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The Challenge Castaway kuro

If I ever were to find myself castaway on a desert island I highly doubt Id be able to make more than a palm leaf matt! However in my dreams I’m always very proficient at whipping up nifty items from stuff I find washed up on the shore of the remote island of my night-time dreams. Obviously something like the beach shelter above Id have up in a jiffy right?! This is by Kuro and I absolutely adore it, its animated for two av’s and comes in at a lowly 9Li.

The Challenge Castaway 2

The driftwood wicker chair is by 22769, again just 9Li and stuffed full of top quality poses. The table, tealights, mirror and bookcase are part of the items out for The Challenge from Newchurch – new in this months round – the wood detail is exquisitely lovely, go check it out in the store – lots more of this set , various prim counts.


Shutterfield have been very practical and come up with a brilliant castaway Loo arrangement ! Seriously go and try out the poses – fantastic !

The Challenge Castaway & Scarlet Creative $99L offer

Hate this have a castaway camp set out, really lovely poses in the cushions (animates up to two people) and a roaring log fire to sit around. You can just see the bed by shutterfield inside my glorious “Breeze” build by Scarlet Creative. Breeze is only $99L at the mainstore, it’s an open type of gazebo, with faded drapes at both ends and shutter boards to cast a bit of shade – just right for the summer and gardens .

The Challenge 3

Closer view of the magnificent bed by Shutterfield, its simple yet beautiful and stuffed full of great poses.

The Challenge Blog for all info & url’s

Scarlet Creative

3rd post lazy post!

It’s raining so I quickly dragged all my lovely items under the cover of a tree which I’m hoping will keep them dry, honestly only in the UK! So as I am waiting for it to stop raining I thought I would pop indoors and add an extra lazy cheating quickie post.


You may remember this dress from a previous post and it comes from Apple May Design (AMD).  At that time this particular colour was on a special discount offer of 50Lds but now thats over however if you love Purple then you’re going to love this as this weeks 25Ld offer is the exact same dress but in the Purple colour!  Although the main bodice of the dress remains the same colour you do get a colour hud which allows you to change the colour of the rose as well as the underskirt.

Because this offer will be pulled in a week I thought I would take shelter from the rain and do a quick post because I’d hate for you to miss it and even though Purple is my least fav colour I’m tempted to pop over and grab it.

PS the offers and new items are in the room behind the reception desk but if you check the desk out there is a pretty free hair ribbon to be picked up and I’m pretty sure that one also came with a colour changing Hud.

The rain has stopped and as soon as I click “Publish” I’m back off out!

Apple May Design (AMD)

More Shorts.

Sometimes when I’m pulling poses in a public place I wonder what people around me think I’m doing but I was at a shopping sim killing time working through my notes and also waiting to see if my initial comes up on one of the Lucky Food Stalls and I decided to pull a pose.  They’re quite a nice touch as instead of the usual lucky boards you have food stalls, 3 of them, and if your initial comes up you sit and find yourself serving food LOL.  As it happens when I went back to LM grab I won some SLink nails.relashorts

As I was waiting I cammed around and spotted a Gacha in the RibboN shop so I chanced 20Lds and won these shorts.


Definitely not as short as my previous short shorts! and as a Gacha item its pot luck on the colour but none of them were bad ones so I would have been happy to win any shade but they do come with a word of caution.  My AV is on the smaller size so I usually wear the XS,S or occasionally a M size but these are the L! So if you’re an average sized or a curvy lady then these shorts aren’t for you.

If the LM takes you inside the main Soul Shop then you will have to walk outside to find the small shopping mall with a variety of little shops and of course the Lucky Food Stalls. There is also a brilliant Gift in the Pinky Girls shop this is a free pastel mesh dress which tbh has been a freebie for so long not only I but every blogger has probably blogged it before BUT it is still a cute and quality item so if you’ve not seen it before it’s worth checking out.

Love Soul Shop and Shopping Sim

So Hot! (Bargain&Freebie).

Today is going to be the hottest day in the UK for 9 years and I’m off out, ok just to my back garden but I have my lounger, parasol, cushions, throws, books and in the fridge a large jug of water and lemon slices.  If you’re stuck at work I hope the air con is working and if you’re stuck at home it’s time to ditch the housework and get outside.

