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Loo Roll Hunt @ Dench Designs

Ha ! Loo rolls are on everyone’s minds ! Dench Designs have a free hunt on – ten loo rolls hidden for you to find, click the sign at the entrance to get a list of clues – easy peasy ! Brilliant gifts all home & garden some right royal gems to find. Totally loved the toilet – omg the sound effects ! (Male and female poses inc). You can rez the additional decor items such as the table etc by touching the toilet pedestal.

I adore bicycles in real life so this prize was a god send for me. You can change the colour of the frame by touching , red, green and blue – only 5Li ❤ This is going to be parked out the front of my home for sure – Thanks Amanda !

Dench Designs

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Divias Easter Hunt

Oooooo ! Divias will soon have an Easter hunt happening ! Right now you can prepare and hop over to collect your starter pack. I think its going to be a lot like the Christmas Advent gift – meaning, you hunt your prize each day, then add it to the central bunny. Once you’ve collected all your prizes the central bunny will rez a “scene” – I hope so anyway because the Christmas one was brilliant !

Once you land, look for the teleport board and head to the Old Barn – collect your hunt pack from the huge sign !



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One for Faith.(Dollarbie).

Like the proverbial “Bad Penny” Faith returns to the UK shores tomorrow and it will be the first time since she’s seen the sim so I’m frantically splashing as much colour over our sim as I’ve realised about 80% of our sim is green!  Green grass, green trees, green shrubs and even the paths and rocks have green moss on them and then when taking this picture I realised the jacket I’m showing you is of course GREEN and yes green is my fav colour😊.

I’ve also taken this shot just using our sims windlight setting so if Faith sees this post she can see a bit of what’s been happening while she’s been away…..and I’m even planning on moving the church because she CAN’T STOP ME!

So now for the Dollarbie and the question is “when is a hunt not a hunt” and thats when the hunt poster also has the prize attached to it and this jacket is the prize for the Spring Hunt.

It comes in just the standard mesh size fits, I also joined the MLM Frees and offers group which isn’t free but at only 5Lds it may as well be and I picked up the fashion trainers, you do only get the 1 fit and I’m not sure which one that is but it took nothing to tweak it to fit my SLink feet.  There are other offers/discount and freebies in the shop so a nice mix of stuff.

Loordes of London

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XOXO, Delete, Delete, Delete & Help Me! (XOXO Hunt).

First, the XOXO Hunt.  You may remember this as its the one where you stand in front of the, in this case a neon phone, and in chat type “XOXO” and if you’re lucky you win the prize if you’re not lucky then SOD OFf….no I’m kidding because you can return 24 hours later or buy the prize for 50Lds if you don’t want to keep on trying to win it.

You need the hud to be able to do this with ease as not only does it show you the prizes but you can click on the shop name and be TP’d to there.  I’ve also noticed that if you do win the prize then you can tick the heart to keep track as to what you have and haven’t won.

The only grumble is you cannot shrink down the Hud and it covers quite a bit of your screen so you might find it a bit annoying to have to keep on taking it off.  Of course, there might be a shrink option but I couldn’t see it.

Now for the “Delete” bit.

Over the years we change our sim from season to season and from style to style and now we’re drained, pooped, knackered, tired, fed up and uninspired and so we’re throwing in the towel and paying for someone to come in and Landscape our whole sim!

As it happens we stumbled upon this Landscape Designer, among other things, by stumbling on their sim and apart from a few small requests we, mainly me, have asked for our sim to be almost identical.  Yes this is going to cost us big money, although Faith did say they were more reasonable than some, but if they do as good a job on our sim as their own sim then it will have been worth every Linden.

The help I need is “windlight” setting.  If any of you can recomend one and drop me a NOTE! with the LM or LMs in it for me to check out then I would be so happy.

XOXO Head Office. (This is where you get the Hud from).

XOXO Blog. (So you can see the prizes).

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Belle Epoque Hunt ($10L per item)

I dashed to the Belle Epoque Hunt quick sharp as Zan has been gobbling up every good hunt lately – I got there first! As is usual with these hunts there is a small price per item, in this case its only $10L. There is a board outside showing exactly whats in each numbered box – so you can easily pick and choose which boxes you buy. (It seems everything is a Maitreya fit?)

I actually hunted for about 30 mins, as I was searching for just number 18 – most are really easy to discover – but I never found No.18 *boohoo*. Anyway I was dead chuffed with my purchases, especially the rather retro sweet red dress ❤ This is only on until the 14th February so head soon !

Belle Epoque

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I can log off now. (15Ld Hunt & Mention of Freebie).

Now that I’ve found my “Happy Place” which is finding excellent freebies or cheapies I can do a post then log off SL and settle down to a Sunday afternoon of watching crappy horror movies.

There are a lot of Paid Hunts going on and for a very cheap price you can pick up some excellent items such as this cross over jumper top……I rarely reread any post I do as they make even me cringe but I had this feeling I’d missed something and I had and that’s the price…15Ld an item.

This adorable cross over sweater comes in a patterned and a plain version and it comes from the smaller Seniha shop.  I suspect all of the shops on this sim are involved in this hunt but the shops which are will have a large poster board outside and the pictures and number of the heart you’re looking for.  So far I’ve only visited 2 of the shops and I’m looking forward to checking the rest out when I decide I’ve had enough of crappy horror movies.

As for the freebie it again is not something I usually blog and that’s my eye colour.  I’m not going to zoom in but if you want some really lovely eye colours then pop over to Euphoric shop, the group is free, and there is a selection of gifts mainly for eyes such as colours, lashes.

Valentine Hunt

Euphoric. (Free Eyes)

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Getting Shady.(20Ld Hunt).

This outfit is what I wear 90% of the time when I’m in SL so ignore it but check out the cute teddy with a heart.

This is an example of what you’re looking for in the “Seasonal Hunt” which of course is very Valentines themed.  Sometimes it’s a struggle to even find out what it is you’re looking for so to get this and the hud sent to you just makes it that little less annoying.

So at the LM you will see a big board for you to click on to get the hud and since this is a paid-for hunt there are pictures of the prizes and if you click on the shop logo you can TP direct to that shop.  The reason I’m not wearing any of the prizes is I haven’t even started it yet and also I suspect that there won’t be many clothes for my shape but there are some accessories I might be tempted with and since I don’t usually blog small things then I’m not sure if I will show you them.

All prizes are just 20Lds and I am hoping to find an item of clothing and if I do I shall return with an update.

Shady Sim, for the Hud.