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Just warming up. (5Ld Hunt Prizes & Freebies).

I almost forgot I’d visited an event called “Winter’s Hollow” and picked up some of the 5Ld hunt prizes.

The top is the hunt prize from Les Sucreites de Fairy and although it comes in the one size it’s a one size fits all.  Those “floaty sparkles” ie the big white balls are the hunt prize from Astara and although you can’t see it they do float around you.

This is what you’re looking for.

There are FREEBIES which you will find under the Christmas tree.  This is a bigger event than I had expected so I’ve just done part of it and will have to return at a later time.

AND yes I haven’t had enough coffee this morning but in about half an hour I will have had enough and I will have done some work that needs to be done and I will be raring to go.

Winter’s Hollow

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Never Fails. (Cheapies, Hunt & Freebies).

I went to the “The Artists Shed” and the “Snow Day Cart Sale & Hunt Event” event and all I got one this one lousy picture.

I lie because I actually scored a heck of a lot both from the hunts going on inside the The Artists Shed and the Candy Canes are so easy to find and to top that all off the carts have a lot of offers and freebies so I have quite a haul to work through.

The Candy Canes are hidden around the sim do cost but only 2Lds and you can click on the cane and check to see if the contents are something you’d like but at only 2Lds it’s not a lot of money to lose if you don’t like your prize.

BTW Make sure to check out the back of the The Artists Shed shop as there is a room back there with some Christmas Deccies, I love the simple plain Christmas tree in a tub they remind me of my childhood and if you like a quirky giggle then check out the pile of snowballs.

PS.  There is also 3 separate hunts going on in the Artist shop as well.

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PCP! (25Ld Hunt).

PCP stands for Pink Cream Pie where you will find these pants, everything else I already had.

There is nothing wrong with the other prizes, they all look like great quality and I was rather interested in the cardigains but I suspect they too will be limited in sizing.  So I’m just going with these as I know I will get some decent wear out of them.  Sorry I can’t remember the actual fits but I’m sure it will be on the poster which shows you the prizes and it’s a Christmas sock you’re looking for.

PS.  I do know the Pink Cream Pie group costs just not sure how much, check out the Group Gifts upstairs as they’re pretty darn good and some good Lucky Chairs as well.

Pink Cream Pie

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I’m gonna fake it till I can make it, snow that is. (3Ld Hunt Prize).

I’m glad I bothered to unpack this as I was expecting “standard” and got “quality” instead.  It did look nice on the poster but I still didn’t expect this little PJ set to be actually as nice as it turns out.

The top comes with 3 colour options, I’m still going to bin that and keep these pants because I have the perfect Christmassy Sweater to go on top.

Each prize in this hunt costs 3Lds.

Walk straight ahead to the Kastle Rock Couture shop but just before you go inside the main doors to your left is a stand with a hud you can get for this hunt, a hint and it shows you what you’re looking for.  I will give you another hint, only because it’s so easy, just follow the candy cane trail.

Two things before I log off. I’m using the fakest of fake snow in this picture but when I log in it’s time to rezz the snow emitters I think. Plus I have a very old episode of Law and Order Special Victims Unit on TV in the background and the main gist of it is a Virtual Reality game which is basically Second Life but it’s so old it’s system hair, prims and not even a hint of Flexi or sculpties it’s that old.  Worth a giggle.

Kastle Rock Couture 

Candy Cane 11, Gateway LM

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The Cookie Jar – Freebies & good shopping

If youre looking for some GREAT Seasonal shopping, a hunt and free gifts – get yourself over to The Cookie Jar! its got the lot – I will leave the landmarks below to each location and let you have the surprises. Above is the giving tree gift from HJM Designs – gawd I adore it, it plays a lovely Christmas song too, the snow flurries look realistic so you could hang this on a blank wall to get a real seasonal effect.

Of COURSE I had a few turns of the gacha machine for HJM Designs in the Christmas market durrr – I won exactly the scenes I wanted hurrrah !

Then I snapped up the free gift from HJM Designs at the market – and got this sweet little sleigh – it comes with a light switch for twinkling lights etc.

Im not entirely sure if I picked this up from the tree or at the market – but it was from LpOca, you get two o these dear little reindeer candles, the flame effect is especially lovely.

Anyway have at it – use the LM’s below to navigate around and enjoy your shopping ! There are free gifts at most stalls in the market. I didnt have time to do the hunt – so let me know how you get on!

Holiday hunt

Winter Market

The Cookie Jar giving tree

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Time to power down.(10Ld Belle Epoque Group Gift).

Just to stop myself from being distracted I decided to stand on Faiths platform, sorry if I’ve left some clutter I will clean it up when I’m done, and I was working my way through today’s 2 big hauls when it struck me! I’d forgotten that Belle Epoque has a NEW Group Gift out for us.

Obviously, it’s the oversize fluffy jumper.  This one size will fit all and the addition of a rather good/big colour hud is excellent.

The Belle Epoque group does cost to join, 10Lds, and of course, there is a nice selection of old Group Gifts and don’t forget that the 15Ld hunt is still going on.

The sun has come out so it’s time to log off, get some caffeine and check my garden to see if my greenhouse is still standing. With all this rain its no guarantee it will be lol.

PS.  The sweater is called “Myrtle” which so happens to be the name of this Mina hair and Myrtle is one of my fav Minas.

Belle Epoque

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Get em before they start rotting. (Freebies ‘n’ cheapies & now Dollarbie).

Thanks to Ryan and his hints I finally managed to find the two main Belle Epoque items I wanted, this dress and umbrella.  I’m not bothering with #11 because although I consider it to be a “keeper” I know just looking at it it won’t fit me.  So I’m happy with this dress but damn I’m loving the brolly but then again I do have a brolly addiction.

If you missed my last post these 2 items are 15Ld hunt prizes from Belle Epoque.

I didn’t even know that there were freebies at The Liaison Collective, I’m usually the last to know about these things which means there is only I think 2 days left to grab the gift pumpkins.

Really nice gifts, I’m actually just showing you one of them in this picture and it’s this totally wearable simple sweater/jumper.  I am wearing one other gift which is a Zibriska (sorry if I’ve spelt it wrong) we all know this brand and this set of eyeshadows is just the best and you will have to take my word for it as I didn’t do a close-up.

So there is a nice mix of gifts, some decor items, makeup, a lovely pink dress(Maitreya only) and I know I missed some sneaker type shoes(?) which I may return to.

Ignore the pumpkin patch I’m stood in as those are not the pumpkins you’re looking the ones you are looking for are bigger and more “fake” looking and are hidden in the boarder surrounding the garden of sweetcorn and pumpkin patches. Easy to see once you’re there.

PS. I’m putting the Link to Ryans blog, he too loves a bargain both male and female but his blog is more into Virtual worlds and techie stuff while I am nothing but an airhead when it comes to stuff like that.  So if you want to keep up to date with that side of SL and the other virtual stuff check it out.


I didn’t want to do a separate post for freebies from the same event so I’m tacking this on as an update.

I briefly mentioned this dress and it’s actually not a bad fit at all and I had to show you the Belle Epoque headdress, with hud.  Very OTT and with a small hud of colours.  It was the shoes which made me decide to try the dress on they are Dollarbies from the Marketplace and thin strappy gold shoes will be a party staple for us party girl…says she in her RL baggy clothes and comfy slippers.

The Liaison Collaborative

Ryans Blog

E A Glamour (For the shoes)