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Hunt @ Tentacio

Free Outfit @ Tentacio

Tentacio have moved their store so time to update your landmark ! To celebrate the move they and the other stores in that location are holding a hunt. You’re looking for tiny golden stars and I found one yay! In side was this beautiful skirt and top in black satin. Perfect for a summer evening.

Lucky Board win FREE

The lucky boards have also been updated – I won this huge set of petals, parchment paper and rose bowl. The petals come in lots of different colours, some for the ground, some flying (but not moving) – dead nice.


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The Underwater Hunt

FREE Jelly lights - 1Li

I did a little of the Underwater Hunt this morning – very relaxing ! Drop into the water off the pier and swim around looking for treasure chests. Have to say this is probably one of my all time fav hunts this year – swimming around in a beautiful underwater area with fish, plants and rocky outcrops. You’re looking for wooden chests – and there’s all sorts of items to be won. Clothing, jet ski, some awesome platform flip flops (from Belzebubble) and above the wonderfully beautiful Jelly lights by Steelhead. Just 1 Li each, you get 4 versions.

FREE fatpack of shells (Fundati)

I also found this fat pack of shells from Fundati. High and Low LOD, a mixed array all joined and individual shells. SO pretty and very useful if you’ve got a beach.

Head down the track to the pier, try the demo out of the swimming Hud thats right on the boardwalk if you wish and SWIM!

The Underwater Hunt

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blonde Queen & The Free Dove Hunt

Blonde Queen FREE

A new hunt at The Free Dove & Blonde Queen has begun – and some really cool outfits & shoes to be found! As is usual five prizes are at The Free Dove and five prizes are at Blonde Queen. Just join the groups for both (they are free) and hunt at both locations. You are looking for a fat white kitty cat. I found most of the items hurrah! (and if I can – you can, Im a seriously bad hunter)

Blonde Queen & The Free Dove Hunt

This is the key of prizes above, very classy ❤ Pop to The Free Dove first and tap up the sign by any of the entrances for all the landmarks and details.

The Free Dove

Blonde Queen

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Fabulous & Fun Hunt (Free)

FREE Hunt Prize Dove Cote

Head over to Dench Designs for a fantastic free hunt .

The Easter Bunny has been around the store and placed 15 Eggs with gifts in them.

They will be there from 14th – 19th April. So no time to waste! I’m showing two of my favourite items that I found – kitties!!! The Dove cote is rather splendid and now sits in my garden.

FREE Hunt prize

If you hit the hunt board up it will give you the clues. If you are a devotee of Amanda Dench’s pieces it makes it dead simple to find them all! I wont spoil the surprise but one of the gifts is a new item and ohmydays its SO lovely! Thanks Amanda ❤

Dench Designs

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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt @ Helenos

Just completed a lovely egg hunt at The Isle of Helenos. They also have a really nice spring market happening too. All you have to do is find the eggs – they are pretty large and easy to find – hence why even I managed to find some ! The overalls and top above are a gift from The Sissy Bar, you get FOUR colours of top and matching overalls.

Easter Egg Hunt Isle of Helenos

I also liked this shorts & top – no idea who gave it as a gift as the store name isn’t in/on it sorry! I think this was one of the paid for eggs tho – a few are $5L

If you’re liking my snazzy glasses I picked them as a free to join group gift at Boutique 187 – HUGE hud of colours and phrases for the glass LOVE them! There is a whole wall of gifts so go take a peek.

Isle of Helenos

Boutique 187

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RFL Home & Garden Expo Hunt

Surplus Motors Hunt Prize - mini & full size versions inc.

The RFL Home & Garden Expo is open – and its a HUGE event covering multiple sims. Apart from all the goodies on offer for the event there is also a hunt – each prize costs just $10L and 100% of that goes direct to the charity. I had to go and hunt down the terrific little car prize by Surplus Motors – there is a mini version and full size version included. Fully driveable and with all the bells & whistles included – love it !

Travellers Fireplace - Hunt Prize Dench Designs

I also hunted for the Dench Designs hunt prize – this truly awesome travellers fireplace. Full of beautiful details, with a working lamp and fire – Going to have to find a place for this in my SL home.

RFL Home & Garden Expo Blog

RFL Hunt info & pics

All sims with stores located on them

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Seraphim Hunt – Free !

Seraphim Valentines Hunt - Free

Have really enjoyed the Seraphim V Day hunt – above I am wearing the skirt gift from Nerido, top by Masoom and a fantastic necklace from Slavia (has a hud for metal colours but I was feeling rather Mr T so chose all gold) Top notch gifts – just scroll down to the bottom of the hints page to see what you can find ! I cant find the gift at Seraphim !

Have fun ❤

Seraphim Valentine Day Hunt