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There is a lot going on. (Freebies, Dollarbies, 50% Sale & Reblog(?)).

Since this post has a bit of everything I will try to break it down or you can just scroll to the end where I put the LM’s I will also put the concise details.


This is a reblog but for me after a miserable winter just seeing the first signs of spring in RL is warming me up and it also acted as a reminder of this little plant from the Kazza Marketplace shop.

This little plant pot looks bigger in the picture than it really is and is actually a pretty old gift. Amazing quality and detailing which shows how when somethings done right it can really stand the test of time. Only 1 prim as well!


Just like the little plant pot, I think this is an old gift from the Kazza Marketplace shop. Again stunning detailing and comes with a pose but unbelievably only 6 prims rezzed. You do only get one non-copy verson for you to keep or pass it on to a loved one…keeping mine!


This comes from the Decision shop and I do know I’ve blogged about this shop before but this dress, maybe, maybe not new? What I will say is go on over, go look for yourself and if you have a male friend/partner or AV drag them along as I actually think the men’s gifts are better than the women’s and a lot of the outfits come in a matching “his ‘n’ her” set…blurgh! LOL.


Yes, I am doing FREE earrings and most people know that I usually don’t do accessories but again these very pretty floral earrings from the Sigma shop are just so nice I had to get them. I know you can’t see them too well but you too will be impressed.

50% SALE.

The earrings also give me an excuse to get you over to the shopping sim the Sigma shop is on as the shops there have a 50% sale going on for just this week only. I do believe you pay full price and then the 50% is refunded…yes thats right as I’ve checked. The other shops are Mosquito’s Way and Ecru Couture.

UPDATE: The 50% sale ends tomorrow the 23rd.

Kazza. (Plant pot, bouquet, Marketplace Dollarbies).

Decision. (Dress and many more outfits & men’s wear).

Sigma, Mosquito’s Way & Ecru Couture. (Earrings come from the Sigma shop).

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Trust me I’m still cheap. (50Ld Group Gifts& Marketplace Cheapies).

I went to Ariskea to pick up their FLF offer of a concrete pond and as I was there I spotted that the group is only 50Lds to join and there are monthly group gifts. I always thought this group cost more so I was happy to pay the fee and grab the goodies.

So low primmed and yet the texturing is quality. I think the branch lamp is the only thing which isn’t 1 prim and it turns off and on with a subtle glow.

I did a close-up so you can see better the detailing in that wood/string thing and that’s the same quality in all their gifts.

There is a freebie and a couple of dollarbies and a 10Ld gift on their Marketplace shop which you might want to check out.

PS. Yes this is the outfit from yesterday’s post (15Lds) and honestly, I don’t think I praised it enough and since I was using a very “interesting” windlight setting I thought since I was still wearing it I would just change the colours so you can see the texturing better. Scoll back a couple of posts for the details.


Ariskea. (Marketplace)

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Beauty in Beige. (Dollarbie Hair & Dress).

Holy Crapoli (sic) is it just me or is there so much going on it’s a bit overwhelming. Even today a new round of Shop ‘n’ Hop has started and we all know how generous an event that is not just with the gifts but also the discount and did you know that The Arcade Event has also opened its doors?

Mind you I’ve just seen the outfit Faith has modelled in her last post and that is where I will be heading to when I next log in as I love that outfit.

Till then here are my token goodies and it’s not often I get to show you quality hair for just 1Ld although Faith may have shown you it before as this hair is a Faga hair and I do know she has shown you one of their hairs before but not this one…maybe.

I could say the same about this sheer dress which like the hair was found on the Second Life Marketplace rather than inworld. Fortunately for this photo, the dress does come with panties as it doesn’t hide much.

I’ve just noticed as I’m getting the link for these that the hair does look as though it comes with a style hud, which I didn’t see also both shops do have inworld shops so you may want to check to see if they’re free inworld.

Beauty Factory. (Dress, Marketplace).

Faga. (Hair, Marketplace).

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Surprise! (Free Credit & Info).

Since I know the Aleutia group is a paid-for group I didn’t expect the gift card to be for everyone so I was surprised when I TP’d over to just check and yes it’s not just for group members.

Since this is a transferable gift card I don’t have anything to show you other than the board to click to get the gift.

BTW Did you know that the Blueberry shop also has its Black Friday offers on their Marketplace shop? 1000’s of items priced between 11-100Lds. Since the shop will be packed it’s nice that this is a way for you to be able to treat yourself and there is a small number of dollarbies.


Blueberry. (SL Marketplace).

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I’m a bloody mess. (Dollarbie).

It was only when I was getting the link to the MirageDoll marketplace shop that I realised I’d actually blogged at least one other dress from there and that was the Maiia windblown/shape-hugging dress (GET IT!) and also a couple of the other dollarbies do look familiar however I’m not sure if I did blog them.

This bloodied dress is new and just a dollarbie.

I can see there is an inworld shop which I’m not sure about so I will definitely check that out and if there are freebies you know I will do an update.

This is the only shawl hair that Mina has and I know that it’s called Martha. This isn’t the best picture to show it off so I’ve added the link to Mina’s marketplace shop so you can see the different patterns of the shawl. This black lace one is very “Widow weeds” to me but the rest of the textures are county girl/Gor/RP to me. Naturally check the demo out first as I do believe its about the 400Lds mark.

Yes, there IS an inworld shop and there are a small amount of gifts but they’re the same as the marketplace ones and still 1LD. I’m still giving you the inworld link as there are some really pretty things to buy if you’re a spender in SL and not a CheapB* like me.


MirageDoll. (Inworld).

Mina’s Marketplace Shop.

Mina’s Inworld Shop.

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Ta Da, I’m back. (Freebies, Cheapies & Hunt).

The fence/pose is the freebie.

I’m back from my mini break and raring to go and the second place I visited, the first was of course S@bbia, turned out to be a winner.

A few of us will know this cart sale & hunt event pretty well as it pops up often and generally has a theme and naturally it’s Halloween this year. You will find on most of the stalls a free gift, it’s the log you buy for 0Lds, and a cheapie 10Lds and full-priced decor/clothes.

If you have a few Lindens spare then there are 18 bright orange leaves dotted around the sim. Each leaf costs only 2Lds and for the most part, the contents are going to be a surprise. For once I think I’ve managed to find every leaf and now I’m on my platform and once I click “Publish” I will be unpacking them.

When I have done all of that I will be returning to check out the The Artist Shed shop, they do usually have a hunt or two going on inside, and there may still be the free fun corndog gifts…I will have to see.

So all in all a little bit of everything for everyone.

PS. The Wearable Corn Dogs are still there under the reception table in the The Artish Shed shop, they’re cute.

“Into the woods cart sale”, Hunt & The Artist Shed.

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Since I am a home & garden addict I decided it was time to check out the Hisa shop and this time all I walked away with was a new group gift.

The other group gifts have been blogged before and really should be blogged again but it’s nice to be able to show you a brand new gift and let you find the other gifts for yourself.

If you’re new to the HISA shop then there are two garden rooms and one of them has all of the group gifts in it, this new one is the poster on the front window. You can see a couple of the bigger items such as this new path and deck rezzed.