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Hunt @ Yasum

Yasum Jacket & pantsuit - $1L

Love me some Yasum – so when the notice came out that there was a hunt on for approx 20 items – I was there in a flash. You need to find a small grey envelope and buy the item it is beside for $1L. I found this jacket and pants suit in a pretty pale green colour.

Yasum Hunt - Capri pants - Fat pack of Yasum sweaters $50L

Next I found these handy dandy capri pants – popped up to the discount floor and bought myself a fatpack of the sweater I’m wearing for just $50L to team with the pants. The hunt is in the fashion, accessory & lingerie sections only. although the discount area is a fab place to visit at any time. The teleport to all floors is right on the landing spot, just walk to it and stand, a board will appear beside you to select where you want to go.


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Hunt @ Tiar – Free

Free Bikinis & more @ Tiar Hunt

You can never really have enough bikinis right? Great hunt on at Tiar currently, just join the group (its free) and head into the store and outside to find the pink crowns. Big range of items to find that are displayed on the board outside the main entrance.

Happy Hunting


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The Free Dove & KittyCats Hunt

KittyCatS! KEY LIST FOR Free Dove Caring Hands HUNT

Over the years few things have stolen my heart like my KittyCats have ❤ I used to breed them, trade and buy them. Nowadays I just have my favourite kitty called “TumTum” who lounges around my home looking cute. The great news is that you can go hunt for some free KittyCat wearable *swimmers* ! This months hunt @ The Free Dove is featuring KittyCats yay! There are five hidden at The Free Dove and five hidden at The KittyCat mainstore. I found six of them go me ! Dead cute swimming around me chasing various sea creatures awww ❤ Hit up the signs at The Free Dove for all the info you’ll need to hunt the kitties ❤

The Free Dove

KittyCats Store

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A Few of Our Fav Things Hunt

FREE Hunt & Group gifts (Tent & outfit)

New hunt has begun and its got some pretty prizes to find ! I hopped over to The Sissy Bar and found these sweet lilac pants with side ties and a co-ordinating floral top. Join the group (its free) and you can also grab this group gift of a tent. Its not animated but at 8Li its handy to place out in your garden as a bit of a filler.

The Sissy Bar

A Few of Our Favourite Things Blog (hints & pics)

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$10L Hunt @ Belle Époque

Belle Epoque No 31 Hunt gift $10L

Love a Belle Époque Hunt ! The place is packed to the rafters atm but I still managed to find the one thing I really loved – and its this dress aka No.31 in the hunt.

Belle-Epoque $10L Hunt

Above is the key of all the hunt prizes, brilliant selection and something for everyone I think. Would’ve loved to find number 30 tbh – I might return to find it when its all calmed down. It finishes on August 31st so you’ve got lots of time.

Happy Hunting ❤

Belle Époque

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Beached Bunny Hunt 12

Beached Bunny 12 Hunt

Wow I can recall doing the very first of this hunt ! Now its at number 12 and its just as good. Blog linked below giving all the hints & pics. I liked this prize from Emi’s Attic. Totally snug fit with a Hud giving eight colours – nice!

Beached Bunny Hunt 12

This sweet but naughty sundress is from Georg Bellic Design, you get this beautiful turquoise and also a bright summery yellow. Its VERY sheer and does not come with panties – the ones you see are mine , would imagine any type of thong or panty would be suitable.

Beached Bunny Hunt 12 – Hints & photos

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Be a Bold Llama – Hunt gifts

The Bold Llama Hunt gifts

My fav T-shirt store is in two hunts currently – Life’s a beach & the ice cream cone hunt.

I nabbed both gifts – which is not my usual modus operandi – I generally cant find anything !

Ill drop the blog links for both hunts below and of course the LM for The Bold Llama – all hunts are displayed on the wall to the right of the reception desk.

The Bold Llama

Lifes a beach hunt

Ice cream cone hunt