Fully Loaded.(Freebies).

I was curious to try out the FREE Bento Male AV that EXMACHIMA is offering and yes I popped it on and “manned up” but sorry no piccies.  Honestly it’s really, really good and such a generous gift and a great way for people to try a Bento mesh body to see if it’s for them.  This is sorta the “starter pack” and it’s the smaller grey board and there is a fuller pack one next to it and I could be wrong but that one only costs 1000Ld which is a pretty good bargain, I think but then again it’s been a lifetime since I last wore a male AV and yes I do have a male ALT but chances are that account has been long closed.

While I was at the EXMACHIMA shop there is also this other freebie.

A kick-ass military vehicle.

As soon as I logged inworld I changed into the blue and grey version of the outfit from my last post and TPed to one of my fav sims which allows you to rezz and go wild.

So I hopped in and took off.  This comes with a fully packed menu with all the hardcore stuff serious SL drivers will like or just keep it simple and hop in and drive like me.

If you’re interested then the sim I’m in is one of the MASSIVE free to use range of sims which come under the name of The Wastelands.

This is the blurb from the front page of their blog.

The Wastelands


“Here, you won’t find clean and stylish homes, pristine and luxurious beaches, noisy dance clubs, tawdry sex palaces, or any of the glitz and glamour more common to Second Life. But in our parched deserts, rocky expanses, and rank swamps, you’ll find beautifully ruined buildings, precarious shacks, and mysterious assemblages of abandoned material, most of it created by the people who live here. From hidden underground bunkers to teetering swamp huts on stilts, from burnt-out vehicles to nomad’s tents, from helicopter concert stages to trap-ridden combat pits to ball courts to trade posts to working drive-in movie theaters, The Wastelands is filled with creative, detailed construction.”

This is NOT a home rental place but I did actually for quite a few months rented a small plot but I had to stick to the rule of keeping my plot within the theme of the sim I was on and I did.  I used to sit outside of my tatty trailer on a deck chair and watch the other AV’s run, that’s what a lot of people seemed to do just run around the sim like mad apocalypse joggers!  I also occasionally used to ride my horse buck naked with my hair draped over my boobies just like Lady Godiva.  These are RP sims BUT DO NOT PANIC!  You can get involved as much or as little with the existing RP groups, create your own OR just hang out.  People will leave you alone to do your own thing but if you want to learn to RP or join an RP community this is the one.

There are way too many sims but they’re all landscaped to perfection and the fact that even after all these years it’s still here, still free for anyone to use, still rezzable! is amazing.  So it goes without saying that if you do go and you do rezz a vehicle or props, poses etc CLEAN YOUR SH*T UP!  No Boobs n bits, well ok boobs are fine as long as the costume you’re wearing is appropriate for the RP/Theme you’re rocking but deffo NO DICKS!  NO weapons but I do believe that you can get the ones you are allowed to use on the sims for free at one of the LM’s and I will try to use that LM if you want to give that a go.

Anyhow, thats enough blabbing from me, so check out the The Wastelands Blog and inworld.

The Wastelands


Finally For Moz.(Freebies).

At last I get to use this silly prop, I don’t know how long I’ve had it but now I’ve used it I can bin it lol.

As much fun as it is it’s not doing this amazing FREEBIE any justice so here I am back down to Earth.

Yeah ok, I went a bit crazy with the editing but it was fun.

I actually went to grab a gift car and ended up with loads of clothes so the car will have to wait. This and so many other freebies are to be found in the Egoism shop. There are plenty of tops and dresses and trousers.  You will also spot some small boxes on the shelf as well and they contain some nice decor items.  I only unpacked 2 of them so far and then I got sidetracked by this sexy mofo look.

This space suit is the “keeper” for me as it’s so sexy.  I only picked up this gold coloured one and the red/black one but once I’m inworld LM grabbing I’m going to get all the other colour choices as well.  It comes in standard fits but “curvacious” standard fits. The size I’m wearing is the equivalent of “S” and I think you can see I have killer curves. The larger sizes are super sexy and if you like the more natural shape and not the standard super SL skinny then you will love these.   BTW I love this suit so much I even took off my Mesh Bod and you know I’m glued to that thing but with the standard fit I couldn’t use my Alpha but for this outfit, you just wouldn’t need to wear your mesh body or even feet as it’s super sculpted in any case.

MOZ, this bit is for you, there are some decent men’s clothes in this shop for a change.  Pants, tops, coats and even underpants.  I didn’t try them on but they look damned fine and so I think you should go get em.


Sorry not Sorry.(Freebies).

I had just TPed over to Legendaire to grab the NEW SL frees & offers (sic) gift which is in the usual place just outside of the entrance to the shop, and as I landed the notice came through that yet again the Legendaire group is FREE to join but only for the next 24 hours.

TBH since I believe the group is only 100Lds to join in the first place and for that you get LOADS so even if you’ve paid the joining fee you get it back in spadesful.

Legendaire is a shop that regularly puts out New GG’s, as well as gifts for SLfrees & offers(sic) and even a gift of shoes which are free for all, plus lots of weekly discounted items and then the icing on the cake is a whole dept full of gifts and discounted items!  The newer Legendaire Group Gift is inside and if you look on the floor you will see the TP to the old GG’s/Discount dept OR when you land just turn left LOL.  I’ve only used the TP to take me to the older gifts but it turns out that all this time all I had to do was turn left and the dept with all the goodies are just there.  ake sure to check out the whole shop as there are also “steals and deals” dotted around as well as gift boxes you can buy.

