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Saved by an event. (Freebie(s).

I’m excited to log back in later and strip off this completely free outfit for two reasons, it’s not my style and I also want to see what else I’ve picked up from the Saki Event as I did see other clothing gifts.

Yeah, lousy pose. This is what happens when I try to show a whole head to toe outfit off, I just look odd lol.

You get the headphones, that fab cardigan a bodysuit, skirt and the boots. Not shown is another top and a couple of small wearables, a Tamagotchi and a lolly mouthie and everything can be worn as separates…always appreciated.

The Saki event isn’t a big event so it didn’t take me too long to grab the goodies and I will say there is some lipstick that I’m seriously tempted to buy but since I don’t think the items for sale are at a special discount I’m going to check the main shop before I make my mind up.

Saki Event.

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Weekend Sales – I’m @ These!

Ecru Saturday Sale $75L 2

Started my w/e shopping Friday night as Ecru had their item out and I snapped it up. “Birgit” is an all-in-one set, lovely range of colours to choose from and something a little different from the usual pieces we see around the grid. You’ll find this in The Saturday Sale offers.

Happy Shopping ❤

The Saturday Sale

Energy Weekend Price

Kinky 69

Beauty 60

Wanderlust Weekend

Happy Weekend Sale


30L Saturday

Manly Weekend

99 Sale ends 26th March

Miix Weekend

The Secret Sale – Get your Hud here

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Maybe it’s time. (New Mina Hair).

Nona is as the title says a New Mina hair.

You may have noticed that I’ve been wearing the same hair for a few posts now so have a quick check of those pictures but you won’t see much of a change as I’ve kept the same colour and the same styling option.

This is what you will not have seen in my photos, the lovely ponytail, as most pictures are just from the front view.

A simple day wear hair that does come with the standard big colour palette hud as well as a styling hud.

The styling hud gives you the option to it wear with or without the fringe plus a choice of the hair tendrils that hang down. The hair also comes in different mesh head fits.

Only available @Uber so as always LM to Mina’s main shop as you need to try the demo on.

I may not sound as excited about this hair as I usually am and that’s me, not the hair. I swear I have a demo head/body skin lined up to buy so I will finally start using my updated Lelutka Evo head and yet now I’ve seen some skins which are for sale at the Uber event I have to try them on. So I too will wait for the event to calm down and try them on.

UPDATE: Uber is nice and quiet so you don’t even have to try the Demo from Mina’s first just head-on into Uber and try it on there and see what you think.

Mina’s Main shop.


Seraphim Blog. (Photos and LM).

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Just a little thing. (Mainly Mention of Freebie(ss)).

The freebie is just the gloves.

I went to the Okinawa Christmas & New Year Festival and from just the short row of stalls leading to the main part of the event I managed to pick up a few things from poses to fun wearables.

Shame that these fingerless gloves are a Maitreya fit only mind you they’re still very wearable as long as someone doesn’t zoom in who cares about any breakthrough.

I will be doing the rest of the market on my return inworld after I’ve fed my RL face!

Okinawa Christmas & New Year Festival.

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Just like eBay, buy or bid.(From Her to Me, Event).

This isn’t a freebie post as it’s all about spending Lindens.

Basically, I was at a shop checking out their Black Fridays Sale and spotted a sign, one-click later I ended up at a fundraising event.

This is to raise money for Dash Lionheart who has or is transitioning and I won’t say any more as it’s his story to tell so I’ve put the link in at the end and I too will watch it later when I have more time to pay the attention it deserves.

What I will tell you is that many of the big SL shops are here and have been so generous not just with the Auction items but also there are a lot of stalls where 100% of the sale is added to the fundraiser.

It’s going to be easy for me to find something to buy as there is a great mix of clothing, male & female, decor and since I stopped halfway through to do this post I did spot in the distance a Belle Epoque stall as well as some backdrops and poses so getting “spendy” will be no problem for me and in fact later I may tack on to the end of this post what I did buy.

