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I had seen this jumper/dress/slut outfit pop up in the freebies groups but I never got around to grabbing it but when I saw that there was another Freebie at the Enertia shop it was time to haul AV ass.

I saw someone on youtube recreate this look out of an old jumper and even she said it was a big no-no but this is SL and not RL and you can wear whatever you want.  Honestly, if you did try to wear this in RL you’d have to use so much “titty tape” to ensure nothing pops out you’d probably crackle when you walked lol.

What’s broken is the colour Hud otherwise I would have changed the colour in this picture.  It was probably just one of those SL glitches and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work today but I don’t really have the time to test it out.

I also picked this top up and I didn’t even dare try the hud lol.

Actually, something else is broken in this picture and it’s my face, it looks like someone has turned the switch to “off” LOL.  Anyhow a simple laced top and for this one you have to join the SL Free’s and offers group and the invite is right there.

PS All standard mesh bod sizes.


Stink Eye.(10Ld Group Gift).

That was sweet and simple and all thanks to a link from one of our readers, Brinlea, who gave me the heads up on this GG from Lode.

I’m not sure why but the Jian chickens really seem to have “F*CK YOU” faces on them, chickens with attitude!

The pump is the gift, not the stink-eyed chicken.

Comes with it’s own little stone square and look closely you will see the dragonflies attached to it.  It is copy and mod…except the only thing you can unlink is the Dragonflies and as it happens I’ve removed the pump and left them because although they are static they look pretty good where they are.

Cost 10Lds to join which is just a token price so simply join the group and you will find this gift in the group notices not in the main shop.  Better hurry as Group Notices disappear after 14 days and I don’t know how long this has been out.

Lodes isn’t a furniture/house/garden shop it’s actually a shop which sells some stunning headdresses and now it’s also a shared clothes shop with VRSION(sic) upstairs.

Lode Inworld

I broke a sim!(Freebie& Lesson).

I stumbled upon a very interesting sim and had great fun but I finally had to log out thinking that I would be able to log in later n and take some piccies and tell you all about it but it’s gone..poof like wisp of smoke.  Fingers crossed it’s only temporary as SL is for more than just shopping n stuff.

So you will just have to put up with a FREEBIE for your home.

This isn’t what I went to Soy for, what I was after is the New GG of a notice board but I couldn’t see it what I did spot was a crate of boxes and because I click on everything I clicked and got these.  A “side table” which I belive is a repurposed block of concrete and that fir branch in the bottle.

These are sub gifts so if you haven’t subbed to Soy it’s time to sub and there is just about time for me to log in and see if I can find where the group gift is because I WANT IT!

OH! it looks like a few sims are down inc the sim Soy is on and also our HOME! I

I’m HOMELESS!!!  So I’ve checked the SL status update and I’ve put the link down the bottom. Because our home sim is down and you might find the same issue you need to keep a backup LM.  When you log into SL you have a choice of where you want to start out, Home, Last Location or “type region name” and this is the one you will find useful.  Several years ago when I was having major SL issues which I won’t bore you with but one of the ways of resolving it was to have a backup region which doesn’t go down and the one recommended by the Linden dealing with my issues is “Hahne”.

So because I couldn’t log into my home or my last position I simply typed in “Hahne” (no ” of course) and found myself with a dozen other AV’s who are having the same issue and use this region as their backup position.  Don’t worry if you use it as you land at the bottom of the ocean in the middle of nowhere I really only use this sim as the spelling of it is so easy and it’s easy to remember.

Status Update


A Different Style.(Freebie).

I’m just killing time before a new Gacha event opens which should be sometime today so yesterday I had popped over to Dench Design to grab the gift Faith blogged about (and yes Ramona it is free for all and not just group members and you will find it just outside the entrance to the main shop).  Turns out it’s as cute as Faith described.  Also while I was at Dench Designs I splashed out on a lot of greenery for our sim so while I’m waiting for a gacha event to open I will be sprinkling more magic over our sim.

OK this is an odd Freebie but it’s come from a shop I’ve not visited for ages called ::K:: but as soon as the shout out for this freebie was sent out I TPed over. It’s an over the shoulder jacket.  OK Since I’m someone who doesn’t bother to wear jewelry, bags, knickers etc in SL I’m not really going to wear this draped jacket but people DO like to completely accessories themselves and it is nice to come across something as new and different as this.

You do have to join the group but it’s free and in the pack you get his and her options plus 2 shades and one is obviously the pink I’m wearing but the other shade is I believe gray.


