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Stupid Girl. (Freebie & New Mina).

I’m not going to tell you much about the new Mina hair as it deserves its own post, it just so happens that one of the colours I think suits the “Freebie” of this post which is the dress.

The “Stupid Girl” was me because I’d not paid enough attention to the note and spent too much time wandering around the To.kiski shop trying to find this freebie dress and it’s only when I double-checked the note did I spot it’s the big gift at the Sense Event.

This event has been on since the 19th and I don’t know when it finishes so if by chance you’ve not got it go get it.

I’ve had a chance to check the note and it doesn’t finish till the 9th so plenty of time.

Sense Event.

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Limited Time Promo – complete outfit

$99L Provocation outfit ArisAris PROMO

New promotion from ArisAris ! This is the “Provocation” outfit, comprising of a bra top, panties and dress – you get it in white and black for the limited time offer of $99L.

Sizes for : – 1 For inithium Kupra Original
– 1 For inithium Kupra Kups
– 1 For Belleza Freya
– 1 For Maitreya – Lara
– 1 For Maitreya – Lara Petite
– 1 For Slink – Hourglass
– 1 For Cinnamon & Chai
– 1 For MB. Legacy
– 1 For MB. Perky
– 1 For MB. Perky Petite
– 1 For Tonic Curvy

Market place

In Store

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Just a piccie. (Men’s Freebies(sss)).

This is new?

I’ve done a quite few posts over the years about gifts/dollarbies from the GB, Gabriel shop so I’m pretty sure you will know the shop if you TP’d over but I didn’t know that outside of the shop in a separate stand-alone building is a whole load of freebie menswear!

Blimey, it’s packed with everything from sexy formal suits to even sexier casual wear. I grabbed some demos just to try out and naturally on my female form they didn’t really look the best but I could still see their quality.

The LM should actually take you directly to this shop if not then just turn left and it’s just there.

BTW in case this is your first visit to the Gabrielle shop then inside at the entrance are a couple of gifts and if you head to the left at the far end are a lot of Dollabies. Mainly for men but there are some women’s clothes. I didn’t see anything new.


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I’m Lucky. (Free Hair).

I’m lucky that I get my Mina hair for free but that doesn’t mean I don’t go hair hunting when I’m after a particular style or just to see if there is anything new that I will get some use out of.

That’s how I ended up at the Exile shop and this free group gift of a super quality hair.

A lovely simple hairstyle with a BIG hud of every shade you will need from black to pink and everything between.

As I always say hair and skin are the two things you can’t stint on so to get such good hair for free is a bonus.

UPDATE: When I was in the Apple Fall shop on Monday the first thing I spotted was this hair on a male AV and it looked GOOD! So much so I’ve had to come and do an update..which I’ve now done.


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I’m going for it. (Freebie & Spendy).

I went back to the last shop I did a post about, Vivacious Inc as I spotted that next door is the Pink Cherry shop so naturally I checked for freebies and found some including this dress.

It turns out Faith has already blogged this dress and not too long ago but I’d pulled the pose and clicked so I’m just going to go for it again as it’s really such a good leather look dress…and of course, it’s green… orange & green my fav colours.

The spendy bit is just that I finally treated myself to some new make-up as one of my fav make-up shops, Alaskametro, has now updated a lot of their Lelutka packs to cover Evo & Evo X heads. I will probably do a post on that shop as

PS. There are other shops on this shopping sim but I’ve already moved on and have a FREE hair for my next post.

Pink Cherry.

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RFL Home & Garden Expo Hunt

Surplus Motors Hunt Prize - mini & full size versions inc.

The RFL Home & Garden Expo is open – and its a HUGE event covering multiple sims. Apart from all the goodies on offer for the event there is also a hunt – each prize costs just $10L and 100% of that goes direct to the charity. I had to go and hunt down the terrific little car prize by Surplus Motors – there is a mini version and full size version included. Fully driveable and with all the bells & whistles included – love it !

Travellers Fireplace - Hunt Prize Dench Designs

I also hunted for the Dench Designs hunt prize – this truly awesome travellers fireplace. Full of beautiful details, with a working lamp and fire – Going to have to find a place for this in my SL home.

RFL Home & Garden Expo Blog

RFL Hunt info & pics

All sims with stores located on them

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I must be the last to know. (New Belle Epoque Group Gift & 50% Sale).

I went to try out the weekend offers at Belle Epoque and I know they’re very popular but even I was surprised at how many others were there till I got near to the shop entrance and saw the “50% Sale” sign.

This retro outfit is not in the sale and if like me it won’t cost you anything as it’s the New Belle Group Gift (10Ld Joining Fee) and I am already in that group.

The top, wrap-round skirt and matching bag have the bright orange retro pattern that I love. Chances are its Legacy and Maitreya fit only.

Plus it gave me a chance to wear one of the Mina hat/hairs that I don’t often wear. This is just one of her fine mesh hats and if you look closely you can even see the green of the tree through it.

As for the second SL Marketplace find, I tried it I trashed it.

Belle Epoque.