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Just a few. (Freebie(sss)).

Faith got to Promagic first I got to REED first and I’m happy I did.

As always the more I look at this picture the more I suspect that top is a reblog but the shorts are not. The shorts actually come with their own top but since that didn’t fit me I teamed it up with this white one for what I think is a great summer look.

Don’t worry there is actually other gifts as well as a brand new top/short combo which is going to be a lovely suprise for you.

In the main entrance, you will see the 3 lucky boards and the wall of group gifts are just to your left, in the same build, not in the next build….sounds complicated but it’s not as you will see what I mean when you go there.


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One Hundred Free Gifts!

FREE Dress & Bra Fatpack

The title of this post is true – there are 100 group gifts for you at Promagic ! The group is currently free to join, when you land, select the Promagic store to teleport too, then as you enter the store look to your left and there is a sign to teleport up to the group gifts. Don’t for get to join the group first though! The above dress is my absolute favourite gift, you get the dress and bra in a fatpack. Dead classy and so beautifully made. I also loved the cute little furry collar ❤

FREE sandals & Slippers

As well as clothing there are SO MANY shoes, sandals, boots as gifts – The above are my fav’s but I may return and grab a few pairs of boots for winter. Some are fat packs some are not. The clothing tends to be for Maitreya and Legacy with a few also having Hourglass fits. The shoes have Slink, Belleza, Maitreya and Legacy – but not all have the same.

Thanks Promagic !


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Gorgeous For Free

Free Gown @ Sofia Originals

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m not a big gown wearer ! Occasionally however I come across one that’s just SO pretty I have to have it…and this is one of those occasions. I had a message from Sofia Originals that said to subscribe and receive the above gown. I hot footed it over, subscribed (its in front of the reception desk) et voila – this gown was sent to me! Easy Peasy and what a gift – fits inc are: Maitreya, Legacy, Perky and hourglass. My head gear is by Zibska, I bought this set called Ersa in one of the weekend sales agesss ago.

Sofia Originals

Zibska store

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Casting Shade – Free

FREE sunhat in 3 shades

Zan put me onto this lovely sun hat by Lizziah, she told me that I do hat photos better than her – but I think she couldn’t be assed ! Anywayyy just follow the link below and grab your copy, just join the group (its free) You get a plain, Black and cream hat in the box. Outfit by Neve @ Kinky Event.

Kinky Event


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A Little Kinky @ The Beach with Neve

Neve Kailani bikini @ Kinky Event

Kinky Event begins today and Neve have two new items for you ! They actually work as seperates or together. Above is the Kailani bikini which comes in so many mouth watering colour & pattern options in packs of four. You can remove the kini bottoms from the Hud.

Neve - Kailani Swim - All Colors

Then there is the Noya beach dress/cover up – super pretty and delicate with the option for sheer or full cover.

Neve Noya beach coverup @ Kiny Event

Its such a perfect fit over the bikini and the large choice of colours / patterns makes it dead versatile.

Neve - Noya Dress - All Colors

There is a choice of sheer & lacey or sheer & full – grab it now for your most essential beach wear ! Thanks Neve Team ❤

Kinky Event

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New & Exciting – 50% Discount!

Dench Designs - Connie rug - 50 discount for group members!

I had to rushhhh to Dench Designs to grab myself this new mesh rug ! Its called “Connie” and I bought the PG version, however there is also an Adult version. The PG rug (if wearing your group tag) is just $60L atm with your 50% group member discount – the group is free to join. The adult rug is $150L with your discount (they will usually be $120 & $299)

● 50% Discount for Group (Remember to activate the group before you press the 2nd discounted button)
● Bento Animations – PG
● Texture Change
● Security

At 3Li its a must for your home or garden, twelve textures for the rug also.

PG Rug Location

Adult Rug Location

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No way…rush job. (Freebie).

This is a rush jobbie as the “Trend” event should be over, there are still items for sale at a discount and then there is this.

It was just by chance that I spotted this is a gift as I was going to follow the arrow on the floor which leads you to other, paid for, group gifts. This one is totally free and is a gift for the group.

Obviously because of the fits and style there is no way in heck I can model this for you and since this event is suposed to be over I’d go now for it Then when you’ve safely snagged it do what I’m doing and checking out the rest of this shopping sim as it does seem to be quite popular.

The Trend.