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$99L Promo @ ArisAris

ArisAris $99L PROMO Fat pack Jumpsuit

More change of season goodies for you ! ArisAris have this fantastic promo for you for a limited time. The Siena jumpsuit comes in a whopping fatpack of twenty fabric colours & patterns. Something for everyone and every time of day & season. You also get fits for high feet and flat feet – niiiiice. All for just $99L !

Fits for: – 1 For Maitreya – Lara
– 1 For Maitreya – Lara Petite
– 1 For eBODY Redborn
– 1 For MB. Legacy
– 1 For MB. Perky
– 1 For Belleza Gen. X Classic
– 1 For Belleza Gen. X Curvy
– 1 For INITHIUM Kupra Original
– 1 For PRIMA Busty
– 1 For PRIMA Petite

ArisAris PROMO Hud

Above is the Hud, so much choice and four colours to truly trim the seams off beautifully.

Grab yours on the market place or at the main store ❤

ArisAris market place

ArisAris inworld store

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Dollarbie Dress & 69% Discount!

Oh my days ! Pure Poison have a 69% discount sale throughout the store for ONE day – and that’s today the 14th Feb. Pay the vendor and the discount is refunded to you straight away. Sooo I hopped over straight away as Id seen a pair of shoes I just HAD to have and with the discount they were going to be allllll mine.

$1L Dress multu colours inc. Pure Poison

I also noted that this extremely beautiful gown was advertised at the landing point for just a single Linden Dollar – you need to follow the link to the market place to get it. It comes with a Hud giving a nine colours – I was really torn between pink or red – but its V-day sooooo red it was. Absolutely stunning dress ! Fits for Maitreya, Legacy inc. feminine and petite and Maitreya petite. 

69 discount throughout the store @ Pure Poison

The shoes are called “Ariana” and I’ve wanted them for an age – just old style Hollywood glam. These cost with just $78L with the discount. You get a Hud with more colours for both the body of the shoe and the furry trim.

Happy Valentines Day ❤

Pure Poison Store

Pure Poison Gown

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Brillancia New Pretties!

Brillancia NEW !

Hey Hey! Brillancia are in the latest round of The Black Fair with this stunning combo of lingerie and open fronted dress called “Nelly”. Lots of colours to choose from or grab yourself a fatpack. The lingerie is separate to the dress so wear with out without, it also comes with a sparkly layer which is optional. Fits: Maitreya-Maitreya Petite – Legacy-Legacy Perky-Ebody Reborn -Kupra-Kups

Thanks Brillancia ❤

The Black Fair

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Hilly Haalan – Group gifts

After my Tuesday splurge I popped over to the Hilly Haalan main store just to scope out the group gifts – group is free to join. I came away with two that were new to me , this is “calypso” skirt, top & panties included in most mesh body fits.

Andddd this set called “Alexa” – really like the soft beige tone and the fact that its two separate pieces – so extra flexibility! Again most mesh body fits included. Group gifts are on the landing point outside.

Hilly Haalan main store

Hair by Magika “Willow”

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Belle Epoque Hunt ($10L per item)

I dashed to the Belle Epoque Hunt quick sharp as Zan has been gobbling up every good hunt lately – I got there first! As is usual with these hunts there is a small price per item, in this case its only $10L. There is a board outside showing exactly whats in each numbered box – so you can easily pick and choose which boxes you buy. (It seems everything is a Maitreya fit?)

I actually hunted for about 30 mins, as I was searching for just number 18 – most are really easy to discover – but I never found No.18 *boohoo*. Anyway I was dead chuffed with my purchases, especially the rather retro sweet red dress ❤ This is only on until the 14th February so head soon !

Belle Epoque

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Snip & Tuck At Fameshed

I was casting about for a winter snuggly sweater and along came Neve to my rescue. “Tuck” is the sweater and as you can see its niftily tucked up at the front – love all the folds and creases that give it such realism. “Snip” is the skirt, a tiny thigh split on side for added allure and a great range of plaids and plains in the Hud. The sweater has heaps of choices from polka dots, plains, stripes, deep and neutral tones. I was tempted to show a dotty version, infact as I will prolly be wearing this for the next week (yes I love it that much!) I will squeeze a few pics in of the other fabrics and colours.  This is on sale now at the latest round of Fameshed – Thanks Neve Team ❤


Cam Sim


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Memories (75% off Sale)

Zan has been nagging me about blogging the closing down sale of Rebel Hope. I have a RULE – no closing sales to be blogged. I decided not to and I’m sticking too it – they always make me feel a bit nostalgic. Sooooo I’ve broken that rule primarily because Rebel Hope is the store I bought all my  bridal attire from. Players Tux, my gown and the bridesmaids – oh plus flowers of course! When I heard the store was closing it made me sad, I’ve always carefully stored my wedding gown away (Thirteen years anniversary this year!) , I felt like an absolute Queen wearing it that day ❤ Soooo I decided to see if there was an updated version of my original gown – and nope, actually all the wedding gowns are now market place only – and look to be $100L a pop. They are not mesh body sized just small to large mesh BUT – oh they are divine ! I bought this one which came with a veil and hip sash of beautiful pearly flowers. The textures are simply beautiful. I found the medium fit perfect for my Maitreya body.

P.S The sale doesn’t extend to the market place btw

Rebel Hope

Rebel Hope Bridal Gown