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Free Yummies

FREE Mura Home - Falafel Appetizer 1Li

Ohhh I wasn’t aware that Mura did edibles ! They do and this Falafel Appetizer is their new group gift. (Group is free to join) You get a décor version and a dispensing version in the pack. At just 1Li it wont eat up your prims! There is another group gift tucked away in a corner of a henna BOM tattoo – very pretty.


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Free Aquarium

Free Aquarium 9Li by Fantasy Pixels

Wow what a find ! This huge aquarium by Fantasy Pixels is a free gift at the INOV event. Just join the free group et voila its all yours. Would look so cool in a modern home bubbling away – Its only 9li and has some awesome effects built right in – love it ❤

INOV event

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No Pretty Pics – But All Free !

all for free

I really cant recall how I came about finding this place – but glad I did. You might recall some time ago – infact perhaps last year – there was a store called Upcycled where everything was free ? I also did a post about another inexpensive store called Careless, everything was $10L. Anywayyy this location has most of their inventory now for free ! Home & garden , décor, clothing & makeup, no group join required. If you use the teleporter in the far corner it takes you to another place that has some free rooms that you can use for up to six hours – all space themed and furnished – no adult animations and no rezzing though. Nice if you want to meet up with friends though.

Communal Bliss

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I saw the light, but not much else. (Group Gift(s) & Free Hunt).

As of yet I have no new clothes to show you, although I am tempted to do a reblog.

Then I found this hunt going on at the Harshland shop/sim and as someone who always loves a bit of decor or landscaping I was off to check it out.

The hunt is called “End of summer hunt” and there are 15 old Gacha prizes dotted around the sim. What you’re looking for is a gold coin. I’m going to have a look and see if I can find a cheat sheet, ie some hints, as this is a full sim hunt and I could do with some hints.

This lamp is not a hunt prize it’s one of the group gifts and since you have to be in the, free, group to do the hunt check this and the other group gifts out before you start the hunt.


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Red White & Blue Hunt

Free Hunt Items !

I did a little of this hunt today and already I’ve found four items! The hunt is at the Chic Buildings store and you’re looking for a red, white & blue box – they are quite large so not too difficult to locate. I found this shelving unit 1Li, directors chair 1Li, rug 4Li, and décor pile 1Li. Lovely that most of the prizes are 1Li – and cost zero lindens ❤

ChiC Buildings

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Its BBQ Time ! (Some free items)

Marushin BBQ (2 versions included with wearable food) Dench Designs By the seaside set.

When I spot something really well made and interesting – I’m always, funds permitting, going to buy it! I saw this gorgeous BBQ at Marushin today, its just 4Li and you get a tall one and as above a short one in the pack. Touch the food and the desired item is delivered to your hand with bento animations built right in. $300L .

Marushin Free condiment bottles 1Li each.

When you enter the store, turn left towards a big board – this has all the free items for you. These condiment bottles are one of the free gifts. I am showing just a few the pack contains heaps, all just 1Li. If you’re feeling flush towards the rear of the store are the group gifts – Uhmm I think the joining fee was $50L , great gifts!


By The Seaside chair, windbreaker and cooler by Dench Designs

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Added interest for free

Free decor

I’m always on the look out for inexpensive items to add a little interest into a dull area. I found a few bits & bobs from Gwen on the market place that I was pretty thrilled with, all of them free & low land impact. Above are just three of the pieces I picked up, the cat & slippers on a chair was just 3Li, the cushion has a gazillion textures built in. Both potted plants were 2Li, dead simple yet effective fillers for your home.

Gwen store