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It’s a start. (New S@bbia Freebie).

Finally my daily visits have paid off and I’ve got the new S@bbia Group Gift.

I actually grabbed it before I even looked at it properly so I was even more pleased that it has that underdress detailing to it. The boots are also a S@bbia gift and I have blogged them and they’re still out however get them now as they maybe changed soon.

As for the background some of you who read my last post will know I intended on going to a sandbox and unpacking and editing the superb build I’d bought from the Two Moon Garden shop in the hope I can pare the prims down. Not only did it turn out to be so easy to edit the bits I want to use but these 3, linked, ponds came to just 18prims!!! The ponds themselves are 15prims but you do need that gorgeous frosty animated effect on the top.

I’m so in love with this look I’ve ripped up my Zen Garden, it will be put back out next year, but when I log back in I will be off to !g0 for todays advent gift and then spending another relaxing afternoon editing the ponds into place and then working out what planting I want around them to blend them in.


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I’m a winner! (Auction Board Prize & Mention of Freebie).

TBH I knew I’d win the “Avalon” prize from the Two Moon Gardens Auction board as I’ve bid and won previous prizes and so I suspect it’s been rigged to sell the item at 152Lds. I’m NOT “throwing shade” as the prizes in these boards are worth so much more that what you “bid” on.

So this is what I “bidded” for and yup you get it ALL!

House, ponds, bridge, tree’s, boats, grass, rocks etc and you can see it in the inworld shop which is where I took these pictures.

I think the prims are about 280(ish) which is why I’ve not rezzed my copy as we don’t have enough free prims. When you see everything you get and the quality the prims are actually very reasonable. All you would need is a few extra prims to furnish the inside of the home and that’s it.

Speaking of the home I’ve never really looked inside and so I was really pleased with the inside. Really nicely done, a great curved set of stairs to the upper floor and if it wasn’t for the fact I love my own homes I’d live in this one it’s that good.

Since I know the TMG range well I know that all their builds come in very user-friendly rezzers and are copy/MOD! I’m hoping to be able to strip it back to just the 3 frozen ponds and rocks anything else such as plants/trees will be nice. What I do know is I’m going to have a most pleasant/relaxing time slurping coffee and tearing this build apart.

As for freebies, there is a much smaller simple winter scene for couples. There are 3 levels to the TMG shop, the first is where you find this Auction board and other things but take the TP to platform 2 & 3 for extra lucky boards.

BTW don’t let such a large build put you off as you will find a scene small enough for a tiny plot of land to big builds.

Two Moon Garden

Avalon, the build.

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Its beginning to feel..

…a lot like Christmas ! We have snow forecast this week wow – we don’t often get snow in southern England so I’m a bit excited. I’ve been busy visiting all the newly listed winter themed sims listed on the destination guide – brilliant fun. Took a few lovely photos whilst I was out and about, including this one of two new items from Neve out at Uber. This is the Blanche jacket and the Lapin pants. Four version packs for each piece, plains, stripes, chevrons – totally loving the “traditional” Christmas patterned sweater choices ! Thank goodness for the “boot helper” option that makes it easier for us to switch between boots & shoes, you can also change fabric on the jacket and sweater separately – thanks neve team ❤


Uber Cam Sim

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Date For Your Diary !

What  a year we’ve all had so far huh? I deffo need something to look forward to, something to cheer my heart – I have just the thing to do that! Thera D is making a comeback, for those of you who are or were regulars on the music scene in SL this will be fantastic news.  Her wide repertoire covers many genres of music, sometimes depending on her mood but ultimately aimed to please her audience, as she moves seamlessly. through romantic ballads, modern pop, sultry jazz and energizing swing. December the 5th is the date and its only three days away.

The venue is super cool, I popped over to scope it out this morning. Lyric’s Smoke Shop is classy and unique. If I can stay awake I’ll be there – wave to me if you see me !

Lyric’s Smoke Shop

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Neve goes Tick Tock

New at Fameshed is the tick top and the tock skirt by Neve – fantastic tight fitting roll neck sweater which you can make cropped via the Hud . Comes in a multitude of patterns and colour packs. The tock skirt is so retro ! Patterns and plain fabric packs with a cute button detail and happy patch pockets. Perfect with a pair of boots and some thick woolly tights ! Thanks Neve team ❤


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Snuggly Buggly $50L !

As soon as I saw this coat by Belle Époque at the latest round of The Arcade I knew it was for me. BUT I am a pauper at the moment so sadly I didn’t visit the Arcade – Id have poured my meagre funds into gacha machines like I always do! There was only one colour I loved which was this glorious soft buttermilk beige so I shopped on the market place – cheating I know ! As you can see its one of those “alpha” out your hands and arms kinda deals – don’t forget to remove your rings & bracelets or they will float in front of you ! At $50L per play and So many colours to win – its worth a pop if you have more restraint than me. (Maitreya fit only)

The Arcade

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It couldn’t be easier! (!g0 Advent Calender).

Although I’m sad to see the lovely Christmassy livingroom/tree set up that Gocha Merlin has used as a backdrop for all her Advent gifts I think a lot of us will appreciate this much simpler set up as each star has the date on it.

It’s sad that once the day is over then the gift is gone for good so I’d strongly suggest you like I put the !g0 shop on your daily visit list.

You do have to be in the !g0 group but at only 50Lds you get it back in bucketloads and there is still a Group Gift still out for us, on the wall behind the desk.