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Dressed to Love Hunt – $6L per prize

I do love the BRII hunts – you know what you might find from the poster in the store and you get a HUGE amount of gift for your $6L bucks!

I grabbed three prizes and I have to say each was a great find, heaps of fits for traditional avatars and mesh bodies and appliers. The above piece came with all the jewellery, head-dress, outfit, gloves, boots, wings and more – I was happy! You’re looking for a red heart – lots of them around that aren’t the gifts though so check everywhere.


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Pretty in purple.(Freebie).

Goooooood Morning Tue…and yes I have had my 2 cups of coffee and I might go completely cray cray and have a third cup but thinking about it maybe some food would be better.

This is why I don’t like sitting poses but I’m still using this picture.  A full outfit from Prism and it’s a “new Year Hunt” hunt prize and by “it” I mean boots, shorts and jumper and not only a full outfit but ALL of the fits any AV would need!  Great quality as well.

What you’re looking for is a red question mark, just follow the arrows on the floor.

PS.  Check out the Prism group gifts as well.

New Year Hunt Blog for Hints & Pictures

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Decor Freaks ! (Hunt gifts)

Oh wow my flabber is gasted – seriously fantastic gifts from The Magical Winter Hunt ! Above I am showing the prizes from: Lunar Seasonal Designs, The Artists Shed  and Cleo Designs. The fireplace, fire,chair and snack table are from Cleo Designs – haven’t seen much from this designer lately and then BOOM – this pops up. (There were a few more little bits & bobs with this set but  a little too Christmassy for my tastes atm.) The astonishing picture is from Lunar Seasonal Designs – and its truly gorgeous – huge menu for the frame texture, the picture designs and even the stars – only 1Li, a real keeper for me. The lamp is from The Artist Shed, spot on trend and 5Li. Each prize is just $1L – now excuse me while I go and hunt down the rest !

All info, landmarks, and hints on the blog website HERE

P.S while your’e at Lunar Seasonal Designs, check out the new rezzable and playable games – ooOOooo I might have to buy one.

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I’m “Free” and “Cheap” again.

A quick post, not sure where the day has gone but I couldn’t log off without a freebie and this one from Raindale is lovely.

I’m going to be sad when we have to change the season of our sim and I have to pack away all that sparkly stuff lol.  The freebie is this simple, sweet little tepee, actually, it’s a full sized adult one, not a child’s tepee.  Only 8prims and it does come with 2 sets of cushions but I didn’t bother rezzing them.

There are some lovely home decor freebies at Raindale but I have blogged them before so I will leave them for you to check out but when I TPed over I was really pleased to see that there is a small hunt still going on because I picked up this 5Ld chair just before Christmas but didn’t get around to blogging it as I know most people are just into clothes but we do have people who own SL homes and this really nice chair and the other hunt items are shop quality.

Although small it’s still the perfect size for an AV and some really good poses in it and I mean really good, I’m not sure if they’re “bento” poses but they have small subtle movements to them.  What you’re hunting for is badly hidden blue stars and I think each costs 5Lds, I know this chair cost me 5Lds, and as usual, since this is a paid for hunt there is a  big poster with pictures of the prizes and the number you’re looking for.s.


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Special Mention.(Hunt Prizes).

My last post was about the “Ho Ho Ho Christmas Hunt” and what brill prizes, even though you pay for them trust me what few I bought I was so pleased with and I couldn’t resist starting the day off showing you 2 of the bestest(sic) finds…not including the stunning Flowery Holographic pants from my last post of course.

Look at this brill skirt from Ersch.  I could be wrong but I am pretty darn sure it was only 5Lds and if not then none of the prizes cost more than 25Lds so even if it’s that price it’s still a fantastic gift.

Do NOT look at my eyes! I actually put these glasses on to try to cover up the fact my eyes are totally borked! Not sure how or why but all of a sudden my Lelutka mesh eyes won’t fit and even when removed my system eyes look as though they’re just about to roll up into my head!  Not sure if I need to get a whole new Lelutka mesh head sent to sort it out but meh I basically can’t be rat arsed.

So look at that brill hat/hair! 25Lds from Wasabii, I used to own a lot of Wasabi hair until I got my Mina addiction.  Not just the 1 shade but you get all the shade huds and some very interesting colours.  The hat has a 2 texture hud this red and a white one. Click on the hud and you can also resize it.

I won’t give you the LM direct to the 2 shops but to the “The Ho Ho Ho Christmas Hunt” headquarters as all the boards with the pictures showing you the prizes in each shop are there plus that’s where you pick up the Hud, you don’t need to but read the note to see why you should.

PS.  The skirt is only Maitreya fit but I was more than happy with it on my SLink Physique.

The Ho Ho Ho Christmas Hunt Head Quarters 

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Woah!(25Ld Ho Ho Ho Prize).

These Holographic trousers from “Flowery” are stunning.

They are just the Maitreya fit but still pretty wearable for my SLink bod with just a bit of breakthrough at the waistband and the only reason I’ve alpha myself out is that I simply have nothing to match these blinding pants.

This is yet another paid for hunt but I’ve seen the prizes and we really are getting the chance to score some quality items for really a tiny price and the prices range between 5-25Lds.

I’d recommend you go to the Ho Ho Ho Hunt Headquarters first to see the boards with the picture of what each prize contains plus I’ve cut and pasted the note you get so you can see what you need to do if you want that extra prize.

“The Holiday Ho Ho Hunt has two separate parts. One is the main event, where all listed stores are included and the second is a small fun HUD hunt, which only features 12 of our designers.

The main event:
Each store has at least FIVE different items hidden for you in their main stores. These gifts are priced anywhere for 5L to 25L
For this part of the hunt, you’ll be looking for a BLUE star.
You’ll be able to find hunt keys and LMs are the Cutie Collective Headquarters.
(Designers may or may not include hints for their items)

The second part – the HUD hunt:

First, you’ll need the hunter HUD. Which is located above the fireplace in the HQ, (just click on the board and accept.)
Next, you’ll tp around to the 12 stores, looking for a YELLOW star. Once you find that star, click it and it should register on your HUD. Then move on to the next store.
Once you have all your stars clicked and snowflakes shown on the HUD, you’ll be able to tp back to the HQ for the prizes left out for you on the shelves.
Make sure to keep your HUD on!

Good luck and please be kind to each other!”


The Ho Ho Ho Hunt Headquarters 


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Take Notes.(The Christmas Hunt).

The LM takes you to a place with lots of stands and each stand not only has Christmassy things for sale but each shop has hunt prizes for us to emm hunt out lol.  This isn’t a free hunt, the prices seem to range between 9-15Lds but as always with paid hunts each stall has a picture showing you what is in their socks and it’s up to you to pick and chose what you want.

The scarf and ear muffs were in the same prize and the jumper in another and each cost me 9Lds.

TBH it’s almost midday and I’ve not even had breakfast so I’m getting hangry and lethargic so I just grabbed the first 2 items I thought I could use but when I log in, fed and full of energy, I’m going to walk around the stalls and look at the pictures of the hunt prizes and maybe add some more goodies to my Christmas folder.

PS.  What little I did see there is a nice mix of decor, clothes and poses.

The Christmas Hunt Blog  (So you can see some examples of what’s on offer.)

The Christmas Hunt LM