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Rustic living

Scarlet Creaive gacha prizes @ The Arcade

It’s almost time to gird your loins and do battle to get into a new round of The Arcade. If you can get in (I always wait at least a week to try) head straight for Scarlet Creative’s gacha machine, you’ll find the most gorgeous prizes of the whole event, and for just 50L a pop ! There are six items in the machine and one rare – which is the barn. Hmm I say barn but its a lot more posh than I’d imagine a barn to be. Low Land impact means you can go crazzzzylegs mad with decorating your new space – always a good thing.

Scarlet Creative couch - The Arcade Gacha - Lok's rug texture change 10L @ Heatwave

One of the common wins is this darling couch, crammed full with sweet poses to keep you dillydallying around. I picked up the rug from The Wash in the heatwave event – only 10L from Lok’s , its texture change too – a real must have.

Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade rare

As usual with Charlotte’s builds, there are nooks and crannies to discover and delight you. I was hooked on the stairs – lovely curve with windows alongside – the wood textures are rustic and charming, they give a real sense of warmth throughout. So, basically you have two levels in this space – I noted upstairs there are two alcoves which the stove and kitchen cupboard fit perfectly into. (see photo 1)

Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade

Another common win is the artisits desk – comes complete with potted plant, book & beaker – the doggy is my own – he keeps on appearing in my photos !  Dont forget The Arcade does not open until the 1st June  – Thanks Charlotte ❤

The Arcade Blog – shopping preview 


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Back with a bang (freebie n cheapie).

Got an amazing skin to show you but until then you will just have to feast your eyes on this brilliant Free Group Gift.


A delightful cottage painted table with a lace tablecloth and only 2 prims! I was going to move the table I already had out but then I thought that at such low primage I might just put this is another 2 places in my house, the laundry and a decking area.


This is a lovely room filling size but I did notice it comes with a resizer which I’m going to assume means you will be able to shrink it if you need to.


If you’re in need of a picture frame then snag the other Group Gift from Irrie’s Dollhouse.  As it happens I’m looking at it now and I’ve just realised that the childrens building blocks it seems to be made of would make it perfect for a childs room.  Yup I’m too lazy to put any pictures in but I’m going to assume it’s pretty easy to do.


I’ve just been checking out whats going to be available at the next round of The Arcade and I’m itching for it to start! so when I was at Irrie’s I had a go of one of her Gachas and won this retro side table/telephone seat for only 50lds.

I’ve blogged this shop before because there are some excellent retro style home wares and a childs high chair which is so cute I would buy it even though I have no SL children.  Some nice fresh and unique designs to be found here.

Irrie’s Dollhouse

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Getting Lei’d

coldLogic NEW!!! budd skirt & anton tied top

I do so love this prop from Image essentials, Ive been thinking about using it for simply eons. My outfit is part of the new summer releases from coldLogic, gawd this skirt “budd” is splendisimo, I added the “anton” top in a delicate peach tone to compliment the indigo of the skirt. The “budd” skirt comes in some really versatile colours but if you’re looking for the same skirt but with a bolder summer feel, try “aubrey”.

coldLogic NEW!!! budd skirt - anton top

Just wanted to show off my derrière, this skirt make your butt POP ! Great shaping, I’m wearing the physique shape of both items, they have been especially designed to work brilliantly over your physique mesh body – clever huh? It really helps my inventory out – delete all other shapes, keep just the physique yay! You can also see the beautifully shaped back of the “anton” top and the fabulous tie – sooper sweet. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

Shoes by Reign (FLF offer -not sure if it’s still out)

Prop by Image Essentials here

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Perfect weather (inc.Free gift)

Perfect Ten NEW!

Perfect Ten is all set for a new round tomorrow. I’m lolloping about on a hammock from An Lema, the hammock is just part of their offering for this round, there’s potted flowers, chairs and other bits n bobs also on sale. (The floral arrangement behind is one of them) What really grabbed my attention is the hammock is just THREE prims ! It holds some totally lovely animations for singles and couples, plussss a separate menu for changing the colour of the wood, pillow and canvas – LOVE!

