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Aloha Again

Envy Me swimsuit -  Aloha Fair- Exile $50L hair

Envy Me have some fantastic releases for the current 2016 Aloha Fair. There are a range of super swimsuits to suit most mesh & standard bodies. Love this stripe version in mouth-watering candy colours and zesty lime green. My hair is an offer from Exile for todays Fifty Linden Friday – yep, you’ve guessed it – $50L, today only!

Envy Me Jumpsuit - various colours- Aloha Fair_002

Also from Envy Me is this rather spendiferous jumpsuit. Cropped below the knee and with a lovely little belt, other colours available, suitable for standard and mesh bodies. Pop over to the Aloha Fair and check it out, keep your eyes peeled for the hunt too!

Aloha fair

Exile FLF 


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Take a trip to London. (Freebies).

I put this top on and then just shoved it back into my invent thinking that I’d go hunting for something to wear it with then I realised that those oh so handy big girl knickers I’ve blogged previously would be perfect and they are. The next time I put the top on I realised that there was more to it than just great colours/tex.


The bottom half is actually a corset style which is much more obvious from the back.


I deliberately use my pose cube when I want to get a unfussy close up and I just wanted you to see the great texturing and details for yourself.

Another great touch is the slight flare at the bottom which means this is almost guaranteed to fit over even mesh jeans, but I haven’t tried that but they do fit over my mesh knickers/shorts.  An added bonus is that these shoes are also included in the box.


I had gone to Loordes of London to see if there was a hunt on and I spotted on the wall of special weekly offers the Around The Grid In 80 Days balloon which only cost 1Ld and you get the top and shoes.  The tops come with all standard mesh sizes and some mesh bod but the shoes are SLink flatties I believe.

PS as always if you see something in a post that isn’t mentioned ie skin, shape, hair don’t hesitate to drop me an inworld note.

Loordes of London

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Keeping it unreal (Freebies).

RL SUCKS because on the day I decided to go into the garden with my throws, cushions, kindle and coffee it’s PISHING DOWN! So instead of being snuggled in the garden I’m snuggled in my chair with my “throws, cushions, kindle and coffee” and a massive case of the hump.  So I added some sunshine to my piccie, actually I added a sh*t load of sunshine to my piccie because I need it lol.


So of course the editing will have changed the colour of the shoes somewhat but I’m beyond caring lol.

Venus is another shop where I walked in and had to wonder why I hadn’t been in this shop before or it had been so long since I was in this shop I forgot about it so I decided to have a saunter and stumbled upon a shelf of FREEBIE GG’s and since I wasn’t rushed for time once I’d grabbed the lot I continued my sauntering because I had also spotted a big discounted department.  Prices aren’t too bad and from what I saw most of the shoes come with pretty extensive colour option Huds which always turns a bargain into a super bargain.  I was also lucky in that my initial came up on one of the Lucky Chairs and I scored a pair of floral flip-flops.

Then it was luckier that I had kept on wandering because it turned out there is another whole shelf of freebies shoes and boots.  A mixed bag of styles and not all of them appealed to me but just because they weren’t my style doesn’t mean they’re yours.  TBH there is nothing nicer than working through a whole stack of freebies and working out the keepers and binners.

If you’re just not in the market for new shoes/boots pick at least 1 pair up because they come with a super handy ankle lock.  Although a lot of poses either for taking pictures or in furniture is now adapted for people wearing mesh feet there is still a lot that isn’t and if the weird angle is an issue with you then just add an ankle lock and your feet return to a more natural angle.

One last thing each shoe pack comes with 4 different shoes to fit, SLink, Maitreya, Belleza and TMP all in the high foot setting.

Venus Inworld

Venus Marketplace

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Rush Jobbie! (Super bargain).

As you can see I’m using everything from my last post because I’m off or as posh people say in the UK “Orf”.  I’m treating myself to a RL day of splurging.  I’m going to get myself some new nail varnish, socks a trip to a health food shop and finally a last call into Poundland one of my fav shops LOL but since my friend is her usual lazy assed self I’m still sat here waiting so I decided to do a quickie.


As you can see it’s a simple free standing “egg” chair.


Really good details and at only 11 prims pretty darn good.  A reasonable amount of poses but I’d say more male/unisexed ones than female.


Check out the crunchiness!  I chose the blue colour but if you want it in a different colour make sure the colour you do want is in the middle of the board.  Since there isn’t a demo version out for you to check for yourself so I’ve taken these in my Nams setting. The other thing is that my AV is slightly settled too low into the cushion and the menu doesn’t inc a adjust option.  Seriously this isn’t a big issue for me but again since there isn’t a demo I thought I’d just mention it.

