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Rideable, Rezzable,Affordable.

I’m taking it lazy this morning and I’ve finally got my mitts on the full 30Ld Saturday offerings and I’m working my way through it.  Although many items on this list are more rustic/RP/Medieval/Gor etc as always there is hidden treasures such as this from Flecha Creations.


Sooo freakin pleased with not just the price tag but the quality,prims and size because I thought this was a child sized bike and it’s not.  Some great details esp loving the books and even the flag flutters.


This is a rezz and hop on but nope I’m not going to show you me on it riding it because the outfit I’m wearing just looks plain daft but my smallish, but perfectly formed, AV fits beautifully on it.  I have a feeling that because it’s neither an adult size or a child size it will fit both sorts of AV but for 30Lds and 3 prims who cares I know I won’t be riding it it is going in my garage as a prop.

I might just hop back on it and cycle my way through the 30Lds list.

PS there is more items on offer for just 30Lds inc a boat and some clothes so if this isn’t what you’re looking for there is more for you to check out.

Flecha Creations