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New Pool @ The Outlet $88L

Galland Homes Pool complete $88L !

I’ve been looking around for a new pool for a while – well ever since we got our first ray of sun in England. I’m a big fan of The Outlet @ Seraphim and usually pick up hair or clothing – but to my surprise I found a pool! If you haven’t been to The Outlet before (why not!) its a cool place to pick up a few bargains as they have SO many discounted items from top designers. Galland Homes are the makers of this fine pool, its just 33Li and will set you back only $88 of your Linden dollars – it sits so well in my garden I’m dead chuffed ! The little pool house is part of the package btw – I’ve placed a vintage bath inside but it would equally showcase a nice shower or patio table & chairs. You do need some basic land editing skills , i.e.: drop some land lower to accommodate the pool water – but it was dead simple to do.

The Outlet

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Just a small treat and a small freebie…sorta.

As you can see from the title this isn’t really a freebie post as such but the blouse I’m wearing is another gift from the Vagrant shop, the wearable lolly and basket are a subscriber’s gift from the BTW shop (Bee’s The Way) and as for the hair ignore that as even I don’t know where/when it’s for sale but you know it’s a Mina and you also know that as soon as I find out I will let you know.

I really just wanted to show you a new shop which has really tickled my fancy.

I’d gone over to the Cosmopolitan event and spotted a very interesting decor and a fun drivable from a shop called “The Dove and Pear” shop and I’d never heard of this shop before.

OH Lord what such great fun designs. Very D-Lab but NOT D-Lab! These designs are just as unique as we are. I spent way too long just wandering around and zooming in and out just looking at all the detailing that has been put into these fun things. I keep my SL home quite realistic looking but I swear if I was to live a Kawaii life that caravan or the Steampunk Retreat House and since the prims are actually pretty reasonable I could live in both lol.

I also loved the drivables esp the Dreamers car and yet again so reasonably primmed I think it can be rezzed so that would be parked outside.

I’m not really doing the things much justice in my photos so I’ve put a link to not only their inworld but marketplace shop (I think there is more in the MP shop than the inworld) and also their FLickr page so you can see their pictues.

The Dove and Pear Shop.

The Dove and Pear Marketplace Shop.

The Dove and Pear. Flickr.


BTW (Bee’s That Way).

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Its Easter @ Dench Designs (Free items inc)

Easter @ Dench Designs

Amanda Dench sent out the landmark for her Easter Department and I was there like a flashhh! So affordably priced to get your Easter celebrations underway. I bought this adorable animated bunny in a crate for just $40L – he wriggles around and is perched on a bale of hay in a wooden crate. There was an Easter sign on the front of the hay bale – but it didn’t suit the position I wanted to use it in – as its modify it was a simple exercise to remove it – just 4 Li, with sign removed 3Li.

Freebie @ Dench Designs

There are also some dead sweet free gifts ! Above a lovely scene with bunnies in a basket and daffs with sign – I think 5Li.

Easter Freebie @ Dench Designs

This table piled high with Eastery joy is also free. Dash over and take a peek – thanks Amanda for the super gifts ❤

Dench Designs Easter Dept.

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Candy Land Freebies & Discounts

Ever Green @ CandyLand

Some really whimsical & sweet items are out for sale at Candy Land ! All things sweet & cute with huge discounts. Above is just one of the items Ever Green has on offer – yes you are not seeing things – it IS a donut plant ! Now the really interesting thing is you can set its growth rate and of course because its Ever Green every part of this little gem has a texture menu yay! Priced at just $88L its a winner. I had a go on the candy floss machine while I was there – its just £125L and you go from making it to eating it ! Have a go on all the items at Ever Greens booth – its fun!

Free flowering garden panels & Free seating area !

A lot, if not most, of the designers have a little gift for you (just join the Evil Bunny Hunts group – its free) Above are a couple I thought might interest you. Firstly Ever Green has these flowering trellis panels, you get two sizes in the box and also some wall flowers on their own. Large panel is 3Li and the smaller is 2Li – of course you get a texture menu for both flowers, trellis and leaves – making it dead easy to blend in with your space. The large heart shaped seating area is the gift from Storax Tree which is 11Li, single seated animations built right in. I made a little private area with my Ever Green panels for it.


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Ever Green @ The Galaxy Event 50% Discount!

Ever Green 50 DISCOUNT @ The Galaxy Event

Its coming up to that time of year when us green fingered people start to think of our gardens. Zan has actually just treated herself to a new greenhouse in RL and I know she is SO excited to get it all built. A long comes Ever Green with just the most perfect item for our second lives – a brilliant greenhouse/ conservatory. I played around for ages with this..SO much to do and see. Naturally because its an Ever Green piece there is a TON of options for textures on everything – and I mean everything !

Ever Green @ The Galaxy Event 50 Discount

There is a swing seat, bench, chair and so many different varieties of plants. The staging for working at and displaying is just awesome. There is 50% discount at the event for this, and if you cant make room for the whole set there is the option to buy the pieces you need or want. The set comes in Singles, Cuddle and adult versions – all you have to do is choose ❤

Galaxy Event

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Weekend Sales – Which am I Doing?


Oh Mai its Saturday ! Let the good times roll (or in my case lets go to work boo) Anyway its sale time, listed below are the ones I’m going to be gawping at.

Happy Shopping ❤

The Saturday Sale

Wanderlust Weekend

Energy Weekend Price


30L Saturday

Miix Weekend

Beauty 60

Kinky 69

Manly Weekend

The Secret Sale – needs a Hud here

Happy Weekend Sale

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Faith leads me astray. (Premium Membership).

Like many people, I’ve never really looked at the advantages of having a Premium SL account but Faith has and since it looked like a really good deal she’s signed up then when she told me about it I too have ended up signing up.

Basically, once you’ve upgraded (we both bought the annual package deal which was £80 or $99) you get a small plot of land, a home and each week 300 Lindens are put into your account! So that’s 1200Lds worth a month and for new premium members, there is a 1000Lds sign up gift. On top of that, your group spaces increase to I think 70. You also have other benefits such as live chat support, gifts and access to premium areas.

Now I’ve literally just signed up so as of yet no extra lindens have turned up but the offer to TP to your new home does.

I’m actually really impressed with not just the house but also the location I got. If you’re not happy then you can change the location, Faith knows more about that as I think she’s changed it about three times so far but there is a cap on how many times you can do it. Since I’m very pleased with the first location I will be sticking to it and although I will rarely use it I’m going to make it look pretty so anyone who wants to can use it.

As for the homes, again when you sign up you get the pick the general style and in my case, I chose the more trailer/tiny home style and close by is a board that allows me to pick and choose out of 9 different styles. Also inside the homes near to the door is a simple to use button that allows you to change everything from the inside out as well as access to your home.

BTW of course neither of us will be moving from our sim as you don’t have to use the land/home. We will still get the monthly Lindens and other benefits where we do live and this home will be a bolt hole for me when on the rare occasion our sim is down.

You can pay the Membership fee in chunks so the price I quoted is for the full year which was the best deal but there are shorter packages however that breaks down to around £6.66 a month for an SL home, about 174 or 351 prims to decor it and 1200Ld a month to spend on whatever you want and the other extra’s.

Second Life Premium Details.