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Yet another lazy post. (Freebies).

I’m just showing you where the free gifts are as the Tiffany Design group does cost 500Lds to join.

I’ve grabbed both the Subscribers gift as well as the Tiffany, promo & gift group.

As you can see they’re both the same style but different colours/patterns. I’ve not tried them on as yet because if you look at the small print under the promor & gift picture it says “group free for a limited time” which probably will still be the same for quite a while but if you like those shades don’t risk it and grab now.

This is right next to the wall of paid for group gifts and Tif…is very much glam, dressing up, bridal etc and you may find that the 500Ld group fee is worth it for the gifts.

Lazy Update: Now I’ve tried the outfits on I’d say go for them. They have the newer mesh body fits, come as seperates and the bottom part of the leggings are a see through mesh.

Tiffany Design.

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Activate to Celebrate. (15Ld for 400Lds).

I’ve been in the Tachini group for quite a while now and I’m pretty sure when I first joined it cost more than the 15Lds but it is now AND look at that, 400Lds worth of shop credit!

Considering how many orange fluffy clouds and bare naked AV’s there were rezzing/lagging the place up I was surprised the gift board and group joined rezzed so well.

This is in celeration of it’s 3rd year in SL and not only do we have this generous gift but I believe a sale and 30 people could win 2000Lds worth of credit. I will have to check the note but in all honesty the shop credit is generous on it’s own and the others are extra.

Fortunately we do have till the 12th to spend it which hopefully means that as time passes the shop calms down enough for us all to be able to move and spend those credits.

In the note they’ve given us the code to join the group so to save you time/lag cut and paste this into chat.


PS. When you TP you’re automatically facing the Vision shop, turn around and thats where the Tachini Clothing shop is.

Tachini Clothing.

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Pretty as a picture. (Freebie).

Check this OTT bit of Flexi.

It wafts and sparkles with every step and is bloody addictive so much so I ended up taking dozens of pictures just for fun and in the end plumped for the very first one I took.

This is a gift from the Boudoir shop and if you’ve never been to this shop befor then you’re in for a real treat for the eyes. The owner/designer is called Vitabela Dubrovna. I believe she’s also a RL designer(maybe) because these aren’t your average run of the mill stuff because it’s not run of the mill templates. Everything is very theatrical and dramatic. It’s one of those shops that you end up walking around camming up and down so you don’t miss a thing. She also has now a lot of decor and full builds, check out the haunted castle behind you. One year Faith and I were contemplating buying the vast glasshouse for the centre of our sim.

As for this freebie, it’s right next to the LM and it’s set to buy for “0” Lds. It also comes with a shoulder flexi but for the sake of this picture I kept that off. Also, the underlayers are just a system layer so I popped on a simple pink cropped top/panties that I already had and it will be easy, probably even better, for you to team it up with existing items.

I also spotted at the LM a picture of a RL person. I quickly joined the free group to check in the notices as obviously someone has passed away but there was nothing in there as to who the lady is. Whoever she is and it may even be Vitabela herself then I am so sorry. Faith also lost her Beloved Dad at the start of this month and the one thing we’re both always aware of is behind our lovely AV’s are real people with real lives and sometimes those real lives STINK!


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Spreading The Joy With Culprit !

Culprit Animesh Companions - they dance, they talk, and more !

Oh My Days are these cheeky guys cute ! Since I got my paws on these adorable little characters I’ve been taking them with me around and about shopping – SO many questions from people as to where to buy them!. Each little Kamidama pet comes with its own Hud which is quite literally stuffed with unique gestures & animations. These are the companion animesh pets so you just add them along with the Hud. I’ve been wearing my pets without the Hud and they still dance around etc ❤ Choose a channel and you can make them speak in local chat. Several types to pick from the ones above are my favs! You can also go the whole darn hog and get yourself a Kamidama avatar!! All these items are for sale at the latest round of Neo Japan – its pretty crowded at the moment so prepare to hustle to get in – Thanks Culprit Team ❤

Neo Japan

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Mention of…(Group Gift, Free Shop Credit, Lucky Boards & Sale).

OH! A notice has just come out that the sale is in it’s last day/hours? So visit NOW.

Nothing in this picture is for free as they are paid for items from the Bumblebee shop so read on.

I’m just wearing two examples of the clothing I already owned as I actually own a lot from this shop as not only do I love the colours, style and YASSSS it has my SLink P fit and I support sellers who inc my fav fit in their designs.

Since I wanted to work my way through all the notes/notices I had, I plonked myself in front of all the lucky boards in the Bumblebee shop and waited and waited and…then spotted in the group notices that there is also a 50% sale going on.

There are NEW items in the lucky boards and a good mix of tops, skirts and even some boots. A quick turn over plus if you’re name starts with a number then you see those pop up just as regularly as a letter.

If you’ve never been in the Bumblebee group then there is a 200Ld gift card waiting for you, if you’ve had it before you can’t get it again…yeah I tried lol.

There is also group gifts as well, shorts and top set also a pair of shoes and I did blog them a long time ago and I don’t wanna do them again.

Finally the 50% off sale…need I say more?


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If you ever. (Freebie(ss)).

The freebie is the harness.

Yay my mondays work plan/RL have gone down the drain which means I can SL for a bit longer than I normally would. So following on from last post my first visit was to the main Havoc shop where I scored yet again.

Can you tell what my fav colour is? If orange isn’t yours then don’t worry as yet again this harness/belt bag comes with 12 excellent colours.

There are more Havoc group gifts just on the wall inside the shopand they are mainly accessories such as a bag, belt…I may actually pick that belt up as well.

Do NOT go inside the shop before you’ve checked out the stands just outside the main doors as they have some special offers on such as the “Assassain” outfit for only 75Ls.

I’m also going to go pose shopping then return to the sim this shop is on as it’s sharing the same shopping mall as some other big shops and I lucky streak may still hold.

As for the title, as always if it’s not free or not free anymore then I don’t mention what I’m wearing however if you want to know about anything you see then just drop me a NOTE asking. I don’t mind at all.


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It’s a secret. (Freebie).

The Freebie is the bag.

I have a tendency to avoid big events, at least until they’re quiet and the “Big Girl” event is definately quiet now which is why I was able to saunter through it and score this “hidden” gift.

Exc quality, plenty of fits and a 12 colour hud.

This is on the Havoc stand and there is nothing to indicate that this waist bag is an actual gift as it’s not in a gift box. There isn’t even a sign to say it’s a gift I just did a random price check and voila!

I think the LM will take you to the Havoc stand and if not then you will be stood between the Big Girl event and the American Bazaar shop. When you go into the event, veer right and the Havoc stall is next to the large lady statue. It’s the small picture of the bag you click on.

Havoc@Big Girl Event.