This costs only 25Ld’s because it’s one of  the weekly offers that you will find in the sales area, ie 30Ld Saturdays, 25Ld Tuesdays etc

The LM takes you to the landing spot and you can either walk up the slope, it’s not in the little stalls/shops in front of you, or use the TP in the floor.

UPDATE: I’m LM grabbing and I can see that all the vendors are down but I can imagine they will be back up and running soon so if by any chance they’re still down don’t panic I’m sure someone will be along soon to kick them.


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What a mug! (Bargains).

I’ve had a lovely day today and a lovely touch inworld was picking up some super bargain.  Firstly this very pink candy box sky box.  SaNaRae is the event but it’s on the Anachron stand where you will find it.  At only 100Lds for me it’s a very handy little backdrop for when I want to show you girly/kawaii stuff but for you just imagine it stuffed with a Princess bed, rugs and throws, pillows and pouffes and of course FURBABIES! the sort that don’t do protest poo’s in your bag, yes mine did, cough up phantom hairballs, scratch your furniture, chew you book and how at their fellow creatures of the night at 4 friggen AM!


Sorry I got distracted, I’ve forgotten the prim count but it was in the 40ties and under the 50ties but there is a TP to the demo so you can check it out for yourself.


As I said this is a skybox and so there isn’t a door not even a fake one but there is these lovely windows which you can look out of but the outside of this sky box does look like a “candy box” and the window are invisible.

Even if you’re not interested in this item there is a whole mix of clothes, poses, house and garden stuff all set on a stunning platform in the sky.


The other bargains turned out to be even cheaper because at imbue there is a small selection of Gacha’s and even though I thought I was Gacha’d (Sic) out, at 10Lds a go I gave it a go and I won myself this pretty dress a mug and an embroidery hoops with a little embroidered picture in it(not the hair bow or glasses just in case you think they’re there).  I’m so pleaded with the mug, I am using the pose it comes with and it has a pretty reasonable drinking movement, because of the writing on the front which says “I think you are succulent” and I grow Succulents in RL, mainly because everything I plant that is supposed to flower never flowers so I’ve given up and grow succulents and lots of “green” stuff.




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Aloha Aloha Aloha

ArisAris Hibiscus @ The Aloha Fair - Haley hair Elikatira @ The Hair Fair

Tomorrow the Aloha Fair flingssss open its tiki doors to the SL world ! Always such a great event plussss there are usually tons of gifts from the lovely & generous designers. Aris Aris have this stunning set out at the fair, its called “Hibiscus” and comprises of shorts, a darling strapless top andddd a kickass brooch. So many mesh body fits included it’s almost getting silly! (I don’t know how Arianna does it really bless her) Of course also standard body sizes catered for. I’m wearing my brandspankin new Elikatira hair that I snapped up at the Hair Fair yesterday, I swore I wasn’t going to buy a thing – ho hum – then I saw “Haley” and my grubby paws got all restless – BOOM it was mine.

ArisAris Huds

The Hibiscus outfit comes with two HUD’s, one that gives seven prints/colours for the top and three denim tones for the shorts. The brooch also has its own HUD, which as you can see is pretty extensive. Dont forget this event opens tomorrow on the 27th – see you there!

The Aloha Fair

Hair Fair

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Onesie? (Freebie).

I’m so glad I try to return inworld to make sure I get the LM right and recheck the details because in this case it turns out the reason you only get the 1 size is because this top and skirt are meant for Maitreya Mesh Bods.  I’m glad I hadn’t spotted this when I first grabbed it as I might not have bothered and that would have been a shame.  But as you can see it fits my SLink Mesh bod pretty well with the use of the Alpha Hud and even if you don’t have a mesh bod still snag because although you will have to rummage in your invent for an Alpha which will fit, Mesh Bod fit items don’t need Alpha’s, the top and skirt are pretty standard and I can imagine that most people will easily find one that will do the job.


This is a “Sub” gift and you will see the picture of this outfit so if you’ve subbed before but not recieved it then slap the board and either check the history or simply unsub and resub to get this goodie sent to you.

Will admit this was a slap n run so I can’t tell you much about the Promagic shop but as always check out the shop and you never know what else is there to tempt you.

PS I’ve just spotted I’ve managed to cut off the bottom of the skirt! BAD BLOGGER! lol.  It’s a mid thigh skirt in case you were wondering.