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Summer Is Coming Hunt – Free

FREE Swim suit Lillith Mills

The Summer is Coming hunt has begun at Long beach hurrah! You’re looking for treasure chests and they are hidden among the many stalls scattered around. They are pretty easy to find, which is how I ended up dragging a TON of gifts home. Above is the swim suit gift from Lillith Mills – lots of sizes and a hud giving some additional trim colours.

FREE Tee, FREE Flamingos FREE Glasses

The flamingos are the prize from Sweetlips Wahrhaftig, you get a group 2Li or a single 1Li – love ! My top is the prize from The Bold Llama – shorts you’ve seen before in the fades pack, these are the prints pack (10 in total) from Nerdy Girl on the market place $1L only. All hunt gifts are free of charge and no group to join ❤

Happy Hunting ❤

Summer is coming Hunt

Nerdy Girl shorts

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Free & Cheap @ 60 Special Go

$6L Dress AnaStyle

I popped over to 60 Special Go last night and had a wander. I found this pretty dress for just $6L on the Anastyle booth, wide array of fits for mesh bodies. Try to spot the pink and blue eggs, these have free gifts in them.

Free garden gift X-Clusives

The scene above was totally free on the X-Clusives stand, filled with poses and super pretty for your outside spaces. Word of caution, in the box you’ll also find some additional grass and flowers – this will add 61Li to the scene ! I didn’t use it as it looked special without anyway.

60 Special Go

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New @ Dench Designs

Dench Designs NEW Pared Vieja Solo, couples & friends poses

I almost walked by this “Pared Vieja” outside Dench Designs – then I spotted it and realised it matches the brick work on my new home. So snapped it up as I had JUST the spot for it ! Pared Vieja means “old wall” and it is not only old but so beautiful. Its packed with solo, couples and friends poses.

Dench Designs Pared Vieja details

Look closely and you will find some lovely little details in the nooks and crannies – tiny little animated birds and above a huge canopy of Bougainvillea – which I just adore. At just 9Li it wont break your prim allowance either – copy & modify $150L.

Dench Designs

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Ever Green @ The Galaxy Event 50% Discount!

Ever Green 50 DISCOUNT @ The Galaxy Event

Its coming up to that time of year when us green fingered people start to think of our gardens. Zan has actually just treated herself to a new greenhouse in RL and I know she is SO excited to get it all built. A long comes Ever Green with just the most perfect item for our second lives – a brilliant greenhouse/ conservatory. I played around for ages with this..SO much to do and see. Naturally because its an Ever Green piece there is a TON of options for textures on everything – and I mean everything !

Ever Green @ The Galaxy Event 50 Discount

There is a swing seat, bench, chair and so many different varieties of plants. The staging for working at and displaying is just awesome. There is 50% discount at the event for this, and if you cant make room for the whole set there is the option to buy the pieces you need or want. The set comes in Singles, Cuddle and adult versions – all you have to do is choose ❤

Galaxy Event

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Secret Sale Sunday

Secret Sale Sunday complete scene @ $50L

Ok you’ll need a little imagination for the next two items – as our sim is snowbound I didn’t have a place to rez them to get a good effect. BUT think about using these from spring onwards on your land et voila! Fantasy Pixels has a lot of items for this weeks Secret Sale Sunday but this and one other sung out to me. If you want to landscape and get an easy sim filler – grab these – for today just $50L! The above scene has a lot more going on than I’m showing at the sides and front and only 34Li !

Secret Sale Sunday $50L complete scene

This next scene is also fabulous – little hideaway in the woods, everything you see is included all hard linked (no modify) and just 28Li. Obviously you would soften around it with some grasses etc but even on its own a great addition to your landscape. To get the Secret Sale Sunday shopping Hud go to the link below – you can use the same hud each week to see the deals.

Happy Shopping ❤

Fantasy Pixels

Secret Sale Sunday Hud

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Moonlit Bay in Winter

Moonlit Bay in Winter

Zan has been SO busy the last week – she had a flash of inspiration and whizzed into action on the sim we rent. Then I spied what she was doing and whined and whinged to have it too ! Snow, a new home and also a causeway out to a beautiful garden (you cant see that bit) I don’t know how she does it all so fast but I’m glad she does ❤ Her home is in its uhm 5th reincarnation atm – keeps changing her mind and each time I log in its different !

Happy 1st December ❤

New Home: Trompe Loeil – Garrett Country Cottage

Snow: Hayabusa Design Snow particle $49L

Snowy rocks: :Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten H Winter

Beach: –Skye Rocky Shore

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All For Free !


Oh my days ! There is a mahoosive box of Halloween decorating items from LOVE out to collect at the event being held at The Isle of Helenos, Helenos. Lots of cobwebs, twinkling lights, sign posts, pumpkins and more! As usual with this designer everything is low low Li hurrah! Im about to take a peek at the rest of the event, looks promising – Thanks LOVE store!

Update: Looks like there are loads of free gifts at the event- just click the pumpkins at each stand – no group required.

The Isle of Helenos