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10 out of 10=10(each). (Hunt, GG’s & Freebies).

I popped over to the Petit Morte and Oubliette shops who both share the same and stunning atmospheric sim and they’re also sharing the same hunt and the same shop-wide 50% sale.

The LM takes you to the middle of the sim and there you can grab all the info on the hunt inc a cheat list, a picture of the prizes and what you’re looking for.  And of course, I cheated because the prizes are spread over the sim and with the clues, it was so easy.

Each hunt item costs 10Lds, which is bloody cheap for quality items and I would have been happy to have won any of them but since I wanted an excuse to wear the new Mina wet hair I went for the bikini.  This does come in 2 parts so it added up to 20Lds but again CHEAP and I love that word.  My hair is covering the top part but it has the same detailing at the bottoms.  A very dark maroon colour and I’ve only used the sim setting to show it to you.

There is a nice mix of wearable clothes, skirt, top, shoes, this bather etc.  At the LM as well as the hints you can pick up a free wearable beach bag which is a prize on its own PLUS I’m about 99% sure that both shops have free to join groups and both have GG’s and Lucky Boards and I recognised some of the GG’s so again I’m pretty sure that’s because they were free.

Plenty of mesh bod fits as well but it’s lunchtime and I’m getting Hangry so I will click “Publish” now and add the fits later when I’m less Hangry.

Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, and SLink fits.

Petit Morte & Oubliette 

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Garage Fair – Free !

If you’ve got a bit of time today – head over to The Garage Fair – so much to see and a few really lovely gifts thrown in! Above is “FurtaCor*Amy Set” – it’s totally free and very complete. You get the peep toe boots, skirt, top, jacket, bangles and ear cuffs – However I can’t show you the entire outfit as the t-shirt & tights were Omega appliers – which I don’t use. The hair was also a free gift – it’s from Tameless, lovely style with some flexi movement built-in. Colour choices for the headband – only for blondes yay!

I also snapped up this shorts set “Arena” for free from Sweet Temptations. You get a Hud with it for eight colours/patterns which is rather generous. For some reason I couldn’t get the Physique shorts to fit me – no worries – as also included are standard avatar sizes – dead handy.

This is a large event – gacha, discounts and gifts – something for everyone!

The Garage Fair

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From 0-10Lds.

Garden of Shadows is full of stalls and on most of the stalls is a giftie, some are 0Lds and some are up to 10Lds.  I didn’t buy much but I spotted that Prey has a stall and I’ve had good stuff from this shop so I bought the gift but I can’t remember now if it was one of the zeros or 10Lds one.

Simply fab, you get both the jeans and the jacket so even if this did cost me 10Lds it is well worth it.  I won’t lie I’ve almost literally just binned this jacket which was either an old Prey gift or a very similar one from another shop and it hurt because it’s really good texturing, great fit and quality but since I rarely wore it I decided to let it go so to pick one up made me chuckle.  The jeans again are a really good fit and the fact you can wear them as separates make it a bargain.


I had to check and yes this is actually one of the free gifts AND in the box is also one for men as well so that makes a great gift even better.

Garden of Shadows

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I’M SO SORRY! I’m just a complete and utter BABBLER!  !(Freebie ‘n’ new Mina).

Let me sum up this post because I just can’t help but going overboad with the Babbling! So the next sentence will sum it all up nicely for you and you can miss the rest.

Free Dress for all at Mirus, New Mina hair @Blush and Discounted hairs@Mina and all links at the bottom so feel free to scroll.

When they said it would snow I thought they were April Fooling us but guess what…they weren’t and it’s a nasty, gray, cold day with ploppy wet snow ruining everything.  So I’ve cranked up the heating and nestled down for a day of doing nothing…and for a while that inc SLing but then I remembered that yesterday I along with EVERY OTHER CHEAP B* had TPed over to Mirus to grab this Free for all freeby.  Since the notice did say it was only for a limited time I decided that I would pop in as I would hate for anyone to miss it.

Check out the pert boobies, I love outfits that give you perkies rather than gazungas LOL.

I almost didn’t go to get this because for some reason I thought it only came in 1 size and 2 colours, this cream and a black one, but I’m glad I did as it actually comes in plenty of sizes and colours/textures.  The board is just in the entrance to Miras and I think it’s calmed down now so should be easy to grab.

