Free like a Dove (Free Stuff n Stuff).

Free Dove is a place that has been in SL longer than anyone else I know and that inc me and Faith.  I know both Faith and I have done a post about it previously because this is such a good place to go as everything is FREE, clothes, skins, hair, shoes and now it had mesh as well as non mesh items and they’re FREE to all.

Lets be honest here not everything will make a hardened fashionistas heart sing but even I found some real nice goodies and just as good I had a fun time on my platform unpacking and trying stuff on then a quick TP to one of my fav sims a couple of snaps later a lovely way to spend a rainy day stuck indoors.


This dress is a gift from the shop called “1 Hundred” I have to say it’s been a while since I’ve popped into their mainshop so I might do that later today after doing the Hunt Faith has just done.  She seems to have had a lot of fun and for some reasons thinks the spooky prizes are right up my street.


And this dress is one from Sage.  TBH I picked up so much stuff from the boxes set out for us to hunt prizes I’m not really sure if these were just freebies or hunt items.  As it happens whilst I was LM grabbing I checked out the ages of the people there and there was so many people who were long-term SLers and not just noobs so it just shows we all love a bargain.

PS although everything is Free feel Free to make a donation if you feel like it.

Free Dove


Its a Nightmare for sure

Free hair, jewellery,complete outfit with shoes,eye patch

The Nightmare Event 2015 is open for business, not only a great shopping location for all things spooktacular but also a hunt. The hunt is fantastic, quite challenging at the end if you’re useless like moi. You grab a HUD at the start point and have to find and touch pumpkins – sounds easy huh? Wait till you get to the maze of doooooom ! I admit I scare quite easily and some of the stuff did actually make me jump – loved it from beginning to end, beautiful locations and well worth doing – IF you find all 25 pumpkins, you proceed to the shopping venue and go to the stores who have the hunt thingy outside. Touch it whilst wearing your full HUD et voila! You get giftssssss – twenty-five gifts in all (although two stores I couldn’t get the gift for some reason) Iam SO not going to show you everything , go and do it – but but but I had to show just a few things that I adored. The Plastik had this amazeballs stonking huge box of everyyyyything a their gift, seriously – dresses, tops,complete outfits,shoes,jewellery. The outfit above called Sanguine is fantastic, you even get shoes for Slink high feet with a colour change HUD. The eye-patch was from Quirky and has tons of colours for you to choose from via a HUD. Hair is from the Alice Project, massive pack of ALL shades, style as above all bloodied up and also another version with barbed wire around it.

Free hair, jewellery,mesh top, mesh pants, eyepatch,underarm cobwebs

Another mesh outfit from The Plastik (top and pants) and more jewellery from them also. Had to take this photo in this pose to show off my underarm cobwebs ! Brilliantly done and really effective, this was the gift from {aii}, you might also be able to make out my “Glasgow smile” tattoo in this shot, it was the gift from Nox.  (Its not alllll clothing for prize btw, I also got decor items.)

The Nightmare Event 2015

FML (Freebies).

I wonder how many of you will understand what the “FML” is? It stands for “F*ck my life” and I’ll put the link at the end of the site where you can not only read about how others days have gone completely T*Ts up and maybe like me add your own “FML” comment.

So instead of raiding the fridge I came inworld and took some piccies.


Rebel Hope sent out a message for a new Gift set out for everyone and not just group members.  When you rezz turn around and it’s right there on the board just waiting for you to buy it for 0Lds.


Ooodles of colour packs and then more FML because SL crashed on me!  It’s been several months since SL crashed on me so once I’ve gotten some work done I’m going to spend the rest of the day in bed with a pile of books, Pinterest, kitties and munchies and I’m going to wait for the bad karma to pass.

And that’s it, shortest post evar!

Rebel Hope Designs

FML website, I promise you it’s hysterical.

1Lds of Scariness.

