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Miix Anniversary Round Free Gifts

Free Tshirt The Bold Llama, Free Skirt, Fashiowl Prop, Synnergy Backdrop

Anniversary round means lots and lots of lovely gifts for us shoppers! I get a bit overwhelmed tbh when there are SO many , so I pick out a couple of items and show them , but there are SO many more ! Above I’m wearing the gift T-shirt from The Bold Llama which is super cute and bang on for Easter. The Skirt is from Furtacor and is a fatpack.

Free Hud

As you can see the skirt Hud has some fab fadeout colours – really different.

Free Skirt Fatpack, Free Jacket Fat pack, Free wearable prop

Furtacor also provided these wearable spinning *puzzle cubes* love them and the coat is from Shoosh , its a fatpack !

Free Hud 2

Ten patterns and colours, dead handy little piece that’s a keeper for me. There were also a couple of décor items worth looking out for – enjoy ❤ (Group to receive gifts is free to join) Btw my hair is also a free gift, the latest group gift from Truth – the group does cost $250L to join but its well worth it !

Miix Event

Back drop by Synnergy “Wisteria Lane”

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Borking. (Dollarbie(s)).

SL seems to be a bit borky for me and after being logged out for the third time I did a lot of tutting and huffing then stayed logged out and went shopping on the Marketplace instead.

I found this cute outfit in Sharodie’s Design shop and I recognise a few of the outfits as well but this is new for sure.

Sadly only for Maitreya/Legacy fit (the Legacy Perky although not listed is also a perfect fit). The BOM layers are for the Foo Foo and Nips. The skirt is that short you will need to be wearing something unless flashing is your thing lol.

If this look is a bit too cute for you don’t worry as they can be worn as separates and esp that top will look so nice teamed up with a pair of plan denim jeans or shorts.

I did pick up the Dollarbie Valentine shoes as well which weren’t delivered which also seems to be par for the course with the Marketplace for a while now. Normally I can just have the item resent to me however in this case I don’t seem to have that option. I also bought the bodysuit with the flexi lace pant bottoms, pretty good fun as well and an interesting blend of new and old.

Sharodie’s Design.

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Free Dress @ Toxic Bish

Free Dress Toxic Bish

I have Zan to thank for this freebie – she said she was going to check Toxic Bish out and I was bored so I popped along too. Saw everyone crowded around the lucky boards and joined in. This is what I won! Gorgeous lace dress (in black only) fits for: Maitreya, Physique, TMP, Tonic curvy & fine, Venus, Freya, Hourglass & Isis. The boards change over quite r apidly so you wont have long to wait to get your mitts on something – group is free to join.

Toxic Bish

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Free Easter Backdrop

FREE Easter Back drop

Awwww look what Synnergy has out for you as a group gift – this sweet Easter scene backdrop! Just join the group to collect – its free to become a member. Word of warning though – if you don’t have a lot of prims spare you might want to take it to a sand box – its 185 Li. Which isn’t bad for such a detailed scene tbh – just thought Id let you know!


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Free – Definitely NOT a Ballerina

Free Dress Free Fatpack sandals

Yes I’m about as graceful as a three legged gazelle tbh – but here I am wearing this gorgeous free dress from Justus, was giving me Ballet vibes ! Sizes for: Maitreya, Ebody reborn, Legacy & Perky, Belleza Gen X classic.

FREE fatpack sandals

My shoes are a free fat pack from Lempika – I bought a pair of their shoes in the w/e sale and was really impressed with them – so this was a nice find. Sizes for: Maitreya/ Kupra / Erika / Reborn / Legacy. (I know they don’t go with the dress BUT it made me smile to clomp about in them)

Happy Thursday ❤

Jutus Dress

Lempika sandals

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Free Back Drops and More

FREE back drop 23 Li

I have to admit I have a bit of an obsession with back drops – I buy soooo many! The one above by Visera is one I actually paid for a few weeks ago (tsk) and now its out as a free gift at the latest round of La Vie En Pose. Almost every designer has a free gift out for you – just join the group to collect.

Free Street Corner Back drop 8Li 4 colours

This street corner back drop was another gift, this one has a Hud giving four colours of the walls and is 8Li – its by Lacrime dell’ anima. Plenty of couple pose gifts and a fat pack of poses from Sweet Sassy Poses too.

Happy Free Shopping ❤

La Vie En Pose

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Free Décor Treats

FREE potted succulent & clock

I was at Rama trying on some hair do’s when I spotted this group gift. Pretty potted succulent plant and a separate clock. The clock comes in this lovely green slate and also in black. Just join the free Rama group to collect – its located through the door to the right as you enter the store , high up on the wall as you go through.