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I’m useless! (Freebie).

I can’t wait till tomorrow to post this because it’s gorgeous.

The downside of being in so many free groups is that you’re always being tempted, even as you’re stood there trying to sort through stuff or TPing here there and everywhere those notes/notices keep on comming fast and thick and you just can’t help but stop to read them but when you see such a lovely freebie you can’t help but stop whatcha doing and TPing to grab it.

A classic summer dress but the folds in the skirt and the frills are so detailed.  Lots of fits and a small hud of 4 fab summer shades and I even LOVE this yellow shade and this is my second least fav colour!  FREE from a shop called “Synford Style”.  This isn’t the only freebie, there is a nice skirt and cropped top set as well and emm I can’t remember the others as my eye was on this lovely prize but I did try the beachy skirt/top and was really good as well.

If you’re wondering, the Parasol isn’t a freebie I think it cost 99Ld but you can check for yourself if you want.  I already had this but I TPed over to the Lovely Alien shop I got it from and I wish I hadn’t.  Although there is a Free for All gift on the table, I think it’s a “cute tail” in this small shop there were 3 items I really struggled not to buy!…..when LM grabbing I bought 1 item .  I’ve put the link to their MP shop as there seems to be more in there than the inworld shop and there are also demos.

PS.  Click on the Synford Style GG and “buy” it.

Synford Style

Lovely Alien

Lovely Alien (Marketplace)

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Simple Freebies.

Keeping it simple, just like me, some would say.

I’m pretty sure the plants have been blogged before but that was oodles ago and since they’re still pretty darn nice here they are again, free and 4 prims.  You can’t mod but you can click on them to make them smaller.  I picked these up from the Dreamlands Design MP shop but I see there is an inworld shop as well so when I get back inworld I might go check it out.

This dress and bangles really are this bright in my sim setting and I love it.  Very Springy/Summery with lots of fits. You will find this and other gifts at an event called “Cosmica, the shopping event” and this outfit is on the Moonstar stall.

Dreamland Design

Cosmica(The Shopping Event).

Moonstar (Mainshop)


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Hot, Hot, Hot and that’s just the FREEBIES.

Yup, I’m gonna moan about the weather but you have to understand I’m English and it’s what we do.  It’s hot and sticky and even in the middle of the night it’s hotter and stickier BUT on the good side it’s a Bank Holiday weekend and we managed to raid the supermarket and loaded our freezer with ice cubes, ice cream, lollies and frozen fruits to keep me cool.

I’ve snagged a couple of freebies perfect for an SL summer.

A nice quality off the shoulder “tropical” dress from a shop I don’t really remember ever visiting before called Seniha.  Not an overly big shop so you won’t find it hard to spot a rack of tops which are very similar to the cross over style in SL but it’s strapless and thicker ties.  At 99Lds I was pretty tempted but I just grabbed the demo to try on later.

Then since I couldn’t get a good shot of the shoes I was wearing by just zooming down, I TPed home to use my studio.

I know I did a post about these shoes from D&G not long ago but in celebration of 10 years in SL, D&G have released these shoes again with the added bonus of a Hud.  In the top picture with my tropical dress I had all my green options on the Hud ticked but when I decided to TP back to my studio for the close up I decided to do a mix of colours.  Really handy chunky shoes which will go  with everything from jeans to a dress.

PS Super lazy and forgot the sizing for both dress and shoes but I’m pretty sure for both you get all mesh bod and feet sizes and possibly fitmesh/standard fit etc.


G&D The Italian Style

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I told you so! (Freebie).

I not only told you to go grab the No Cabide giftie but also to stay in the group because if you did then just like me when this notice was sent out about yet ANOTHER Gift for us lucky members I was off like a shot.


It really looks like a brill Group Gift is put out not just every month but every week and that means you have to the 6th to pick up this sweet and simple summery dress.  Honestly so pleased with it and it has a lovely draped back and as a super generous bonus a massive 15 colour Hud!

The other thing I noticed about the No Cabide group is that not just notices about whats new in the shop or special offers, gifts etc is sent out but group members post about freebies, special offers from other places. A nice non chatty but at the same time friendly group so I for one will be staying put for a lot longer than a lot of my groups.

No Cabide

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Onesie? (Freebie).

I’m so glad I try to return inworld to make sure I get the LM right and recheck the details because in this case it turns out the reason you only get the 1 size is because this top and skirt are meant for Maitreya Mesh Bods.  I’m glad I hadn’t spotted this when I first grabbed it as I might not have bothered and that would have been a shame.  But as you can see it fits my SLink Mesh bod pretty well with the use of the Alpha Hud and even if you don’t have a mesh bod still snag because although you will have to rummage in your invent for an Alpha which will fit, Mesh Bod fit items don’t need Alpha’s, the top and skirt are pretty standard and I can imagine that most people will easily find one that will do the job.


This is a “Sub” gift and you will see the picture of this outfit so if you’ve subbed before but not recieved it then slap the board and either check the history or simply unsub and resub to get this goodie sent to you.

Will admit this was a slap n run so I can’t tell you much about the Promagic shop but as always check out the shop and you never know what else is there to tempt you.

PS I’ve just spotted I’ve managed to cut off the bottom of the skirt! BAD BLOGGER! lol.  It’s a mid thigh skirt in case you were wondering.


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Is it right?(Freebie).

Is it right to be jealous of your AV?  SHE never has to go sweat in a gym, SHE never has to diet, SHE always has great hair, SHE has SUNSHINE in her life!!! Yes yet another weather related’s EFFING CHUCKING DOWN HERE! I spent the morning with my face pressed up against the windows sighing with sadness.  Mind you SHE doesn’t get to cuddle my kitties and OH and yes I did mean to put that in that order LOL.

Brilliant find today sooooooo pleased with it.


Just a simple shift dress but excellent texturing, top quality, shop quality, paid for quality and all those labels I give to the really good stuff.


Add to that a 5 coloured Hud just perfect.  I have edited the picture because I NEED some SUN in my life even if it’s faked but trust me simply gorgeous and even for me this is a keeper.

Will confess I grabbed this and TPed off as soon as I spotted the quality so I can’t tell you much about the Nya’s shop but I personally always try to check out a shop fully and not just grab n run, ok I am also checking to see if there is more freebies lol, so I can give you an idea of what sort of stock you will find there and once I get back inworld I’ll be TPing back.