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Être rapide. (Freebie for Woman and MAN!)

“Être rapide”translates to “Be Quick” and that’s because this super offer is only for a limited time and I’m going to assume only in the Ascend Marketplace shop but as soon as I log in I will be checking out their inworld shop for sure.

Look at the realism in those folds and crease, it makes me want to finger it while gently humming to myself in a non-pervy sort of way.  The addition of a generous hud is the icing on the cake.

BUT it’s nice to see an equally as generous gift for the boys.  A “pullover/shirt” combo which I did try on but because it’s shaped for the male mesh bod it just looked weird on me. It’s the exact same quality with all the folds that create realism and with an equally as big Hud so make sure you contact every male friend you have on your friend’s list and tell them to log into the Marketplace and grab themselves a goody.

For the heads up, I have to give a big fat THANKS to Shi, I am always appreciative when someone sends me a link to goodies and I know Faith is the same, don’t stress if you send us a link but there is no follow up post I can assure you every hint is followed up and much appreciated.

Ascend (Marketplace)

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When you see clothes modelled like this you know what it means…..not my fit.

I didn’t notice that subtle ombre effect inworld but it’s really pretty.  You do get plenty of fits and because they come as separates I can wear the skirt but just not the top.  The gift also includes a nice colour hud as well.

I was working my way through the 25Ld Tue and spotted this FREE VIP Group Gift in the Luas shop.


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Easing back in.(Freebies).

I’m back, whether you like it or not lol.  Just a nice couple of freebies to ease me back into it.

Our sim windlight setting is so lovely but it does have an effect on your appearance so I’ve slapped on a body light and there is some impact on the texture of the dress but overall it’s a lovely simple rose coloured dress in lots of sizes and if you don’t like this shade then there are other colours for other freebie groups.  You will find this in the Glitter shop.  As usual, this and all the other GG’s are to be found behind the entrance wall.  There is a bikini which I remember blogging a long time ago and I may even still have it in my invent as it was that lovely so as always if you don’t like what you see still go over to check out the other items.

The bag comes from a small shop just outside of the “My Bags” shop.  The LM where both the Glitter shop the My Bags shop and some other shops for you to check out. This is another shop I remember for a previous freebie, at that time it was a cat in a shoulder bag this time it’s a Guinea pig handbag.  Actually, there are quite a few free bags of different styles and if you’re a bag lady then you might spot a couple of full-priced bags which are to your taste.

My Bags & Glitter Shop(it’s just to the left of where you rezz & go straight ahead for the Glitter shop)

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Working Girl.(Freebie).

Still working hard, just not in the sort of job this picture is implying lol.

A really nice subscribers gift from a shop new to me called Mangula.  Not a lot in this shop at the mo but some nice stuff so one to keep an eye out on.

PS.  Nope not my fit but for once I decided to edit out the breakthrough on my Foo Foo!  Plenty of fits though and a Fat Pack of colours and each piece comes as a separate so lucky you lot just not me.


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Only fit for the trash! (Freebie).

Nooooo these Sub gift shoes from Promagic only come in a Maitreya fit.

So once I’d tried them on, just to make sure they didn’t fit I threw em in the trash.

These are a sub gift and if they’ve not been sent to you then you will know by now to unsub and then resub and voila.

PS.  Still working away, still struggling with slow internet but hoping for some more downtime over the weekend.


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Saying Ta Ra.(Freebies).

Yup I’m off again but no need to get jealous as this isn’t a week away in a 5-star hotel, lounging by a pool, sauntering through pretty streets and indulging in fine dining, it’s me stuck in a cheap hotel, feating on pasties and the only water I will get soaked with is the rain which is threatening to tip down.

This time though I have insisted that I get a room near to the router and so I’m still looking forward to my daily SLing even if it’s in the evening.

Until then check out the skirt and shoes, the rest weren’t free.  OK I know it’s not really a good shot of them but they come from Loordes and we all know that’s quality.  The editing has changed the colour somewhat as both the skirt and shoes are a matching luscious chocolate shade.  The skirt is deffo new, at least to me, but the shoes maybe not it’s hard to tell as the this spiked, peeped toe design is a classic SL design.

You will find these 2 items on the wall behind the reception desk but Loordes has moved all of it’s freebies/GG’s/Discounts/Steals and Deals/Hunt items in the new LM.

Loordes Of London

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Awww Damnit! (NOT free but mention of a freebie).

I was going to be so good and after hitting The Arcade(and a few yard sales) I made a mental vow of  “THAT’S IT NO MORE SPENDY” then I spotted these and sod that!

I wonder if the ballet shoes from Mosquitos is one of her best sellers?  I already have a set of ballet shoes from here they’re only for Pointe feet and the ribbons are up the calf to under the knee and although gorgeous I prefer the ankle tied ones.

This is the new ballet slipper and you get not just the Pointe shape but also the flat shape and with the ribbons, I much prefer I didn’t even hang around to check out the New Freebie at Mosquito’s Way.  I just spotted these and I don’t even know if there is a demo because I just clicked and paid and then scurried home giggling.  Because I know the quality I didn’t need to try the demo but make sure you do as these do come in limited sizes esp the Pointe shape as I do believe it’s only SLink that do a Pointe foot and so if you want this for the Pointe shape you’re going to have to make an extra purchase of the Pointe foot. You also get a generous hud which allows you to change all the details.

I am in RL a frustrated ballerina, unfortunately, the odds of me being able to do it was insurmountable ( built like a brick shit house, big boobs, 2 left feet and the grace of a Heffalump) but I can still watch and admire those who can and the blockiness of these shoes is exactly what a ballerinas shoes look like.

I can’t remember the price but it was more than 300Lds but less than 350Lds but whatever the price tag they’re worth it.

PS, I did notice that there is now 4 Lucky Boards in the Mosquito’s Way shop so head over for the new shoes they have set out and of course keep your eye on the board.

Mosquito’s Way