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Changing of Colours Hunt

Cant believe I’ve had time this morning to do a hunt – dead chuffed with my prizes too. You’re looking for a small Autumnal leaf btw. Found this little sweater dress from Ari-Pari , with a hud for eight colour choices included.

I was super pleased to find the prizes at Evergreen (formerly Lunar Seasonal Designs) and The Artists Shed. Left is the Evergreen frames – what you cant see is that the leaves actually move and fall, its just so beautiful. You can alter the textures every part of this piece from the frame, the branches, leaves and also the speed of the falling! 2Li to boot! The shelf is from the Artist Shed , very rustic and pretty – 6Li

Last up I found the gift from Wiccan Wears – not my cup of tea but very nice. Includes a hud with four texture choices for the upper section.

Links to gallery, hints and all participating stores

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A little bit of everything! (Freebie(ssss).

A simple start to a day of mooching.

This is a sweet and simple little daisy dress, I do rather like the inbuild shorts and the wearable hair daisy.

I picked this up from a shop called Auradacious (sic) Boutique and this is the Group Gift.  Sweet enough on its own but you can also pick up a box of old Group Gifts which I’m going to enjoy opening later and also Lucky Boards, 3 Stay At Home Group Gifts, Hunt gifts (paid for) and on the wall with the entrance doors are gifts for different Groups OH and a purple gift box on the floor which looks as though it contains hand fans… basically this simple visit has scored me a lot of goodies to rummage through later. Also, make sure to check out the upstairs as there is a couple of interesting designs on sale, I thought the “Darcy” outfit was rather interesting.

PS. I don’t think the LM will take you direct to the …shop you will see near to you a TP board so use that.

PPS.  Just in case you miss it, on top of the notice board for the Stay At Home Gifts is a super silly one of a doughnut hat.

Auradacious Boutique


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Two Hunts to Celebrate Moonstar !

Great hunts now on to celebrate Moonstar being in business for twelve years ! You do not need to join a group – just find the hunt objects at both of their store locations – et voila. Above are the four outfits I liked the most but there are loads more to be had. The hunt object is a moon & star , not very difficult to find but you do need to look on every floor to be sure to find them all ! There are twelve gifts to find at each location. Each gift contained a mass of different mesh body fits and standard mesh fits – very generous – thanks Moonstar & congratulations !

Moonstar @ Shelter

Moonstar @ Long Beach

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A hunting we will go.(20Ld Hunt Prize & Mention of Freebies).

I’ve spotted a couple of new hunts going on and since the “Shady Sim” one is being held on one of my all-time fav landscape/decorated sim and another all-time fav shop has a prize out for us then it was a no brainer.

Every prize costs 20Lds and you do have to be in the hunt group to be able to buy the prize.  The group is, of course, free to join and when I tried to buy the plant the money was refunded and I was given the link to join the group.

What you’re looking for is a beach ball. Because this is a paid-for hunt check out the link to the Seasonal Hunt Blog link I’ve given you so you can see the prizes which do include clothes.

Even if you’re not interested in the prizes still go to the sims for this.

This is just a token picture of what the streets look like spread over two sims. They’re packed with such interesting and unique landscaping I’d be proud to have a shop here or even a home and have this outside my front door.  There is a monorail, a train being dragged to its doom by a giant tentacled beast and just a perfect location to not only causally stroll along but it’s a “point and click” photo opportunity.

As for the mention of the freebie, Crate has Group Gifts which have been well blogged by both Faith and I so I will just mention them rather than show them again.


Seasonal Hunt Blog (Pictures).

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I can’t be bothered to Diva! (Freebie & Mention of Hunt/Free Clothes).

First the freebie but if you want info on clothes then read the last part.

Love, love and love this sweet simple gift from La Galleria, don’t those trees look so real! I’d originally gone to grab the traditional deck chairs but as soon as I spotted this I forgot about them and I can’t even remember what the other gifts were.  This little potted scene is only 1prim and it’s going to be the only palm tree’s allowed on our sim lol.

As for the clothes.  Virtual Diva has a paid-for hunt going on.  Each item is only 25Lds and of course at the LM is the big poster showing you every prize and I was tempted by #1. Then I spotted that the clothing only comes in a Maitreya and Legacy fit so in the end even though there was a good chance it would fit I decided I’d not bother.

There are FREEBIES to be had a Virtual Diva and only a few posts ago I did the newest one which is here Virtual Diva Group Gift Post

Also, there are other Free to join group gifts which I didn’t blog and I’d not noticed that outside of the shop is other Freebies for free groups plus 6 lucky boards and I did linger a bit as I really would have loved to have won the top right prize lol.

La Galleria(This and many other beachy themed items of decor are in the room at the LM, just click and buy for 0Lds).

Virtual Diva

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4 Seasons Event – Free

Had a walk around this event yesterday, didn’t realise there was also a hunt and free gifts until I spotted them ! This summertime dress was out as a free gift from Ari Pari – lots of mesh body fits included plus a Hud with four pattern choices. Simple but very pretty! Posters are up about the hunt, the prizes range from 5L – 10L , you’re looking for shells !

4 Seasons Events

4 seasons event gallery


Hair by Tram

Prop & pose by Oinc

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Welcome Home.(10Ld Hair Hunt Prize).

One of the reasons you get a lot of beach photos is that I’ve made my beach “Home” spot. In RL I’m not a “bikini babe” I don’t roast myself to a nice shade of mahogany brown on the beach, I am a saunterer, a book reader, a watcher of waves(and people), a loner and I love it and in about two weeks time to save my sanity that is exactly what I’m planning on doing, even if it’s just for a day.

OK, Enough waxing lyrical.  The hair is a WOH6 hunt gift and costs 10Lds and it’s so easy to find the sun I’m not going to give you a hint.  You get a LOT of huds options way too many to list.

As for the clothes I’m wearing I’m going to save that, as it’s a reblog, for my next post as I have a super gift for my next post.

Rama Salon