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Leri Miles does Glam

Oh gawd..I’m so getting mesh fever lately…when I saw the preview of Leri Miles gift for the seasons palette hunt, I just HAD to go find it. (And you all know how bad Iam at hunts!) It’s wasnt sooo hard to find but it also ensured I got a good tour around the store, which is a greaaaaat thing cause Im sure like me, you usually miss whats around you when you’re hunting and you surely don’t want to miss the goodies on offer here !

The dress is mesh, so you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see it properly. In the box you have a choice of two sizes which is handy dandy..one fitted my shape perfectly with no shape  modding required. The dress is just so glamorous…almost vintage in style..reminds me of those Hollywood starlets on the red carpet..slit to the  thigh along one side..the fabric is gorgeous..faded pinky burgundy tones…a halter top…adorbs. I love how it clung to my body and moved with me ~happy sigh~…go get lucky and hunt it down !

Leri Miles Designs

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Free as a dove

If you think The Free Dove is just for newbs..think again…I headed over there last week to mooch and came away with a few choice items that I was really chuffed with… It’s a great way to explore designers wares before splurging your cash as everything is free of charge…. The outfit above is from top designer Indyra..I actually bought this when it was new in the store a year or so ago…and I still love it now ! This is the tan version…ethnic looking belt with a long fluted hem skirt and long sleeve tunic style top. Easy to wear and gives you an idea about Indyra’s amazing quality.

I also snapped up this leisure suit from Apple May. Gawd I can recall when this store opened and I spent most of my hard earned cash there everyyyyyy day ! Its huge now and going strong, great skins and clothing plus much more ! The free outfit is a denim look pair of jeggings that have cuffed ankles…and the sweetest little embroidered tank..I think its cute enough to get away with wearing out & about !

Go take a peek at The Free Dove, guys there are heaps of items for you also. Gone are the bad old days of it all being a bit of a jumble…its pretty much laid out in categories now…you wont leave empty handed.

The free dove

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Earn some brownie points guys

Soooo you’re looking for something to deeeelight your love? Its gotta be special? Its gotta be sexy? Most of all its gotta be transferable so you can wrap it up and hand it over with that smoooth tongued declaration of lurrrve? Okkk I’ve got it covered for you..head over to CandyMetal and get your baby this stunning lingerie set ! At just 10L…yes TEN lindens…it will leave with you with cash to find a card & gift box plus maybe some flowers? Make a splash and treat her today!

Lingerie gift: CandyMetal

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No, it’s not Saturday

Unfortunately it’s not, it’s Monday. But as I’ve mentioned before, there are some good things about Monday. One of these is waiting for you at SF Design, these fantastic Saturday Jeans which are only L$25 for Monday Mania.

Beautifully faded and ripped, these are some rugged jeans for you guys. They come in three versions: a belted low-rise version as well as two higher waisted types, one with the belt and one without. The rolled cuffs come in two different sizes and look awesome.

As I mentioned, these jeans will only set you back L$25 for today only. You can pick these up for the special price from the Monday Mania board located just inside the casual men’s section of SF Design.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Earlier tonight, Faith took me over to Takarah to show me some of their guy’s gear and I have to say I was impressed. For just L$29 I was able to pick up the Hai Cardi and Bother shorts!

The above mentioned shorts are extremely cool, available in a selection of colours and have a wicked plaid pattern. They come with a pair of easily fitted, good-looking sculpted cuffs as well.

I loved the Hai cardi. Oh so simple, no prims to fiddle with but really well-made with a great texture and design, just wear it and go. There are also different colour options to choose with this and it comes on all layers.

If you’re looking for some bang for not much bucks, head on over to Takarah and check them out. I’ve got my fingers crossed they’ll release some more coolness for us guys!

Get the gear here: Takarah

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Its the little finishing touches


I decorate a lot of homes…its my full-time job in Second Life really..and I totally adore it..Ive always found that what delights people who live in my homes, is the small touches. A pile of fluffy towels, delicate perfume bottles on a dresser..so Im always on the look out for quality items I can use as props or for my rental homes..I was sweetly surprised when I visited MMG with Zan the other day to find a big box full of plates as a gift..all shapes & sizes. Some classic white chine, some with a band of colour…useful & pretty .

Decor plates: MMG

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Oh I’m on some sort of roll …can’t sleep and I keep finding some amaaaazing buys ! Headed over to N-Core and saw that they have a newww group gift out (well new to moi) Some awesomesauce boots ina  yummmi fudge brown tone..as always with n-core no worries about fit etc..easy to use HUD…this is how they went on my trotters straight outta the box yay! No group join fee either which is way cool and much appreciated..

The new hair-do I’m sporting is from Dura..its a celebration gift and comes in a few shades , looks equally good on guys ! Actually, there is another hair style out right next to this one, it’s for the boys but will work for us chicks…head on over and take a peek, I saw some realllllly lovely new do’s out also ! The bench Im lounging about on I won on a lucky board at MMG, it’s an amazing store, Zan intro’d me to it when she was looking for a new home to buy (and she DID, and its stunning, and I hate herrrr !) anyyyywayy..the place is chocka-block with low prim goodies for your home & garden. I bought some adorb drapes for the nursery while I was there also…its a place Im gonna haunt from now on…seriously lowww prices too!

celebration hair: Dura

Eclipse boots: N-core

bench seat: MMG