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A quickie. (19Ld Bag).

I wish I’d seen this bag yesterday as it would have complimented the outfit I was wearing perfectly.

You get two huds which allow you to change the colour of the straps and the other one is for the pattern of the bag.

So two clicks turn it from an evening bag into a day bag.

It, of course, comes from a shop which never fails to give us great quality bargains because this beauty only costs 19Lds.  You also get 2 really good wearing poses, from the hand and over the shoulder and if you have the prims to spare then only 9 prims rezzed as a decor item.

The Legendaire group now costs, 49Ld to join, and it’s worth it.  I’m not in the group anymore simply because I need the group space plus I don’t mind picking up these bargains when they come along.

Legindaire.(This and all the other discounts/special offers are on the easels at the LM).

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Collabor88 – what did I buy? (and FREE stuff)

Managed to squeeze myself into collabor88 for a gander and decided to by the new D!va hair – purely because I just haven’t fancied any of their new releases lately and this one looked quite sweet. Very layered scruffy style that I adore – and only $188L per colour pack. My chair is the freebie, by DH and is totally gorgeous ! Just “add” it straight away et voila you are sat in style – perfect for relaxing anywhere !


Collabor88 cam sim

Free chair

Clothing by Neve available at Fameshed

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A bit of this and a bit of that.(Dollarbies, Sub and Freebies).

I was going to do a post on the outfit I am wearing, I even took some pictures and then I decided not to as I’ve blogged the jeans at least a couple of times and I did a long post about the sYs Marketplace shop where the jacket came from not too long ago but then “Dutchie” sent out a Subscribers gift of a wearable brolly so I thought I would keep the clothes on and just do a brief note about them.

The jeans are excellent go-to brown jeans and I wear them an awful lot, 1Ld from Shiva, they do have them inworld as a promo but they’ve moved them so you might find it easier to get them off the Marketplace.

The jacket another is another 1Ld from the sYs Marketplace shop which is PACKED with Dollarbies.

The Dutchie sub gift is the wearable brolly.  You get one for each hand and a bento and non-bento version AND also a wearable hat which I’m obviously not wearing as I didn’t want to change my hair.  The icing on the cake is you also get the hat/brolly as a decor item.

Since I was already subbed to Dutchie it was just sent to me so if you’re not subbed so sub and while you’re there you will see some free for all gifts.

The money both paper and coins and the pretty little condom packets make nice little bedside item lol.  There are other Free for all gifts but I will leave them for you to find and although they’re mainly decor items there is a wearable towel.

Shiva (Jeans, Marketplace)

sYs (Jacket, Marketplace)


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Squeely things.(Freebie).

I think this is a new shop/LM for Mishmish and if you’re a lover of squishies, plushies, Kawaii or wearable then avoid this shop at all costs and just grab this freebie from the entrance instead. OH Lord so many adorable things in this shop I think you will struggle to resist.

There is a wearable version but that’s for the VIP members and I believe it costs either 50 or 100Lds to join.

PS.  Yes I was lazy and just took a picture of it inworld.


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I’m KIDDING! (Fun Anti Valentines Freebie).

I found this wearable, yes on the marketplace, but I’ve not had a chance to see if it’s available inworld yet, and now the time is right.

No, I’m not making a personal “status update” but you know what it’s good to be happy and you can be happy on your own, with a lover, with a group of friends, that one friend who knows you better and if you can stand them then your family lol.  But ultimately just love yourself and here it is.

Even though I am a “Sadie” which if you’ve ever read my profile means “Sadie, Sadie married lady” this song/poem sings to me as it’s also a reminder to remember you are an individual as well as someones “OH” and no matter what your present is or what your future becomes when you listen to what this lady says it makes it seem OK.


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Choking the Chicken.(Dollarbies).

This first item I remember blogging but that was with my male Alt so it was YEARS ago.  Although that picture was SFW it was almost NSFW lol and it was a fun picture to do.

My rubbery friend comes in both “Blonde” and this “Brunette” colour.

Sadly I’m sat here like a spotty teen grinning as I’m trying to think up a smutty comment for this picture but I will leave it up to you.

Only available on the MP and if you’re wondering about the clutter that too was a load of Dollarbies from the MP but unless you drop me a note I don’t think I will blog it now.

PS.  You can send these as gifts.


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She almost caught me creeping! (Freebies&Gacha).

I’ve been trying to squeeze my AV ass into a couple events that are going on at this moment but no luck so I decided to check out of the sponsor’s shops which is how I ended up at Hotdog.

This poor little dead birdy comes with this holding pose and will make a great creepy wearable esp if you’re planning on attending a Halloween event.

This is the other, free group, gift and it too comes with a pose.  I did spot you can actually wear them both at the same time which was a bit of an overkill esp with the bird..geddit?

Although a big shop it’s actual range of clothes and poses are very limited which I hope will change as the clothing is damned stylish and unique.  The AV’s used in the pictures as models are amazing and yes of course not a lot of people would want to look like they do but damn sometimes it’s good to be different which leads me to this.


Hotdog has a Gacha at the Lootbox event stuffed with creepy, freaky and unique mesh heads.  Only 75Lds a try and I tried twice.  I think this one comes only with a shape and head, the other one came with shape, head, teeth etc I dunno I put this on and I was just so happy with it I didn’t really pay much attention but of course on the Gacha it gives you the details of what the different heads come with as some are even Bento enabled.

OH Dear, I thought I’d do a bit of peeking into Faith’s house, I like to unsettle her a little bit and guess who turned up just as I was creeping on her!

Fortunately, I think I TPed out so quickly I don’t think she noticed.

PS.  The LM might take you right into the shop, it might take you to just outside a platform or it might take you right to the platform on which you will find 4 creepy doors which will take you to 4 different shops and of course one of those shops is the Hotdog one.


Lootbox Gacha Event (For the sexy head)