FREE picnic basket

My little basket of goodies is by Shabby Tabby and is their prize in the Picnic In The Park hunt – it just looked so quaint sat there. Hunt blog listed below for prize previews and URL’s – have fun !

Shabby Tabby

Picnic in the park blog

Perfect Ten

All clothing by coldLogic 

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Through the keyhole

coldLogic tyree top kost pants NEW

Another new bundle of gorgeousness from coldLogic today, this is the “tyree” top and the “kost” pants. I hadn’t noticed when I first tried the pants on that they actually have a really subtle pattern over them, ever so sweet and just makes them that little bit more interesting. Also loving the knitted waistband which gives a more casual style to lounge about in. This is the sepia shade , I thought it looked almost pink’ish , prolly why I pounced on them !

coldLogic NEW

The tyree top is heavenly, here’s a closer look for your peepers, its softly draped and has a wonderful little pocket at the front and a rib effect at the bustline and chest – so on trend. Beautiful range of colours in both and free demos on the market place and in store. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

coldLogic store

Sky Shoes

Hair by Truth

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MIA but not on FLF.

Missed me I bet not LOL.  Been a lovely but very busy RL for the past week but normal service shall return this weekend.  I did however manage to squeeze a quick pop inworld because of course it’s FLF (Fifty Linden Friday) and I hate to miss out on all of those bargains.

Then I spotted this from NYU and I bet Faith grabs herself this as well because not only do you get excellent quality texturing and fitting this comes in 3 parts! You can wear the shorts and shirt as separates but that should be the plural shirts as you get 2 versions of the same shirt.  The second one has a 2 tone shading on the pin stripe but then SL time ran out and all I had snapped just the 1 picture otherwise I would have loved showing you the shirts on their own, however a demo is also available for you to try before you buy.


Will give the LM to the NYU shop and if you haven’t got the FLF list then slap the group joining board and you can pick up the latest list.


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Awash with excitement

coldLogic kylie top, byron pants NEW!-Petite Mort glasses 10L- ArisAris sandals NEW - Dark Mouse jewelry

Ohmaiii newness from coldLogic, ArisAris and a sale at The Wash – could my day get any better?! Well actually it did, but more about that later . So so so this is the “kylie” blouse top and “byron” dotty jeans from coldLogic. The blouse is a free-flowing design , the fabric is a brushed cotton effect. Dontcha just love the dotty jeans?! I do, but then I’m a dotty freak. Lots of colour choices for both and free demos instore and on the market place. I’m wearing the physique size of both items over my physique body – brilliant fit, it would also work with the Maitreya body – all standard mesh sizes also included as usual.

coldLogic NEW - Dark Mouse daisy necklace, earings & - ArisAris Sandals NEW! bracelets, Dark Mouse FREE hair - Petite Mort sunnies 10L

ArisAris have released a lovely pair of toe post sandals that paired up with the outfit perfectly. As is usual with ArisAris, you get a great HUD with SO many choices , makes these little beauties super flexible. Nowww, on to my GREAT news and scoop !! I used to buy and blog for a jewellery designer named Mouse Mimistrobell, her store name was Dark Mouse . The store closed inworld a while back but its open again !! This made me so happy, I popped over to scope out the new store which is ever so pretty, only went and won myself this hair-do on the lucky board too – result. it’s called “Alex” and is an up-do with a side bar of sweet flowers. The pack is HUGE, and contains all hair colours. I’m also wearing the daisy bracelet and necklace plus earrings, the necklace was always a favourite of mine from years ago, but I saw the matching bracelets in the new store and snapped them up. Welcome back Mouse ❤ Ohhh mustn’t forget my sunnies, these are by Petite Mort and at $10L a real bargain buy from the cart sale at The Wash.

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

ArisAris store

ArisAris market place

Dark Mouse new store location

The Wash cart sale