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Wink Price This Week

$60L BirdBath fountain

Ok ok ok you all know I love SL animals, plus I have a bit of a fondness for fountains – so this item from Giorgia Design was a real winner for me. I knew just the place for it to sit, and that’s in front of my Linden home caravan. It has a really nice (controllable) sound effect of birds and water, and the birdies move ❤ Only $60L!

This is one of the pieces in this weeks Wink price event, gallery link below to everything.

Happy Shopping

GD Design

Wink Price Gallery

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Cuteness Overload – Free !

Free Garden scene 5Li

I collected my free group gift at CJ Creations – and oh my days isn’t it just so sweet! This spring like garden scene can be all yours – just join the group (its free) and touch the board – et voila. Coming in at just 5Li its perfect to fill a little garden space without gobbling up your prims. I’ve placed mine at the wheel of my linden home caravan – and it looks adorable. I’m heading back later to take a look around the store and I have a feeling I will be parting with some cash!

CJ Creations

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New Group gift From DRD

DRD Spikey roack formations fat pack - GROUP GIFT

I’m always up for some landscaping goodies – especially when they are from DRD. Group join is a nominal $5L – hit up the sign where you land that says “All group gifts” and you will receive 2 boxes , the 2nd box is where you’ll find the new gift of the spiky rock formations. Seriously huge pack of differing shapes, and naturally various land impact also. This one I’ve rezzed is mahoosive ! Don forget to trawl through the gifts – there are many in varied in the packs.


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$60L Castle ! Until 9th September!

$60L RT Design

A new round of $60L Special Weekly has started and RT designs have another brilliant build for you. This rather fabulous castle comes with the gardens, a cave below, one main room and a smaller room above, all the landscaping in also in the pack – I admit I didn’t buy this one as its not *my* style but it might be yours. You can find it in the rezzer outside so take a look before purchasing.

$60L weekly gallery

RT Design

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Opening Gift @ The Fiddlers Workshop

The Fiddlers Workshop Dollarbie vase 1Li $1L

I’ve been so excited the past few weeks, watching as Player Dagostino has been getting ready to open his store “The Fiddlers Workshop” – he has so much coming in the pipeline – such quality items and always with an eye on land impact. This oriental vase is the opening dollarbie gift. Beautifully made, 1Li up to 4m in height, two options given – one with a shadow, one without. Works as an inside décor item or, as I have here, outside on the patio.

Congratulations PD ❤

Vase @ The Fiddlers Workshop

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Inexpensive Spruce Up of The Garden

Mesh Statue 3Li $10L

I seem to have vast expanses of grass in my new home and nothing in the way of décor to liven it up. So I was dead chuffed to come a cross this statue on the market place for just $10L. Even more pleased when I found it was only $10L and 3Li! I’ve placed it in the garden and also made it ever-so-slightly larger – its now still only 7Li.

Mesh Statue

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Dench Designs $5L Sale !

Dench Designs $5L Summer Sale!

I dashed over to Dench Designs for the $5L sale – of course I did ! I thought I pretty much owned most things I wanted but oh no – I bought two more full kitchens – just $5L each one white one dark wood…and only 4Li. In the menus you’ll find a plethora of kitcheny type actions, plus a menu to rez a few décor items – which does add Li. As you can see above I’ve got a roast in the oven, herbs above, salt & pepper – all really low Li tbh.

Summer Sale

Just wander around all the departments , including upstairs and look out for the sign above, if its marked with it – itll cost you $5L.

Dench Designs