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I’m missing something!(Freebie(s)).

I decided just to use the house on the hill at Mina’s shop as a backdrop but looking at the number of visitors there has to be something going on?  So I will check that out and see if there is a special offer or something.

Till then it’s an oldie and still a goodie. Although this dress only comes in a Maitreya fit it’s actually pretty darn decent even on my SLink.

I’ve just been old LM checking so a lot of people will recognise this “Sorumin” gift dress.  Sadly it looks like the owners of Sorumin are having script issues so the shop is basically shut for sales however this dress and a few other gifts are in the little shed on the same platform as Sorumin and Yokai and Artko.

PS. I checked about Mina and I can’t see if there is anything special, maybe people are just treating themselves to a new hair do lol.

Sorumin & Yokai etc

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

New & Old.(Freebies).

This bright yellow skirt and top are from AsHmOot and I can’t remember blogging them so new to me.

It has a really good knitted texture. There are a few other gifts and although a couple of them are appliers I did try the copper bikini one on and I was more impressed than I thought I would be.

The shoes are a reblog and they’re also “keepers” so I already had them in my invent.

In fact I think I’ve kept every G&D shoe gift I’ve gotten from this shop.  These have been out for a while, which is a good thing, but don’t delay as you never know a new one could be out soon.  PS.  They come with a big hud so plenty of colours to match all your outfits.

BTW.  The hair I’m wearing in this picture is Mina’s newest Group Gift.  It was just by chance I was wearing “Harper” that I remembered it was the GG so I TP’d over to check it out and yes for only 200Lds this super long side plaited hair can be yours.  You do only get the blonde palette but you get a lot of shades in that pack.  Although this is a super bargain just for this one hair alone the old Gifts are still out plus I do believe wearing the Mina VIP tag gets you a 10% discount on each purchase. As always LM and the Demo is out for you to try this before you make your mind up.

PS. DON’T Panic if you’re a Mina lover as all that has changed is she has not only updated her new designs with new colours/hud etc she’s updated her shop so it’s a whole new layout.

G&D The Italian Style Woman.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Free & Cheapie. (Freebie & Hunt Info).

I started my day off doing the “Surf into Summer Hunt 4” and scored a lovely top from another shop and then spotted that American Bazaar is also involved in this hunt.  To my best recognition, AB doesn’t do many hunts so I couldn’t wait to see what the gift is and I can tell you it’s NOT this dress lol.

This dress is the brand new Group Gift, it’s deceptively simple and yet when you look close you can see the folds, seams, shaping that makes it “shop quality”.  Love the way it’s shaded over the nipples, makes it just a little bit cheeky and not trashy.

As for the hunt, the hint is “there is always room for wine” and it’s very easy to find.  It costs but only 2Lds and as you can see I’ve added the link to the Surf into Summer blog for pictures and LM’s.

BTW The hunt prizes are 2Ld.

American Bazaar.

Surf into Summer 4 (Hints & LM’s)

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One out of three.(Freebies).

As soon as I logged in I logged out as I’d forgotten I was wearing one of the excellent new freebies from Hilly Haalan.

I remember this dress so this is a reblog but I also suspect that it’s possibly updated, maybe?

The reason I remember this dress is because it ticks all the boxed, great colour, texturing, fit, classy, elegant and yet still understated.  I quite possibly still have this in my invent and you should make sure you do as well so go get it and while you’re there pick up the other two freebies.  The gown drapes over you like liquid gold and the way it falls at your feet is the sign of quality.  The thirdt freebie is a beachy/evening/casual summer look and I didn’t pick that up but I don’t doubt it’s as top quality as all the freebies you get from Hilly’s.

Hilly Haalan.


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Deseptively sweet and simple. (Freebie).

Blimey, it’s turned so cold in RL my cats are giving me lots of dirty looks as I won’t put the fire on…when they pay the bill they can put the heating on lol.

Now that we have our sim 95% perfect, it’s time for me to start working on my home, so I remembered to “Lock” the house in place so I don’t accidentally delete it AGAIN and slowly but surely I’ve added a few more items inside. When I’d done enough I decided to take a break and visit a shop I’d previously got a decent Freebie/Dollarbie from and I wasn’t disappointed.

Deceptively simple design, plenty of fits and enough mesh body fits for everyone. You don’t need to join the group to buy it it’s actually set for free for all.  Next to it on the desk is a couple of other items of clothing, one for 25Lds and one for 1Ld.  Both of these are a “Blast from the past” in that they’re a mix of appliers and FLEXI! I actually think that when it’s well-scripted the floatiness of flexi can be rather good and one of the flexi outfits has some bold colour to it.  I remember in the past teaming up a flexi skirt with a mesh corsette and damn it looked good so sometimes picking apart an outfit to make others up can work really well.

Ema’s and Sharodies Design

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I see U.F.O’s. (Freebie(s)).

The sign behind me says “Everything is fine, keep shopping” and yet it’s actually the one thing I’ve not done in RL.  OK I did buy some new lipsticks but it’s lipstick so need I say more?

Happily, before I log off I’ve found something old and something new.  The dress is from the U.F.O shop, you may remember it but I did only show you the bright red coloured one and not this minty one which is my excuse for this reblog.

A quick check of Mosquito’s Way is how I found these new Group Gifts.  These are on the wall next to the desk but remember that to your left as you go in a lot of the old Group Gifts are still out for us and these are simply fabulous.  There are also 3 Lucky Chairs and I do believe they were changed not too long ago.  Love them so much I’ve actually loitered long enough to win those.

(UFO) ur.favrourite one

Mosquito’s Way

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Just keeping it sweet.(Freebie).

As I’m binning old blogged items I’m checking the shop they came from just in case there is something new and that’s how I ended up at Blonde Queen.

A very simple style but with a very pretty pattern.

To get this you join then click on the metal canister on the table in front of the picture and don’t forget the older gifts which are worth a visit alone.

Blonde Queen