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Get your free Winter coats here !

Free coat - Ingenue twinke toes socks - Elikatira group gift hair

I begun doing the naughty or nice hunt last night and stopped in my tracks when I found this gorgeous coat by Face Palm. It wasnt actually the hunt gift I was looking for but another gift I had stumble bumbled across. As you go in the door turn sharp right and there is a wall with all the hunt hints, but it was VERY easy to find, as were the other ones I found along the way! Keep an eye out for the lucky boards at the rear of the store, I won prizes from them too ! My socks are sooper nifty and by Ingenue, you’ll find them at the Tannenbaum Market – get them ! Finally I have socks with a cuff that I can wear yippeee! Great selection of colours (20 in total) from the HUD for both sock and cuff – suitable for mesh bodies and traditional legs. My hair is a group gift from Elikatira, dead lovely – but if you’re not already in the group you cant join and get it, you have to wait to join up – don’t forget or you will miss out next time!

Free coat - Ingenue twinke toes socks - Elikatira group gift hair_007

You get a HUD with it for some really lovely patterns and colours – well worth searching for.

Free coat - Nina - Free group gift hair Elikitara

Now the hunt gift I was looking for was this coat called “nina” – gorgeous suede effect coat with a sweet cape top and hood. I really must go back to Face Palm and check out the store a little more closely, have fun !

Face Palm

Tannenbaum Market (pssst DONT even look at the $25L gacha machines for Christmas tree decorations – OMG addictive and totally FAB!)


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OH Dear! (Cute Freebie).

So I unpacked and tried on all my new found freebies and cheapies and “Oh Dear” ended up binning the lot of em BUT although I didn’t feel they were good enough to show you I grabbed a few of the LM’s for shops new to me and you never know I might find something that has a Woo factor.


Just chillin with my friend here.  Not sure why it should have such a grumpy face for such a cute rabbit.  You have 2 shade options, brown and light grey and a choice of heads, eyes blinking not blinking etc and I’m wearing a blinking version.  This is such an easy AV to wear because although you do have to detatch any mesh bits like hands and feet the Rabbit is just an Alpha, shape, mesh body and then you can choose which head to wear.  Although he/she comes nekkid! this time you can opt to buy some clothes and I personally was so tempted by the Christmas sweater and bag, adorable and I think the price for the clothes is 99Lds so not unreasonable at all and if they’re standard Coco quality then they will be good.

For a lot of us as soon as you see this Rabbit AV you will know exactly where it has come from because it’s now almost a tradition that Cocoro Lemon sets out a Rabbit as a Christmas Gift for all in her shop Coco Designs.  This year it’s set outside of the shop but if you haven’t by now then go inside of the shop and check out the Free GG’s in fact when I return I will just in case there is a new GG set out for us but I doubt it as it wasn’t that long since there was a new one but it’s well worth a check.  Of course to get to the Freebies you have to walk past all the tempting clothes that Cocoro Lemon designs, unique designs with great texturing and so tempting!

Coco Designs Rabbit

Coco Designs Mainshop (if you dare)

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I must be MAD(pea).

I went into full panic mode yesterday when I realised that time was running out to finish the AMAZING and FUSTRATING Madpea Peatonville Asylum inworld game.  So I hunted high and low and managed to find many of the missing items and all I can say is Thank Goodness for “the kindness of strangers” because without them I would haven’t been able to complete this hunt and this was a paid for hunt so I would have lost the Lindens I spent.


Look what I won, a frigging T-shirt and a trophy! OK I kid and now I have a folder STUFFED with STUFF from some of the biggest shops, and smaller ones of course, in SL.  This hunt is now over as of today, if you still have some items to find I strongly suggest you join the Madpea group and send out those SOS’s!

The point of this post isn’t to show off my Trophy but to say Thanks to all of you who help a “Noob” or a fellow hunter or even just another SLer who loves a bargain or can’t find something they want.  I have 2 folders in my invent one market “Donate” and one marked “Free LM’s” I even have a note which explains the basics about SL ie rezzing, sandboxes, AO’s etc and it costs nothing to help someone by giving a LM for somewhere they can get themselves some free goodies or link them to a website, dare I say OURS, which hopefully helps people make their SL time more fun and productive.

Even as a long time user of SL I am so grateful when I call for help and people step up so if you see someone struggling then just say “Hi” it costs nothing.

OK Don’t panic cos I’ve scored a whole load of Free/cheap goodies so normal “cheapness” off me will be in my next post.

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Tempting you


Luxe Paris complete outfit - jacket,booties,pants -

Luxe Paris have a whole load of new releases fresh for the winter season. I chose two of them to share with you today but I must say as well as these two pants sets, there are gowns and frocks too !

