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Good Morning. (Freebies).

I’ll not waffle as much today as it’s Sunday and so here are just some of the Freebies I found in the Oasis shop.

A bodysuit with a fantastic jersey/knit texture and a decent hud of great colours.

This dress comes in a black colour which I think didn’t show off the details as well as the other colours/patterns in the hud. Not going to lie I now wish I had used one of the other shades out of the hud but hey ho I didn’t.

KEEPERS! Just look at them, yes they also come with a hud. That little bag is so adorable. I am wearing a matching top, a different gift and it’s got the same shade hud but because it didn’t have the Perky fit I decided to zoom in on those shorts.

There are a couple more gifts, a nice bodycon style dress but I will leave those as a surprise.

Oasis. (On the wall above the desk).

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Super Scenic. (New S@bbia Group Gift & Rental Sim’s).

First the freebie and then the waffle. Obviously, it’s a S@bbia freebie as not only is the name in the title it’s a classic S@bbia design…and you all know I love the S@bbia “homespun” look. So get on over and grab it.

Waffle time now so feel free to skip it.

I’m so lucky in that not only do I live close to a large city but also to the seaside and stunning countryside so this backdrop is so familiar to me. It’s as though someone has taken a picture of a village I know and uploaded it into SL. As it happens this is a rental sim, one of many with different themes and for this quality expect to pay big Lindens but not unreasonable Lindens and here is why.

I’ve not visited all the sims as yet but what I have seen so far is that the homes are all unique and different builds, furnished with the best SL designs there are and the gardens and sims are landscaped beautifully and they’re so well spaced out that you would think you owned the whole sim. If we didn’t rent our own land in SL I’d rent here.

They have a really good website and you’re allowed to visit the sims to take pictures and spend some time there, just don’t try to go into people’s homes. You can also see the vacancies, not that there are many and the price list. I’m logging in and with a cup of coffee in one hand, I’m going to have a good mooch around.


soul2soul (Lm’s).

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Budget Friendly Outfit

$30L fatpack jeans & top - Shoes fatpack $88L

Some fantastic sale finds so far – loving this jeans & top fatpack set from CK just $30L which includes both items anddd…..

$30L fatpack Hud

..a Hud giving you ten colours for each piece. My shoes are from the Hilly Haalan $88L sale that’s on for this weekend – can never resist a pair of mules, and these come with a ginormous Hud of patterns and colours.

Patty CK Fashion

Hilly Haalan

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Weekend Sales – See You There

Low angle view of women carrying shopping bags outside clothing store

Time to snatch up those bargains at the weekend sales ! Listed below are all the ones I’ll be mooching – any you like that I don’t share please let me know!

Happy Sale Shopping ❤

The Saturday Sale

30L Saturday

Happy Weekend Sale

Miix Weekend



Wanderlust Weekend

Secret Sale – Web Gallery

Energy Weekend Price

Kinky 69

Hot Weekend Sale $69L

7 Days Sale

Manly Weekend

60 Special Weekly

SL Home Décor

Crafty Weekend Sale

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Budget Summer Style – Free & Cheap

Free fatpack bikini, FLF wasabi hat & hair, Free glasses & bracelet

My summer look of the day on the cheap. Wasabi have this brilliant hat hair for just $50L for Fifty Linden Friday – texture change for hat & hair. My bikini is from the gift room at good old Hilly Haalan – can always rely on them to come up with the goods when you’re broke! Group is free to join and this sweet deal is a fatpack. The gift room is over to the side and its rammed with goodies for you. Also on at the moment is 88 fat packs for $88L – you’ll find this right in the main square, some amazing items. Over on the far side of the square is a jewellery store called Valuxia – right at the back are the group gifts and plenty of them! Group is only $1L to join. My bracelet and glasses are just a couple of the pressies. Last but by no means least is the backdrop – I love me some Synnergy backdrops and this one is on sale at the moment for $69L – there is another at this price point too (and yes I bought it!)

Happy Budget Shopping ❤



Hilly Haalan

Hilly Haalan Gifts

Valuxia Gifts

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NO! (Sale & Mention of Freebies).

This is me desperately trying not to be tempted to buy this fantastically shiny dress at a fantastically cheap price (99Lds).

Just look at that shine on the demo it’s blinding! The fact you get a fat pack of colours for only 99Lds is just too much and even worse is there are even more temptations as the LRD shop is having a summer sale going.

The sign says “everything 99Ld inc the fatpacks” but that’s not the case as some items are priced at 75Lds such as the “Moon” outfit (3 tops, 3 skirts & 2 shoes) but why not pay a few Lindens more to get the fatpack of colours. I’m also tempted by the Jolene jeans as….well just go and have a look for yourself you won’t regret it.

As for the “freebies” they have been well blogged by me before so I’m not doing them again, you will find those on the wall at the bottom of the staircase.

PS. Click the poster to get the demo’s.

LRD. (loud Rebel Design).

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Read the details. (Freebies & Free Shop Credit(?)).

Out of the blue, I was sent a 250Lds Shop Credit card from Tiffany Design. Since I’m not in the group I can only assume it’s one of those random gifts for subscribers which always cheers me up. If you go now to slap the sub-board I can’t guarantee you will get it but if any future gift cards are sent out you will be grateful for that slap.

Not a total loss, if you don’t get the 250Lds gift card as when you go into the shop on your left you will see some free group and VIP group gifts and a free 100Ld Gift Card.

This dress is one of the free group gifts and it comes with a big hud of colours and textures, some lovely florals, and matt colours but it’s the metallic ones that really shine…boom boom.

I did try and nope I can’t trans the gift cards which is fine by me as it’s going to be easy to spend it.

As for the VIP Group that costs 500Lds and I do believe the Gift Card for that is 400Lds

UPDATE: To me Tiffany Design was always the place to go for wedding dresses/gowns. When I went back to LM grab I had a quick look in the wedding dress department (small build to your left) and OHMAI! The dress on the stand is not only divine it’s for sale…would people think me weird if I wandered around SL in a wedding dress?

Tiffany Design. (The Sub Board is just there where you TP in and I see that this dress is also a subscriber’s gift as well as inside on the group gift wall.).