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Heaps of Free @Uber

FREE Gifts @ Uber

Its the 8th Anniversary round of Uber – Happy Birthday! I do really enjoy Uber, this round is awesome – bagged a couple of items naturally. As you work your way around you’ll notice some little gold gift boxes. They DO NOT contain the gifts ! You need to visit the main stores of each designer to get them – its simple and deadly – as you know I have very little control over my SL cash! However I was on a mission to show you the gifts so ended up not being at all spendy. My dress is the gift from ValentinaE – gorgeous rich shade of purple, wide black leather belt, capped sleeves and a dead pretty lace underskirt peeking through. The Ankle boots are the gift from CoCo – you get them in black and white – so handy! I also picked up a lot of décor items, great loungers, benches, sofa’s etc. Treated myself to the new hair by Magika called “Natalie” bangs are optional and included – adore it.

Happy shopping ❤


Uber Cam Sim 1

Uber Cam Sim 2

Magika Natalie hair demo

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Tram @ Uber (and a little FLF action)

Tram Hair @ Uber

Tram is one of my all time fav hair designers, always so whimsical and feminine. This hair do is at Uber “L0425” is its name – grab yourself a demo and test out the colour packs. The are four styles in each pack, some very light wisps, plus a ragged cut fringe option. Of course I whizzed around the FLF offers and couldn’t resist the striped dress & hat from Valentina E ! There are two $50L offers actually, might go back and get the other.


Valentina E

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Weekend Sales – Early !!

$30L dress, tights & boots

Sitting here snuggled up in fresh pj’s and a glass of Limoncello , and noticed that some of the weekend sales are already out today! Wasted no time and perved a few. My new hair is at Uber and is by No Match – never bought their hair before so this was a nice surprise. My outfit is from TOG and is in the $30L Saturday event . You get the sweater dress, boots plus some BOM tights and body suit – howeverrrrr I stupidly didn’t notice the BOM bit (which I don’t use) and had to wear a pair of my Izzie’s tights instead.

Happy Shopping & Happy Christmas ❤


Cam Sim 1

Cam Sim 2

30L Saturday

Happy Weekend Sale

7 Days Sale

Energy Weekend Price


Wanderlust Weekend

The Saturday Sale

Manly Weekend

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Neve is @ Uber !

Neve @ Uber Gap top Join Pants

I’ve been waiting for the Autumnal pants & tops from Neve – and wow I’m not disappointed!! The Gap top & Join pants come in four packs with lots to choose from in terms of style and look. I’ve gone with a rather splendid version in red plaid, matched with a red woollen sweater and used the Hud to make the undershirt black (its actually a lacey type of fabric). There is a chain on the hip which you can turn on and off, the undershirt is also optional.

Neve - Gap Top - All Colors

Here are the four packs of shirts, hard to choose but you could grab a fat pack !

Neve - Join Pant - All Colors

Here are the pants in all their glory! Fits for: Maitreya, Maitreya petite, Legacy & Legacy Perky. Thanks Neve team ❤ Happy Shopping


Cam Sim 1

Cam Sim 2

Hair by Faga Jamila

Pose & prop by Fashiowl

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Neve @ Uber !

Neve @ Uber SEPTEMBER 2021

Oh Gawd some fabuluso new items from Neve are out at the latest round of Uber ! This is the “Betray” pants and the “Confide” top. Maitreya & Maitreya Petite, Legacy & Legacy Perky are the fits. As you can see above I’ve utilised the boot fit option so the pants fit neatly inside my boots – dead handy.

Neve - Betray Pant - All Colors

Four packs of four choices, shiny or mat. Metal colours for the buttons also via the Hud.

Neve - Confide Top - All Colors

The jacket can be worn as a standalone item using the Hud, the shirt has a ton of options, even ones for Halloween ❤ Four packs of four or a fatpack. Thanks Neve team ❤


Cam Sim 1

Cam Sim 2

Hair by Exile Jasmine

Boots by Promagic Serendipity

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Neve @ Uber Ohmmmm

Neve @ Uber August 21 Hatha pants Shanti top

New pieces from Neve @ Uber yay! This is the “Hatha” pants and the “Ashanti” top. Super pretty and comfy for lounging about or doing a spot of exercise. Both available as seperates so you can mix & match with your existing favs.

Neve - Shanti Top - All Colors

Four packs to choose from with stripes, plains and one set with a cute logo.

Neve - Hatha Pant - All Colors

Anddd four packs of the pants to choose from , the drawstring laces at the waist are optional via the Hud. Of course you couldnt treat yourself to a fatpack of either ! Fits for : Maitreya, Maitreya petite, Legacy and Legacy perky.

As this is a birthday round there are of course gifts – BUT they arent at the event ! Its a hunt and you need to go to each store to find the prize. Youre looking for a white box with a gold bow, Ive linked the hints blog below. Of course you could also watch Naria Panthar’s video on youtube to see what the gifts are before you set out !

Neve’s gift is a fantastic loose long jacket with a Hud for more colours – Thanks Neve team ❤


Uber cam sim 1

Uber cam sim 2

Hints Blog

Naria Panthar video

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Neve @ Uber – Together & Apart

Neve apart & together Uber August

Oh Lord – Neve seems to have added some really edible colours to their summer palette – this rich coffee tone is to die for ! New for the latest round of Uber you will find these two items – the “Together” top and the “Apart” Skirt. Both come in packs of four designs. The top has various metal colours for the straps with more colours for the strap fabric. The flirty skirt comes with an optional belt (more colours for both metal and fabric). I adore the stiped top pack – super summery and cute.

Neve for Uber - Together Top - All Colors

As if the stripes weren’t enough there is also a “fade” pack !, plain and colour block pack too.

Neve for Uber - Apart Skirt - All Colors

So many looks to be done with all four packs, the skirt is so flirty ! Fits for: Maitreya, Maitreya Petite & Legacy and Legacy Perky. Thanks Neve Team ❤


Cam Sim 1

Cam Sim 2