So so so this is my absolute favourite of the new bunch, “Maroushka” is a complete outfit that’s perfect for the season. Stylish and warm, it will take you anywhere. The pants have a fabulous swirly circle pattern in gold , it really pops out from the black fabric. The jacket is  super on trend, Close fitting, plenty of detailing and the pants pattern extended to the upright collar. Dont forget for the incredible low price of $250L, you also get the booties, these are suitable for Slink high feet,and a traditional foot option. I’m wearing the outfit over my Slink mesh body, it says in the blurb that it will fit the Maitreya body too, plus of course the standard mesh sizes included.

Luxe Paris NEW! Complete outfit with boots, jacket,jeans & top

My second outfit is called “Animal chic” and comprises of the furry jacket, boots, pants and a cropped length shirt. It does say that this is suitable for traditional bodies and the Maitreya one, but it fits perfectly over my Slink mesh body hurrah! (I wear the slim Slink not the new curvier one) Dead easy to wear and a great casual winter look. I really enjoyed the little detail on the front of the pants just below the knees . This whole outfit is on sale for just $250L, a brilliant deal!

Luxe Paris store

Luxe Paris market place.

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Sneaky peeky ! The Arcade

Campbell Lodge NEW! For the Arcade

Its almost time for the Winter round of The Arcade !! Ohmaigosh I am super excited I always do my Christmas shopping in this round. Scarlet Creative has a fantabulous gacha assortment for this round. Above you can see the rare win, the Campbell Lodge its a mahoosive home, in Charlotte’s own words: “A large wooden lodge with 4 bedrooms (including dressing room/bathroom space) and large downstairs spaces as the rare. Accessories include Bed, Sofa, Benches, Rocking Chair, Candles, Vintage Scales, Restoration Desk, Sectional Sofa with Blanket etc. We have almost used up all our prims on the sim for Winter decorating, so I couldn’t get everything out – just the lodge ! Btw, the snowy roof is an optional extra that you can buy – simple dimple to fit.

Scarlet Creative for The Arcade soooon ! Luxe Paris complete outfit NEW!

This is the bench with casually tossed blanket over it, also the little bundle of candles which is another prize. Simply lashings of sit poses in this piece and lowwww land impact should warm the cockles of your heart. Thanks Charlotte ❤ My outfit is a new release from Luxe Paris called “Maroushka”, for just $250L you get a complete outfit, pants, jacket and booties ! More to come about that later.

The Arcade (not open till the 1st Dec)

Luxe Paris outfit market place

Scarlet Creative flickr for all Arcade prizes


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Cozy Kitchen and snuggly pj’s


Chez Moi Shabby Kitchen

If there is one thing that I feel really makes a house a home in Second Life – it’s the kitchen. Chez Moi have released a massive new kitchen – just in time for all your Christmas baking. I’m showing you a very small selection of pieces from that new range, so click the link below and check out the whole lot for the full effect. You can buy the whole set together, or pick and mix what you like as separates. I had a lot of fun playing with the cooker, food appears inside and pots & pans whizz into your hands as if by magic !

Chez Moi Shabby chic stove

For some of the pieces you need to make a choice of adult or PG – each set is stuffed with poses and activities though.

Chez Moi Shabby Kitchen Dresser

You can buy the add ons individually, or get them as part of the set – this way you can really balance your prim usage which I always find so handy.

Chez Moi Kitchen island NEW!!

The kitchen island is very entertaining – if you go for the adult version, you wont EVER get bored ! It’s not all about naughtiness though, as you can see – plenty of baking and chopping also.

Check here for the full pack info: Shabby Kitchen Complete (PG)

Chez Moi market place

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi blog

Pj’s by snatch at My attic event – 95L for a huge pack!

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Squeeeeeze (Freebie n Black Friday).

I for one have completely ignore Black Friday both in RL and SL, too poor to even snag a bargain, but on my travels yesterday I popped over to Dimbula Rose and found not only some beautiful sim decor items but when I used the TP to the next level a cute “ginger” and since I was already wearing one of the ginger/blonde shades of Mina hair I popped home and took a quick snap.


The skins at Dimbula Rose are very girlish and Kawaii and that includes the boys skins LOL.  As I was re checking the place out I also one of the skins from the 3 LBs on the ground floor.

The “orange” skin has also given me an excuse to SCREAM get over to Mina’s as this is one of many shops that is involved in The Black Friday Sales and WOW 50% off what looks like the whole stock so this is the time to get over there and grab some real treats.

Whilst you’re there you may also notice a notice board which when clicked will give you the link for the Avi Choice Awards and it’s time to let your voice be heard, of course in the “Favourite Female Hair Designer” and not forgeting the “Favourite Male Hair Designer” section I’m going to recommend you click Mina’s tag.  I won’t rave on again as to why I think she deserves a pat on the back but she does and even if you chose someone else then that’s OK as well.  I don’t think that sometimes we give creators the acknowledgement of all their hard work so every click they get is like a pat off the back.  Of course the list is for more than just hair there is a whole raft of categories inc some of the biggest to smallest names and we all love to click boxes.

Avi Choice Awards (favourites in a Virtual World)

Mina Mainshop

Dimbula Rose