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Make a date.

A while ago I got roped into actually doing something other than freebie hunting and landscaping and that’s joining an inworld orchestra. I assumed it would just be just a case of sitting and letting the AO take over but I was so wrong.

I don’t think in all the years I’ve SL’d that I’ve seen so many people at an event all at the same time so I had fun counting all people there but it was when orchestral music started and the singers started to sing that I realised they’d all turned up to hear something really special.

So when I got the invite to return for a second show I actually went and paid, yes I paid full price for something lol, for a great outfit as I was looking forward to it and I wanted to look my best.

This clip is from the second show and if you’re short on time then go to the 3 min mark and just listen to his voice! Melting and mesmerising. I think possibly each show will have different performers but each of them is extraordinarily talented in their field.

This event is now over but I know that they’re already working on the third, I don’t know when or where but this time I’m going to let you all know in advance so you can do something just a bit different in SL and just for a short time listen some real “ear candy”.

PS. If you’re wondering you will see me at 4.18min and I’m wearing brown hair although next time I may wear blue hair.

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$60L Promo – Only 2 days left

Fatpack shorts set $60L

I spotted this outfit in this weeks $60L Promo event – love it ! Its a one-piece BUT the fatpack Hud you get allows you to play around with the shirt and shorts independently of each other. There is SO much choice ! Plains, patterns & prints, really flexible to give you all sorts of looks. You’ll find this at Anshara along with a couple of other items on offer.


$60L Promo Gallery

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The Elves & The Shoemaker

Ever Green Ginfer Bread Tree - 2 Prims Discunted!

I am really enjoying wandering around all the festive markets that have popped up. This one is just adorable andddd Ever Green have some treats and discounts for us yay! Above is the Gingerbread tealight tree, its so whimsical. You get three sizes in the box from table top to full tree, all with the great Ever Green menus to alter many many parts. If you buy it at this event you get it at 50% discount – just $75L.

Ever Green Ginger Bread House Discounted!

There is also this rather fantastic full size replica Gingerbread house – its for décor not for living in. Super pretty with a ton of options for most parts. Again buying at this event saves you cash – 50% discount – so just $175L – if you’ve got a festive area this would really fill up a space. Take a look around there are heaps of other items – I especially love love love the sleigh bed ❤

Ever Green @ The Elves & The Shoemaker

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Make a date. too late. (Free Event).

Not too long ago I mentioned how I’d been roped into performing at a concert? By performing I mean sitting and letting the AO and today is the day.

I went to check the place out, and find my seat so I’m not rushed when it’s “curtain” time.

I’m actually looking forward to it, the last time I stood on a stage was when I was working a dance pole…we’ve all done it at some stage lol.

I’ve got my posh frock, heels, makeup and shocking for me a nice pair of earrings all sorted and at 10am (SL time) I will be fiddling away.

So why not join us? Sadly a lot of events are a bit overlooked so it’s about time we did more to help those who create in SL the things we can’t it’s a lovely wintery sim. the theatre is beautiful and it’s nice to be able to get all dolled up for a change.

It’s over and WOW I have never ever seen a performance so packed with people. 120 at one stage and then someone was living streaming the music for those who couldn’t get on the sim.

Just me and some “randos” lol. actually, the lady next to the gentleman is Shi who is happy to give me the heads up when she comes across something she thinks I’d like to blog about. She is also the one who co-opted me into joining in the orchestra and for that I thank her.

I’m just doing a quick update but tomorrow I will add more links and names of the two singers as they are just divine and professionals so they have full blogs/Facebook etc for you to follow. There are more events coming up, check out Fly’s blog, and set a date for you to attend, you won’t regret it.

Fly Kugins Blog.

Promotional Video. (youtube).

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Easy peasy lemon squeezy. (Freebies & Free Store Credit).

I needed this easy start to this morning/week as thankfully although my cold has almost cleared up my week of icky, snotty, achy mystery may have almost passed but it has left me with a completely trashed house, a big pile of laundry and as for work…Ooh Dear and yet I still have time to SL lol.

Not only are there free clothes in the Reed shop they’ve now gifted us with a generous 500Lds worth of credit. I can’t see a use-by date so that is always appreciated.

The board you click is easy to spot as it’s in front of the reception desk but I still decided to take a picture to show you. The other group gifts are on the wall to the left when you walk into the shop. I’ve actually had the most recent gift for quite a while and haven’t got around to blogging it so check those out.


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Curated Art Event – Love it!

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
― Pablo Picasso

picture event 2

Since I saw this event advertised I’ve been meaning to check it out. Had a little spare time last night and finally managed to get around and take a peek. W-O-W such a great collection of galleries and stores and art. I just couldn’t resist this framed piece by Pippin Long Gallery called “Lush”. The colours just looked so fragile against the strong female image…I had to buy it. The price was $200L which is a huge reduction on the usual prices for this store. Its also mod & copy – so I fiddled around to get just the right size for my desired position.

Picture event 1

Its kinda hard to find a place to hang anything in a circular home. I finally settled on a niche above the fireplace – so pleased with how it centralises the living area. It makes me think ahead to spring and warmer times. This piece might not to to your taste but take a look at the event there is a lovely variety of genres and styles.

Curated Art Event Gallery

Pippin Long Gallery

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Ever Green is Bouncing @ Up For Grabs!

Ever Green @ Up For Grabs

Had SO much fun bouncing around on my pumpkin! All thanks to Ever Green as bouncy pumpkins are their item for this round of Up For Grabs. Just add them to yourself et voila off you go, the bounce animation is super cute. Only $50L a pop! Im going to bounce around ALL the events I go too until Halloween lol

Menu Driven Bouncy Pumpkin Set @ Up For Grabs

I’m showing the ultra rare No1 pumpkin, but each pumpkin has a re sizer menu andddd multiple textures – so whatever you “grab” you’re bound to have fun.

Happy Grabbing ❤

Up For Grabs