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No freaking way. (Freebie).

I own this sweater in RL, charity shop find for £3 lol. It’s turned out to be as handy as this SL one will be.

It comes from Corvus and you do get two versions in the pack both the same colour/style but one has white designs on it and it’s ok but this plain one just made me smile.

They’ve managed to get a nice chunky feel to but you still have a bit of curve around the boobies and butt. I also found a lot of my chunky scarves were a great fit over it or of course you can wear the patterned version as well.

There are other gifts in the Corvus shop, I previously blogged the graphic t-shirts which are excellent. Also 4 lucky boards as well.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

It’s paid off.(Freebie & Mention of Bargain).

Finally my regular visit to S@bbia has paid off with a brand new group gift of these boots.

Perfecly seasonal and although I’m not a snake skin/animal print she is forgiven as yet again an excellent gift.

I will say that there is another new(ish) group gift of a dress which I haven’t blogged so thats another reason to head on over.

Then since I already had the SL marketplace shop open on my computer I decided to see if Jury Gothly puts any old gifts/freebies in there…she doesn’t but what she does have is for only 35Lds a pair of “suede booties”. They do only come in SLink med & Classic Av fit so pretty old however you can try the demo on. Even if the fits are old I think the quality will be as good now as then but check out the 5 colour palette, all autumnal. You don’t even have to risk the 35Lds as you can try the demo out first.

Then check the rest of her boots/shoes/flatties for sale in her shop/marketplace. I know that her “handmade” look to her clothing isn’t to everyones style but her boots/shoes and flatties are classic and make the perfect finishing touch to most outfits. TBH I wear almost nothing but S@bbia boots/shoes or a pair of cat flats that Faith won in a gacha and she passed them on to me.


S@bbia. (Marketplace).

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Fan-Tastic. (Freebie).

This really lovely top comes from a shop called “TASTIC” and it is. I spotted that there are 3 sets of gifts for both free or cheap groups. There are some over the reception desk, some at the bottom of the stairs and this one is to be found on the wall in the room to your left.

Just a lovely simple, peachy top and I’m so pleased with it. This is a SL Mesh Body group gift.

PS. I had another wander around the TASTIC shop which is how I found both the Lucky Boards as well as the Harmony Hunt prize…hint use the appropriate TP.


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Awkward. (Freebie).

This excellent top was a struggle for me to model because as hard as I tried I couldn’t find a pair of jeans, shorts or panties to wear with it. So in the end I’m using an awkward pose and the hint of pixelation as it’s really good and I’d hate for you to miss it because of my lack of undies lol.

It has a lovely pattern, tomato red, pert boobies, wrinkles and that sexy off the shoulder look which looks as good with your arms next to your body or stretched out.

This is in the Blink2Wink shop and is a “Mesh Body Friend” gift as well as a “Fab free” gift which is a sweater.

PS. The Blink2Wink shop shares the same shopping platform and I suspect the TP will take you inside the Starlight shop. If that happens run outside to the other end of the platform and the Blink2Wink is on your left….easy to find.



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Hand Sewn Freebie. (Freebie).

I love to hand sew for two reasons, my sewing machine scares me and it’s hard to listen to the TV when I’ve got a small motor running. This is why the first thing I spotted when I put on this dress is the dotted line at the neckline as it looks just like a simple tacking line.

This dress has a hint of retro to me esp that colour but if it’s not to your taste then there is a dark floral pattern as well.

I was at an event, which I will blog about probably tomorrow, and one of the stalls there is Emi’s Attic. The name was familiar so I did a quick TP to the main shop which is where I found this group gift. Then I ran out of SL time which is why I will check out the rest of the event tomorrow.

Emi’s Attic.

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Lets have a cuppa & a chat. (Mention of Freebie).

I actually cannot stand tea which is so “unbritish” of me. I wish I did as others seem to really enjoy it but I’m a coffee drinker and proud of it.

Faith has a drink dispenser which is just such a good wearable. I won’t go into to much details about it as really I wanna talk about the Mina hair I’m wearing as I got a bit of an update on it as well as mention of a freebie, if you want to miss the all the blab just scroll to the end.

This hair is called Senja and I did blog it when Uber had literally just opened it’s doors. I’m always excited when I get a hair that has something new about it and of course in this case it’s the lovely classy pearls worn on top of an equally classy hair. I did mention in the post that with the hud you get you can remove the strands one by one till you have no pearls and just a nice plain hair but what I didn’t mention because I didn’t spot it is that you can also resize the pearls by clicking on the loose bun, you can’t really see at this angle but it’s there lol. It’s rare for me to have any issues with hair fits from Mina so I didn’t look for a resizing menu.

As for the freebie, it’s a gift for the Uber event that Mina’s “has somewhere hidden in her shop. I’ve just seen the hint and now realise where is will be. The gift is the pearls, just not the hair. If Mina and I think she will have has included the style hud and the resizing option then you should be able to wear the pretty pearls with an exsisting hair you may have.

BTW have you seen the new non-Gacha’s called “Miepon” I did get a note about these new style of bargain givers and Mina now has 4 of them in her shop. Two of them are nice and “bloody” hairs so for those of you who love Halloween check those out. I’m going to check Seraphim to see if they have an idiot proof explaination of how these Miepon works but it’s lovely to see the bargains are coming back to SL.

Faiths Post.

Uber Blog, Hints & LM’s.

Mina’s Shop.

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It was a safe bet. (New Belle Epoque Gift(10Ld)).

Another quickie because of RL what can I say!

New gift from Belle Epoque (10Lds). Two fits, Maiteya & Legacy (as it happens the Maitreya top and the Legacy skirt are great fits on my SLink).

It’s a skirt and not pants as I initially thought. As alway, that skirt with a sweater out of your invent and the shirt teamed up with jeans I think will look great.

See ya’s later when RL lets me go.

Belle Epoque.