Having said all that I’d still rather be here!


You get not only the top and shorts but also the belt and all in a 50Ld pack.  I don’t know if this is a new addition to her stall just outside of her shop or I missed it on my last visit. For only 50Lds you get the shorts, top and belt.  Again the colouring of the top is excellent it reminds me of crushed strawberries.  Even though this is just 50Lds there is a demo available for you to try.


Maybe I should have taken this picture from further away or popped a “censor” bar on LOL.  If you’re squinting to see how low these shorts are then you will go blind.  If you don’t like to flash so much flesh then you can simply pop the belt back on or  a simple addition of a system layer or a mesh bikini pair will look great.  As I’ve said it’s only 50Lds for the pack.


What you won’t be able to miss is the Hot Summer Night prize on the stall, a lolly pop, and this is the prize.  A bright zingy  “Lemon Bar dress”.  Again great colour and texturing and fit and FREE.

There is a big discounted cart and hunt sale going on at the moment on the Flawless Shopping sim.  I’ve already shown you the More Than Ever discounted item but not the shorts or this freebie.  Again time and the sun are calling me so I’m still not going to be able to have a wander around but I’m hoping to later when the sun gets too hot and see what else is out there for us.


More Than Never


Just a top a simple and yet pretty top. Stumbled upon Venomous Designs as I was map hopping and although there isn’t much in this shop as yet I spotted a wall of these Omega and SLink Physique tops.  This of course means do NOT buy it if you don’t have a Mesh Body and I of course have.


What can I say except I really like it and at 30Lds for each colour certainly cheap enough for a meanie like me.

Venomous Designs

Change of mind. (freebie).

I LOVE these shoes and they are FREEEEEEE and the icing on the cake is you get a total of 6 flower colours in the pack!  You will of course need SLink High feet for them.  They come from B!asta and are so easy to find hunt item.


I’ve left the picture unedited because the flowers look so artificial which is how they were meant to look.  That light texturing in the flowers reminds me of one of my Hubbys old work shirts which I’ve cut up to use for future crafting projects.  In a way this shoe reminds me of the many Pinterests which show you how to tart up an old pair of plain black heels.


These are the enMESHed into Summer hunt gifts and what you’re looking for is an Ice Lolly.



Indulge me Freebie.

Moan moan moan, paperwork SUCKS so before I get a full-blown migraine I’ve shoved it all to one side to deal with later.

batThis is just a vanity shot as I was sat on my platform wondering how the hell I’ve managed to get about 200 notes and notices sent to me in a matter of a day!  So as I was working my way through them I just thought how pretty I looked (PumeC skin and Mina hair of course!) if only it was the same in RL!  So I took a snap.  As it happens the Bat wings and the fountain you can just about make out behind me are Freebies I picked up from ridi-ludi-fool shop/sim? I wasn’t going to blog them but then I thought what the heck and here they are lol.  When you rezz the freebies, there are more, are behind the rotating white screen thingi..once you get there you will see what I mean.

However if you have time to kill then this shop is on an interesting shopping sim which is a whole mess of shops and stalls and lots of ramshackledness.  The same can be said about the stuff for sale on this sim.  Lots of the Good, Bad and Ugly but if you have time to kill a good place to do it.

This is what I was planning on showing you.


I’m only wearing the same hair because well because it just looks so good and of course it’s a Mina.  I have gone edit crazy and flooded the picture in red but I knew as soon as I saw this Free dress from the Sneak Peek event it was going to be a good one.  There are 2 other free outfits waiting to be grabbed but yet again even though I TPed over to LM grab I forgot to check them out!

Although I’ve played with the editing this is a beautifully textured dress with red and golds etc.  Comes with inbuilt curves as well for extra Vavavoom!  If the LM doesn’t take you straight to the Freebies then just turn to your right when you land and they’re there.  I’d recommend that if you’re after something new though to check out the rest of the shop.  Of course there is a lot of styles which are recognisable but there is some new fresh designs so for you fashion addicts with Lindens to spend well worth a check out.

ridi-ludi-fool (bat wings and shopping sim)

Sneak Peek