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CoffeeApart from SL coffee is my only addiction and like most addicts I keep my supplies close to hand so to get something like this for my SL addiction is super cute and super cheap at 29Lds BUT if your quick and pop to the in world shop Laurent83 Waco, owner of Follow Us Designs has set a certain amount out for sale at only 10Lds for group members.


This is the Subscription Freebie.

I love shops like this where when you first walk in it seems so small which is a shame because what you see you like but as you continue walking through the shop it just gets bigger and bigger and is packed with such bargains.  Now at first a lot of things seem to be high primmed but thats because everything has been accessories to perfection which means you can get a whole look in one box.  At this moment I’m sat at one of his dining tables and it is 35Prims but it is groaning under a dinner set, linens, food, coffee set etc and it looks great you just wouldn’t need to shop else where to set your table up.  Same as shelves, perfectly accessorised  with ornaments, books etc

NuggestsThis is the Group Gift Freebie (Free to join)

MirrorJust to show you how I couldn’t resist the bargains I ended up buying all of the above is one go.  The mirrow comes in a rezzer and it rezzes the mirror, shoes and dress.  The travel trunk comes with poses inc an ipad one, the mirror doesn’t have any poses.

Special mention has to be to the fact that a lot of items are “tweaked” to suit either male or female AVs so for example a coffee table for a woman has some make up on it and a purple fan whilst the male one has a baseball bat and an Ipod amongst other things.  It’s this attention to details which makes all this furnishings stand out.

Be warned the MP shop is packed with his goodies and I can’t bring myself to look at it because there is more I want.

Follow US (MP)

Follow Us (inworld)

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A few of my fav things.

I already have this same dress but in another gorgeous texture and I loved it so much that when Pure put this rose patterned one out I snagged it up.  What makes it extra special is hidden behind me but since I can’t find the photo in my media folder then if you check out my Flickr link what you see is the big fat juicy bow at the back.  With deep folds and rich colouring  these are just so divine and the icing on the cake is that this is Pure’s 60Lds weekend offer so grab it quick.


And then I realised that in this photo is some of the items I really lovely in SL.  The Absinth set and table comes from Post. At this rate both Faith and I will own everything Post puts out. This comes from Van Auster’s profile “European, Historical, Japanese, Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco, Bohemian, Churches, Venetian Palazzo,Distressed Buildings, Curios, Antiques, Found Objects, Ennui, Ex-pat” and all I can say is you have to visit to get to see the real quality in his builds. Then there is the rich and elegant Mesh long gloves.  200Lds for a single colour or 400Ld for a fat pack and they’re just such a fantastic look they really finish off an outfit.  dress

Yeah for me as I had lost this photo and I so wanted you to see the bow from behind and I’ve managed to recover it and reload it and it’s so worth it.

Just a note about updating your SL Viewer. I finally bit the bullet and uninstalled Firefox and updated to the newer version and fingers crossed so far so good. I’ll pop a couple of Links below to help you if like me you have been avoiding the inevitable.

Pure (dress)



Firestorm Viewer help

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What timing, I was just about to pop back to another of my Fav shops in SL and check out their new stuff, with fingers crossed, when a note is sent out with my favourite word “SALE” going on at Paradisis.   TBH since I already own a whole wardrobe if their clothes already there wasn’t much that I didn’t already own but of course everyone can squeeze a new set of undies into their invent especially when the prices have been slashed.


First temptation is this sweet/sexy bra and panties set called Ma cherie.  Comes in all layers and a camisole top option.  Lovely texturing from the creases in the knicker elastic to the laced up front.  So cheap at 40Lds


Lola alert.  This one is called Blossom and not only did the 45Ld price tag make it irresistible but it’s not only all layers and stockings but Lola Tango ready but again looks equally as sweet without Lolas.  For those who don’t like or can’t use mesh then Paradisis is perfect for you because as far as I can tell apart from the shoes do not stock mesh clothes and trust me as a Mesh Head myself their clothes do not lack for that because they have managed to make sculpted attachments for their clothes that are so smooth and well blended in you wouldn’t believe they were sculpties.  Lots of lovely undies and some subtle naughty clothes.  Apart from the great sale going on they still have shelves out packed with cute little shabby chic bags with free goodies in them for you to grab.

