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Hurrah For The Weekend Sales!

Alyce 6

Yes its time for the sales once again – hope you’re ready to spend as there are some awesome offers this week. Say hello to my friend Alyce above – she’s wearing a nifty little dress that I found on the market place for just $1L by MeHoney (linked below) I’m wearing the Happy Weekend offer from Belle Époque “Catya”.

Happy Shopping ❤

MeHoney Molly Dress

30L Saturday

The Saturday Sale

Happy Weekend Sale


Miix Weekend

Evo Shop 60L



Energy Weekend Price

WOW Weekend

TMD Weekend Sale

Crafty Weekend Sale


$69L Hot Weekend Sale

7 Days Sale

Manly Weekend

99 Sale

60 Weekly Special

Wanderlust Weekend

SL Home Décor Sale

The Sales Room

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Cheap enough for me. (49Lds Low Prim Pumpkin Plants).

My RL garden is a bit like my SL one in that I’ve allowed a plant, in my case Nasturtiums, to run wild and it looks fab. So it’s not surprising I love these rambling Pumpkin plants for my SL garden.

You get three versions, plain, with yellow flowers and with pumpkins and each plant is only 1prim.

I’ve had these pumpkins a couple of years maybe, they’re one of those random finds because the “Reinas Little Shop only has a small greenhouse of plants while its bigger shop has some very adult toys. These do come with a price tag but only 49Lds and again for the quality and low prim so an ideal seasonal landscape plant.

The plants are not in the shop, turn around and you will see a small greenhouse with a small selection of plants and you will see this pumpkin for yourself.

The shop shares the same platform as the Leonas shop and there is a dollarbie of some metal staging/platform. If you want to wait then you can join the free group as there is a lucky chair prize of 50lds worth of shop credit.

PS…Cooee that’s me standing off in the distance and it looks like I’m looking at my hand.

Reinas Little Shop.

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Keepsies. (FREE 500ld Belle Epoque Shop Credit & Gifties & FLF Bouquet).

It’s true, Belle Epoque has set its group fee to “0” and has put out a generous 500Lds worth of shop credit.

And as you can see there are those excellent group gifts to the right so it doesn’t really get better or more generous.

This is shop credit so I can’t pass it on and will be forced (LOL) to spend it on myself.

There is a time limit which is till the 26th and I’m not sure if that’s the latest date to get the gift or to spend the gift.

I’m adding this update just to show off what I got and also mention that there is a couple of costumes for men.

This dress is what I decided to buy. I’m glad I did an invent search as I was almost going to buy something I already owned. I still have some credit left so I may return at a later date and see if I can add to it to buy another dress.

I also treat myself to an FLF offer which is the bouquet. I may not wear many wearables but I’m a sucker for bouquets and headdresses. This is from the Ariskea shop and I picked the more orangy colour. You not only get this wearable version which holds its pose as you walk you also get a decor version which I’ve not rezzed so I’m assuming it will be pretty low as the Ariskea shop doe stunning decor for low prims.

Belle Epoque.

FLF Pictues & LM’s.

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Free Gifts – Pop Of Colour @ Dubai

FREE Dress FREE Necklace

Ooo totally loving this dress from Ruxy ! Bright sunny yellow tone with a soft over sized collar and gems on the body (with a Hud for extra colours) The necklace is from Yasum – a real statement piece, there’s also a ring which I am not wearing atm.

Free decor pedal car 3Li

This is a real keeper for me – a static décor vintage car, just 3Li and from Thor. All the gifts (and there are loads) are at the landing point – no group join required.

Dubai Event

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Still working. (Freebie(s)).

You may spot I’m still wearing the t-shirt from my last post as it just so happens the pink shade out of the hud goes perfect with the new Coco Design floral skinny jeans.

It’s too summery for me as you can see I’m in full Autumn mode both in SL and RL…yeah I’ve shaken the moths out of my woollies and tomorrow I’m off to IKEA for meatballs and Tea lights. So once I’ve checked out S@bbia and Ricielli I’m going to spend more time relaxing and landscaping.

Coco Designs.

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Surprise! (Freebie & Mina Discounted Hair/Halloween Bloody Hair & Free Cute Hair).

Here I am mucking up our sim changing it to autumn colours so before I do any more damage, you should see the mess I’ve made of the river, I decided to take a break and just randomly TP and thats how I ended up at the Class B shop.

There is a free for all gift called “Dimche cloth” and I’ve had to edit this as I’ve returned to the shop and then I spotted there is an actual picture of the gift.

I say “basic” not as an insult as both the t-shirt and pants are good quality mesh and added to that you get a hud of great colours, can be worn separately and you get his ‘n’ her fits.

I can’t really tell you much more as “The Clang of Doom” rang out and so I just TP’d home. Undoubtedly by the time you log in it should be back up and running.

Special mention to Mina’s hair.

I decided to also TP over to Mina’s shop to check it out and it looks like I missed that this hair, Chiara, is her Saturday sale special offer and only 50Lds.

I wear this hair pretty often. It comes with a style hud and a big hud of colours etc so for that price it’s a bloody good bargain and speaking of bloody then if you do want bloody hair then you need to check out the room to your left as you go in as not only is that where you will find this Saturday offer but also some of Mina’s bloodied hair.

As always try the demos out first.

PS. If the Class B LM doesn’t take you right to the front door of the shop as I suspect the LM is set, then just turn around and close by you will see the larger grey builds and it’s just there.

PPS. I’ve just remembered that Mina has an Uber gift out for us and it’s one of her brand new hairs in a single colour which is super pretty.

I can’t help myself and here is a repost of the picture I used. Just so pretty! So get it now if you’ve not picked it up yet.

Class B.


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Time out. (Freebie(sss)).

I did come inworld for a bit yesterday and spent some time changing the landscaping on our sim. Then when I managed to screw up the texture of the river we have I decided it was time to take a break and head off to the Nutmeg shop where there is a new Group Gift.

A sweet mini bench and the wicker pot is not attached so you can put it anywhere.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t blog their last group gift so that’s going to be a surprise and if you’ve never been to the Nutmeg shop before then you’re in for a bigger surprise because in the area to the right as you go in is all of the previous gifts and there are some stunning pieces.