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He’s Back !

So excited to see that Jacob Brenner of Imegica has started making new builds!! I was such a huge fan of his work years ago – so new stuff has made my day. The new LoftFive caught my eye, its just 5Li ! Fantastic texturing gives it a modern vibe. With its huge wood and glass feature window there is plenty of light, there is also a small tiled open plan area that would lend itself to a kitchen or bathroom. Grab a free demo, its a timed demo and you get plenty of time to scope it all out before it goes POOF! (The price is very reasonable @ $349L)

While you are grabbing up demos of the new builds, collect this sweet gift too. Heart wall tile, truly so sweet and just 3Li.

Imegica market place store

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Va Va Voom! (Freebie).

A simple slip dress which isn’t as simple as it looks as cocoro lemon has used the best texturing and attention to detail which usually comes with her clothing, even her freebies, and this is a new gift out just in time for Valentine’s day.

Coco Designs.

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What a good guesser I am. (Freebie).

I guessed that there maybe free gifts in the back of the zOOm shop and I was right.

At the LM there is some sort of special offer on so there were a few people there checking that out and I totally ignored them and headed to the back of the shop where I found this.

Yes I know it’s a “classic” etc but check it out as it does have a great knit texture and some nice colour in a hud. It also comes with a pair of panties which sadly don’t change colour and since I intend on shopping I decided to just put some jeans on.

This is a freebie for one of the free groups not the zOOm group which I do belive costs and I did spot a TeleportHub Group gift (10Lds). I also spotted on my walk to the back of the shop some nice designs for sale in the shop.


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Suprise. (Freebie(s)).

Cory Edo’s genrosity continues!

We all know that last year Cory Edo the owner of Trompe Loeil was so generous with full quality builds and a piece of furniture as gifts for the “Stay at the home club” and since the world, on the most part, is back to full lockdown just look at whats out for us.

Yeah, this is a FREEBIE!

I clicked on the window and you get the wood screens up. It’s these small touches which really make a build stand out.

Today my first post was going to be those small plant pots on the fireplace. You can also see my horses bum through the window as I had to rezz this house on the field he runs around in.

This staircase is just so well done.

The stairs lead up to a bedroom which is pretty big, big enough for bed, shower, lounging area. Nothing has been skimped on this build.

The chair is the extra gift, you get 2 shades and I think this is the dark one. Excellent poses as expected with Trompe Loeil.

The table in the background is a Christmas Gacha freebie. You will see that there is a stand showing you all the prizes in the Christmas Gacha’s, only 25Lds a pop. NOW PAY ATTENTION because you do need the table to get the Cacha prizes.

The table is the “2020 calender” and when you play the Gacha you get a “key” which you then rezz next to the “calender” ie table and then “~ Then, rez your 2020 Key next to the Calendar. (You must REZ the key – it cannot be attached to your avatar.) The corresponding numbered ornament on the Calendar will light up, and you will be given a surprise gift!”.

Don’t worry it’s all in the note so read that and I think when I log back inworld I may just give it a try as at only 25Ld for the Gacha even though Christmas is over I’m happy to hoard my prize till next year.

Trompe Loeil.

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Sweet. (Dollarbie).

My “get up and go” has “got up and gone” and I’m struggling to get myself motivated to go out for some much needed fresh air and exercise…walking is exercise? lol. It doesn’t help that it’s sopping wet and freezing cold outside.

So instead of turning off my computer I logged into the SL Marketplace and picked up these Dollarbies from Ariskea. I suspect that they’re only on offer in the MP shop. You will also see a 10Ld gift of Latte set of cups which look totally worth more than the 10Ld price tag. There is also a freebie of small paper flowers in a glass vase and I’m sure I have them already but I’d just grabbed this sweet candle and diffuser set.

Ariskea. (Marketplace).

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I’m keeping it.(Freebie(s)).

My beach that is, check my last post, as for the outfit it’s time to say goodbye to it.

You have seen it before as it’s the “Stay at home club” gift from a shop called Dolly Daydream.

A sweet spring sweater and skirt set and that bag just makes it stand out. You do get hud which allows you to change the colour, pattern and texture of the clothes and the bag which is a very nice touch.

There is a new, to me, gift in this shop but Dolly Daydream specialise in the more petite body shape and although the new gift did fit me it wasn’t good enough to take a picture. You will find that and a couple of other gifts on the reception desk and this outfit is on the wall just behind the desks.

Now I’ve reblogged it I can bin it, I am keeping the LM’s though for future visits. I’m down to around the 61,000 mark in my invent and it’s been hard to bin even just the 5,000 I’ve done so far.

Dolly Daydream.

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Free gifts @ Energy Weekend Price

Some really lovely free gifts for this weekends round of Energy Weekend Price ! Each week there are a host of gifts to take from various stores as well as the bargain priced deals at $50L. This week I nabbed myself this shorts set from Leninha sizes for: Belleza, Freya, Venus, Maitreya, Hourglass & Slink. I couldn’t resist the potion bottles free at Cleo Design, you get four colours, each one with or without particles and a hold pose. Perfect for V day ! You can see allll the gifts and alll the offers on the blog linked below.

Energy Price Blog