Hair Dura

Close up of the hair I’m wearing in the second photo because it’s a Group Gift (free to join) AND in celebration of Dura’s 3rd year in SL.   know I go on about all my “Fav” shops but yes just like RL in SL there are shops you know you will always find great stuff and Dura is one of them.  A hair shop packed with mens, women and a whole lot of unisexed hairs.  Very unique and individual styling.  Even though I grabbed the freebie I still bought 2 other hairs as I just can’t resist and if you look closely the hair in the first photo is also one of theirs.  I wear Dura hair so often it appears in a lot of my photos.  Affordable at between 100-130lds but that is for a single colour fat packs are available.  Nice to see that this group gift hair actually comes with quite a lot of colour choices, a total of 14 from  Irish Cream to Platinum) as well so it give you a chance to try them out at your leisure



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Its all about Art really

red morning - the grey november  gallery - Rodriguez Munro

I was looking for a rainy spot in Second Life to take some photos and I came across a gallery…yeah I know right? Few and far between these days in world. I was curious and wandered inside, and I found some utterly gorgeous original art work. The gallery is called “grey november” and it’s a real treat if you like some added realism on your artwork. All the pieces are made from real life photographs that the artist Rodriguez Munro has taken around his home town. Then they have been worked on, and had special effects added such as gently moving fog, slow swirling mist, rain etc. Of course I’ve seen animated photos in Second Life many times before, but this is different. Its subtle, you don’t look at it and the effects assault your eyes , the effects draw you into the landscape gently…its really beautifully done. I bought the framed print you see above “red morning”…and its hanging in my SL lounge. I keep finding myself staring at it, it’s very relaxing actually .

This photo was inspired by a poem “in the mists” written by H. Hesse :

Wondrous to wander through mists! Parted are bush and stone: None to the other exists, Each stands alone.

Many my friends came calling then, when I lived in the light; Now that the fogs are falling, None is in sight.

Truly, only the sages Fathom the darkness to fall, Which, as silent as cages, Separates all.

Strange to walk in the mists! Life has to solitude grown. None for the other exists: Each is alone.

Pay a visit and see the photos for yourself, its a lovely place .

grey november gallery

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Shadow Boxing

Cobblestone stars on a stick FREE! Potpourri Designs shadow box coffee table and wall box FREE!

When I was at the Old Europe starfish hunt the other day, I did pick up a couple of adorables for my home . Cobblestone has this set of two “stars on a stick”, which are brilliant for scattering around on shelves etc…and a new to me store Potpourri Designs, had a gift of this wall hanging shadown box and a coffee shadow box. Both pieces are on theme for the hunt and have shells and starfish inside…pretty! Dont forget all prizes are zero Lindens, so get your hunting goggles on and go join the fun.

Old Europe Starfish Hunt

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Swirls & Leather go together.

Pink Cherry NEW!

In the last few days I’ve had some totally fantastic new releases to peek at from PinkCherry…the sort of styling that makes my heart go pittypatter! First up is this darling jumpsuit…when I saw the name “jumpsuit” I was thinking to those 1980’s tight-fitting type…but oh no…its more fluid….flowy….and SO pretty as above ! Lots of colours to choose from, I really liked this rich chocolate brown with gold swirrrrrrrl .

Pink Cherry White Leather NEW!

Yesterday, moments before I was about to post about the jumpsuit another new release dropped into my paws called “Saatchi”…oh oh OH! Leatherrrrrr…..diamonte studs…..”squeee”, again quite a few colours in this. I’m still fascinated by all things white at the moment…so I chose this delicious silvery white version to show you. Check out the back view when you go over to the store, its different and gives this little dress a hefty dash of o.O appeal!


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Hunting down the starfish

LMD Old Europe starfish hunt romper suit - FREE!

I noticed that The Old Europe sim had an event on and a hunt…decided to head over and see what was going on…plenty to see and do and oodles of new-to-me designers to take a look at. The starfish hunt was a blast! Pretty easy to find most of them (ie: if I can find them its simple dimple) My favourite gift was this cheerful little red patterned romper from Leri Miles Designs…easy to wear and SO summery ! All prizes are 0L…and range from clothing, to makeup, even decor. Go take a peek .

Old Europe