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Fail-safe. (Freebie).

Why have I not visited the Hilly Haalan shop in forever! It should be on my monthly visit list, so here is this month’s gift.

A perfect party dress comes in lots of fits as well as shoes. So many different fits as well as material/non-material options.

Yup, that’s all folks lol.

Hilly Haalan.

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Going skiing. (Freebie, Marketplace).

Snow is actually forecasted for where I live, let’s hope it’s nothing more than a few sprinkles as my boots are rubbish.

Just a fun outfit from the Marketplace and sorry it doesn’t include the skis I did use my own snow boots, not the ones which are included and since the gloves weren’t bento they had to go as well.

What you can’t see is that the face cover comes with a wintery breath blowing through it and its a pretty good effect. You can mix and match everything and a lot of different sizes so there is a combo for all sexes and shapes.

BTW for some reason the folder sent to me was empty and since I really wanted it I logged back into the Almut Brunswick shop and had it resent and it did turn up.

I’ve had a bit more time so I’ve added the inworld shop LM, don’t think this gift is in the shop and it’s small but if you’re into a proper motorcycling look for both men and women then this is the place to get the outfit from.

Almut Brunswick. (Marketplace).

Almut Brunswick. (Inworld).

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I’m such a loser lol. (Freebies).

I’m struggling, this house or another house..RL problems lol.

Since I can’t make up my tiny little mind which house I’m gonna use I decided to check out a few Advent calendars and of course, S@bbia as it is usually the start of the month that a new freebie is put out but I was a bit early.

I did notice on the wall to your right that after many years a couple of the very old gifts have been replaced with some of the newer/old group gifts.

So you may recognise this little blouse, skirt and shoe set. I’ve managed to take a picture from behind so you can now see the nice bow at the back.

I recognise the first dress but this one? Not too sure if this was ever a group gift so NEW, maybe. A very seasonal knitted dress and scarf. There is one more “newer” gift of a blue dress which is chunky around the shoulders so make sure to keep the scarf as it comes in very handy lol.

So remember NOT the usual gift boards, these are on the wall to your right as you go into the shop.

PS. I may have to grab Faith and get her to choose which house I use lol.


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Broken. (Freebie(s)).

The freebie is the umbrella.

A random TP took me back to the Butanik83 shop. I remember blogging the freebies previously but I’m 99% sure there are some new things added to the table as if I’d seen this broken umbrella I would have 100% blogged it and kept it. Faith has a musical instrument addiction I have umbrellas, bicycles, aprons, trays etc addictions and don’t even get me started on homes and pools! So I know I would have definitely grabbed this to show you.

This is an interesting shop with unique wearables. The freebies are on a small table which is easy to find.

I have to work now, I don’t wanna but my cats need food and my bills need paying so I will leave you with this and see ya’s later.


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Fun fits. (Freebie(s)).

The Apricot Paws shop provides clothes and accessories mainly for the alternative shapes in SL such as furries. Sometimes though these shops can have hidden treasures for us “standards” and this blouse is a prime example of it.

This is the copy I’ve had in my invent from the first time I blogged it as it’s just so good. You get a more cropped version as well as a hud just for the tie. Lots of normal fits as well.

I had to pull a basic pose as these shorts didn’t come in a Legacy fit and the Maitreya was ok just not as good as I’d have hoped.

A very “Beetlejuice” theme to this look. The interesting bit is I’m still wearing the “stand-alone” shorts but you can add the leg parts on as well. Excellent texturing with a leather feel to them.

Just for fun these wearable “Chompy Warmers”

To find these and other gifts then head to the back of the shop BUT veer right and check out a coat for sale. I’ve had a demo of that coat in my invent for as long as I’ve had that purple blouse. It’s just a fab coat, fits of all sizes, reasonably priced etc so make sure to check that and the whole shop out.

PS. On the floor near the wall of group, gifts are a couple of boxes which contain older gifts. So far what I’ve unpacked has been interesting but unwearable for me. Still fun to unpack and work your way through.

Apricot Paws.

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Holy Cow. (Freebie(s)).

I went to Paper.Sparrow to check out their 25Ld fluffy slippers, in fact, there are a few things in this week’s 25Ld list that I’m tempted to buy and if I do I will show them to you in my next post.

At first glance, I wasn’t expecting much other than a “classic” SL design so I didn’t even bother to take off what I was wearing and just popped this on top and I LOVE IT! I’m not a cow person but for some reason, this one just tickled me.

Now for the PAY ATTENTION! To find these gifts they’re upstairs in the Paper.Sparrow gift room. These are on the wall between the 2 vending machines. The only thing is that this dress is for the MLM frees and offer group which does cost 5Lds but I just clicked and got it without being in the group. It was the same with the other gifts so its looks like they’ve possibly not been set to the group members only yet. If I had paid the 5Lds to join the MLM group I’d still have been very happy. Plus if cows aren’t your thing then there is a Christmas Lama which is also adorable.



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Surprise it’s Monday. (Freebie(s)).

There are two main surprises, one being this isn’t a Black Fri or even a Cyber Mon gift and I’ve also left more outfits for you to discover.

I’m not too happy with this picture, I did end up giving it a boost in editing mainly to hide the boring backdrop, going to be trashing that. All I can say is it’s Monday and I have a feeling it’s going to be a three-coffee morning as I don’t have any “oomph”. So I’m happy to bring you this really good outfit and leave the rest of the gifts as a surprise and now I can log off and get that much-needed third cup of coffee.

PS. One of the dresses called Brenda comes with a with it as it makes it either shinier or one of them makes it blacker.

PPS. A couple of mens gifts as well.