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Free Gifts !

FREE top & Dollarbie shorts fat pack

I was at Tres Chic yesterday and failed to even notice that it is their Anniversary! This round has so many awesome items it completely missed my attention – but I did go back and scoop up a few gifts – just join the free group). Above is a top in such a pretty pink colour – its a keeper for me, its the gift from Dollbox.

Free fatpack dress & FREE sunnies

This superb dress is the gift from Offline – a fatpack ! Its a fantastic fat pack with SO many colours and patterns, love this juicy lime green.

FREE fatpack dress & Sunnies

Naturally I had to try out the pink tone, the sunnies are also a gift and you can find them at the Roslyn stand – they come in gold and silver frames.

Tres Chic

Dollarbie shorts pack

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$800L Free Store Credit!

Free credit

You’re going to have to dashhhh to claim this $800L worth of free credit in the skin & cosmetic store Tutti Belli – the offer ends in 2 days time. Just join the group (its free) and touch the poster as above in store. Its mostly Genus & Lelutka – I found one free group gift for Catwa but it wasn’t something Id wear so booo. I did notice that their skins are only $699L so you could go for a new skin rather than make up – enjoy ❤

Tutti Belli

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Group Benefits – Gifts

Adorsy Group gifts! Outfit, shoes both fatpacks

I’ve never been to Adorsy before but I spotted something they had out at an event and thought Id go look at the main store. For a tiny $30L you can join the group and nab a load of gifts ! The outfit above and the wedge shoes are two of them – my favs actually. Quite an unusual outfit with a long tunic top and belt – leggings that are optional via the Hud. Fat pack is the order of the day for both items – niiiiice. I always dither when joining a paid for group, but I spotted the wedge shoes and just went for it – Super cooool and also a fatpack.


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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt @ Helenos

Just completed a lovely egg hunt at The Isle of Helenos. They also have a really nice spring market happening too. All you have to do is find the eggs – they are pretty large and easy to find – hence why even I managed to find some ! The overalls and top above are a gift from The Sissy Bar, you get FOUR colours of top and matching overalls.

Easter Egg Hunt Isle of Helenos

I also liked this shorts & top – no idea who gave it as a gift as the store name isn’t in/on it sorry! I think this was one of the paid for eggs tho – a few are $5L

If you’re liking my snazzy glasses I picked them as a free to join group gift at Boutique 187 – HUGE hud of colours and phrases for the glass LOVE them! There is a whole wall of gifts so go take a peek.

Isle of Helenos

Boutique 187

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Its Easter @ Dench Designs (Free items inc)

Easter @ Dench Designs

Amanda Dench sent out the landmark for her Easter Department and I was there like a flashhh! So affordably priced to get your Easter celebrations underway. I bought this adorable animated bunny in a crate for just $40L – he wriggles around and is perched on a bale of hay in a wooden crate. There was an Easter sign on the front of the hay bale – but it didn’t suit the position I wanted to use it in – as its modify it was a simple exercise to remove it – just 4 Li, with sign removed 3Li.

Freebie @ Dench Designs

There are also some dead sweet free gifts ! Above a lovely scene with bunnies in a basket and daffs with sign – I think 5Li.

Easter Freebie @ Dench Designs

This table piled high with Eastery joy is also free. Dash over and take a peek – thanks Amanda for the super gifts ❤

Dench Designs Easter Dept.

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Brighten Up Tuesday – Free

FREE Blouse Free Skirt

Picked myself up after a trying day with a couple of really classic free looks. GGVG Fashion is the designer , the group is free to join, the free gifts are right at the back of the store. fantastic skirt & blouse were my first items – really cool retro vibe to them with a great Hud giving loads of colours.

FREE Pants jacket & top

There were two of these pants suits, one with a black jacket and one with a red jacket – The jacket & top are one piece, the pants another. Lots of other gifts for you also

Thanks GGVG Fashion

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Say No to War! Freebie

FREE Putin companion

Found this on the market place – my own Mr Putin waving a sign that says “Say no to war” – he is a companion so just add him and he will walk along side you, when you stand still he waves his sign – it just tickled me ❤

Mr Putin Companion