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Lazy (includes freebie)

The Challenge Bauwerk NEW - coldLogic calle jeans - KCS Fanny bra & top mesh FREE

I was reading one of Zans blog posts and decided to head over to take a quick scoot around – yes, I know I’m lazy ! The ” Spring is back hunt” is a sweet little event based around shops in a mall. I picked up the top I’m wearing above for 1L  in it, and decided to wear it while I took some shots of the globe trotter trunk from Bauwerk22769. This is their item in this months round of The Challenge – a desk made from a trunk plus chair that is stuffed with some lovely poses.

FREE bra & top KCS - Olive the daisy hair NEW - Nylon Outfitters Lucky cat charm

Closer view of the top called “Fanny”, its in two pieces – a bra and an off the shoulder shirt . Delectable plummy colour with a plaid grained pattern on it. This is made by KCS and was pretty easy to spot thankfully ! My hair is also new, and is from Olive @ The Arcade event , plus my lucky charm cat necklace by Nylon Outfitters. I got a bit obsessed with the kitty necklace and bought quite a few different ones, only 50L a pop on the gacha machine. If you can manage to squeeeeze into the Arcade event yay! I couldn’t so got all my items at yardsales. Pea’s Arcade yardsale is about the best I’ve found, laid out alphabetically and easy to navigate – current round of The Arcade only.


The Arcade

KCS (hunt)

Peas Arcade yardsale

Are you ready for Spring?

Hanaya NEW!

Its time to start thinking about having your coffee (or tea) in the garden, get out there and watch everything coming to life after the winter. With that in mind Id like to share a new release from Hanaya. The Spring Garden Dining set is ready to roll ! I really loved that in the box of the complete set (you can also buy individual pieces) there is one set all soft linked and ready to place out – one thing I simply detest is having to line things up and I never get it right ! If you get into edit mode, then drag the linked set out – you can then move it around all together to its final position hurrah ! Everything is copyable so if you need more chairs, or want to make a feature with a few table out – go right ahead. Its all mesh and so low in prims you don’t need to worry. Here are all the details:

The set consists of a glass topped table, 2 types of chair, 2 different place settings, a texture change flower bouquet and a base to set all on. All is copy so rez whatever you need.The chairs have menu-driven poses divided into Girls and Guys. There are a total of 8 animations in each chair. The chairs rez wearable mesh props, which attach to your avatar on permission. Access security can be set in the chair menu. The place settings can also be clicked to get a folder with the props.

Here is the list of contents:

Spring Garden Glass Table – 2 li

Spring Garden Chair A – 2 li

Spring Garden Chair B – 2 li
Spring Garden Place Setting A – 6 li
Spring Garden Place Setting B – 6 li
Carnations Texture Change Bouquet – 5 li
Octagon Base – 1 li

Hanaya NEW!!

I didn’t need to use the octagonal base but its dead handy if you want a complete & finished look straight away. There are also two types of place setting, love love LOVE the cups ! The subtle decoration on the seat cushions is really pretty and just right for casual use, although I feel personally this is suitable for interior dining also. There is a VIP group to join which I believe is currently 250L, I’ve been in it for simply agessss and the Vip’s are VERY spoilt with gifts !

Hanaya store

Hanaya market place

Oh Sakura …

Chez Moi - Sakura no Hana Temple

So lovely to have something to show from Chez Moi, today I can share with you the splender of the new “Sakura no Hana Temple”. The temple itself has a wealth of details in the build – I’m not awfully knowledgeable about this genre – but I know its beautiful. Inside is a classically styled table & cushions, the cushions contain a ton of poses for couples and singletons. Some authentic such as a bowing prayer, some not. What I especially liked was the animations use the whole of the space – so you can be sitting on the window ledge, or peering out . Anyway here’s the details:

In all, the temple has 70 poses:
♥ 26 individual poses
♥ 20 animations for couples in love (40 poses)
♥ 2 hot animations (4 poses)
♥ Poses to meditate, eat, drink, relax and dating a lot.
♥ Prop sake, tea, wine, book, pad and love letter.

The Japanese stool has 16 poses.
♥ Prop drinks, birds, newspaper, coffee and guitar.
♥ Special Animation Tai Chi

♥ Menu controlled
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ SWAP functionality

Surprise your guests with multi-scene table: Tap the table to activate the menu that has 3 decorating options:
♥ Dinner with oriental spice
♥ Tea Set
♥ Incense for meditation and peace times.

The temple also comes with a Wind Chime that gently touches the sound of the wind. Control by menu – Mute, 1/2 and full sound.

Specifications and content:
♥ Temple: 15LI | 24 Prims | Mesh
♥ 2 Japanese banks: 2 LI and Prims | Mesh
♥ Garden: 5 LI | 10 Prims | Mesh
♥ Bamboo Pot: 3 LI and Prims | Mesh
♥ Wind Chime: 4 Prims | Sculpt

Chez Moi sushi !


