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Rideable, Rezzable,Affordable.

I’m taking it lazy this morning and I’ve finally got my mitts on the full 30Ld Saturday offerings and I’m working my way through it.  Although many items on this list are more rustic/RP/Medieval/Gor etc as always there is hidden treasures such as this from Flecha Creations.


Sooo freakin pleased with not just the price tag but the quality,prims and size because I thought this was a child sized bike and it’s not.  Some great details esp loving the books and even the flag flutters.


This is a rezz and hop on but nope I’m not going to show you me on it riding it because the outfit I’m wearing just looks plain daft but my smallish, but perfectly formed, AV fits beautifully on it.  I have a feeling that because it’s neither an adult size or a child size it will fit both sorts of AV but for 30Lds and 3 prims who cares I know I won’t be riding it it is going in my garage as a prop.

I might just hop back on it and cycle my way through the 30Lds list.

PS there is more items on offer for just 30Lds inc a boat and some clothes so if this isn’t what you’re looking for there is more for you to check out.

Flecha Creations


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Promo $99L – yes all this!

Stars Fashion promo $99L Daphne - mesh & standard body fits - plus shoes and bag

Say hello to “Daphne”, this is one of the three new releases from Stars Fashion. As always, this set will be on offer for just $99L for one week, so you’d better zoom over and snap it up ASAP. The set includes skirt, tank top,bag and of course the gorgy shoes. Huds allow you to play with the colours and accent studs also. Fits in the box for most mesh bodies plus the standard avatar. Brilliant huh?! I found the whole look incredibly easy to wear, no faffing about with alphas – just ready to roll in mere moments. (Im wearing it over my Slink Physique body)

Stars daphne HUD

As you can see, the HUDS will give you a really extended wardrobe of looks, especially with the stud colours for tank top.

Stars Fashion Store

Stars Fashion  Daphne on market place

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All the things

Chez Moi Various

Catching up with Chez Moi is hard to do , SO many new releases ! Lets get cracking with the stunning caravan , this is available at the current round of Sanarae (open until the 18th August) Not only looks great for the summer but is also packed with fabbo poses. Heres the deets:

♥ 5 spots ♥ 48 single animations (female and male)♥ 44 animations for couples in love (22 x 2)♥ 64 sex poses (32 x 2) – Only in Adult version♥ Several “wearable” and automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when animations are chose (tea, book – check how to place the experience in your settings) ♥ Control by menu♥ Adjustable Poses♥ Functionality SWAP -Specification: 35 land impact + 1 LI shadow (optional) 100% ORIGINAL MESH- Available in 5 colors: Canary, Waves, Summer Nights, Passion and Penelope – PG and Adult version each.

Chez Moi Various 2

The Tropical dining set is up for grabs at a discount price in the new round of “Buy Now”. This is a market place based shopping event. You cant get your paws on this till the 1st Aug. Basically it’s a great all-rounder set, garden, beach,patio – the placemats hold the key to your dining experience! Touch them and you can choose from a superb menu of desserts,main meals etc. You need to search the Chez Moi market place store tomorrow to find this at the Buy Now price.


Chez Moi various 5

Just a little taster of the foodie things!

Chez Moi Various 4

Oh! a Jet ski – and I almost forgot. The jet ski is at The Gacha Garden which begins on the 1st August. Two rares, seven commons. I have to say they are totally brill to ride, lovely water spray as you zoom along, but not too zoomy that you can’t drive them easily – if that makes sense?

Chez Moi Various 3

Finally, a sneaky interior shot of the caravan. Its dead spacious inside which I really like – I don’t like those cramped campers – I get all giddy! A smattering of rugs, some comfy cushions and cool glazed windows keep it chilled. Thanks Nanda ❤


Gacha Garden

Chez Moi market place store

Chez Moi Store

Chez Moi Blog for all info and more pics

Frilled bikini by Neve

Hair by Argrace

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I told you so! (Freebie).

I not only told you to go grab the No Cabide giftie but also to stay in the group because if you did then just like me when this notice was sent out about yet ANOTHER Gift for us lucky members I was off like a shot.


It really looks like a brill Group Gift is put out not just every month but every week and that means you have to the 6th to pick up this sweet and simple summery dress.  Honestly so pleased with it and it has a lovely draped back and as a super generous bonus a massive 15 colour Hud!

