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Busy as a (Bumble)Bee.

I have been busy in SL but so far I’ve found a mix of hit and miss stuff, the “miss” stuff has been binned and finally here is the “hit”stuff.

There is a big board in the Bumblebee shop and once you’ve joined the group just slap it and you get sent a random piece of clothing. All of the clothing is the same sporty0 style as worn the difference is the texture and strike me lucky my first two slaps of the board won me this bloody version.  You get a hud for the shorts but that just changes the cord, edging etc.

Don’t jog off as soon as you get what you want as there are some Lucky Boards with some great wins. I did loiter for a while and even though there seems to be a quick turn over I had to log off.

The Bumblebee shop isn’t packed with much but it has some quality “basics” and by that, I mean shorts, skirts, strappy tops, leggings which all look like great quality and totally wearable with things you already have.  I think you will understand what I mean when you see the stuff is sells.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Boo Hoo!!! (15Ld Ricielli Hunt, Info Only).

This picture has nothing to do with the hunt it’s just a pretty picture as I can’t really show you what I really wanted to show you.

When I logged in it was a case of Woo Hoo as there is now a NEW Hunt going on at Ricielli and a whole board of temping quality items for only 15Lds each and this is where the “Boo Hoo” comes in.

There is a colour code to show you which fit the item comes in and so I almost made a mistake and bought something that didn’t actually come in my fit as the Legacy and SLink HG fit code colours are very similar so make sure you pick the right one. Fortunately, it’s easy to see what’s in the pumpkin before you buy it which is why I spotted I’d made a mistake

Then I did buy a top and even though it’s a SLink HG fit it doesn’t fit my SLink HG body.  The mesh texture and chains bury themselves into my AV and I cannot/do not want to show you a picture of this because I DO NOT want to put you off this hunt. This, as always with the Ricielli Hunt is a fab way of picking up some shop quality goodies for your invent and in all the years I’ve treated myself to something from these hunts this is the FIRST time ever something just hasn’t worked.

If you really want to make sure something is going to fit then most if not all of the hunt item are just a single colour but for other colours, they’re for sale at full price in the shop and this means you can try the demo out before you buy.

PS. If you’re wondering the Scarecrow is one of the freebies from HPMD that I didn’t show you.


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I have a Moooooan! (1Ld Hunt).

Actually, I  have only two moans about this hunt the first is I thought I was hunting for Pumpkins and it turns out its treasure chests you’re looking for but that was my mistake.

My second moan is the darkness of the sim this hunt is on.  I’m actually using a wearable torch in this picture but when I return I will ditch the torch and change the wind light setting to something less dark but not too light as someone has gone out of their way to landscape this set plenty of spooky surprises and it won’t be as much fun if I make it too light, so just light enough to make spotting the Treasure chests easier but dark enough to enjoy the surprises.

The Landing spot has some pictures of the prizes but since there are 60 hidden treasure chests there is going to be quite a few surprises but I suspect most is decor items.  I will be returning as I do want to find a couple of the prizes and its a nice quiet event.

BTW The chests are also hidden in tunnels underground.

LOH (Loggin Off Homes)

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Boo. (Freebie).

I’ve had a bit of fun with the editing because this is definitely a Maitreya fit only and although it’s a fine fit everywhere on my SLink as you can see there is a bit of my Alpha showing at the front.

This is actually a very white boilersuit with dramatic blood splatters. It comes with the shoes and gloves attached and the welders helmet is an addon.

You get this from Belle Epoque, so you know it’s quality, and it’s a SL frees and offer gift.

Belle Epoque.

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Out Shop Cancer & Dench Designs

Oh I do love shopping for new items in the Autumn. I found this beauty at Dench Designs. Its out on sale at the front of the store in the cubicle that will give a donation to The American Cancer Society – so win win really ! This is the Sherwood table set , its an all-in-one kinda piece. Just 5Li for the whole thing and whoa the menu is extensive. Female sits, eats & drinks, same for the guys, plus a menu of table decor if you wish. The foods are just scrummy, hot meals, puddings – I opted for soup, steak and chips and a strawberry mouse – then attended to my phone calls !

Sooo dash over, this offer is on until the 31stOctober, $199L The event is called “Out Shop Cancer” more info available for other participating store at the vendor

Dench Designs


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More for fun.(Free skins). UPDATE.

I came across a scaled skin in my invent and so I popped over to Lumae just to see if it’s still out as a freebie and it is.

The reason you may like this skin is that it is a light purple colour and has a smattering of scales, so basically you can be either a Mermaid or in this case a snake lady and of course if you do want to either stand out in SL or dress up for Halloween this is a perfect skin for you.

The skin is just 1 of a few freebies in the Lumae shop so check out the Group Gifts and don’t ignore the pink gift boxes on the floor and you get a decent amount of appliers and a nice pack of lipsticks.

I just wanted an excuse to wear this snake body for ages. I don’t know when or why I got this shake bod or even if I bought it but I will pop to the shop it came from to check out the details.  So I went over to DM Devious Minds and this is a shop which has been active in SL for many years.  TBH it’s too sprawling for me to be able to hunt down where this snake tail is BUT I suspect that this is a Gacha win.  It’s a very interesting shop so check it out and you might just find this or something else which tickles your kink.

As for the location, sorry but I couldn’t be bothered to hunt down a more suitable backdrop and since I’m on the hunt for more landscaping I figured I’d multitask and just slither my way through the shop and take a picture at the same time.

Thanks to a heads up from Kimberly I now know that the snake tail I’m wearing was a Gacha win and there is also an updated Gacha at the Fantasy Collective event so I’ve treated myself.

It’s 75Lds a pop.  I did take more of a chance as I knew it to be a Maitreya Lara fit only but apart from the fact you can almost see my whole coochie, which may actually be just what the designer wanted, it’s actually an excellent fit for my SLink bod as well.

So if you really do want to stand out then slither over to the Fantasy Collective event and pick this up BUT can I be honest…I still prefer the original one so I might pack this slither up for someone else to use and stick to my other one.


DM (Devious Minds)

Fantasy Collective (Snake Tail)

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From May to October.(Freebies & Mention of Bargain).

Like me, you may already have this top as it is Powedermoons Group Gift from May and I did blog it and it’s also one of my fav goto tops as it not only looks fab it’s green and green is one of my fav colours.

These oversized pants are very skirt-like and with that dark plaid pattern, it makes for a great seasonal look.

I will confess I have an oversized sweater which looks better with this skirt but that was not only a paid-for item and sadly the shop I bought it from it not in SL anymore but keep this green sweater for jeans and rummage in your invent for your own oversized sweater or jacket and create a great look.

UPDATE:  I’ve found the shop which I bought the sweater from and it’s still on the Marketplace.

I honestly do not know how long I’ve had this sweater but we’re talking years, and years and years, and it’s as good now as when I first got it.  At only 99Lds and 4 colours in each pack a bargain.  As you will see from the link there are 3 colour packs, I only bought the dark one, and a demo….try the demo! But this is a classic case of creating a great look for free or cheap.


FA Creations(Marketplace only)