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Quickie cos I got a busy.(Super Bargains).

Sentius has a BIG discount event going on.  A whole BIG room of reduced everything, hair, shoes, dresses, basics etc

A lot of the outfits come with Demos but a lot also don’t. I think you can see from this picture that the dress has that painted on look which is fine exp when it costs only (I think it was 55Lds) and has a (I think it was 5 shades) hud and comes in (I can’t remember which) mesh body fits.

As you can tell this is deffo a rush job but the details of the colours, prices, and fits are all there for you to check before you buy.

If you don’t like the style of dress then don’t worry as I noticed everything from good basics shorts n tops sets to Posh Do’s outfits and all at bargain prices.  The shoes are the winners, I only bought the 1 pair I’m showing you but there.

OK RL is screaming for me and I have to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

“Cheap Market”

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Old Europe Fair & umbrella hunt

Heard about this little fair & hunt on the grapevine…and went over to check it out. Lots of little market stalls with some very coolio designers showing their wares ! Plus a mini hunt, you’re looking for umbrellas…Snowpaws is giving away this beautiful dress “simeone steam”, with the option of a sheer skirt or not..very chic…

1 hundred are also gifting you this “Friday night” frock..glitery sequins in pink…how scrumptious! As well as the market, all the stores around are open for business…a lovely trip and beautiful suroundings !

Old Europe Fair & hunt

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The Market is coming to town

Player and I popped over to the Valentine market thats currently on at PARADISIS , there are quite a few designers there with some amazing bargains. Everything is themed around the day of lurrrve…love it ! Sooo much kinda spot..I spied this great deal from Paradisis almost straight away…lovely shade of pink..sweater..skirt…andddd that fahhhbulous heart necklace..50L the lot…steal!

I also could not pass up the gatcha machine (as alwaysss lol) and got a few of these sweet signs..they have built in poses too ! ohmaiii just 10L a pop..gotta be done..a few of the stalls were just setting up when we visited so I’ll HAVE to return just incase I missed something !

Valentine market