I have the feeling that the sim I took these pictures on at Halloween will be PACKED!  This is the Everwinter sim owned by Laura Bentham who also owns a shop called Bentham Manor and 2 beautiful beachy rental sims which both Faith and I use a lot and in fact for a few weeks I even rented one of the lovely beach cabins.   Sadly for me no rentals on this sim as can you imagine how creepy/freaky/fun it would be to live here?  The time and imagination (and money) she has used to create this sim for us to all come and us is outstanding.  I may have edited the pictures somewhat but the windlight setting is perfect as it is.

I’ve also put the LM for her mainshop so you can treat yourself and your home to not only something spooky like the little ghost girl or giant scary pumpkin monsters but there is also ethereal fantasy lights and decor items.


The outfit I’m showing you is a little find off a Marketplace shop called Badoura Design and only cost me 1Lds.  Called “Bloody Mary” and she comes with standard mesh sizes for the dress, all those tattoo blood splatters and a knife that sticks out of your chest.

Since I didn’t have much time I just grabbed this and ran but I might check out the Marketplace to see what other sort of Halloweeny Freebies are out.


As it happens the torch I’m using is sent to you at the same time as the Everywinter LM and rules and it’s pretty effective.

Special mention to the hair because believe it or not it’s a Mina hair and yes that’s blood on it.  Called Jezebeth and for a change I’m going to put the link to Mina’s Marketplace shop, tbh I can’t get back inworld to check out if this is in her mainshop.  The link is for the demo version but you can buy the full version from the Marketplace or of course see if you can get it in her main inworld shop.

Badoura Design

Mina’s Marketplace

Everwinter Sim

Bentham Manor

Quiet time

cello saskia

I don’t get an awful lot of quiet time in SL, I’m usually dashing about snapping photos or , of course, flitting from one event to another . Today was a real treat I had a spare hour or so and managed to do what makes my heart smile – sit and play my cello. I’ve had this particular cello for some years , its by Sakisa – it was very inexpensive but the sound quality of the music is astonishingly clear and beautiful. Sakisa has moved to a much smaller location these days, and sadly no longer sells the sheet music I used to buy for my piano, BUT the cello and a few other assorted instruments are there for sale. I picked up a really cool harmonica for just 30L, animated and plays a tune ! My music stand was a great find, just 2 prims by EP & Co, at only $30L you’d be forgiven for thinking its pretty cheaply made – not so ! It’s totally beautiful and unique. Take a look around the sim while you’re there – its amazing, lots of things to do and a fantastic are to take some happy snaps.


EP & Co music stand

Lazy Mondays Freebie.

My Monday’s Kiss is this quirky Free hair.  Going to keep this short and sweet, sorta.


Popped over to Asteria Creations to check out a new design and spotted that they also have Group Gifts inside as well as the large amount outside.  Where you rezz you will see to the right is a large amount of Free to Join Group Gifts and to the left you will see a sign for all the discounted items and if you walk straight ahead into the mainshop there are even more Freebies inc this hair.  You will have to join the SL Frees % Offers group to grab it but the group joiner is right there.

See quick and sweet but I managed to have a quick look at the new designs and there is some really winter glam outfits in there so if you have some Lindens to spare and want some new clothes this is a good place to check out.

Asteria Creations


The Challenge goes Scandinavian

The Challenge - 22768 bauwerk

The theme for this months round of The Challenge is “Scandinavian” and the very first thing I saw was this set by 22769 bauwerk. It did make me chuckle ! I’ve been lured by “SLikea” soooo many times in the past, with its promised flat pack ease – no way no more!! There are several poses in this with you doing various tasks – such as giving up, confused etc – brilliant!

The Challenge - ht home

I really loved this lounging chair from [ht home] – two versions up for grabs – one in leather and the other fabric (which I’m showing above). The pillows have texture change which is a lovely touch and the poses are really top-notch.


22769 bauwerk

The Challenge blog

All clothing by Neve @ coldLogic