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Weekend Sales – Oo

Cyber Factory 30L, Synnergy back drop 75L

I’m off to a flying start with the weekend sales – saw this brilliant cyber catsuit from Cyber Factory for just 30L ! Its got bright shiny Patches and looks uber cool – Sizes for Maitreya & Legacy. My backdrop is by Synnergy and is also in the w/e sales – just 75L and only 25Li – sadly I already owned this one but they have quite a few out on offer from 50L upwards.


Cyber Factory

30L Saturday Gallery –

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Cosmo Gift

FREE Dress, Fashiowl prop, Synnergy Backdrop

Ohhhh what a stunning dress ! This is the gift from Cosmopolitan for this round and I love it. The dress is by ADD and is called “Carolyn”, you get panties and the dress in the box. Really nice leather effect fabric and some sweet metallic details to the front. Just join the Cosmo group (its free) and collect.

Fits for: Maitreya, Legacy, Legacy Perky & Maitreya petite.


Backdrop by Synnergy

Pose & Prop by Fashiowl

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Dog Walking with Freebies

FREE Cargo pants leathers & denims, Free glitter top, Synnergy Backdrop, Fashiowl chow pose

Couple of dead nice free group gifts for you tonight. The cargo pants are just brilliant – you get two mega packs & Huds with them for an array of leather and denim tones, an option to change the pocket colours too. The sweater is also free and comes in just black BUT you can play with the glittery bits that are dotted all over it. Both of these are from Evie, the group is free to join. I’m also wearing the free sneakers from GST that I picked up at the Alpha event. I did pick up a couple of items in the weekend sales, my pose set from Fashiowl and the glorious backdrop from Synnergy both should still be out on offer.




Alpha Event

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Free Wearable Lantern & W/e Sales

FREE Rabbit lantern -Fat pack Dress $77L - Fatpack Heels $75L Back drop Synnergy $75L

Love love love my cute Year of the Rabbit wearable lantern! Its free from Bada atm – group is also free to join. Its comes with left and right hand poses (3 different poses inc) I’ve been busy trudging around the w/e sales too – snapped up this adorable dress fatpack from No Cabide for just $77L and the heels from KC Couture (also a fatpack) for only $75L. My backdrop is from Synnergy – they have quite a few in the w/e sales, this one is the “Soho Loft” , dead handy for interior photos, it even has a bedroom with bed, sweet mini kitchen and bar with stools inside.

(Bolero is from Blonde Queen)

Bada Lantern

KC Couture


No Cabide

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Free For Friday

Free corset & shorts with multi colour Hud

Get yourself over to Well Made ! I had forgotten just how many group gifts there are plus a few more from my last visit. This corset top and shorts seems to be the latest group gift (group is free to join). Huge variety of sizes and a Hud giving you plenty of colours.

Free dress with multi colour Hud

Another Well Made gift is this super little knitted dress, slight flare to the hemline give it extra sweater dress ooomph. You get a Hud with a selection of colours also. My back drop is one of the weekend sale offerings from Synnergy, just $75L!

Well Made


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Hunt @ Belle Époque ! Discounted Hair @ Faga

Dress with waist bag $10L, Synnergy Backdrop $75L FAGA Hair $60L

I popped over to Belle Époque this morning to snag just one of the prizes in their New years Hunt. Each item is only $10L . I just really really wanted this cool knitted sweater dress with attached belt/bag – Maitreya & Legacy fits inc. The bag was free also from Nana, 3 colours all with poses BUT for the life of me I cant recall where I found it – one of the Christmas gifts at an event maybe? Sorry! My hair is by Faga and the bun does have a pearl decoration option which I’m not overly fond of so switched it off. $60L for this weekend such a steal (Style Hud is an extra $60L if you want it)


Belle Époque



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W/E Sales – what have I bought? (So far!)

Ascendant - Carol Striped Blazer $75L multiple colours available

I started my w/e sale shopping early today – wow what a load of great buys!! Above is the Ascendant – Carol Striped Blazer – choices of colours available , naturally I plumped for peeenk! Just $75L LOVE it. Im using one of the three backdrops I bought today from Synnergy – fantastic backdrops and sale prices ! This one was $75L.

Blonde Queen $59L - $99L, Synnergy backdrop $69L

Blonde Queen lured me in to buy this three piece set – couldn’t resist as they are seperates and I know Ill use them all with other pieces. Various colours on offer – was really tempted by the beige option! Another Synnergy backdrop, also $75L for the w/e.


Blonde Queen