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Good to go.(Freebie).

The notices are starting to come out that the SL issues have been resolved.

In the short time since my last post I grabbed the !g0 Advent Gift, did one of the Shop ‘n’ hop sims and finished up at Bueno where is where you find this Free drivable car.

Since I don’t have a drivable surface on my home I flew to the island between us with the intention of showing off my driving skills…which basically means I crashed.

At least you can see in the picture the pose you pull when you’re trying to reverse lol.

I’ll have to find a road I can try or even a nice quiet sandbox and give it a proper try. Rezzed as decor only 26prims. Saturday sale

This is on the wall to the right and just behind the Saturday Sale board…just look for the rezzed copy of this jeep.


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SL17B – There’s more

I’ve begun wandering around the SL17B sims to see all the builds – fantastic ! You can start wherever you like but I decided to begin at The Welcome Area and explore from there. I always think the SL birthday events are just kinda magical , I’ve been to every single one since 2007. Events, a hunt, live music and more ! I also scoped out the gift area – yes MORE gifts – some are the same as at the shop & hop but that’s cool as I didn’t pick up some – so collected them here in the relative peace and quiet. Some are new though and I adore this little wearable car by POW – just add it and go – it makes the sweetest little engine noises, also you can stretch it to fit – nice.

Link for the gift area is below, basically just point and click at everything there! Dead chuffed with these 2 amphora’s with roses – just 2Li each and super lush – these are from the ROMA  SPQR role play group.

SL17B Gift area

SL17B info for all events and sims etc

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Free cars to get around !

I love modes of transport in Second Life – find a rez point on the mainland or just whizz around your own patch of land – its great fun ! I found a few free vehicles at Aikioto – this is the Easter inspired car – super fun and has all the bells & whistles you’d find on a paid for car.

also picked up this soap box racer ! Lots of poses so it would also make a great prop for photos but its just a brilliant little vehicle. We might be in lockdown in real life but theres no restrictions on gadding about in Second Life huh? If you’re looking for new modes of transport take a look around – heaps of choices and a large area that you can rez a demo in and take a spin – found the camper van of my dreams there – its been added to my “when I have funds again” list of must haves.


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It gets to a stage.(Freebies).

Sometimes you find something and you struggle to remember if you’ve blogged it before or Faith has but in the end if you can’t remember then chances are if you have then it was such a while ago and if the quality is as good as these 2 gifts are then sod it, new or reblog here they are.

It’s so FREAKING COLD at the moment, my fire is on high, I’ve got a snuggly throw on my lap and I’m clutching a hot water bottle and yet my nose is still cold and drippy!  I would give my eye teeth to be somewhere sunny and warm at this moment but sadly the best I can do is top up my hot water bottle up and gaze longly at these pictures.

I will have to check my notices as I’m pretty sure there is a new GG of jeans but I could be wrong but I’m sure as heck not disappointed with these two.

The top dress is a “Fashionable” group gift, free to join and the invite is next to it and it’s next to the LM but this second dress is going to take a bit more hunting. If you walk around the ALB shop you will see dotted on the wall are group gifts as well as “wearable demo’s” and that’s how you will have to find this dress (on the ground floor not upstairs I didn’t get a chance to check out upstairs).  It’s well worth hunting down because it’s a simple pretty dress, hangs so nicely and a lovely pastel hud as well.

PS.  I when I went back to LM grab I spotted another Freebie group gift which is next to the LM and I thought it must be for the hippy jeans but it’s actually a “Hippy car”.  I’m keeping it because though drivable, or in my case crashable, it’s only 19prims so whether you drive it or use it as a decor for your home it stands out.

ALB Dream Fashion

(Lamu group)

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Be Smart.(Freebie).

I know I promised you pictures of lovely sims but I’ve lost them ALL, just don’t ask me!

So last night at 10pm I started to have an allergy attack which basically meant I was sneezing so hard I peed myself, GROW UP PEOPLE IT HAPPENS! Honestly out of the blue my hooter just felt as though I had snorted a line of ground pepper.  Fortunately, I alway keep a packet of Antihistamines on hand but by the time they kicked in I felt as though my face had exploded LOL and so I ended up having a sh*tty night and  to distract myself I started to check the Marketplace for something, anything as long as it ticked all the boxes and I found it it’s a “crown” or basically a lovely floral headdress and yet I’m showing you a car lol.


The Marketplace shop has a whole mix of things and 2 freebies one of which is the floral crown and the other this very smart car.


Smart because it’s ONLY 14prims, I should really start to refer it as Li’s rather than prims but you all know what I mean.  I may have made a mistake because the details on the MP says 14 but I prim checked and it came in at 10 but chances are I’m wrong but either way low low prims.


The only downside, although it’s nondrivable I don’t drive much in SL I’m a danger to everyone and everything is SL when I’m behind a wheel, it’s the lights which cannot be turned off.  It does make a splash of colour but if you don’t want that splash of colour then its a shame.  It is copy and mod, non trans, and I wonder if someone smarter than I could actually turn that light script off.

Remember when you check the RichardxxKruspe Marketplace shop and check out the crown, I’ve not tried it on so I don’t know the quality but I have my fingers crossed it’s as good as it looks.


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See the world through my eyes (Freebie).

Inworld I use a Camera Hud and although I’ve mentioned it before it was a long time ago. So what is a camera hud?  You know that when you’re walking around the image you see is from up high as though you were a fly on the ceiling and this is a shitty angle. I have never understood why Linden labs have this set as it’s a dreadful angle for navigating your SL world but what camera huds do is lower the way your viewer emm views you.  Yes, I know not very clear but basically, it takes the camera angle from looking down on your head to a more natural level of your back.


In the distance you can see the lovely build Faith built for our visitors, this is where you rezz if you pop over, but this camera angle is a much more natural angle.  Obviously, this is a still picture but when I walk the angle stays the same.  Yes I can easily cam and scan it doesn’t change any of that all it does is take the viewer back to this much more normal angle and in the next picture it’s one notch up and I think there is a total of 5 different settings.  TBH I’ve forgotten all the exact details but the Hud is super simple and appears in the bottom right hand of your screen.


The one I use was a paid for one but I’ve found this FREEBIE from Dracks motors and there is also a couple of Group Gifts of cars there and this Free Camera Hud was intended for those who like to drive in SL so they can drive with their view through the car windscreen but it also works perfectly well for us “walkers”  The freebies are on the window to the right of the shop, easy to find.

As always EVERYONE is more than welcome to our sim, you can wander around, spend as much or as little time as you wish.  If you see us inworld please don’t feel you need to TP out or even say “Hi” as chances are we’re working away and don’t even notice anyone, in any case, lol.  My home is open to all and even if you’re sat in my living room I wouldn’t bother you.  My SL home is a show home lol no naughty poses or hidden sexy stuff and so people are more than welcome. Faith likes to keep her home a bit more private as she shares it with the third and very silent member of our little group, PD (Player Dagostino) so you go past her gate and you will be booted lol but don’t worry just to the other side of the sim.


Drack Motors

Home sweet Home