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SOS @ The Home Store

Slept on Sales@The Home Store

Some great deals on at The Home Store this weekend for the SOS sale. I’m showing just a few of the items – there is more ! The lounger is rather fab – you get three shades for the actual chair, more for the blanket and cushion. Details are just superb – check out those brass castor wheels – love ❤ 9 li for the lounger. Its got a fully loaded menu – including adult – all for just 99L. The plants come as a pack of three for just 99L – 2Li each.

Items are out for you to try !

The Home Store

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Get This – Imegica For Hello Tuesday

Hello Tuesday Imegica 5Li Sky box $50L

I bolted off to get this offer from Imegica! For today as part of Hello Tuesday you can get this stunning sky box “LoftFive” for just 50L – its unbelievably only 5Li – yes that’s right – just FIVE. Stylish living space with a city scene from the wooden bay windows. Black architectural design wall to one side and smooth grey marbled effect to the other. There is a small off shoot tiled room that would be really suitable for a wet room or possibly kitchen area. Its quite a mighty size and could be decorated to make a perfect home or office – possibilities are endless.


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Affordable Sky homes & A Dollarbie

Sky Homes from 30L per week

If you haven’t been over to Sunnydale Village yet go take a look, there’s always lots going on. Right next door to The Fiddlers Workshop is Simply Skyboxes, simple set up, easy to rent and move in. A good range of skyhomes to choose from. My favourite one was the second in the photo above as it had a large selection of gorgeous window views to choose from. Just select the style you’re interested in, touch the rental board and you’re sent a teleport to go take a peek. All the homes looked spacious and bright with plenty of room to add your own touch. Talking of *adding* the prim allowances are great too! Prices start from as little as 30L per week.

Note from landlord: ✦ There is a bonus scheme in place for long term renters who will receive discounts once they reach certain targets. The rent box will refund the discounts each time you pay once you reach this level. If you wish to move homes, please let me know so I can move your rent box with you otherwise it will start from scratch.

Spend 500L – 5% Discount
Spend 1500L – 10% Discount
Spend 2500L – 15% Discount
Spend 5000L+ – 20% Discount

Free Skyhome 26Li open plan living

Then I spied this little beauty on the market place. The Azura one room house – its just 1L and only 26Li. Absolutely vast inside so you’ve enough room to make a divider here and there to split up spaces. Lovely raised platform at one end which might lend itself to a place for a bed. Fantastic detailing on the roof timbers plus a ready made built in storage unit to one side of the room.

Simply Skyboxes

Azura House

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Cheap & Free.

The free is the succulent/cactus and the cheap is the white flowers.

Basically the succulent is the new free group gift from the Chez Moi shop.

There are 2 groups one is free and the other VIP which means it costs 200Lds to join and there are more gifts for that group.

There is also a 50% sale going on I decided to check that out and headed straight for the plants. That’s where I found this gorgeous paper bag of delicate white flowers. Only 3 prims or maybe 2.

At 79Lds I assumed the discount was applied as it was a cheap price for such good quality and so I was surprised when on paying for it I got a 39Ld refund sent back to me.

Chez Moi.

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I save to spend. (Only a mention of Dollarbies).

This old “wooden trade cart” is something I’ve had on my land for years and it’s STUNNING. Not only stunning but go on have a guess how many prims? (I will put the answer to that at the end). I’ve not edited the picture in any way so you can see the detailing for yourself or if you want to see it inworld just common over, it’s out all the time.

I’d always assumed it was from Nomad or Crate but nope it’s a small shop called Pagan.

And yeah, coaches and carts are another of my SL addictions and when they’re this good I will pay any price but it turns out I paid only 120Lds for this.

So I went to the Pagan inworld shop and bought this to add to my hoard.

It’s an old water barrel cart. I think I paid about 99Lds.

I had to leave as I’m just about to start dipping into my tier fee and when that happens I know I’ve spent enough in SL lol. I will return to this shop as it just has the sort of things my creepy ass really likes as well as amazing sim/home decor.

I couldn’t see any gifts in the shop, but it’s a pretty packed and visually busy shop so I may have missed any gifts. I did check the Marketplace shop and found some Dollarbies, which are actually still full price in the shop as I’d already price-checked them in the shop before I even looked at the Marketplace. So just make sure to check the Marketplace first.

As for prims, the first wooden trade cart…9 prims and the water barrel cart…10 prims.

Pagan. (Inworld).

Pagan. (Marketplace).

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Spacious, Light & Free

FREE Sky home

A latest round of The New Ones is now open and another glorious sky home from Erfe is out as a free gift. Just join the Binge group (No charge) and take it away. WOW was my first impression, a large fresh space, open plan living. Beautiful soft cream colours, parquet wooden floors. Lovely large fenced balcony outside to place a couple of chairs or toss some greenery around perhaps.

Free Skyhome

There are two rooms that are separate, I think maybe for a bathroom and bedroom? Love the panelled ceiling too. I added this up to be approx. 31Li, as a couple of the doors and frames aren’t linked – might be out by a couple though!

The New Ones

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Dreamy Dollarbie Décor

Dollarbie Decor

If you’re looking to spruce up your space look no further. I had a notice about this darling vintage sideboard that’s a group gift at DreamLand Designs, the group costs $1L to join. The paintwork is aged and crackled the drawer fronts have the sweetest faded floral pattern on them. Just hit the sign up and its yours. Next to it is the VIP group gift which matches but that group is a bit more expensive to join. I found the potted fern and wooden table lamp on the market place for $1L each. The lamp does work and is just 3Li, the plant is super nice (keeper for me) and is only 2Li, these are from a store called This cozy home.

This cozy home market place store

DreamLand Designs