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Beach Life Free

FREE Beach bag with bento hold

Just before bed I spotted this sweet beach clutch purse – isn’t it cute! Comes with a bento hold so perfect for posing for pics with. Lovely details all over – I adore ❤ Head over to Candy Crunchers to claim it – just join the free group. There are a few more gifts there to take – all wearable items which I cant get enough of.

Candy Crunchers

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Free Complete Garden

FREE complete garden

Oh lucky me – one of our readers pointed me in the right direction to pick up this brilliant complete garden by Micsha Store. Its so pretty!

FREE complete garden scene 41Li

Plenty of details all around like a couple of pigeons, butterflies floating around the fountain and a myriad of plants and flowers. At 41Li complete it certainly wont gobble up your prims, its also modify so you can pull it apart and use what ever you wish of it. You’ll find this at the Trinity event, just join the free group and take your garden – et voila! On further inspection there seems to be quite a few free gifts scattered around the event – check them out too.

Trinity Event

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Décor Freebies

FREE decor fire & paper towel dispenser

Mooching the market place and came across these two brill items from the 3D Studio. The pot belly stove is just 2Li, really useful to fill a lonely spot in your home or garden. The paper towel dispenser comes with textures to give more colours and is 1Li.

Pot Belly Stove

Towel dispenser

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Free Back drop and a bargain

St Louis Umbrella Sky - offer 90L

Ooo new-to-me store N.Louis has a fabbo back drop out as part of a sale for just 90L. Above is Umbrella Sky – its super colourful and also has a version with poses included. Little details like the moving dog and steam wafting out of the coffees made me smile.

FREE Back drop N. Louis with sitting poses

There is a group gift backdrop out – group is free to join. The 3d flowers that surround you are just amazingly pretty! Seated poses for both chairs included – it is modify so you could move the décor around also. I’m giving up a precious group slot and staying in it as the backdrops look like my cup-a-tea.


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Miix it Up – Free

Free Fatpack dress Miix

I thought this dress by Furtacor was just stunning, and its also free. This is one of the gifts out at the latest Miix Event, group join is free. You get a fat pack of colours for all parts plusssss..

Free Sandals Miix

…this pair of sandals to go with it – single colour given. Fits for outfit are: Maitreya, ebody, freya, hourglass, tonic curvy & fine, isis, physique, There are a couple of other gifts there too – leave it as a surprise you for ❤

Miix Event

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Snuggle up For Free (Male & Female)

FREE hoodie & jog pants Male & Female fits

Nothing beats a fresh pair of jogs and a hoodie when you get back from a day out right? This set is just uber snuggly and bright. You get a white or a blue top and a white or a blue pair of joggers – great fits! This is from the marshmallow store and thank you to one of the readers of the blog for sharing it with me ❤ The group is free to join, gifts are outside the shop. Oo btw my little head heart is also a gift – cute!

Womens fits: Maitreya, Belleza F,I&V, Slink H&P, Tonic C&F,

Guys fits: Slink, Jake, Gianni, Legacy.

Marshmallow Store

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Dash to get this Gift Card!

$500L Gift card group gift

One of my most favourite stores Poison Rouge has a fab offer on to celebrate the owners birthday. Just join the group (usually 100L but until Weds just 50L) and take the gift card worth 500L. Tbh its a great group to be in – we regularly receive group gifts and offers. You can spend this on whatever you wish. I bought one of the “Liz” blouses and a skirt I’d not noticed before called “Akari”. Make sure to check out the whole store, there is lingerie, head pieces, wedding gowns, evening wear and more. This must be used by 12pm SL time on Weds 24th May – so don’t delay.

Poison Rouge