodies have never been pushed before.  Because Yoga makes you use muscles other forms of exercises don’t make you use when you finished a session you feel as though you’ve had a deep massage, you’ve stretched the kinks out of muscles you didn’t even know were kinked!  The long and short of this is TRY it or something, anything to make yourself fitter and healthier in both mind and body.  If you’ve been putting off going to the gym or the pool but because you’re not “Instagram” perfect sod that NO ONE IS! and no one gives a SH*T! or if they do then you’re in the wrong gym.  I’ve been going for 6+ months now and no one looks at you no one cares.  Sometimes when you go in and you see a larger person sweating and pounding away on a piece of equipment people’s first thought it “good for them” and they then just get on with their own stuff.  When I go to the pool my pale, flabby, dimply thighs are no worse than anyone else’s and no one looks.  So skinny minnie, or large lady/man do not put off going to might be surprised at what you find that you can do and love to do.

PS don’t panic the Cheap B*tch will be back tomorrow.

More than Ever


Pretty in pink, purple, cream etc (Freebie).

I’m so glad I hadn’t missed this amongst the many notices I get.  I will be honest and say I will be binning it straight away but that’s only because of a groaning invent and I’m not a Kawaii, pastel girl in SL or RL and not for lack of quality! Super quality and if Kawaii is your thing then a lovely gift.


The scarf in this picture doesn’t come with the outfit I just put it on because why not.  As it happens it’s a gift from Aimiable and it’s probably still there if you need a super wooly esp one that comes with a Hud which is the same for the actual outfit I’m showing you.


This is a linked top n bottom with a pretty big Hud for both skirt and top and a bigger mesh/mesh body size option as well.

This is the No Cabide GG but in the same place is a few other GG’s for other G’s…you know what I mean LOL.  All are free to join and grab but I think you will have seen them all already because from my quick trip over I think this is the newest gift and very pretty it is as well.

I’ve just checked and yes this scarf is still avaiable at Amiable, actually it will probably be there with all of the other group gifts forever because the quality is so good these will stand the test of time.  There is a selection of shoes, bags, hat, top, skirts etc which most people will have already but still worth a check to make sure you have them.

No Cabide


Sweater Time (Promo $99L limited time)


Just what I wanted – a sweater dress for the cooler weather. This is from ArisAris and comes with a Hud that gives you six colour/pattern options. I’m wearing mine rather modestly with some woollen tights by Sweet Tea. Popped over to DUH! and snatched up a pair of the fur-trimmed snow boots to go with it at a ridiculously inexpensive $25L! (other colours also available)


As you can see above there is pattern and colour options to suit everybody and most mesh body fits are included in the pack.Limited promo price of just $99L !

ArisAris offer

Sweet tea tights


Fripperies!(Freebie n Dollarbie).

The last 2 items I rezzed turned out to be the best.  Spent some time in SL and the Marketplace just rummaging for hidden treasures and when I filled a folder full I TPed home and unpacked and binned until I actually got to the last 2 items which are definitely blogworthy.

This mirror was something I was going to bin once I’d taken the pictures, I have to keep my invent under control, but I’m actually going to keep it I was that impressed with it!


I actually rezzed it next to me and it’s a pretty darn big mirror almost the hight of my AV, but then again I’m not a towering Amazonian AV.  Then I slapped it on the wall zoomed back and I think I might keep it, not on this wall but I might change this to the wall next to my dressing table or in the studio or actually just shove it back in my invent LOL.  So many decisions and since my home is still all out of kilter I can’t really think too much about adding anything to it until I’ve sorted the mess out.


This is a close up because there is a lack of definition from a distance but close up you can see more detail.  A very shiny copper colour.  This mirror is actually the freebie from the “Fantastic Furniture” shop on the Marketplace.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve been in the inworld shop but I can’t really remember it well but chances are if I TPed over there I would remember it straight away.

This is the other item I picked up from their MP shop.


Yet another thing I wasn’t going to almost bother with but they’re big fat plump girly pillows and only a Dollarbie, not linked either.

I did also buy the plant in the pot which is absolutely fine buttttttt…3 prims maybe not however if that is a lovely plant you want for a single Linden then well worth it.

Fantastic Furniture

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it..WTF it’s melted!”(Freebie).

Blimey I was having a nice natter with someone who has returned to SL after quite a break and I’m always facinated by how much change people see with things such as mesh etc.  Anyhow time was running short and since in the background was some rather spectacular fireworks I took the opportunity to pull a few poses and snap away.


