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Too lazy to scroll.(Dollarbie).

Still busy in RL so KISSING it, again, today.

A simple pair of Spring shoes, if you scroll past a few posts I did another Freebie of a really gorgeous little pair of sweet sexy shorts and these shoes have such a similar cherry blossom texture they will make a match AND that top Faith found in her BRILL “Wardrobe Essentials for 10Lds” find and what a stunning look for just 11Lds.

For these, you will have to log into the Marketplace as they’re a Dollarbie gift from Slippers Originals.  There is an inworld shop but I don’t have any time for inworlding(sic) so I don’t know whats there so there might be another tasty surprise just waiting to be grabbed.

SLink, Maitreya & Belleza inc.

Slippers Originals

Slipper Originals 

Get fit with me for FREE.

I finally binned the last “nope” and my hopes for finding anything decent to show you but just as I was going to log out and check the Marketplace  a note came through for this simple outfit and as it happens it’s from the Marketplace in any case.

Actually, I was so excited to finally get my greasy mitts on something decent that in my rush to take some piccies I’ve not put on the full outfit.

All I have basically missed out is the shirt and I’m just wearing the sports bra and shorts,  the shirt is pink but you get a black and pink option for the sports bra and just gray for the shorts. Good for a nice sporty look or just a bedtime outfit.  You get 2 system layers for non mesh bods and SLink/Omega for the Mesh Bods.

There is an inworld shop and if I have time tomorrow I will check it out.

Oi Bae

Sexy Sweet.(Freebies).

More grab less gab!  Went over to grab the shorts but snagged the dress as well.

Great fit, shop quality, classic sexy.

These are the other group gift, sweet n sexy, lovely satin sheen floral (I think it’s cherry blossoms) shorts.


KC (Kendrasy Creations)

The Dream, The Reality, The 10Ld Giftie.

You know it’s not a good sign when as soon as you arrive at your longed-for beach break destination and the first thing you have to do is dive into a charity shop in the hopes they have a cheap brolly to keep the worst of the rain off you….and yes they did.

Fortunately, were made of hardy stuff and although there was no way in Hell I was going to squeeze my cossie on in the freezing weather we still had a fab time walking for hours up and down the beaches, eating too much, going crazy at the Crazy Golf, doing the Pirates Maze and yes getting tapped so  we had to follows some kids! and lots more of those simple things which give you good memories and that is priceless.

So I’m back I’ve managed to warm up my cold bones, drink enough of my coffee to perk me up and my first find is this simple slip dress.  This dress has one of the features I like esp in my simple cotton shirts in RL and that’s a dropped back.  The dress also comes with a really big 20 colour hud plus ALL the mesh body sizes inc all those newer ones.

This is a gift grom the Teleporthub Group and so it costs 10Lds to join this group but this is one I’ve been using more and more over the past few weeks as they seem to have some nice stuff out I think the reason a lot of people may miss these gifts is that the boards they’re on are quite small and aren’t as obvious as other gifts but once you know what you’re looking for it’s so easy.

I did notice when I did a quick TP in to grab this that the shop they’re in does also have an awful lot of GG’s out but I believe this one costs 100Lds to join but from the quick glance I gave there was some nice stuff.  Nothing that I with a bloated invent could use but check the whole lot out for yourself before you leave.


I don’t rock it!(10Ld & Free Group Gifts).

I don’t like the colour, I don’t like the style and I don’t like how I look in it BUT just because it’s not to my taste means nothing.  You wear what you want to in SL and so here it is.

Actually what I did love was the quality, shop quality as I like to say plus all the sizes and mesh bod sizes.   Don’t worry of you too aren’ta “Pink Lady” as for the 10Ld joining fee there is a nice selection of other Group Gifts just at the landing spot.

This is the pink I rock!

Yup that’s me in my Madpea AV, rhyming completely unintentional.  I’ve been a Madpea group member for so long I forgot it’s a free group.  When I log in I’m going to trot around in my Madpea AV doing the Madpea Easter Hunt.

Obviously, not everyone would want to be a Madpea but these 2 exc decor items are also GG’s.  When you click on the gumball machine you hear the money go through and see the dial turn and a little green gumball pops out.  The lamp turns on and off and gives off a really nice glow.  If you do join the Madpea group each Fri for 24 hours they set out a special gift as well.



Bring me sunshine.(Freebie).

Blimey, what a difference a few hours and a gallon of coffee makes.  I’ve gone from The Walking Dead to just bleurgh and so I went freebie hunting and found this.

A mesh bikini but it comes in a one piece.  Comes in just the standard mesh fits but I am wearing it with my mesh bod and apart from a little bit of a wedgie it fits pretty well but then again I think I’m wearing the XS size so maybe even a bigger size would even solve that.

I found this in the back of a shop called Ghostsyy and there are other Free for anyone gifts plus Group Gifts but in all honesty, it was this Bikini which stood out as being the best and yup I’m loving it and keeping it.



Better now than later.(10Ld Giftie).

A really nice pretty and subtle bathing costume and costs just the 10Lds it costs to join the Rir Life group.  Comes in a load of mesh bod sizes and I will update this post when I log back in but then again mesh bod or no mesh bod there will be a size to fit all and I’m pretty sure you will have an alpha already in your invent to use if you don’t have a mesh bod.

So this is the dream and this is the reality…

It was bound to happen when surrounded by snot nosed people, I haz a cold in the noze!  Sore throat, heedache, sweating, hot,  cold, streaming hooter you name it I haz it.  On the good side is that better now than in a few days time when I have a couple of days away and if I was to be really honest on a scale of 1-10 this cold barely scrapes past a 5 lol.  So I’ve nestled in for the day with all the supplies I need to hand, ie water, snot rags, cats, TV remote etc and I’m going to tough it out.

UPDATE.Forgot to mention nice strapping details on the back.  The mesh sizes are Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Lara, Physique and Venus.

 Rir Life Designs. (On the wall near the sofa, chairs in the back of the shop).