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Crush Free. (Freebie(s)).

I finally got to go to the Cosmopolitan Event as now it’s calmed down and it’s been worth the wait as check out this cute combo.

I hate it! I really do as it’s such a quality item in both the mesh, colour and texturing so how can I not keep it! So yeah another “keeper” to stuff in my invent.

BTW I’m not ignoring the other free dress on the easel on the other side of the entrance door. I zoomed in on it and it’s a black, sequined classy dress which would grace any invent but I decided to just go with the pink and leave that one as a nice surprise.


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Classic, Curvy Ebody Only. (Dollarbie).

This is a random find on the SL marketplace from a shop called Telsiope’s Courture (sic). I’d seen it a few times when delving into the deep dark hole of Marketplace Freebies and knew it was limited in fits but for 1Ld I finally decided to give it a go as I’m like a Magpie…I like shiny things.

Not disappointed with the sparkle at all. You really think you can see the beading/sequins on the top part and as you can see the colour continues down into the sheer body. You get 6 shades in the pack and I’ve cut off the lower half of the dress in the picture for obvious reasons but you can see the design in the sellers picture.

The only shame is the limited fit so if you’re an Ebody lover then buy, buy, buy if you’re not then still buy and give it a try.

I’m out of time so I can’t check the inworld LM is a valid one but I will be logging back in soon to check that out as well as any inworld freebies.

Telsiope’s Couture. (Marketplace).

Telsiope’s Couture. (Inworld).

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Perfect timing. (Freebie).

Where has this week gone? I can’t believe it’s Friday already!

It’s not been the best morning for freebie hunting till my very last stop which is the Saul shop. I do not know why I clicked that gift box on the hand behind me but I did and I scored this cropped fuzzy sweater and I now I can finally log off as it’s made me a happy little bunny and I can now get some RL work done.

Orange is my colour for sure and that light fuzzy effect is top quality. As you can see from the box this looks like it was a gift at a previous Uber event so you may have it or like me didn’t go to that event or missed it the first time around. Just buy it for 0Ld.

The Seul group is free to join. I’ve not had time to check the shop out for any group gifts so there may be more treasures to be had as I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged gifts from here before.


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Time to move. (Freebie & Mention of Freebie).

I’m not really moving my SL home but some of you may remember that not too long ago I upgraded to premium, just to give it a try, and of course one of the benefits of a premium account is you get a home and this is my home.

I think I’ve struck lucky with the location for sure. Since I won’t actually be moving in I think when I have the time I will decorate and then set to the door to allow anyone in and see if I can set up a sign or something to say all are welcome. I may even rummage in my invent to see if there are any items of furniture that have an adult menu.

Now for the freebie.

This oversized hoodie is a “classic” so I wasn’t sure if I had blogged it but as it’s an Arti’s Fashion Christmas gift I may have blogged something similar but not this. It’s quality as well, I love the colour and it comes in a LOT of mesh fits.

As for the mention of freebies. When I was looking for hair to compliment the hoodie I found this old beanie from Dura and sorry it’s not a gift anymore which is such a shame considering it’s from 2015 it has stood the test of time. There are 3 gifts in the Dura shop and I do remember showing you one of them. There was also a hair piece pack, just fringes, for adding to hats/hoods that you may have and want to have some hair peeking out.

Arti’s Fashion.


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Brainwave. (Freebie).

I will say that in my inworld attempts to find a freebie I visited a lot of shops I’ve not been to for a while so that was fun but sadly not too productive for freebies and then I remembered it had been a while since I’d last checked my “received” folder and among all the stuff I’ve randomly picked up from the marketplace is this beauty.

This top and skirt set has a surprisingly good shine to it, so much so I TP’d to a few different sims to see if the windlight was the reason and nope it’s shiny like Christmas wrapping paper.

BTW Don’t dismiss it because it’s very Christmassy red, team that skirt up with a lovely brown jumper and the top with some good basic jeans which calms down that wrapping paper look but peps up a plain look as know what I mean lol.

This came off the Beauty Factory Marketplace shop and I know there is an inworld shop as I’ve logged out leaving my AV stood there so when I get time to log back inworld I can check it out.

Beauty Factory. (Marketplace).

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Let me explain. (Freebie Lelutka EvoX Skin (head only).

Sorry I’ve been so lapsed in finding freebies. I finally decided I had to get my head around Bom and the Kaya Evo X Mesh head from Lelutka. I’ve watched so many tutorials on youtube and they just seem to open the box put the head on and tweak a little bit and voila they’re gorgeous. I put a mesh head on and look either like a potato or someone who has lost a fight with a baseball bat! Even using the inc body shapes they just make it worse…..anyhow I put in the work with a lot of tweaking and finally got what I think is a perfect mesh head shape for me. The next amount of time-wasting was the hunt for a skin because we all know that the head shape is the bare bones and once you dress it up with skin it can make all the difference for good or bad. So I went from skin shop to skin shop trying on so many demo’s as for once my beloved brand of Pumec just didn’t look as good as I would have expected. I’ve finally found the perfect skin and it’s from the YS&YS (your shape your style) shop. Comes with a price tag of course but worth it…oh and yes it’s the “demo” body skin with freckles that I’m wearing in this picture.

So I’d fully intended on buying it when I first logged in only to find that Boataom has a fantastic free Lelutka EvoX skin for us. That means just the head of course.

It goes without saying that you will NOT look like I do in this picture! Not only have I tweaked my mesh head to suit my taste but the photo has been edited etc. However, this is a QUALITY fatpack of head skin and if you like me have a Lelutka EvoX head go get it now as I don’t know how much longer it will be a free group.

PS. I’m still buying the YS&YS skin for head/body and then the freckles from Izzies and then PACKING IT ALL AWAY!!! I’m going back to my original Lelutka and Pumec body lol. I’m just happier with my “old” look and at least I know I have the updated stuff tucked away so I can ease myself into the change when I’m ready which may be tomorrow, next week or never but will have to see.


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Maybe today. (10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

I can only show you the shorts as the bodysuit that comes with them is BOM only. It’s a shame really as the transparent bodysuit does make all the difference to this outfit however the shorts alone are quality and worth the 10Lds TeleportHub price tag.

As it happens not being able to wear the bodysuit does allow me to use one of the new boobie covering pose I bought.

To find this gift in the Believe shop you have to head to the back room and it is on the left-hand wall. There are a lot of Believe gifts as well and thats a paid for group.