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It’s biker bonanza at SF Design lately. With the new biker leather pants and leather vest from this past Monday Mania, now swaffette has added these brilliant Biker Boots to the line up.

The texture on these is super and look very bikerish, being big, black and heavy with dark buckles on the front and sides. You’ll be definitely ready to hit the road in these. Even though they fit me absolutely perfectly out of the box, you get these boots in two types: one with a resizer script and one that you can manually edit if you need to and it also comes with an alpha layer which also aids in fitting.

These awesome boots can be yours for just L$200 and they will be a great addition to your closet. Hop on your bikes and check them out!

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Pump it up

o.O red shoooz ! New release from Armony , suede pumps…some really terrific shades..personally I just adored this blood red. The suede texture is wickedly good..almost looks like you can strokkkkke it ! HUD was nice and easy to use, preset skin tones or for fusspots like me you can enter your RGB and get it EXACTLY right..

Second fav tone was this..so wearable and versatile..199L at the moment per shade, or a great big fat pack for just 699L ( five colours woot)

New shooooz: Armony

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A new store for me “awram viie” , has some really lovely gifts & dollarbies out for you to sample the quality…above is the natty striped blazer (sorry bout the blur on the arms but my graphics were not lovin me today)

I also snapped up this darling little skirt..such beautiful detail on the fabric and soooper girly! The blouse was also there to grab  and its lully teamed up with the skirt..

F came up on one of the two luckyboards while I was there yay! I won this red blouse..absolutely stunning…I also picked up three feather boa’s as gifts while I was mooching. If you like vintage or ethnic gear go see, it’s all very reasonably priced ..

All clothing: awram viie

(skirt in photo 3 is from Jill, closed for a move at the moment)

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By the Skin of…

You remember the other day I blogged a gift skin from Akeruka, the one with the wicked tattoo on it? When I was talking to the designer, KaoZ Koba, I thought I recognised his name and now I know why. He was the creator of Damiani Fashion Design and now he’s back with Akeruka and these brilliant skins I’m showing today.

In the picture above you can see Liam in all his glory. I’m also wearing the Liam shape to go along with it, the first time I’ve been out of my normal shape in years!

Here is Kal and as you can see, the details of these skins are fantastic. The faces on each are very masculine and handsome and you can get them featuring a range of different facial hair options.

The clean-cut Manuel looks awesome too. The body design on these skins are gorgeous with super-looking details around the torso. The muscles are just the way I like them: well-defined but not bodybuilder bulging and overdone.

Finally we have Noah. Don’t the different skin tones you can see here look amazing? I generally don’t stray too far away from my normal skin tone here on SL but I like the look of these a lot!

So there you have an amazing bunch of skins.You definitely must, must, must head on down to Akeruka and check them out up close and personal. You will surely find something you like. Thanks KoaZ!

Get the gear here: Akeruka

Added byFaith: Ok zan & I have decided that the first skin & shape Steve should really adopt as his main look…its gorjuss!! He isnt convinced 100% but then he IS the guy who clung to his bling watch and blood red hair for almost a YEAR ! If you see him around please please tell him he looks amazing !

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GizzA me that !

That horrible boy Steve didn’t tell me that GizzA had a load of gifts out for group members *gasp*, I had to find out myself tsk. The group is free join yay! I picked up a bunch, above the superb leather outfit, pants,,jacket & bra, the boots are from GOS and I ❤  them SO much! (curvaceous boots yumm) The leather texturing is high quality, I’m not generally liking leather wear in SL but Id definitely make an exception for this !

Next up is this striking outfit called “Lines attract”…gawd..isnt it just to-die-for? The boots are fantastique!, lully leggings…tank/ dress over them and one of those fabbo vest jackets in gold also! This is one of those looks you can break down and use all over the place or wear complete..BIG fav of mine.

Just to show you I can be a *ladeeee* occasionally…heres one of the group gifts gowns…very posh…liking the neutral colour so so much, classy styling..

All clothing: GizzA

Boots photo 1 : GOS

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Fifty Five !

Fifty Five Lindens yay! Pink Label is in Fashion Alert today (and only today) The blue sequin dress above is just 55L, as are the Sheena matching boots ! The dress is a cheeky little number, with a butt cleavage back, silver jaunty scarf and flouncy ruffly cuffed sleeves…love love love the boots..easy fit..no messing..and a really pretty dark midnight blue with silver accents..

Plussss a great big stonking fat pack of these lully earings, yes you guessed it…fifty five Lindens! Really liked these, and I rarely wear them in SL..fabbo colours and very useful addition to your SL wardrobe!

While I was at the store I noticed that the rather lickabubble olive tone of the newly released patchwork leather boots is on offer for just 75L..(usually 129) go gettum!

Dress,earings,boots: Pink Label

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Went to bed clutching my new heels

Do you remember when you were a wee little girl…and you had new shoes bought for you, party ones…with bows and if you were very lucky, possibly a tiny kitten heel or something equally *grownup*? I do..and…I always loved them SO hard that Id take them to bed with me. (usually tried to wear them to bed..but mostly ended up holding them in my arms) Well…see above ! I have new lingerie and ~happy sigh~ new pretty party shoes…

The shoes are from Pink Label and are called “Juliet”, high high heels…with the most adorable ankle strap and sweet star that dangles down onto your foot…all the usual refinements we have come to appreciate from Pink Label, the easy peasy to use HUD for sizing,skin & nails..and…a that unbeatable price of just 10 Linden dollars…available in midnight black or cheery cherry !

The lingerie I found on the market place for free! Its truly stunning and the fabric looks like it has soft sheen to it.  New store to me called Awear..I trotted off to the inworld store, very very lush lingerie, prices from around 99L upwards…go see!

Juliet Heels: Pink Label

Lingerie: Awear inworld store         (market place link here)