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Cheeky Girl @ Uber

Neve NEW @ Uber June 2021 2

Love the new releases @ Uber from Neve ! This is the “Cheeky” shorts and the “Gall” top available as seperates in packs of four varying colours & patterns.

Neve - Gall Top - All Colors

The Gall top comes in heaps of summery colours, ditzy patterns and plaids. Perfect to go with any of your summer skirts, jeans and shorts.

Neve new @ Uber June 2021 1

Adore the floral embroidery on this option , the frayed cotton strands on the cuffs can be turned off via the Hud and there are lots of metal colours for the button.

Neve - Cheeky Short - All Colors

Fits for Maitreya & Maitreya petite, Legacy & Legacy perky – thanks Neve Team ❤


Uber Cam Sim 1

Uber Cam Sim 2

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Free Pizza Anyone?

Free gifts @ Lorien - Neve top Hitch @ Uber

Does it get any better? Free and pizza – two words that belong together! I was at the new Lorien store yesterday (so update your landmarks) and found a whole load of gifts on the right as you walk inside. Clothing, wearables, even furniture ! No group to join just pay the $1L and its yours – thanks Lorien!


Hitch top by Neve @ Uber (I still haven’t taken it off!)

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Free pants with my Neve top !

Free pants & Neve top hitch @ Uber

Cruising around yesterday I came upon a store called Zafia Fashion. I found these harem pants out as a group gift (group is free to join) Really love them and such a nice change from jeans and leggings! Just the one fit and that’s Maitreya but its always worth giving it a try on – nothing ventured nothing gained and all that.

Free pants Hud

The pants come with a Hud with more patterns and colours. My top is the new release from Neve at Uber called “hitch” – such a versatile little halter top I’m sure to be wearing this a lot !

Zafia Fashion


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Neve @ Uber !

Neve @ Uber May Hike shorts & Hitch top

A new round of Uber has begun and Neve is at the centre of it all with their new releases. The “Hitch” top and “Hike” shorts are delectabubble. Of course I’m showing the ensemble in pink – I tried to stay away but what can I do when its so sugary & sweet. The top is a halter with a sporty feel , the shorts are a loose fit with side pockets. Various packs of four colours available and fits for Legacy & perky, Maitreya & Petite. Thanks so much Neve team ❤

Neve - Hitch Top - All Colors

Neve - Hike Short - All Colors

Here’s the whole dang pack do you can see the choices.


Uber Cam Sim 2

Uber Cam Sim 1

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Neve Are Dead Clever @ Uber !

Neve @ Uber April 2021

A new round of Uber means new treats from Neve ! The “Ginger” top and “Snapped” dress come in four packs with four styles per pack. But that’s not all ! As you can see above I am wearing the top in a pretty pink plaid over shorts….but also…

Neve @ Ub er April 2021

Its fits perfectly over the new Snapped dress ! Endless combo’s ahoy ! The dress is super duper neato too , you can wear it as above but the Hud allows you to remove the lower half and have it as a handy boob tube under the shirt or on its own – now that’s clever ❤ As always neve have a twist on a wardrobe staple meaning you can fool around with it to your hearts content. Choose from single packs in plains, stripes & patterns or grab yourself a fatpack – thanks Neve team ❤


Uber Cam sim 1

Uber Cam sim 2

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New From Neve @ Uber

Neve @ Uber Harmony top Rambo Shorts

Hey Hey ! Brighter days are coming and Neve has you covered – or is that uncovered?! This is the Harmony top and Rambo shorts. Available at the latest round of Uber, sold as seperates in packs of four colours/patterns. The top is a multi style type of deal, wear with the shirt underneath, partial or full, or totally without. The undershirt is also sheer or full cover. Brilliant range of colours and patterns , fits for: Maitreya, Maitreya petite, Legacy and Legacy Perky. Thanks Neve team ❤


Cam Shop 1

Cam Shop 2

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Its Uber Hometown !

Zinnias for Uber Town

A new round of Uber Hometown has begun and Im lucky enough to be able to share with you the items from Zinnias ! This is the “Modern Mayan” collection, available to buy as a fatpack or all the items individually. The interesting thing is its sectional, meaning you can use as much or as little of the couch sections as you wish. Each section is just 5Li or 4Li, the ottoman is only 2 Li – every piece is packed with poses for females, males or couples !

Uber Hometown Zinnias

I just absolutely adore the fabrics used for the cushions and throw. There is also a very modern coffee table with magazines, a Mayan style ceramic pot, rug plus of course the adorable potted plants. (Also a really nice framed print which is not shown) This came out at justtttt the right time for me, Ive just bought a new home and this set is the icing on the cake for it ! Thanks Zinnia ❤

Uber Hometown – Zinnias

Uber Hometown Gallery