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Original Flower. (Freebie).

Looks like chunks of SL won’t rezz for me, I’m not looking at lumps of grey rather things like the demo signs, shelves etc won’t rezz. Normally TPing in and out simply resolves it but “not today Satan” lol.

From the demo’s I picked up from the MIIX event I’ve found 2 new shops for me to look at. Ruxy is one of them and this gift is at the back of the shop.

It really is nice, with a great drapey look and sexy side split. With a lot of mesh fits and 2 pattern options, this “original flower” and a bolder red called “original red” which is not very “original” lol.

Now SL decides to rezz properly lol. I always log out to do a post and then log back in to double-check the details and LM and this time I spotted that there are in fact 3 gifts at the back of the Ruxy shop and tbh the other dress is more my style so I would have shown you that one.


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I’m holding the clue. (500Ld Shop Credit for 20Ld).

There is another big birthday going on and that is the Blueberry shop is celebrating its 9th year in SL.

Which means pressies for us in the form of 500Lds worth of shop credit.

I logged in and quickly joined the group which is only 20Ld and I truly appreciate the fact that you don’t need to fight the pink fluffy crows at the Blueberry shop to get it, just scroll down the group notices and it’s in there.

There is a time limit for this gift and althoug I’m useless at putting group lists you should be able to find the Blueberry group in search or use something you already own to get the details for the group.

PS. It’s a blueberry waffle I’m holding.


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Home Sweet Home.(Freebie).

It’s time for me to stop TPing to and fro and time to start unpacking and sorting.

Since I can’t do anything till I’ve done a freebie, here it is.

It is a linked outfit and you do get a hud of 8 patterns/colours which also allows you to change both the top and shorts as separates. Most unusually for me I’m loving this busy black and white pattern. Hashtag shopping sim

This outfit comes from the Safyra’s shop. The shop group does cost 10Lds to join and there is a wall of gifts inc a nice little grey short/shirt PJ set(?) which I was tempted to join and grab it so I could show something and then I spotted on one of the glass partician walls this “inside your inventory” group gift and that is free to join. I was so quick in and out LM grabbing there may have been another gift for another free group but I missed it.

PS. I forgot that it also comes with a pom pom choker.


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I’m mad. (Freebie).

Only a few weeks ago I took advantage of one of the regular discount offers and picked up a Kawaii hair with strawberries accessories and I so badly wanted to wear it with this free strawberry dress, but as with so many things that I buy my invent has swallowed it up. I did find this wind blown hair which I forgot I had so that was a bonus. Once I’ve done some RL stuff I’m going to put a rubbish horror movie on TV and log in and have a good sort through of my hairs which is how I like to relax.

Till then I will leave you with the details of this dress, it’s from a shop called “Oh Yes” which is exactly what I thought when I put it on. You get a hud with 6 strawberry patterns on it and although I wasn’t keen on the black one they’re really good patterns.

BTW can you see the faint bubbles floating around me? Yup thats the “bubble and water” emitter I mentioned in my last post. Thanks to Faith checking I’ve updated the broken link.


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I took a chance. (5Ld Hair & Sale & Mention of Freebie).

How cute is this hair and I can’t believe it’s only 5Lds.

This hair is called “Mono” and it’s only available on the EMO-tion’s marketplace shop. I do know this shop well as yet again one of my “fav” hairs comes from here.

Honestly, I think this hair just looks so nice on me and even though I hate trying to get backshots of hair I managed to do it as I really wanted to show off the lovely messy hair bun.

If you do check it out you will probably think it’s the wrong link as this hair comes with some very steampunk accessories such as a top hat and monacle. It was a happy suprise that those accessories are add-ons which means you can wear this hair with or without them and wear them with other hairs you may have.

I also picked up the “Bianka” hat hair with a nice summery hat. I can’t remember how many colour options you get in the hud, I believe it was 3 for the hat, 3 for the hat band and yes 3 for the flowers. I haven’t as yet bought the Medusa hair which I will be as we all need snake infested hair in our invents. All of those are just 5Lds each.

The next stop was to pop to the inworld shop and I totally recommend that you do that. There is a big sale on with the fat packs I think it varies between 199 and 299Lds. There are a few gifts which does inc an afro as well as updated hairbase and some jewelery.

The EMO-tion range is very braided, afro, beaded and scarf led, some stunning styles for the “Queens” of SL. The hair I’m thinking of buying is just a hair base with a long simple plait down the back and a big fat bow, my reasoning is that it will be a perfect “hat hair” so when I can log back inworld I’m going to pop the demo back on and try on a few hats.

PS. I will mention the small “dot” in the picture. You get hair bases, Catwa, Lelutka and Omega and it didn’t really work too well. There was quite a white line down the parting, so I alpha’d out my head, which is a function in I assume all mesh head huds and it worked apart from that small dot. Honestly it is nothing and its only because there is no demo for you to try that I’m even mentioning it.

EMO-tions. (Marketplace).


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The sun is out and so am I. (Freebie).

I’m just taking a RL break and spotted this gift jacket in my notices.

Excellent attention to details, from the zips, pockets on the front and back then you have the cut outs on the shoulders. There is also a male version which I think I will return to pick up as I do have a male AV, which I never bother with but it’s handy to have some decent clothing if I ever get around to using him.

To get the gifts you will find them at the NeoJapan Event but they’re on the Gabrielle stall. I had a bit of trouble with things rezzing so I don’t think this is one of those event with a gift on every stall. I will be returning to the event later just to see whats on sale as it’s usually got some very interesting and new designs.

PS. Sorry I don’t have the Gabriel inworld LM to give you but make sure to check the main shop out. It has been blogged as not only do you have some freebies at the main entrance, usually at the top of the stairs, but most of you will know that if you turn..emm left…then down the end of the shop is a LOT of dollarbies for mainly him with some for her.

NeoJapan Event.

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The look of love. (Freebie).

This freebie cardie/top combo looks pretty familiar esp the cardie so this is probably a reblog but just in case it’s not here it is.

Each can be worn as seperates and each come with it’s own hud of colours and can be worn as seperates.

If you’re wondering about my little friend. I have a fat pack of bunnies which I bought from HPMD, so sorry not free, and in this pack you have a whole selection of both static and animesh bunnies and a couple of wearables. These bunnies are beyond adorable! The way they twitch their little noes, move their ears and hop are just so realistic they’re facinating to watch.

Mow. (It’s the gift on the desk).