Here is a closer peek at a couple of the rezzable’s, touch the table for sushi, you can chow down with this, or..

Chez Moi - tea service !

perhaps some traditional tea? Such a sweet little set and a lovely amount of detail – you don’t have to rez anything but they do add a dash of realism.

Chez Moi

Outside the temple you can also rez the two sweet stools, heaps of poses again, there is also a potted bamboo to place or dot around. If you pop over to the inworld store you can try it all out, and buy pieces separately or the whole shebang.

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi market place



Basic Fun Basic Freebies.

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Once again a bit of a reblog for these tops.  I was meandering SL as usual and came across this freebie from BB (Beetlebones) which I do remember blogging about last year but since they’re just as good as ever and Spring is definitely springing here they’re too good to miss.  What you get is actually a pretty BIG pack of excellent basic mesh tops in a variety of colours, pink, grey, brown etc all pastels and springy (it’s a word!).


Fun shot, I forgot I had these kites in my invent and since in RL I can’t fly a kite to save my life I had just a bit of fun.


This is one of the other tops available from Beetlebones in yet again a big pack of not only sizes but colours and patterns.  They’re good, well textured basic tops which every invent needs.  There’s a lovely mix of items in Beetlebones from clothes to hair and lots of cuddlies.

The skort and trainers come from another pack of freebies from Formis Designs.  2 big fat packs of shirts a simple short-sleeved version and a vest styled one.  Loads of sizes and colours and in the case of the vests, textures as well.  So handy for anyones invent.  The trainers were such a good fit I forgot to try to see if there was a resizer.  The reason I call the shorts “skorts” is that it’s a lovely design of mesh shorts with a panel over the front so it’s a skirt/short combo.  I spotted this little design element straight away a lovely little added touch.  I’m not showing you the top that comes with the skort and trainers not because it’s not nice but the main body of the skort is white and the top was very much a grey/white.  Perfect to wear with other shorts, jeans etc but it didn’t match the skort as well as the tops I wanted to show you.

You will have to go to the little Formis Design shop which is in a little shopping mall and at this moment there is a really good hunt going on.  Spring is back hunt is the name and you’re looking for little gnomes.  I’ve actually picked a few up but not had time to unpack, although I do know that 1 items is a pair of SLink shoes.  Most items seem to cost just 1Ld but I’m sure a couple were also free.

 Formis Design@Spring is back hunt.


Promotional offer

Stars Fashion complete outfit with boots 7 bag inc. 125L NEW!

Stars Fashion has released another bunch of sensaaational complete outfits. My favourite is “Launa” which is shown above. You get a natty belted top with attached camisole top, a split fronted skirt, plus the boots & bag all for just a promotional price of $125L for the next six days ! The boots are non slink btw , which is a refreshing change. Some of the other outfits do contain slink shoes/boots , so be sure to check the info on the outfit before purchasing carefully.

Stars Fashion

Perfect 10 keeps on coming

Perfect ten Michigans Shack Daybed

A new round of Perfect 10 is upon us and I’ve got a few goodies to share with you today. Michigans shack has this daybed out, it’s so nicely textured and the choices of colour range from the subtle as above, or more eye-popping colours. As is usual with their items, the menu is extensive and covers straight,gay,lesbian,femdom etc. At 13Li it’s not primtastic either.

Perfect ten Finishing Touches

One of my most favourite designers Finishing Touches is also in this round and have this really unusual “trundle-bed” for grabs. Whats a trundle-bed? Well its pretty nifty , above it looks like a daybed or couch and has poses for that (lots of poses!) – there are also frames, birdcage, chest,rugs and lamps for this set…however, with one click….


Perfect ten Finishing Touches Trundle bed

…the trundle-bed smoothly opens up – et voilà ! How cute is that?! More poses utilise the lower portion of the bed – love it. Super low prims too so you could afford to place a lot of this set out.

Perfect ten Finishing Touches Rocking Chair

There is also a rocking chair – you all know how I love these right? Heaps of poses and ever so well made – a keeper for me.

Perfect 10 

Sweet Dreams.(Freebie).

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Thanks to a group shout out (SL offers & Free) I picked up this sweet freebie from Sugar Button Boutique.  You do have to join the group but thats free and there are other GG’s to be picked up inc a pair of SLink high shoes which although they’re excellent they don’t go with this pink outfit.


It is what it is, a simple mesh dress with a lovely light floral pattern and that scrunchy bow and it’s shop quality sweetness at it’s best.

If you go to pick this up turn to the room on your right hand side and slap the MM board in there, not sure what the prize is but a lot of people want it and there are also some Lucky Chairs as well.

Sugar Button Boutique


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