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Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no….(Freebies & Dollarbies & Cheapies & Hunt).

If Shi hadn’t sent me the note I don’t think I would have gone to the Avatar Fair Event and I’m glad she did as it has everything a Cheap B* could want, Freebies, Dollarbies and a Hunt.

This dress is the hunt prize no 10 and cost 1Lds. As soon as I put it on I knew I had to dust off a Mina veiled hat/hair that I rarely get to wear which is so old I’m not even sure it’s for sale anymore.

The dress is a bit dark but you can still make out the draped top, folds and at the waistline there are buttons. I just thought this will make a great Halloween Widow look but don’t worry as right next to the LM are the freebies for the Avatar Fair group which are more colourful and youthful.

I just had to check and although I couldn’t find this hat/hair in Mina’s shop it is for sale in the Marketplace shop. I was a bit surprised it was still a full priced item but then again it has lasted the test of time and if this is the style you want then it’s price doesn’t matter. Don’t worry you can still try the demo on before you make your mind up.

Avatar Fair Sales.

Mina’s (Marketplace Shop).

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I’ve got my smile back. (5Ld Hunt, Mention of Group Gifts & Freebie(ss)).

I worked out why in my last picture I had a rather blank face and it’s because I’d removed my Lelutka Hud so now I’m back to my pretty animated self.

The dress and headdress are 2 out of the 5 hunt prizes from Entice. I think the hunt is called “The Enchanted Hunt” and each item is only 5Lds.

The LM should take you to where you can see the poster of the prizes, get a hunt hint and I do believe a demo to try…..yes you can get the demo’s to try as I checked when I was LM grabbing. I didn’t bother getting the demo’s as I suspected the dress would come in a SLink HG fit.

As you’re wandering around the Entice shop looking for the hidden fairies you will ineviably find yourself in the area where the entice group gifts, lucky boards, mini mania, discount etc stuff are.

Then join the Entice, free, group and grab the latest notice as well because there is a lot going on with the Entice brand and some tasty gifts….I may even reblog one of them.

Entice. (Why is this happening lol.)

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Uno Dos Tres. (Dollarbie(s)).

This is a lazy post as I have blogged the N-Uno marketplace shop in the past, a couple of times probably, so I already knew what to expect when I picked up some of the Dollarbies.

There are a total of 121 Dollarbies, a lot of them are the same item just in different colours. This dollarbie outfit I’m wearing consists of the jeans, sleeveless shirt and there is also an over the shoulder sweater.

They do come in the old fits, ie xs,s,m,l etc and I’ve found the s fit was perfect for me. Even though they’re cheap you can try the demo out if you want.

If you want to check out the inworld shop then use my link and not the one from the MP. There are group gifts in the N-Uno shop which is a paid for group and at a glance I suspect it’s maybe Maitrya only but please check. Also where you land is a TP which takes you to another N-Uno shop and I believe there are group gifts in there as well.

N-Uno (Marketplace).

N-Uno. Shop 1

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We/I Love RP. (Freebies, Dollarbies, Cheapies).2

I love the “We love Roleplay” event as I often find at this event or shops which lean more towards RP/Gor/Medival often have items of clothing or decor which will make a great feature in any home.

I don’t have a clue how many years this event has run for but it’s been several years now and we all know anniversaries means PRESSIES for all.

As usual a whole mix of items from clothing to decor and as you can see from the title, some are free, some a mere 1Ld and some 10Lds. The ones with a price tag also have a picture to show you what the gift is.

This dress is from the “Silvian Moon Design” stand and I’m pretty sure it was free. A full length gown which to me has a mix of medival gown and Indian sari with the colours and patterns used. The addition of the flexi on the arms is such a nice touch and you can’t really see it in the picture but those flexi bits are also patterned it’s just an example of the quality that has been put into this gown.

I also picked up a medival hat which I was suprised was free as it’s such good quality but I just though that this Mina’s plaited hair suited the outfit better.

So a lot of a mix of things, I’ve got some poses, a flute to play, decor and a couple of outfits.

BTW have you noticed these boards?

You may miss that these posters dotted around the event give you the Landmarks for some of the biggest RP sims. I have never done any RPing as I’ve just not had the time to emerse myself into the gameplay but I can imagine that they can be great places to meet people and have something/somewhere to go in SL. I don’t think all of these LM’s are for Gor, Medival etc as I spotted the poster for a RP sim called Scarlet Ridge which is a “A modern supernatural roleplay experience” and thats going to be my next place to visit.

As it happens as I was wandering around this event there was a male AV astide a magnificent horse and he was in full, I think, medival clothing and he looked amazing. You have to admire when someone has spent time and money to create the SL persona they want to live.

PS. You click on the RP sim poster and buy the landmark for 0Lds.

We Love Roleplay.

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Stepping out. (Freebie(ss)).

In an attempt to stop being such a lard ass I’ve been trying to walk 10.000 steps a day so as soon as I click “publish” I’m off out. Till then a couple of freebies from a shop called Dreams.

The top is a nice fine mesh one, with a mere hint of boobs and a nice hud really good colours. The skirt is not really a good match for the top but I just wanted to show you it so picture that top and skirt with other items out of your invent.

I almost TP’d out of the Dream shop as I thought it was a mens wears shop and it was only because I noticed out of the corner of my eye some womens wear and a bunch of VIP gifts and gifts for other free groups.

BTW you will see a stand in the main entrance covered in balloon/gift boxes, ignore them sadly that generous offer is now over.

Dreams. (Turn left and the GG’s are on the wall).

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44 days and counting. (Dollarbies).

I have a much needed mini seaside break booked so that means I’ve got 44 days to turn my RL beached whale body into a beach babe body. TBH I’d just settle for less flabby is the best I can hope for lol.

Some of you will recognise these shorts and top so it’s a reblog and a worthy one. I already own both the shorts sets as they’re such good quality they’re “keepers” and although I’m not into sloganed clothing I do love the ones used by Nerdy Girl. Each outfit comes with a hud of colour/patterns and even though they’re only 1Ld each you can try the demo’s out first.

BTW I’ve logged out now and I can see that the MP shop says there is an inworld shop but I’ve not checked that out.

Nerdy Girl.

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My fav colour, beige.(Dollarbie).UPDATED & Freebie.

The dollarbie is just these boots, the other photos are my showing off.

These are one of the gifts from the “Orsey event”. You may recognise this event as I have shown you the previous gift if you don’t remember then these boots and a sporty undies(?) set are to be found at the top of the staircase.

As for this whole outfit it’s lucky that it matches the boots as I’m a bit short on time. I’m really just showing you my “OOTD”. I have blogged both the pants and top previously so you may already have them but I will when I log back in check to see if they’re still freebies and add an “update” to this post.

Last piccie is for Faith..Thank You.

UPDATE: YASSS! I thought they still were but I’d wanted to make sure that the pants are still a freebie and they are.

You really will have them already but for anyone new or missed that post head on over to Evie and you will find these on the wall over the desk and also in the back room with other group gifts and lucky boards. These “capri” pants are just top shop quality, you get a big hud of 18 jean colours, 12 leather colours and colour options for the pocket on the pants. Just such a great gift.

As for the top I now remember it was one of my rare purchase which I did buy when it was on a special offer. I won’t tell you anything more about it as I’ve left my AV stood in the shop as I see there is a new group gift which is my next post sorted lol.