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Hunt @ Tentacio

Free Outfit @ Tentacio

Tentacio have moved their store so time to update your landmark ! To celebrate the move they and the other stores in that location are holding a hunt. You’re looking for tiny golden stars and I found one yay! In side was this beautiful skirt and top in black satin. Perfect for a summer evening.

Lucky Board win FREE

The lucky boards have also been updated – I won this huge set of petals, parchment paper and rose bowl. The petals come in lots of different colours, some for the ground, some flying (but not moving) – dead nice.


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The Free Dove Hunt & Alaska Metro


There’s a new hunt on at The Free Dove & Alaska Metro. Make sure you’re in the Free Dove group for both locations to grab the prizes (its free to join) Above are all the gifts, some are at The Free Dove, some are at Alaska Metro. You’re looking for the VIP pass shown in the bottom right hand corner. Head over to The free dove to get the info card with all the landmarks etc on it from one of the boards.

FREE Shorts Alaska Metro, tees Bold Llama, hat Nylon Outfitters

So pleased with the shorts I found @ Alaska Metro, dead handy for the summer! My tee is from The Bold Llama and it can be found on sale at Malus Park Summer Carnival , pack of three natty designs for $120L niiice!

The Bold Llama $2L Tee

Above is the $2L gift from The Bold Llama – LOVE ! ❤

The Free Dove

Alaska Metro

Hat & hair by Nylon outfitters @ Collabor88

FLF Hair by Exile

Summer Carnival for The Bold Llama

Necklace NaaNaas FLF

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Summer Is Coming Hunt – Free

FREE Swim suit Lillith Mills

The Summer is Coming hunt has begun at Long beach hurrah! You’re looking for treasure chests and they are hidden among the many stalls scattered around. They are pretty easy to find, which is how I ended up dragging a TON of gifts home. Above is the swim suit gift from Lillith Mills – lots of sizes and a hud giving some additional trim colours.

FREE Tee, FREE Flamingos FREE Glasses

The flamingos are the prize from Sweetlips Wahrhaftig, you get a group 2Li or a single 1Li – love ! My top is the prize from The Bold Llama – shorts you’ve seen before in the fades pack, these are the prints pack (10 in total) from Nerdy Girl on the market place $1L only. All hunt gifts are free of charge and no group to join ❤

Happy Hunting ❤

Summer is coming Hunt

Nerdy Girl shorts

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Ever Green @ Sci-fi Con 14!

Ever Green menu driven steampunk projector & screen

Its the 14th Second Life Sci-Fi Con ! All things sci-fi and guess what? Ever Green are right there with some stunning items @ 50% discount! My absolute fav item is this projector & screen, it pretty much does everything that a web browser will do (you tube etc) PLUS some animated vintage pics as above. There are several versions of the movie Le Voyage Dans La Lune 1902 included. I’ve tried this out on my land and it was a whole lotta fun, set it up, dragged a bean bag and watched a few things – brilliant! Of course as its made by Ever Green you do get many texture options to play around with.

Ever Green @ Sci-fi Con NEW!

The coffee machine is epic – I love coffee and this makes a terrific cuppa delivered straight to your hand. The Soundscape player has a four options for soundscapes, most parts are also texture change. Try “Drifting”, I’ve got that playing and its so relaxing. The steampunk clock is lovely, it comes with optional tick tock noises and blows a jet of steam on the hour every hour ! Don’t forget these items have a 50% discount.

FREE wind up moving elephant By Ever Green

I didn’t realise that there is a hunt – but even I found the one by Ever Green *hurrah*. This delightful metal elephant wanders around and is only 3Li – just find the globe et voila he is yours. (3 wandering ranges included)

Thanks Ever Green ❤

Ever Green @ Sci-fi Con

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blonde Queen & The Free Dove Hunt

Blonde Queen FREE

A new hunt at The Free Dove & Blonde Queen has begun – and some really cool outfits & shoes to be found! As is usual five prizes are at The Free Dove and five prizes are at Blonde Queen. Just join the groups for both (they are free) and hunt at both locations. You are looking for a fat white kitty cat. I found most of the items hurrah! (and if I can – you can, Im a seriously bad hunter)

Blonde Queen & The Free Dove Hunt

This is the key of prizes above, very classy ❤ Pop to The Free Dove first and tap up the sign by any of the entrances for all the landmarks and details.

The Free Dove

Blonde Queen

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Fabulous & Fun Hunt (Free)

FREE Hunt Prize Dove Cote

Head over to Dench Designs for a fantastic free hunt .

The Easter Bunny has been around the store and placed 15 Eggs with gifts in them.

They will be there from 14th – 19th April. So no time to waste! I’m showing two of my favourite items that I found – kitties!!! The Dove cote is rather splendid and now sits in my garden.

FREE Hunt prize

If you hit the hunt board up it will give you the clues. If you are a devotee of Amanda Dench’s pieces it makes it dead simple to find them all! I wont spoil the surprise but one of the gifts is a new item and ohmydays its SO lovely! Thanks Amanda ❤

Dench Designs

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$500L Store Credit – but there’s a catch!

Vision FREE Credit

Head over to Vision today and you can win yourself $500 store credits. You do need to be in the group which costs $18L – I think that’s a pretty good deal ! Now for the bit that meant I only won approx $300L store credit – I’m rubbish at hunts, you all know this, to get all the credits you do need to hunt down some teeny Easter eggs from around the store – sounds simple doesn’t it ! Those little eggs are super hard to find ! I know some people were using their bragging rights to say that they had found all twelve eggs – however I did find enough to be able to buy the dress above (which I love) anddd a pair of shoes ❤

Vision Store