Meander with me.(Freebie).UPDATE>

I’ve done the job that needed to be done so now I’m just going to meander in SL.  I’m going to sim hop, check out old LMs and just waste a day away.  If I find any goodies on my wandering I will do a quickie and here is a quickie.

This is a clock made up of numbers from car number plates.  It looks a bit flat in my picture but it’s on a nice thick disc.  Comes from Q-Essentials and there is also an “enMESHed into Spring” hunt prize to find.  Hint given and easy to find.


I’ve decided that instead of doing new posts I would just tack on “updates”.

So I jumped off the platform that Q-Essentials is on, crashed into a few sky homes and then map hopped for a while.  I did come across some interesting and very random stuff usually on abandoned land but nothing with the ooo factor and then I spotted this in a shop.

This isn’t the one in the shop because I recognised it as it’s a Group Gift from DRD(Death Row Designs) that I already had but I didn’t show you this as I was too excited over the electrifying Electric Chair they have out as a Group Gift.  Anyhow, this unicorn skull is another one of the GG’s and it comes with a separate lamp and you can just about make it out but also a can of Unicorn Tears for you to drink.

This I do believe is a new DRD gift.

DRD is the only place that you have a mix of the dark and disturbed with the cottagey and comforting!  So if the unicorn skull or electric chair ain’t your thing this 1 prim cottage shelf might just be it.

When I go back to LM grab I will check that the Chair is still a GG and I’m sure there might be 1 more gift. And yes the Electric Chair is still out for us and the 4th GG is Apocalyptic radio kit.

PS Make sure to check outside as the DRD Sim is stunning and some amazing purchases to be found here.  So far I’ve resisted but I’m looking at this lounger with an itch to buy.

DRD(Death Row Design)

Blindfolded is the only way I’m going to escape the HPMD sim without spending Lindens.

What brought me here was a stunning little plant in a pot and yes I had my fingers and toes crossed that there was going to be a similar gift here for us but sadly for me nope.  What there is as Free to join Group Gifts is a snowflake rezzer and wearable scribbled Butterfly wings and antenna which I am wearing but obviously you can’t see.

Just before I TPed out of the shop I did a bit of a cam around and spotted that you can buy butterflies to dance around in your garden and their wings are the same childish crayon scribbles as this wearable pair.  Cute but not me but might be just the thing for you.


Time to quit, I was just about to TP to a shop I haven’t visited for yonks but fortunately I  decided to check the map because it’s gone from a pretty nice shop to a “Rent aWh*re, Escort & Domme Talent Agency”.  Oddly enough it seems pretty busy there!  So lunch is calling my name.  Have a lovely day and I will see ya’s tomorrow.

Some where over the rainbow way up high…(Freebie).

Is me naked and bored.

Basically, I was on my platform working my way through all my old blogged items sorting them out which means I was NEKKID because before I bin anything I try it on to make sure I’m not parting with something I can use.  Anyhow, I came across a notice from La Galleria and I was bored of binning so I TPed over to  grab the Rainbow, and also the Pot of Gold” and then just had some fun.

I can walk on rainbows and well as water, but only in SL.

You get this and the Pot of Gold near to the LM.

PS Yes I was Nekkid when I TPed over but I did map check first so no innocent eyes were harmed by my Nekkid butt.

La Galleria

Spaced out Man!(Freebie).

I’m having a bit of a “Mind F*ck” moment here.

I sauntered into an art gallery and I thought this was a picture on the wall but you can actually walk inside and the very messy apartment is made up of photographs so basically it plays with your head.  FREAKY.

I’ve done this post really quickly because even though I have THOUSANDS of poses I’m finding that I’m just using a handful as a lot of my poses need to be updated to work better with a mesh bod and just better poses all round.  So I’m planning on having a lovely leisurely time in SL checking out all the pose shops.

The FREEBIE is this cute short and top outfit OK I did make a mistake and I forgot to change it to the more denim coloured texture which was my fav but there is a hud with a nice mix of texture options.  Comes as separates and also in all the standard mesh bod and mesh sizes.

While you’re at the Selvyn shop picking this Free to join gift up there is another one but if you look a bit more you will see a Teleport Hub gift as well.  I believe it’s on the wall with the doorway into the main body of the shop.  It’s a bright pink coat in a classic SL style.  You might remember from a couple of posts ago that the Teleport Hub Group is free to join for a limited time (but it was only 10-20Lds to join in the first place) and Telehub has joined up with Madpea and 3 lucky winners will win a gift of free entry into one of the Madpea hunts and I swear the Madpea hunts are the ONLY hunt I do pay to do as they really make you think hard to win those prizes but they are well worth it.