Lucky me (Free)

Karin FREE dress - mesh body sizes inc


I had a little something from Karin today! This dress is in her two stores luckyboards – no group to join either. If you visit both stores, the lucky boards often have different or different colours of the prizes – the initial changes often so it wont be long before you get your paws on a gift! Lovely to see Karin offering items in more mesh body sizes, plus of course the standard range.

Karin store 1

Karin store 2

Hair Truth (gacha not in store)

Tote Indyra

Catwa Jessica mesh head

Slink Physique mesh body


Pick my Strawberry NOW(Oodles of Freebies and Bargains).

I stumbled upon this fair “Pick my Strawberry” event and it should be over because the dates are 19th May to the 23rd May which seems such an awfully short time esp when so much has been put into the setting up of this fair.


Not only is it packed with small strawberries which from the few I’ve managed to grab are either Free or Dollarbies but everything is priced at 35Lds as though they were 35Ld Sunday offers.

OK this is a super fast post because as I said it really should have been over and packed away but everything is still here and as soon as I click “publish” I’m going to be grabbing all of the freebies and buying more of the discounts and I suggest if you want some, hopefully exc freebies and good quality 35Ld offers you should be quick as well.

UPDATE Cos Faith was tempted and she’s TPed over to this event.  The LM doesn’t take you right to the event but if you turn right, there is an arrow on the ground, you will find the pathway down into this event.

Pick my Strawberry

Set for the day, Freebie.

I was just thinking about popping over to S@bbia to check out for any new GG or Lucky Board items only to have a notice sent out that yes there is a new GG out for us, Kismet or what.  So I TPed over and snagged this.


A lovely off white/cream blouse it’s more creamy in this pic and more off white in SL.  Oddly enough you only get the 1 size and yet it fits not just my small AV size but I can see that chances are it will fit almost every AV size and it’s not even fitmesh!  As you can see in this picture the sleeve has an insert of lace texturing.  A really good and easy to wear blouse.


So I hopped on the pose ball behind the desk and this is me for the next hour or so or at least till I’ve worked though a whole load of notes and hopefully won the 2 new items on the Lucky Boards here.   A nice pair of flat shoes and a simple skirt both of which are good quality and perfect for your invent and even mine if I win them.

PS If you would like this blouse but in a different colour you can then of course splash out a bit of money, 100Lds, or I spotted that the skirt which is a LB win and will match not just this blouse but a lot of different tops is only 50Lds.  A nice simple versatile skirt which is even tempting me.


Promotion !

Easterling NEW!!!

Easterling have this stunning new frock for the warmer weather – comes with a HUD that includes forty-nine options on colour and pattern! At the moment its on promo for just $120L (market place for the promo ONLY) In the box are standard mesh sizes, Slink, Belleza, TMP,Venus, Maitreya and Freya. You’re all covered for mesh bodies ! Ohhhh btw, my tattoo is new , I don’t much get into tatts, but I saw this when I was out being random and snapped it up. It’s the “spring bird”, the colours are really fresh – like a watercolour, same design on the back also check out the Nanika store they have pretty thingsss!


HUD Easterling Lilou dress - 49 options!

As you can see, this little number will take you from day to-night, nip revealing to covered – brilliant offer.

Easterling Lilou dress offer market place

Easterling Store

Nanika market place

Overloaded. (freebies).

Awww another Happy Birthday and this time it’s The Instruments.  I can actually remember blogging the very first event and it’s come along way since there and so in celebration of its second birthday oodles of gifties for us all.

The dress and hat are gifts and the pretty box I’m carrying is one of the delivery packages I just used it and the pose it came with to take a quickie pic.


There are lots of bags which although they aren’t my thing as I don’t even remember to put on undies let alone accessories my look lol, however I am a decor nut and so of course I rezzed them and then prim checked to see if I could use them as decor items in my Boudoir and yup the ones I rezzed were only 1 prim and not lacking in any detail at all!  As soon as I got this dress I stopped unpacking and did my posing as it also means that when I rezz back inworld there is some nice surprises for me and of course since I’m not showing you everything some nice surprises for you as well.

This is a lovely well set out courtyard with stalls and everything is so easy to find but of course I checked out whats on sale and I picked up some wacky hair demos to try on soon and a few excellent potted plants for my home, not free, so you too may find something new to tempt you.

PS I think that when you rezz inworld you will be facing the wrong way.  So simple turn around and you can’t miss it.

The Instruments


Cactus Gacha @ Zinnias NEW!

Havent had any news from Zinnias for an age , so I was dead chuffed when a notecard came through about a new gacha & hunt item! Yes yes yes, a newwwww gacha full of prickly goodness. The rare win is the fantastical Greenhouse, low on prims high on shabby chic style. There are so many different cacti to win, superbly made and very detailed.

Cactus Gacha @ Zinnias NEW!!!

Closer look at the textures on the greenhouse, inside is as good as the outer shell. Perfect for your garden, fill it up with pots and trays and a sneaky lounger for your tea break.

Cactus gacha various NEW!

More peeking, theres a lovely tool set in the gacha also!

Free decor @ Zinnias! Hunt prize

If you dash over to The Cookie Jar, you should be in time to grab Zinnias gift for the Bring on Summer hunt. A beautiful Primavera Pussy Willow Vase. Its prettttty easy to find, details of the hunt instore. Psssst the chickens are also @ Zinnias – they are my fav chickens everrrr and just 1 solitary prim – thanks Zinnia❤


All for Free (Happy Birthday Tres Chic)

FREE dress (standard & mesh body sizes)

Looks like Zan has been keeping you well entertained whilst I’ve been off enjoying myself! I grabbed a few treats from Tres Chic before I went, so I thought Id share them with you today.

Its their third birthday and there’s some fantastic items in this round – plussss gifts for you to celebrate the occasion. I nabbed this elegant wrap dress from Black Rose, standard,fitted and mesh body sizes included, I totally adore it – brilliant fit and looks all soft and cuddly.


I also found this from Evani – gawd – at long last an overall and tank that truly fits my Slink Physique body! Tempted to go buy a couple more in diff colours – but for now this FREE set ticks all the boxes. The top is actually wholly wearable on its own, as is the overall – love it! The hair is also a free gift – its from Phoenix and you get a few mid to dark brown shades in the box – keeper for me for sure.

Tres Chic