The other thing I noticed about the No Cabide group is that not just notices about whats new in the shop or special offers, gifts etc is sent out but group members post about freebies, special offers from other places. A nice non chatty but at the same time friendly group so I for one will be staying put for a lot longer than a lot of my groups.

No Cabide

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I sooo love being a man!(Group Gifties)

No don’t panic I’m 100% woman, not that it really makes a difference.  My OH has been away for 10 days and so for 10 days I’ve been doing what men do when left to their own devices, dropping my clothes on the floor and leaving them, no dish washing, wearing the least smelly clothing off the floor, take away on speed dial, breaking wind, eating whilst stood in front of the fridge and yes eating off plastic plates when I’ve run out of clean ones but he’s due back tomorrow so it’s time to clean up my act and the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room etc etc

Have to admit it’s been fun and I lied about wearing the least smelliest clothing off the floor..I’m too girly to be that nasty.

But of course there is always time for a bit of SLing.

Popped over to Blueberry to purchase a dress which is their offering for a fund raising event but I didn’t find it so I won’t post about it till I find it, what I did find was that there isn’t just the Group Gifts in the entrance but in fact these fantastic gym/yoga/”Studio Wraps” shoes are actually inside the shop itself!  They come in SLink and Maitreya fits and also a Hud which is a super extra and with that you get a MASSIVE colour option for everything ie body of the shoes, ties, sole etc.

Awww Blueberry now charges a Group Joining fee 😦 of Woo hoo 🙂 only 5Lds.

I know this style of gym/yoga shoes as I’ve got them in my watch list on eBay and sadly they’re not just a piddling little 5Lds.  The best known name is Nike Studio Wrap shoes, they’re light weight and very flexible, unlike me, and with the rubber soles they stop you from slipping no matter how contorted the yoga position you’re in so if you need something like these in RL check them out.


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Perfect Ten

Perfect Ten 50 discount! Lunar Seasonal Designs - multi colours & effects

A newww round of Perfect Ten is happening, and I’ve chosen to share a few of the items that one of my most fav stores has put out. I just love Lunar Seasonal Designs, there’s always something new and you get ooodles of choice for colours on most items included. Above is the shack on a deck, yes – that IS what it’s named – poor thing ! Fantastic item for your home, great for a party or a romantic tryst. The shack lends itself to being a sweet ice cream parlour or cafe, plenty of space outside for dancing etc. Colour change is boundless! Most parts of the deck, hut,roof has options for textures and colours – there is also a facility to have little sparkly fairy lights around (these do add a few extra prims) The basic version with no lights is just 16 prims .

Perfect Ten Lunar Seasonal Designs - picnic bench with food menu & colour change on all  parts 50 discount!

Also on offer with a 50% discount is this super-duper picnic table. You can alter the tablecloth colour, bench colour plussss add fooody things! There is enough room for six people, but you don’t have to set it up for six, you can eat as a single pringle or a couple etc.

Perfect Ten Lunar Seasonal Designs BBQ grill - food menu & colour change on all parts 50 discount!

Last but not least I just had to show off this gorgeous bbq / grill. Its pretty compact in dimensions, so if you’re looking for a bbq that wont take up all your garden or patio – this is your baby. Rezzes food from an extensive menu, colour change on all parts, and you can also add props around it (more prims – you can see I added the charcoal bag & utensils above) The basic grill is just six prims – brilliant! All the items for Perfect Ten are a mahoosive 50% discount for the duration. Lunar Seasonal Designs are located outside the building at the rear, so you can demo all the goodies.

Perfect Ten

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Around and Around – FREE!

Hunt gift - FREE Around The Grid 4

Oh brilliant! Its time for the annual Around The Grid hunt. I love this hunt, mostly because it’s a great way to find out about new-to-you stores and its also a lot of fun. I perused the hunt blog and saw this “Derelict garden corner” from True North Designs, zoomed straight over to try my luck in finding it. Woohoo, I got it and not just the full-sized version, also a petite version in the box. It’s just 14Li (if memory serves me well) and has a few lovely sit poses in the bench, a pretty bird bath and some teeny butterflies floating about. Beautifully made and really nicely textured – all yours for free. Touch the hunt poster at the store for a hint – good luck!

True North Designs

Hunt Blog (all stores listed)