If you don’t want to buy anything and only have a few Lindens to spare then you can just use one of the donating points. It may just be a few Lindens to you but the fact you cared enough is a great morale boost. Even if you can’t donate then follow the link to hear his story in his own words because in the end life is too damned short to be unhappy.

PS. This event goes on for quite a while (and yeah that means I forgot the date lol) so be prepared for a “reblog” nearer to the end date.

As promised an UPDATE which actually also includes a Dollarbie.

This is one of the backdrops from the Synnergy stall. Only 138Lds and as you can see this is a Big A**’d build. 170 prims in total. Thinking outside of the box, if you rent or want to rent a winter home for Christmas you can do no wrong in rezzing this cube in the sky and even though it’s 170 prims you don’t need that many to rezz a campfire, tent, low prim house etc. OH I’ve just remembered this build also comes with a snow hud and fireworks but I didn’t check those out.

The second purchase is this vase of Calla Lilies or known by their other name of Peace Lily.

This cost me 99Lds. You get this vase version, 2 prim, and a lovely choice of colours for the pot. You also get the same flowers minus the pot. I must say in RL I own one of these lovely shade-loving plants which is why I had to get this.

Last is not a purchase as there are 4 Dollarbies, 2 cute stuffed animals and 2 items of clothing.

YASSS lol. The funny thing is as I was writing this post I was waiting on an eBay bid to finish and literally as I clicked to update I WON my eBay bid lol.

“From her to me event”.

Dash Lionheart. (His story, Flickr Video).

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This is it! (Mention of Freebie(sssssss)).

A brand new event to SL is the Abstrakt Event. Almost every stall has a gift for us and all I’ve gotten so far is LM’s (and free air hugs).

The thing is a lot of the gifts are small wearables, such as glasses, rings etc and a lot of tattoos. So basically all the things I generally don’t or can’t blog and yet it’s not fair on those who do love accessories and tattoos for me not to tell you about all of the gifts.

What I did get from this event was a whole load of shop LM’s for me to check out. So far I’ve checked a handful of them and enjoyed seeing some shops I wouldn’t normally visit but now I badly need a coffee break. So I’m logging out, chugging my coffee and then having a nice time working my way through the rest of the LM’s.

Weeee I scored a laugh at least.

One of the LM’s from the event is for the “Shining” shop and just behind me, you can see the gift board for this OTT Christmasy segway. I must say it not only gave me a smile it’s actually pretty steerable.

I’ve not been in the shop as yet but it was nice to actually be able to add a real freebie picture to this post. Plus this shop is on the Amsterdam sim which looks pretty busy so I think I will be segwaying my way around the place.

Abstrakt Event.


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Info Only. (The Secret Garden Event).

I swear this is the first notice I’ve received about the “The Secret Garden Event”.and since it’s been going on since the 1st I really am late to the party.

Since I have to put makeup on, clean clothes and scrape a hairbrush through my hair to face the RL world I have left my AV stood here so, later on when I log back inworld, I can have a nice wander around.

So why do this post? It’s because of the note that was sent out which explains how the new “next up vendor” works. It’s one of the clearer notes so here it is cut & pasted just for you (and me).

“The NextUp vendor plays very much like traditional event machines, with just a couple of slight changes! At the top of the vendor, there is a display that shows whether the vendor is available or if it is in use and the current item that is available to purchase.

If you wish to purchase the item, just pay the vendor! The vendor will then switch to vendor in use as you are playing, and will deliver your item. Once delivered the display will update with the next item available to purchase. You then have 30 seconds to take a look and see if you wish to make the purchase. If you do just pay the vendor and keep playing!

If you do not make a purchase within 30 seconds, the vendor unlocks and the display switches to say its available for everyone to play again. That’s it!”

So cut and paste this bit and keep it as a reminder as to how these work. As for freebies I don’t know as I’ve yet to check it out fully but you never know we may strike gold.

The Secret Garden.