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Midnight shopping spree.

I can’t sleep and it’s almost 3am there is nothing on TV and my Kindle needs to be recharged so that just leaves QVC or SLing.

My first visit was to the Siss Boom shop as I knew there is a sale going on. This hat is not in the sale and cost me 225LDs.

Yeah you can guess what I’m going to say next, I actually have a LOT of hats in my invent. Most really should have been trashed a long time ago but a few of them and now this one are so lovely and often were bought with the outfit they’re going to be teamed up with in mind. This one with it’s slightly oversized crown has a hint of steampunk but with the wicker weave and the fruit, flower and leaves on the side makes it very coutrified.

To find this you veer left as you go onto the shop then turn left into a room with “Bespoke” over the entrance. To find the sale items you have to use the TP as they’re at a different location.

Siss Boom.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Original Flower. (Freebie).

Looks like chunks of SL won’t rezz for me, I’m not looking at lumps of grey rather things like the demo signs, shelves etc won’t rezz. Normally TPing in and out simply resolves it but “not today Satan” lol.

From the demo’s I picked up from the MIIX event I’ve found 2 new shops for me to look at. Ruxy is one of them and this gift is at the back of the shop.

It really is nice, with a great drapey look and sexy side split. With a lot of mesh fits and 2 pattern options, this “original flower” and a bolder red called “original red” which is not very “original” lol.

Now SL decides to rezz properly lol. I always log out to do a post and then log back in to double-check the details and LM and this time I spotted that there are in fact 3 gifts at the back of the Ruxy shop and tbh the other dress is more my style so I would have shown you that one.


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Not everything is a lemon. (Freebie(sss)).

Finally the MIIX Event and hunt has calmed down and in fact I was the only one there. So it was nice to be able to saunter and really check out the items for sale. As expected the things I liked wouldn’t fit me so I walked away with just a load of freebies, demos and LM’s as I will be visiting a few of the main shops who have stalls at this event.

OH NO! I’ve forgotten which stall I picked this one piece off, I will add an update when I manage to log back in as it’s only fair. You get matching shoes and a hud of colour options so pretty sweet.

The MIIX is just the right size of event, big enough to have a lot of variety of items and small enough to not over whelm you. What you’re looking for is a slice of lemon but a lot of stalls don’t have their gift in the lemon it’s just in a gift box on the stand.

I suspect I had rezzing issues as although it seemed to be fully rezzed I’m sure there was a lot missing which means I’ve missed a lot of the gifts so I will return.

MIIX Event & Hunt.

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A coupla small things. (Freebie(ss) & Lesson 101).

I’m creeping on Faith as she redoes her home.

I’ve found a couple of things in my invent one of which is this wearable “anti valentine heart”. Although Valentines is well and truly over you also a hud with a lot of different sayings such as “go away” which is the one I’m using. What I appreciate is that you maintain this pose as you walk because no one wants to either duck walk or that weird swaying walk from past times lol. There are other wearables such as a colourful bong and I’m sure I saw glasses etc really nice accessories and they’re all for free but if you join the VIP group there are many more wearables inc some bags that had me tempted till I remembered how many decor/backdrops I’ve bought just from the weekend events lol.

Freebies are just inside the door to your right and the paid for group gifts are to the left. I also noticed a TP at the back which takes you to the older items but it didn’t work for me.

Now for the 101 Lesson.

I use the Firestorm server to access second life which I love it and I’ve only just noticed that in the drop down menu when you click on items in your invent to rezz, delete,read etc you get the standard drop down menu and in the menu you get a “protect” option and thats exactly what it does. Click on it and it stops you from accidentally deleting an item, of course one click unprotects it so if at a later date you do want to delete it you can.

Boutique #187

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It’s a drama Llama! (Freebie & 10Ld Gift).

Just look at that adorable face looking at me with love in his eyes, don’t we all need someone to look at us that way lol. Faith sent it to me as she knew I could do with a smile and I do adore animesh wearables.

So that means the freebie and cheapie are the clothes I’m wearing.

When I feel happy with my daily freebie/posts I love nothing better to old LM hop, or sim/shop wandering and it has been a long time since I’d check out the Entice shop and found the room with the group gifts, lucky boards and midnight mania.

The top is a “Third life” gift and you get plenty of fits inc my preffered SLink P so I was pleased with that. I may not keep it as I do have a lot of tops I will be keeping the shorts though.

The shorts are the Entice group gift. I just love the colour and normally studded items are not my fav but in this case I also love them. If I remember you do get a small hud of metal colours for those. Although at first glance you think spring summer team them up with a jumper and leggings thats autumn and winter sorted.


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Secret Sale Sunday!

Secret Sale Sunday 4Li $50L

Secret Sale Sunday is happening – go grab your Hud from the inworld location and you’re good to go. Just wear the Hud each Sunday and it will load up with that weeks special buys – simple . This week there is such a fantastic mix of designers and items, everything from fashion, shapes, home décor, cosmetics and more – even some gear for the guys ❤ This week I was looking for a few pieces to pretty up my around my home garden, spotted this from The Home Store, great for creating interest outside and at just 4Li it wont eat up your prims. You get two versions one that has a resizer inside – be careful when you resize as the Li also goes up – the size out of the box is perfect for me and I will place it later today.

Secret Sale Sunday H.Q. – to get a Hud

The Home Store

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Why I love S@bbia.(Freebies).

Just in case you forgot but the reason I love the S@bbia range is because I hand sew a lot. Don’t laugh at me but sewing machines scare me plus it’s hard to netflix and chill with the sound of a small airplane in your livingroom. So I get out my old sewing basket and just sit and sew stuff. One day I will up my game and sew something actually useful even wearable and I just know it will have that “homespun” look that I love with most but not all of the S@bbia range so make sure you check out the whole of the shop and if I remember correctly the Gacha’s are most reasonably priced.

Obviously this dress is the new gift and on my feet are the “old” gift. Fantastic shoes, quality loafers that do not have a “homespun” feel to them they’re so good they work with skirts, jeans, shorts etc.