But also make sure to check out the whole shop as there are also “steals and deals” dotted around as well as gift boxes you can buy.

The “Sorry” is that out of ALL of the clothes and shoes I picked up I chose these and I’m 99% sure I’ve shown you these before!  Why I didn’t pick up the New Legendaire gift is beyond me but in anycase ignore these if you have seen them before and quickly join and go get the newest pairs for yourself.

PS Lots of the outfits come with a complete look and/or shoes with big colour Huds.



You snooze you lose! (25Ld tue).

Just had to scrap my last post as the 25Ld item has now been withdrawn which is such a shame as it was a lovely outfit from Belle Epoque BUT on the other hand Belle Epoque now has LUCKY BOARDS outside and OMG there isn’t one thing on those boards I wouldn’t want.  As you can  imagine the place is buzzing with people loitering and waiting to score and the only reason I didn’t linger is there was someone with the same initial as me and I wouldn’t want to win something someone else can use but rest assured I will be back the next time I have a load of notes to go through.

I don’t know if you need to be in the Belle Epoque Group but chances are you will have to but thats just 10Lds and of course there are Group Gifts inside.

So I missed out on the Belle Epoque 25Ld offer but I scored on the Jian one.

There are 3 sets out, this table and a mix of baskets and bags of apples and all super low primmed. There are other sets to chose from, cider bottles and I can’t remember the 3rd but I will probably go back to check them out as well as for 25Lds a bargain as well as great decor items.

I actually picked up a couple of other 25Ld Tue offers as it was pretty good this week but although sometimes shops have them out for the full 7 days some shops have them set out for a limited time and so when you get that list it’s best to do it as soon as you can.

PS This is why I also always say that even though the 25Ld Tue is aimed towards RP/Gor/Medival etc you would be foolish to ignore it as decor like this will fit any sim and any home.


Belle Epoque


Pose with me.(Freebie).

It’s been a long time since I was over at IM’s (Image Essentials) and I was so pleased that apart from the large shop filled with poses n props Kay Weston still has her part of the world set out with so many scenes and settings free for all to use.

This rainy maze is one of them and it’s not just a backdrop you can actually walk into it.

There are easy to use TP’s you simply sit on and they will take you anywhere from the beach to shops to Alice in Wonderland and many more and each scene has lots of props and poses for you to use.

The IM group is free to join and I don’t know if there are free poses in the mainshop for us because basically, I didn’t dare go inside the shop as the last thing I need is to be tempted to buy MORE poses! However, there just might be some free poses.  What I did do as a Thank You to Kay Weston for all the time, effort and cost that goes into putting all of these things out for people to use is put some money into one of the Tip Jars that are next to the TPs.  Money raised this way never really cover a tier fee but it’s just a nice way to say Thank You to the person who has done all of this for us.

Now for a Freebie and it’s the New one from Coco Design.

Just the dress and just 3 main mesh bod sizes.

I’m not really sure what to say about it except, as usual, damned fine quality.  The Coco group is free to join and of course, everyone will know that there is a whole wall of the old GG’s which most people at some stage have owned or even still own as they’re standing the test of time.

PS Be warned that the GG’s are also in the same area as the Discounted dept! Sooooooo tempting!

Coco Design

IM (Image Essentials)

Its Ultra lovely

The latest round of Ultra is upon us and I’ve got a real treat to share with you from Chez Moi. If, like me, you’re always looking for a little something that’s low in prims and dead cute – check this out! It’s a tree house that’s really compact and stuffed with poses. Coming in at just 12Li its a winner all round. Deets:

Highly detailed, this Tree-House comes with 86 animations in PG version, and 150 in Adult version


Also at the event is this sweet palette couch, at 3Li you can surely find a spot for it, and it fits perfectly in the tree house too. The poses are pretty nifty plus it has eight changes of texture for the fabric parts. Deets:

The Pallet Couch comes with 82 animations in PG version and 132 in Adult version:
♥ Room for 1-2 people

♥ Texture change options: Touch the cushion to display 8 options of textures to choose.

♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ Swap Functionality

Specification and content:
♥ Tree House: 10 LI + 2 prim transparent base | Copy | Mod
♥ Pallet Couch: 3 LI | Copy | Mod



Chez Moi blog for more info



Chez Moi Blog (more info & photos about items)

Still Working.(Dollarbie).

I decided since I didn’t want to risk losing any Lindens to spend some time on my platform and TRASH like mad, isn’t it amazing how many Alpha layers and shoe bases we acquire and I hate to admit this but even now I still have complete system layer clothes!  It was a blast from the past but this stuff really clutters up an invent so it’s gone.

Once I’d cleared enough space out I decided to start hunting for my next goodie and here it is.

A simple dress from Avagirl, comes in plenty of sizes etc and only costs a single Linden to join BUT on the wall in the back of the shop is rows of what I call “classic designs” in other words a bit like this dress in that you can find it in many shops but like this version there are some gorgeous bright/fruity coloured textures.  So if you’re hunting for a bright look check them out BUT remember just Landmark the shop and return when it’s safe to spend your Lindens.