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Out Shop Cancer !

Head over to Dench Designs and help to support “Out Shop Cancer” ! There are two items out and both are 100% donation items – so generous ❤ I chose the Laughton Picnic Table – who doesn’t always need a fantastic low land impact table – not just a table though – oh no! You should know by now that Amanda Dench always adds the magic to everything she makes. Sooo touch the table top to rez extra food items, as many as your prim budget will allow – sit and chomp away. You can also change the cushion fabric. All for 9Li

There are heaps of meals and desserts to choose from, as well as drinks and casual poses for both males and females. I’ve taken to making this my go to place on a dry Autumn day to slurp a bowl of soup while I work. $199L for the whole shebang! I edited my copy to remove the lights – so 8Li in total without them. The landmark should take you right by the display which is outside – the vendor has decided to bury itself into the side screen, so you’ll need to cam inside.

Dench Designs

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All the things

Chez Moi Various

Catching up with Chez Moi is hard to do , SO many new releases ! Lets get cracking with the stunning caravan , this is available at the current round of Sanarae (open until the 18th August) Not only looks great for the summer but is also packed with fabbo poses. Heres the deets:

♥ 5 spots ♥ 48 single animations (female and male)♥ 44 animations for couples in love (22 x 2)♥ 64 sex poses (32 x 2) – Only in Adult version♥ Several “wearable” and automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when animations are chose (tea, book – check how to place the experience in your settings) ♥ Control by menu♥ Adjustable Poses♥ Functionality SWAP -Specification: 35 land impact + 1 LI shadow (optional) 100% ORIGINAL MESH- Available in 5 colors: Canary, Waves, Summer Nights, Passion and Penelope – PG and Adult version each.

Chez Moi Various 2

The Tropical dining set is up for grabs at a discount price in the new round of “Buy Now”. This is a market place based shopping event. You cant get your paws on this till the 1st Aug. Basically it’s a great all-rounder set, garden, beach,patio – the placemats hold the key to your dining experience! Touch them and you can choose from a superb menu of desserts,main meals etc. You need to search the Chez Moi market place store tomorrow to find this at the Buy Now price.


Chez Moi various 5

Just a little taster of the foodie things!

Chez Moi Various 4

Oh! a Jet ski – and I almost forgot. The jet ski is at The Gacha Garden which begins on the 1st August. Two rares, seven commons. I have to say they are totally brill to ride, lovely water spray as you zoom along, but not too zoomy that you can’t drive them easily – if that makes sense?

Chez Moi Various 3

Finally, a sneaky interior shot of the caravan. Its dead spacious inside which I really like – I don’t like those cramped campers – I get all giddy! A smattering of rugs, some comfy cushions and cool glazed windows keep it chilled. Thanks Nanda ❤


Gacha Garden

Chez Moi market place store

Chez Moi Store

Chez Moi Blog for all info and more pics

Frilled bikini by Neve

Hair by Argrace

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Entertain me

Chez Moi new release

Great set out from Chez Moi, its got the look of a traditional dining room but with the added bonus of texture change table-cloth and a heap of rezzable items for the table. If you touch the lemonade pot you’re given a refreshing juice! All pretty low land impact too. Deets:

The dining table has 12 scenes to choose by controlled menu.

Texture-change options: 9 colors to choose by controlled menu.

The copyable chair has 9 Textures and 29 single animations.
♥ Menu controlled
♥ Adjustable Poses

Also it comes with a wooden carving cabinet fully decorated. The decorations are not linked and they are modifiable, so you can take them off if you wish.

Chez Moi details

Take a look at just some of the table scenes – I love the games and the food selections are über cool! Available in store or on the market place – thanks Nanda ❤

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi market place

Chez Moi blog

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Couldn’t get any easier or sweeter!

Must confess that I’ve had this outdoor garden set for quite a while but just needed the right setting to show it off and yet again my sky dome has turned out to be perfect so lovely I might actually just leave it up there for a quiet romantic peaceful hideaway.


I mean how nice does this look even if you don’t have a sky dome this set is lush enough to stand out in any setting and I’m kicking myself because I had taken some pictures of these pieces in a lovely courtyard and trust me they all fitted in beautifully but I just can’t find them.


I snagged myself some new poses from Miseria and although I have never read a Harry Potter book or seen one of the films when I tried out these poses my first thought was “fairy” and at 85Lds for the pack I grabbed it for future use (the wand comes from Boom which is Miseria’s neighbour).


This is why I LOVE blogging Follow Us items because yes lots of places have tables and chairs and pagoda’s and shed and on and on but Laurent always has something that makes you go “ooooo” and thatis what the  bucket of champers on the swing is just a lovely touch.


Again in the pictures I’m not using the best thing about all of this is that when spread out you get lovely decor but equally if you have a limited area to work in this will fit beautifully.

Check out the dresses please, I’m wearing one of Miseria’s new Spring/Summer dresses one in pink the other in orange but I don’t think I’ve done these gorgeous dresses the justice they deserve so as soon as I click “publish” on this post I’ll click “publish” for the new post for these dresses.

Follow Us is a BIG shop now packed with brilliant furniture and decor items from only a few Lindens to a few Lindens more and to find this lovely set you’re going to have to walk right through the shop to the outside selection.  So a good excuse to have a meander though but if you don’t have the time then check out the Marketplace as well I should have set it so the cheapest start first and you will see that Laurent has put so many Dollarbies and items starting at just 10Lds so sweet for everyone’s budget.

Also there is now a absolute token price of 40Lds to join his group which is nothing especially when you see the amazing wall of old and new Monthly Group Gifts.  To find all these goodies then when you TP there turn to your right into a large white room and you will see the dark room and all the goodies are tucked in there.

PS I’ve not even had time to mention the sewing machine and matching sewing wall storage unit or even a matching toilet hut (everyone has needs after all!) so even if you think it’s not been long since you were last there everytime I visit and I visit often there is always new stock.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

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This is how you do it.

Burst3This is how you romance someone in SL and of course RL.  A simple laid out tray with chocolates, yummy pudding, Champers etc etc.

Burst4And if you do it right you might get this, if you peer through the mesh you can just about see me NAKED!!!  The lovely draped rose petals are a feature of a lot of his new Valentine range.

However if you really want to blow someones mind then check this out.


I WANT I WANT I WANT and not only in SLbut it in RL.  Sadly I allowed my ass to get lazy last year and my bike to get rusty and OMG yes I’ve been drooling over an almost exact bike in RL  and when I’ve dropped a few more kilo’s (don’t laugh Faith) I’m going to reward myself with one of these for the summer.  Stunning and surprisingly low prim  at 13prims.  This has a lovely gift bag on the handlebars but there are a couple of other choices and the one with the basket of roses is freaking awesome.


This is me in the summer once the 5:2 Diet has worked (I can so recommend it if you want to give it a go).  Boo Hoo only couple poses so us SL singletons will just have to use our own poses but I’m parking this baby outside my SL home as an incentive to keep to my diet and working away on my boring exercise bike.

As it happens Laurent must be a real softie as he seems to have packed all his Valentines items with some lovely and romantic poses, nothing smutty or crude but sweet cuddles and kisses.

Burst9But let us not forget Valentines is not just for the girls because  boys like to be treated too.


Sneaks this one in as a reminder of why when you find a good group you stick to it, Laurent83 Waco has a whole wall of his GG out and each week, month etc he sets out seriously discounted items and special offers for group members.

Follow Us (NEW Landmark)

Follow Us Marketplace