This dress is a new FREEBIE from Entice and once you’ve grabbed it, hopefully the LM should take you right to it, if not then it’s in the first main room to your left, then continue  through the shop, through the open courtyard and on the back wall is some Lucky Chairs and other Group Gifts and TBH you have will seen them all if not on this blog then probably any you follow.

xxxfireuseSadly I didn’t catch the fireworks in all their glory in this picture but I was outta time.

Comes with a Hud and now I can’t remember how many colour options you have but it’s probably 3 for the top and skirt and you can wear them as separates which makes them super handy.  You also seem to get every size, mesh, and non mesh body you could ever need.

Yes, our whole country has ground to a halt because of the massive snowfall, an amazing amount of snow all of 1 millimeter! FFS I’ve put more icing sugar on a cake than what seems to have caused our country to collapse!

PS I’ve just remembered you will need to pay a single Linden to buy this GG but it’s sent right back to you.


My favourite waste(land) of time, super bargain.

As it happens I wasn’t looking for a bike and I was just going to scroll past but when I noticed only “21 prims” and “10Lds” that grabbed my attention.


Pretty darn low prim and I know that even though there has been a prim increase for land owners for those who rent this prim increase may not have been handed down to them so they still have to prim check everything.


A bit of a close-up so you can see pretty good details for those prims.  Of course, it’s ridable with a standard menu.  I should have actually stood beside it to show off that this is a damn good size for a woman/small AV but of course that doesn’t mean a man sized AV wouldn’t fit it’s unisex but basically if you’ve struggled to find one for your smaller AV then try this one.  At only 10Lds it’s worth the risk.  I bought this from the Marketplace but I’ve spotted that there is an inworld demo for you to try.

When I grab a bike I always end up at “The Wastelands”.


I’ve put the link on their website but really just ignore it and TP ass over here.  The Wastelands has been around as long if not longer than Faith and I and it’s Second Life in a nutshell.  This maybe an RP sim but chill because as long as you do your stuff and your stuff doesn’t get in the way of other people’s stuff it’s cool.  I used to rent a small plot on one of the many sims and I would sometimes ride my horse around buck naked like Lady Godiva and although flashing your bits, on the whole, is not acceptable there is leeway when it’s because you’re in character most of the time I would just sit there and watch people JOG! yes for some weird reason many times I would watch AV’s on my mini-map as they just ran around and around the sim, plain weird.  You could, of course, immerse yourself in many of the events/RP that does go on on these sims if you wish.


I have, to be honest, and admit that although I love these sims I know very little facts about these sims thats because you don’t need to if you don’t want to.  If you want some alone time, if you want to wander and explore, if you want to find underground bunkers, if you just want people to leave you the f**k alone these sims are for you.  I have changed it from Sim to Sim’s because there is actually so many of them all linked together.


PS You can also REZZ! and you don’t even need to join any group.  There is so few places that allow you to do that so it’s the perfect place to

Stargate (Marketplace).


The Wastelands Blog

The Wastelands LM

Toot Toot, Lesson 101.


Go to the gym they said, you will lose weight they said, you will feel fitter and better they said and they LIE!  I’ve managed to pull something in my shoulder which the Doctor gave me a long fancy assed name for but I translated it to “you’ve knacked your shoulder”.  TBH it’s not much of an issue but I’m a bit sick of the grinding ache.  Never mind I’m back home and taking the rest of the day off and slouching in my fat pants and treating myself to a slice of chocolate cheesecake.

This isn’t a normal post because I got a really brill lesson off one of our readers.  The reason I don’t give people’s names in I don’t know if they’re ok with it but people who send us gifties, check out my little toot toot car lol, or show me where the hunt item is or drop me a note about something special they have found in SL that I might be interested in etc all know who they are and a big fat wet sloppy French kiss to them.

So people will have read about how I managed to delete my home and now I have the struggle of rerezzing a replacement back into the exact place it used to be?  it turns out there is a much simpler way to do it!  If you’ve deleted it then return it from your Trash folder back into your invent but if you’re just taken it back then it will have returned there in any case.  When you locate it when it’s in your invent click on it and in the menu that comes up you have the “Restore to last Position” and Holy Crapola it worked!  She did say that it’s not to be used for “non copy” items as there is a possibility SL will eat it up.  I’ve only done a couple of tests so far .

But of course, the other suggestion I got off another one of our readers was when you rezz the item then click on it and in the “edit” menu chose the “object” tab option and then “Lock” and this means you cannot accidentally delete it as it’s locked in place, to unlock it you simply edit it and untick the “Locked” box.  I think the reason I’ve been adverse to using this option is that in the past scripted items such as doors etc would often be affected in a negative way but I think we’re long past that sort of glitching and so my house is now locked in place and all the doors are working well.

OK Logging off now for some much-needed lunch but hoping to be back with goodies later.