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Weekend Sales – Oo

Cyber Factory 30L, Synnergy back drop 75L

I’m off to a flying start with the weekend sales – saw this brilliant cyber catsuit from Cyber Factory for just 30L ! Its got bright shiny Patches and looks uber cool – Sizes for Maitreya & Legacy. My backdrop is by Synnergy and is also in the w/e sales – just 75L and only 25Li – sadly I already owned this one but they have quite a few out on offer from 50L upwards.


Cyber Factory

30L Saturday Gallery –

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Free Wearable Lantern & W/e Sales

FREE Rabbit lantern -Fat pack Dress $77L - Fatpack Heels $75L Back drop Synnergy $75L

Love love love my cute Year of the Rabbit wearable lantern! Its free from Bada atm – group is also free to join. Its comes with left and right hand poses (3 different poses inc) I’ve been busy trudging around the w/e sales too – snapped up this adorable dress fatpack from No Cabide for just $77L and the heels from KC Couture (also a fatpack) for only $75L. My backdrop is from Synnergy – they have quite a few in the w/e sales, this one is the “Soho Loft” , dead handy for interior photos, it even has a bedroom with bed, sweet mini kitchen and bar with stools inside.

(Bolero is from Blonde Queen)

Bada Lantern

KC Couture


No Cabide

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Free For Friday

Free corset & shorts with multi colour Hud

Get yourself over to Well Made ! I had forgotten just how many group gifts there are plus a few more from my last visit. This corset top and shorts seems to be the latest group gift (group is free to join). Huge variety of sizes and a Hud giving you plenty of colours.

Free dress with multi colour Hud

Another Well Made gift is this super little knitted dress, slight flare to the hemline give it extra sweater dress ooomph. You get a Hud with a selection of colours also. My back drop is one of the weekend sale offerings from Synnergy, just $75L!

Well Made


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My Free Coat & Group gifts!

FREE Coat with and wihout fur collar

Just like Zan I also went to the latest round of Designer Showcase and WOW how can it be their twelfth anniversary?! To celebrate, as Zan mentioned, there are a ton of gifts out for you. Now my favourite one was this Hilly Haalan coat – gawd I adore it and it also comes with a huge Hud of colours plus a no fur collar option. (Zans post is below if youd like to see what she found for herself)

FREE Jumpsuit with Hud of patterns

Anywayyyyy KiB was there, a store I really like, and their gift was a sweater and separate scarf (I kept the scarf as its SO cute!) but it reminded me that I haven’t been to their main store for ages. Its such a fantastic store to look around, and I just love the retro styling to many of the pieces. If you go up the stairs to the 1st floor you’ll see a teleporter board on the way up – tp and check out the whole wall of free gifts for group members! It costs just $5L to join – well worth it. The jumpsuit above is one of the gifts – very summery and I’m keeping it for sure. There is also a discounted section full or prettiness, prices around $99L per item.

Designer Showcase


New Hair by Doux @ Level

All Back drops by Synnergy

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W/e Sale Buys – Oo!

Weekend Sales - what did I buy

I can never resist items from Swear ! I dashed over to grab up a couple of pairs of their brilliant leather pants – at $60L a pop why not.

60L we

Close up to give more detailing (and there are lots of details) I bought Sand & black – great find!

WE Sales what did I buy

My outfit is a store credit buy from Belle Époque (not sure if the $500L free credit is still up but check it out anyway) The boots are my buy – from Vanilla Bae , great selection of single colours BUT I liked them so much I bought a fatpack (discounted yay!)

60L we boots

Btw my backdrops are from Synnergy I buy a LOT from this store and they have some cracking ones in the w/e sales – check them out ❤ My jeep is also on sale @ $60L dog included at Secret Poses for the w/e.


Vanilla Bae


Secret Poses

All items from The Happy Weekend Sale

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Free & Cheap for Friday

FREE Short & top - Synnergy Backdrop $69L

New-to-me store Klubb has a few really decent free gifts for us – group is free to join. This is the “Melanie” tube and shorts set – you get a great Hud with plenty of colour choices in it too. As you walk into the store turn right and you’ll find the group gifts plus lucky boards – which seemed to contain a lot of totally cool sunnies. My backdrop is by Synnergy – my totally fav backdrop maker! This is the Paris Rooftop scene, dead cute and useful – this weekend only $69L.



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Flasshhhh Sale @ Dench Designs

Mobile cafe was $100L now $40L 17Li

Couldn’t believe my luck , Flash sale and its this beachside café ! I had spotted it before and mentally marked it as something Id like – it was $100L and is for today just $40L !

The whole scene is only 17Li so whether you use it as a back drop or , as I have, place it in your SL space, its not gonna eat up your prims ! I confess I have edited mine as I don’t really have the type of beach that warrants surfboards, phone kiosk or a lifebuoy – so having removed those parts and the nifty sign on the roof – its now at 13Li yay! Great poses for males & females – cooking, pouring drinks etc. Thanks Amanda ❤

Sale board

Demo to try out