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I’m just meandering. (Only Mention of Freebie(s)).

The LM will take you to a platform and on one side is a TP to the Voluptas Virtualis shop and the other side takes you to the Aisling shop.

In the Voluptas Virtualis shop there are freebies, no group needed, the main gift is a cropped top and panties set. Nice and plain almost sporty unlike the fuzzy socks lol. There are other gifts which I do believe are eyes and jewellery.

Since I can’t really model the outfit for you I decided to head on back to the platform and go to the Aisling shop. Ignore the cat, he’s a random Gacha prize from the Aisling shop which I have had for a long time.

Next to where you TP into the shop is a whole load of freebies, no group needed, and some of these freebies have been around for many, many years and this floral headdress is actually one of them. It’s stood the test of time as have many of the other gifts. I think this floral crown and a pair of mens shoes are the only free clothing the rest is items of decor. Pretty RP/Gor/Medival but don’t let that put you off. There are things there which will suit any home/garden.

Special mention to the bags and spilled gems. I used to have them out on my land a long time ago and now I’ve been reminded of them I must dig them out.

Voluptas Virtualis & Aisling

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More, more & more. (Freebies).

Before I settled down to work through my Raindale stuff I decided I should check the shop out and was happy to see a lot of old and probably new group gifts.

The tent is of course an old freebie which I can imagine everyone has in their invent. Next to it is an arch way made up of twisted branches, new? I’m not too sure. You get 4 versions in total, basically with or without snow and with or without lights.

I definately remember the teapot with flowers, maybe even the cake what I don’t remember is that plate of “Lembas”.

I was so curious as to what exactly “Lembas” is I googled it and it turns out that Lembas is the name given to the bread baked by the Elves in Toklens Lord of the Rings book. I’ve never read the book, watched the film or intend on reading/watching Lord of the Rings so all I know is that one click on the plate and you get a quality slice of Lembas sent to you to wear.

There are quite a lot of other gifts now at the Raindale shop inc some Christmas themed ones so check them out now.

PS. I may never read Lord of the Rings but I whole heartedly suggest you read To Kill a Mocking Bird, it exceeded my expectations.


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Sorted.(Freebie(sssss)) Go NOW!

I thought the Cosmopolitan event had just started a new round so I was surprised to see that the Christmas Tree is still out and even more surprised at how many gifts there are for us.

This jacket is just an example of the gifts and it’s from a shop we should all know, Miva. I’ve only unpacked 1 other item and it’s a decor set which is also a keeper so I for one can’t wait to log in and chill out unpacking the rest of the goodies and since this event has some of the biggest shops in SL selling there I can imagine the gifts are going to be really good quality.

A quick check of the group shows that this event is almost over so go NOW and not tomorrow!

PS. The gifts are the socks on the tree and not the parcels under the tree.

Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town.

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“Mondays Perk”.(Freebie(s).

Since it’s Monday it means I will do my weekly visit to Apple Fall so I get registered for the weekly “Mondays Perk” draw.

All you have to do is pop in, you don’t have to buy anything or click anything just being there will automatically register for the weekly draw and if you’re lucky you could win either 2,500 in cash(Lindens) or 2,500 in shop credit. Pretty darn generous.

Not sure if you have to be in the Apple Fall group, since it’s free you may as well esp as you will want to check if you have won in the group notices and of course grab the new freebies which as you can guess is the muffin and bundt cake stand. Each is only 1 prim.

I thought I’d picked up the other new gift which is a bureau/desk but it looks like I didn’t. This bureau is perfectly proportioned and you can chose from 3 shades of wood. Even though there are a couple of items of decor on it I’m pretty sure the whole thing is just 2 prims.

Don’t forget to check out the book shelves at the LM for other slightly older gifts and of course have a wander around as there are hidden freebies dotted around the shop. I’ve not had a chance as yet so I don’t know if there is anything new but half the fun is finding them.

Apple Fall.

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Chilling times. (Freebie).

I had such a lovely time yesterday just wandering around checking out old LM’s and shop and on my wandering I spotted this random gift.

A quick check showed me that this is a Cinoe gift and fortunately it’s also in the mainshop as a “New Years Gift”. Very detailed, excellent texturing and only 1 prim.

There is another gift in the Cinoe shop which is their group gift. A wearable chocolate latte and you get a his ‘n’ her and a rezzable option.

The group gift poster/board is at the LM and to find the New Years gift just head into the shop and it’s on the wall to your right.

Cinoe(It’s a new, to me, LM so use mine just in case you only have the old one).

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Mooching around an old friend.(Freebie).

I’m just Map Hopping and landed on the sim with the Pilot shop.

As I wandered around I spotted this bright red sign.

I’ve obviously taken the picture of this as you will find it in the shop so it makes it much easier for you to find for yourself.

I grabbed and rezzed a copy on our land which is how I know that the stage and the screen are seperates, 10prims for the stage and 1 for the screen. The stage is a perfect AV size if you want to put on your own performance. You can also change the colour of the stage curtains as well.

UPDATE: I continued on mooching around the Pilot shop as it has so many quality items and in fact I already own a lot of the Pilot range and thats how I noticed this free snowy tabletop diarama set.

I grabbed it and rushed home, again, as I couldn’t believe that yes you get this snow covered top for free. This is next a Gacha which sells the small build/decor items which match this table so you can have you’re own mini indoor snow scenery esp as the table is only 2 prims! If it’s too big for your home then click on that red button and the right hand size disapears. I’m really chuffed with this find and I’ve not even finished wandering the whole shop yet so there maybe another “Update”.


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Testing times.(Freebie(sss) & mention of clothes).

As I test I went over to G Fields and in the reception is an easel with a new Christmas gift of a dress which is nice enough and there are 3 nice colours in a hud. Then I continued on to the room at the back of the shop with the older gifts just to see if I’d missed anything and it turns out I have.

In that room there are small little decor rooms set up and l’d never noticed that some of the decor items are FREE!

As you can see on the tag this baubled tree is just one of them and at 8 prims and a colour change menu I’ve snapped it up. There are a couple of other Christmas decor items and in the room next to this one are Halloween gift and a couple of cheapies. There is a planter with pumpkins and it’s only 30Lds and 2 prims and I’m so tempted to get that.

Anyhow I’m going to leave the dress as a suprise and once you’ve got that head to the back of the shop and in a room marked “storage” over the door is where you will find other older gift clothing as well as these decor items.

G Field.