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No Pretty Pics – But All Free !

all for free

I really cant recall how I came about finding this place – but glad I did. You might recall some time ago – infact perhaps last year – there was a store called Upcycled where everything was free ? I also did a post about another inexpensive store called Careless, everything was $10L. Anywayyy this location has most of their inventory now for free ! Home & garden , décor, clothing & makeup, no group join required. If you use the teleporter in the far corner it takes you to another place that has some free rooms that you can use for up to six hours – all space themed and furnished – no adult animations and no rezzing though. Nice if you want to meet up with friends though.

Communal Bliss

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Thinking ahead.(Ricielli 15ld Hunt).

First the 15Ld Hunt item which is of course is the dress I’m wearing. I hadn’t realised that Fhara K. Ricielli the boss of Ricielli has updated her hunt prizes in celebration of the New Year. So now there is a whole new collection of skirts, tops, blouses, dresses etc each one only costing 15Lds and each is shop quality just like this “Summer Dress”.

Speaking of summer if I don’t log off and order seeds now I will end up yet again with a garden full of nastursiums and carrots.


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Belle Epoque Hunt ($10L per item)

I dashed to the Belle Epoque Hunt quick sharp as Zan has been gobbling up every good hunt lately – I got there first! As is usual with these hunts there is a small price per item, in this case its only $10L. There is a board outside showing exactly whats in each numbered box – so you can easily pick and choose which boxes you buy. (It seems everything is a Maitreya fit?)

I actually hunted for about 30 mins, as I was searching for just number 18 – most are really easy to discover – but I never found No.18 *boohoo*. Anyway I was dead chuffed with my purchases, especially the rather retro sweet red dress ❤ This is only on until the 14th February so head soon !

Belle Epoque

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Not a WASH out.(The Wash, lots and lots and lots of 10Ld bargains).

These pants are EXCELLENT.

I got these off the I.M Collection stand at The Wash Event and they only cost me 10Lds and I’m so pleased with them.  You get 5 super summer colours and 5 super summer flowers textures and yes they’re deffo keepers.

It was only when I was pulling a look together that I realised I should have scouted a top to match the pants as there is a lot of really good stuff at this round of the Wash but since I’d already bought these and another outfit, from the 1 Hundred stall, some plants and even a painting  AND then got suckered into spending at the Yardsale there I am refusing to go back to search out a top as I don’t need to be facing any more temptation.

PS. Although most items are priced at only 10Lds there are some for 50Lds so if price is an issue then make sure the price is what you want PLUS I did notice a few stalls, not many, had freebies/dollarbies so keep an eye out for those.

The Wash


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Tis the season to be Hippy.(Freebie).

There are lots of GG’s at FurtaCor and I recognise quite a few from old posts so if you don’t like what you see next you can still pop over and check the rest out as I’m sure there will be something you do like.  Having said that whats not to like with this very generous gift from FurtaCor.

I took so many pictures to try to capture this stylised dress in all its glory.  From this angle, you can see those deep folds, slit up the sides, curves and the embroidery texturing at it’s best.

From this angle, you can just about make out the flat strappy shoes! (I’m still wandering the sim clicking on the greenery to change it to Autumn).

So many sizes for mesh and non-mesh bods and that inc the shoes ADD to all of that the dress comes with a very big HUD of very patterned textured.  The 2 I’m showing you are by far my fav but there is so many to chose from I ended up clicking on each one of them to see how they can change the whole look.  The shoes also come with a Hud as well, sorry can’t remember the amount but it was about 6-8 so really nice.

Sometimes a Freebie comes out and everyone gets it and you see it in blog after blog and on Flickr and this is IT so far.



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Its backkkk!

Oh man I remember doing this hunt a couple of years ago, its brilliant! Basically you go to the web site and type in your SL name, et voila you get a Hunting Hud delivered directly to you from Caspertech. Wear the Hud and off you go – all gifts are free and you get hints with most stops. This hunt is HUGE, although I did seem to keep getting diverted back to stores I had skipped via the Hud for some reason . I’m not going to ruin the fun and tell you where I got stuff from, but the adorable bunny outfit and wearable basket were gifts – if I can find them, SO can you !

Lovely mix of clothing (yes, for guys too in some places), decor and bits & bobs…well worth doing and actually a lot of fun. Some stores have really gone all out on this one, it’s all Eastery and delightful – enjoy ❤

Caspertech Easter Hunt web site

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It’s all in the details

Eclectica NEW - Versailles Baroque jewellery

I love finely detailed pieces, sometimes I get a bit “blah” about things I’ve bought, they are nice but they don’t stand out, know what I mean? Well feast your weary fashionista eyeballs on these beaut’s! This jewellery set is new from Eclectica and Tiffy Vella the designer has totally outshone anything that I’ve seen recently. Its called the ‘Versailles’ Baroque jewellery set, and it’s just SO gorgeous – I haven’t taken it off yet. The set comprises of earrings, necklace and a ring. Sunflowers adorned by little sprays of metals and then tear drop shaped stones dangle at the ends …the fantastic thing is that Tiffy has left this modify, so you can edit colours to your heart’s delight, even the ribbon – got a special outfit and want your set to co-ordinate? No problem !

Eclectica RING

There is also a matching ring included and I don’t usually wear rings (apart from my wedding one obviously) but this one is so sweet and very summery. If you purchase this set at the main store, unusually you can also grab yourself a demo. Not many jewellery stores do that, its refreshing and makes choosing SO much easier. You can also send items as a gift – pssssst Guys! Mental note for special occasions, you can buy here for your special person ❤

Eclectica NEW coldLogic NEW!

Thats not all, there’s more shoes , for the Slink high foot this time. Dead glam and super sparkly. These are the Blenheim stiletto’s and they come in a huge array of colours and finishes. Listen up this is the important part – some of the colours are only available at the moment in the L’Metallique Event that is running until the 9th of September. These are the gold on gold, the gold on black and the silver on black versions. All other tones are on sale at the main store and on the market place.

Eclectica NEW !!

Here a little close up view so you can check out the intricate design. The centre and smaller stones have a menu with a large choice of colours. I absolutely adore the Ivory pair ❤ You can get blue and green, black and purple and more.  Try a demo and see the pretties up close. Thanks Tiffy !

Eclectica store

L’Metallique Event

Eclectica market place

Eclectica blog

irelan dress by coldLogic

YUI hair by Argrace