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Opening Gift @ The Fiddlers Workshop

The Fiddlers Workshop Dollarbie vase 1Li $1L

I’ve been so excited the past few weeks, watching as Player Dagostino has been getting ready to open his store “The Fiddlers Workshop” – he has so much coming in the pipeline – such quality items and always with an eye on land impact. This oriental vase is the opening dollarbie gift. Beautifully made, 1Li up to 4m in height, two options given – one with a shadow, one without. Works as an inside décor item or, as I have here, outside on the patio.

Congratulations PD ❤

Vase @ The Fiddlers Workshop

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Light up – Free

FREE hanging Lantern

I’ve been looking all over to find some “finishing touches” for my new home. Came across this beautiful hanging lamp from Mindgardens Creations. Totally free and just 1Li. It has a candle inside that lights up when you touch it, also modify rights so you can change the metal tone – which I did. If you visit the inworld store there are a few other gifts to be had – group join is free.

MindGardens Creations Free Lamp

Inworld Store

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Belle of The Ball – For Free

FREE gown mesh body & standard mesh sizes

Its not often you’re going to see me wearing a gown – that’s more Zan’s thing. But here I am flouncing around in a gown. It just really caught my eye. Designed by LUXE Paris and its totally free for you at The Free Dove. Stunning bright pink with heaps of silver thread embroidery – its divine. Standard mesh fits and mesh body fits included – sleeves are optional.

The Free Dove

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Group gift

FREE Belted pants suit

Yesss! Been wanting a classic black pantsuit…and here it is – for free ❤ It comes with a nice tobacco tone leather belt. This is the new group gift from Varsity, the group is free to join. So many fits it makes my head spin – all the well known ones (even some I don’t know!) You’ll find this to the left as you walk into the store, there is also a gift sweater for the guys.


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Slob Out Sunday ($10L)

$10L Robe - various colours UwU Kawaii Store

I wish I had the time to slob out – but at least I can for a little while in this sweet robe from UwU Kawaii Store. This is their gift in the latest Harmony Hunt. Sizes for: Belleza, Slink, Maitreya & Legacy – various colours to find.

Harmony Hunts for all stores participating

UwU Kawaii Store

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Gather Your Mates & Get this Free

FREE Bikini

Oh I flippin love this bikini – its SO summery and jolly. Its by QE Designs and if you want it you’re going to have to round up a few friends and slap the Midnight Mania board! Its only 30 slaps required – already 7 on it – hope you’re lucky ❤ (group is not required for the lucky boards or Midnight mania)

QE Designs

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Free @ The Food Truck Festival

FREE fatpack summer dress

I found this small event purely by chance when visiting the Crystal Store – its located right outside. As you wander around its a fab little event with plenty to see , plus some discounted & free gifts. Love this summer vibe free dress from Anny’s Fashion!

Free summer dress Hud

You get a fatpack Hud with some deleeelicious summery colours. The lemon is REALLY juicy ❤

Happy Shopping ❤

Food Truck Festival