The hair is a new one from Mina’s and you get it from the Blush event butttttt the minute I put it on I knew that I already have a hair with very similar characteristics and I just had to hunt it down.  Don’t get me wrong this new hair, Maria, is different but what Mina Nakamura does is when she creates a style that works she works that style into another hair to create a bit like a Version 2 and sometimes it’s a lot better than Version 1 esp since now as standard her colour packs are so much bigger.  That also means the price tag is bigger but not unreasonably so and we all know the cost of great hair packs in most shops do on the whole retail for around the same price in any case.  I think they’re only cheaper when you get fewer shade options.  And of course a lot of Mina’s hairs now come with “options” which allow you to change the styling of your hair, quite often it’s the fringe, as in this case, or even in some cases you can have the hair coming down over 1 shoulder, 2 shoulders or just hanging down the back and all of that takes so much time and effort to create that you don’t mind paying what is not an unreasonable price.

Doesn’t mean to say in this case that great hair has to cost as the hair that I think has a lot of similarities to this new one is called Elin and you will find that hair upstairs in the discounted section of Mina’s main shop and that hair pack is the standard 5 shades, you obviously can chose which shade pack you want or even buy the fatpack at a discounted price as well because the standard pack is only 125Lds but I didn’t check out the price of the fat packs.  Lots of different colour packs to choose from as well.  I don’t know why “Elin” is up in the discounted section because she’s still as new and fresh as the day she was a new release I think it must be because that all of the newer Mina hairs come with the bigger shade colour packs as standard the time it would take to update her “old” stock just isn’t time effective which means WOO HOO for people who are on a limted budget because these cheaper hairs are still the best.



Mina Main shop


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Check this out.

Not sure how I ended here at the entrance to the”Re:Japonica” event but it just gets better as you walk through the tunnel so check this out.

Woah again.  Taken just in the sim setting and no camera tricks this is a feast for the eyes.  So I quickly snapped a couple of pictures and then checked Seraphim to see if there is any info and of course there is.  So I will put the link to the Seraphim blog.

Freebies? I’m not sure because the one thing I’ve noticed with Seraphim is that they don’t dwell on any freebies but I can’t imagine a more pleasant way to spend a lazy sunday than just meanering around and of course the icing on the cake will be if there is freeness for us.

Seraphim (you can see whats for sale)


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You might want to RUSH!(10Ld Giftie, Bargains and I think Freebies).

Sorry, I’ve been a RL Busy Bee but it was nice to get inworld and even nicer when this specially discounted skirt was the first thing I snagged.

You get a really good 10 colour hud, 5 shades and 5 patterns.

The reason you have to be quick is that the event this gift is available at is called E/M Events and opens it’s doors on the 1st of the month and then shuts it’s doors on the 15th of the month and it’s the 22nd of the month sooooooo I’m not sure if the few stalls that are there are ones that haven’t been packed up from the past event or have been set out for the next event so the long and short of it is if you like this skirt then TP now as it might not be there soon.

This cost 10Ld and I’m pretty sure that on the Pandora stall where I found it was another 10Ld gift and since the skirt turned out to be a winner I’m going back for that.  I do believe there are freebies because you will see circles with boxes in them and I think those are special gifts for different and free groups but I didn’t really linger to test that theory out, so check them out for yourself.

PS.  Not only my size and probably your size but there is even a “Werwolf & Fox” sizing!

UPDATE.  So I got the top which if you have a spare 10Lds I would suggest you get it. A simple band across your boobs, with off the shoulder straps, lacing and a 10 colour hud.  Although it can be worn to match the skirt I think it would look best with a bikini bottom or shorts.

E/M Event (

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Sorry, again, yet another rush job!(Mention of Freebies ‘n’ cheapies).

I decided to go to the Redeux event because I knew it has been running for long enough that it should be quiet now and it is, nice and quiet and lag-free just how I like it and then I spotted the end date and that’s TODAY!  But I have found from past experience that although these events do have a end date often they do continue on after that so you have not just today but probably tomorrow, the day after and maybe the day after that but I would go as soon as you can because there looks like not just a lot of exc discounted clothes, furniture, decor etc but oodles of GIFTIES!

This dress is not one of those gifties though but at 35Lds cheap as chips.

I actually bought this and picked up a couple of the freebies, as yet unpacked, and thats when I spotted the ending date so I decided to TP home try this one and do a quick post because this isn’t a small event and I just love spending a few hours in SL wandering a nicely landscaped event picking up a mix of stuff for free or even bargain prices.  As for this dress it’s off the Infinity stall which is right next to the LM, you only get the 1 fit but I think you can see that most if not all Alpha huds or just an Alpha you may in your invent will make it a fit for all.